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True form, and favored 'humanoid form'

Race: Mature-Adult Green Dragon
Class: Loredrake Dragon
Alignment: Lawful Evil

Description: An extraordinary-powerful chromatic dragon of the green variety who managed to maintain a low-enough-profile to dwell in the northernmost part of the Serpent Mire while avoiding being detected both by the Dragon Slayers and competition of various kinds. His long-term plans involved spawning numerous half-dragon descendants for his ever-growing army while at the same time pushing the black dragons off the Mire after Bluutsvilarr has shown signs of weakness.
It is not clear how or when the tyrant arrived to the Black Marches.
Ruthless and merciless.
Amused himself with kidnapping some more sightly young-adult females while either devouring or simply slaying all related to them.
Brainwashed his forming 'harem' into being obedient servants.


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Mischievous... misunderstanding 5/23/12 Spotted by Ver-Khardis' far-seeing power… according to Valissa he tried to 'court' her. Just because he could.
2 A tale of a dragon, fox ooze 5/30/12 Was defeated, in spite of bolstering a huge fighting force of half-dragons, with the combined might of Aegis, Nightmare, Uruk and many others.
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