Khierna Kingdom


Ruled by many houses for the different segments of land under one king, Khierna used to be a Patriarch until House d'Grimmoir was exiled or executed after the rape accusation to Sigmund d'Grimmoir by none other than his sister Lady Viola as well as an assassin "confessing" to the crime of being hired by the house to kill the monarch. These two reasons led to the House being banished and the spiral of political power. After losing the support of this powerful house, as well as the king marrying Viola, and the scandal/chaos that ensued, it seemed many more women were employed in security forces throughout the land than males, until the king seemed merely a puppet compared to the reality of women ruling men.

The lands themselves are a bit unstable magically, and psionically, as leylines seem hard to pull, or a fog seems to settle over the minds of the best arcanists or psions. Even prayers that seem to be answered easily in Dragonport, are much harder to gain in Khierna. Strength of many, outweigh the one, is a common saying here.

Despite the now obviously oppressive government, women seem to enjoy a much better lifestyle, as men are treated much like subservient dogs, or feared for their "brutish" behavior by the majority of the population. If a woman accuses a man of something, expect to not get an even trial as a man, and a very harsh punishment for the same crimes. This all said, some women are sympathizers to the male plight in Khierna, and will actively help as well.

Khierna is located roughly half way across the world from Dragonport



Noble Houses


Lady Viola
Demon King


# Adventure Date Actions
1 E6 Siege 3-1-2012
2 E6 Siege 3-8-2012
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