Race: Advanced Boneclaw (13hd) | (Ogre mage during the Bloodstained Age)
Class: Sorcerer 10 | (Sorcerer 8 during the Bloodstained Age)
Alignment: Chaotic Evil | (Lawful Neutral during the Bloodstained Age)

Description: Another high ranked enforcer of the Claws of Orcus. Compared to Sirvakar Keritsidorv is a much more of a cold-calculating sort of servant of the Abyss though when a grand opportunity for slaughter arises… he likewise cannot resist it.
The boneclaws is also adept at the use of Uttercold magic which not only demolishes the ranks of the living but also restores the undead back to their full potency.

During the Bloodstained Age:

Keritsidorv was (together with his siblings: Sirvakar and Arvakirak) commanding the combined remnants of giant tribes living in hiding, deep within the forests surrounding Old Castle Darnten and the encampment around which it was built. In order to fulfill their grand objective, that being a rebirth of ancient giant empire, the ogre mages allied themselves with the Duke of Death in exchange for the right to loot the ancient artifact spells from the castle's treasury. The spells in question had been acquired by the humans who 'stole' them from the giant empire ruins they deemed uninhabited. The deed hadn't been tainted with ill-intent but such an act was still deemed blasphemous by the giants who returned to the sites later - as all that even barely connected them to their days of long-gone glory was deemed sacred. From this moment onward both sides hadn't been unable to co-exist peacefully.

The Claws of Orcus, cell commander, Raital's Pet


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Rokugan Civil War (preparations, part7) 02-02-2013 Was captured by Morrigan's undead-controlling magic during his try at eavesdropping on the party while inhabiting a body of his … parrot minion by the virtue of the 'magic jar' spell.
2 Doomcape Exploration (Darnten Siege, part7) 03-16-2013 Confronted by the party in a duel of wills and later actual confrontation in order to sway the giants on the side of the Old Castle Darnten's defenders. Defeated in the end. Agreed to join Darntenians.
3 Doomcape Exploration (epilogue) 03-24-2012 Fought alongside the Darntenians with Darnten Siege. In the vision of the actual happenings from the Bloodstained Age, as seen by the party after the dreamscape collapsed, the Sirvakar and his brothers (Sirvakar and Arvakirak) ended up being corrupted by one of the artifact spells they've been granted as the spoils of war. Later the trio perished, vanquished by another cabal of mages indulging themselves in the dark arts of necromancy only to end up being reanimated as boneclaws by the Claws of Orcus… few millenia later that is.
9 Deposit Investigation (Bloody Finale, part1) 08/03/2013 Accompanied his mistress … as reluctantly as ever..
10 Deposit Investigation (Bloody Finale, part2) 08/05/2013 Accompanied his mistress but then was force to make a slight retreat due to the seed's barrages.
11 Deposit Investigation (Bloody Finale, part3) 08/07/2013 Left for Niflheim along with the rest of the party.
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