Aliases: NONE
Age: NA
Hair: White
Fur: White
Eyes: Red
Height: 125 CM
Weight: 43 kgs
Race: Feral Kistune
Class: See Character Sheet
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Deity: None
Level: 2
Experience: 4160
Hit Points: 13
Gold: 879 GP, 9 SP
Current Status: Active
Played by Yanome

Character Sheet Link
Player: A.c.e
Race: Young Drunk Celestial-Blessed Feral Kistune of Legend
Class: Cloistered Cleric III, Contemplative VIII, Mystic Wanderer V, Witch Hunter I, Divine Oracle II, Oracle I
Alignment: Chaotic Good


Kathrian is a constant alcoholic, preferring to take in drinks everyday as he sees fit. No matter where he goes you can still see him carrying a drink. Though a bit forceful towards others in terms of drinking, he is kind and considerate and will try to help others out if they ever experience problems, and he never forces anything onto his friends.


Character Progression



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