Karma Cooper
Player: Jam730
Race: Human
Class: Beguiler 5, incantatrix 9, shadowcraft mage 5
Alignment: Neutral

Standing at a height of 5'8 with a supple curvature of 34.26.34, shows the image of beauty with which is garbed in long silhouetting lengths of veil and robe. The purple and blue contours around the dainty shoulders and hips well accentuating to her shape as they sway and drape in step. Her soft gentle hands with purple nail polish having the adornment of a single ring upon her left hand, 3rd finger. Her size 6 feet step along in minor high heel shoes holding a curvature around her ankles and her toes. Her head from the neck up was well outlined in appearance, following a narrow chinless jaw, subtly semi narrow lips, acute nose and nostrils, thin eyebrows, and well rounded eyes barely close to the ridge of the nose. Her length of violet hair cascading down, from a side brush over her forehead, to lengths of strips around her round attached ears, to a cascading curtain of shimmering locks down her back. Her long lashes outlining her eyelids and her blue sapphire eyes gazing out at the direction of interest one would barely see.

Wit is one thing that is not something to overlook with her. With an air of strange nobility and perspectives, there comes even the oddity of her rather often riddling words and karmic choices around her own namesake. She leans back from conflicting situations with a democratic glaze of sight, only to be republican about her actions when the timing for it is within grasp. Her preference in personal interaction are more verbose than physical, as well as a decided dislike to violant acts unless necessary.

At the young age of 3, karma had been an orphan for as long as she could remember. Her only charitable memories were times around other felines that were often surrounded in alleyways. She'd often steal some food to give to the cats abandoned, and her time with them growing well till some bullies came along over her grove of pets. Some of them were injured and others were taken away, but before they could lay a hand on her, a shadowy figure came out of nowhere which leaps down on one bully and then the other in a sweep of motion and finesse. This figure was a young 4 year old boy with light grey hair and baby blue eyes in a fair skin appearance and raggedy clothing. His only weapon to him was a wooden stick with a spoon on the end. With less effort than needed, it was easy to see them running off as the child held a hand to the young girl in acceptance. During their growing up years, the two were making a known reputation with themselves on the streets till the age of 12 and 13 respectively. The two needed to prove themselves in worth by the time they were noticed, only to have had their first job be a rather hard one. A nobles house was a target of the time, to steal a valuable necklace inside no one else could get.

The young girl had posed as a flower girl nearby with her pet cats going in and out of the house one cat at a time per day. It was enough to allow her to slip one of the cats with a bit of hand training on handling the task at hand. First was stealing the keys to the front door and sneaking it out for her male friend to use in unlocking the doors and sneaking into the bedroom to snag it with a mockery hand made by the girl. The mockery was made very well designed to the touch with the finest of materials they could scrounge. By the time the nobles had noticed their necklace gone, which the real one had an engraving within it, the necklace they had taken was long gone. However, it wasn't till the twins had lead the guards on a ruse disguised as simple peasants who said they saw a rogues guild member come by with it. The rogues themselves had no idea that the entire thing was set up, as in the end the necklace was returned and the two looking all the more happier for their endeavor.

By later age, the two were rather separate in their beliefs. The 19 year old boy, now formally named slick, wanted to thief and steal in terms of having excitement and adventure in his life, as well as finding a challenging heist to make. The 18 year old girl, known now as Karma, wanted to thief her way into a higher status in life and riches she never had when she was younger. The two had been on hard times between each other, but have gotten along well together regardless otherwise. On one heist, which involved a bounty on the head of a famous thief, the robbing of the thief was a rather rigorous enough task to push their limits, while the framing of him fell near short when the target had escaped. However, amongst his treasures, was a notably well crafted long wooden cane with a golden ankh like hook on the end. There was even a precocious looking feline that had been kept in a cage that seemed to stare intently at karma as if intrigued with her. Spoils like this had not been claimed by anyone else, so they had posed as a couple who were missing them dearly and took them with to take care of.

Up to this day they had taken on a sur name which would link them together by a heart felt bond. This name came upon them when thinking up a name to guise themselves under when retrieving the items. one part of it was Koeh, being that of earth, then py-ro, which is sapphire walkers, both from the elven language. However, with slicks bad pronunciation of it, it was given a new pronunciation more commonly fitting for the two, under the new family name 'cooper'. Otherwise, it would be a long time before slick would ever take up linguistics because of it.

Shadowveil Leader


# Adventure Date Actions
1 The veil beyond the shadow Part 1 10/31/2012 Karma had taken the liberty to try and save one of her own members from being taken aback by the apparent hunting that was going on.
2 The veil beyond the shadow Part 2 11/12/2012 The first heist of many on the black lions which would never be forgotten. Her reliance on the party at hand was not all for naught.
3 Hiding in Plain Sight part 1 12/3/2012 Karma had given Ophelia the shot at seeing her in person before sending her with Einharr on a quest to uncover some rather intrinsic lore on enchantment of undead.
4 The veil beyond the shadow Part 3 12/11/2012 With the use of luring out any who tried to find Syrius's secrets, she had adventurers follow her clue in order to recruit them in being on the lookout for other spots of syrius's own hideaways.
5 Hired Ethics Part 1 12/17/2012 Regrettably, karma had taken some smokes from rick dodgers supply before handing back an equivalent amount to make up for it in turn for using a matching supply to steal back a name list of her crew.
6 Shadowed Twists part 1 12/19/2012 It was about time she took a student on as her own pupil, even if said student would not be mastery of shadow. However, it also lead to the discovery of a very strange 'map' on a trinket.
7 Shadowed Twists part 2 12/20/2012 Regardless of a ship robbery, her trust in who she hired for the job was all more well done in good. Especially when meeting Kamigawa lights son.
8 Shadowed Twists part 3 12/23/2012 Her steps were brisk in motion while guiding the troupe through interrogating hooded figures.
9 Shadowed Twists part 4 12/25/2012 Her riddling hints on the puzzles at hand did lead to some interesting trip to rokugan and some tengu assaults.
10 Shadowed Twists part 5 12/27/2012 Karma had managed to keep out of the fight before returning when seeing jade with a new blade.
11 Karma's Training part 1 11/6/2013 Karma had taken in Ditsu as another promising student for Miyu to learn from, throwing them together in a most arduous dungeon.]]]
12 Into the Dead Zone (Part2) 11/29/2013 […].
13 Fading Away 11/30/2013 […].

Character Log:

# Adventure Date XP Gain GP Gain Items Gained Items Lost Description
1 Character Creation 18 Oct 2011, 16:32 GMT-05 0 -200 gp Noble's outfit, Signet ring, jewelry, Pouch (5), Osirion Wise-eye (pet), waterskin, game, dice, loaded (superior), game, cards (marked), Cage (tiny)
2 Shadow of the Library 6 Nov 2011, 19:17 GMT-06 1000 1500 Her involvement was Minor in sense of introduction to the party and chatting ability. The objective was moving the Floating Library out of the way of the Owlery so the Owls will have the needed sleep they required during the day.
3 DOWNTIME 6 Nov 2011, 19:21 GMT-06 0 -1250 +1 masterwork Chain Shirt Equipment purchase for future protection
4 DOWNTIME 6 Nov 2011, 18:51 GMT-06 0 110 Rigged Poker Game with Barby
5 Return of the Jets-Eyes 12 Nov 2011, 00:46 GMT-06 5225 xp 3230 gp, 7 sp, 1 cp 0 Following the group by Gin's request, she aided in the investigation of the Jets' return, only to find undead involvement in the act by a powerful necromancer
6 Jingles Has Good Karma 12 Nov 2011, 02:21 GMT-06 600 -2250 shadow illusion disguised gnome tugboat 0 Karma and slick going to buy a boat to make a hide out with till they run into a famous, if not discreet, shadowcraft magus of a gnome who takes on karma as a student.
7 Karma From Studies 12 Nov 2011, 23:49 GMT-06 0 0 0 0 Karma retrainning her abilities to be fitting for jingle's teachings.
8 Tea Timer 15 Nov 2011, 23:42 GMT-06 500 300 Having had her tarrot card reading by Elissa while the others were fighting the Jets in the background
9 Trouble on the Waterfront 16 Nov 2011, 03:10 GMT-06 800 975 a small chest containing 16 gold bars atop a yard of folded silk cloth, a bag of pink quartz crystals, a nice wooden pipe, and some high quality tobacco. One such box was delivered to the rooms of each participant at the inn. The seal of Daven Doomsail branded into the wooden chests. A group of pirates is causing trouble in Dragonport, and may be connected to dirtier dealings.
10 The Octagon: Pt 2 19 Jan 2012, 19:00 GMT-06 1500 3000 Hat of Disguise Karma recruited Sirius to Jingles gnome cabal of shadowcraft mages. They both took out a source of Man-tea. Later, Karma offered to act as manager to Amnitus and Krixdec. They bravely destroyed the gladiator team they fought…then took on Hector de'sante and Seeker.
11 The Fall of Blackheart 25 Jan 2012 15,210 TBD As the party was taking the time to examine new members for the crew, They ran into Mad Anchor Pops, a captain who wanted Blackheart out of comission. At this point, Karma had planned to distract Blackheart while taking his ship in his absense with gato. However, due to the situation of acclaiming captain Blackhearts head, it would appear keeping the ship itself was in Karmas' intentions now.
12 The Octagon: Pt 5 27 Jan 2012 500 Karma had been watching her boys going on higher ranks in the Octagon fights, as well as having given the chance to be announcer for their fight at the time.
13 Unseelie Negotiations 2 Feb 2012 10,270 10,000gp Blackhearts Ship When facing against the notice of the party heading in to the woods for fey hunting, she ends up getting rounded in an unheard of seelie and unseelie war going on lead by the manipulating Nemar, who is presumably known as Ra-Men.
14 Downtime 2 Feb 2012 -4000 gp Headband of Intellect +2
15 Foray Into Dragonport 7 Feb 2012 4800 5875gp Karma had fallen into the now noticable plot of the necromancers having control of dragonport. however it didn't come without being caught off guard.
16 DM Tokens 12-3-2012 -9 tokens +3 levels
17 DM Tokens 12-13-2012 -3 tokens +1 level
18 Shades and Shackles 3 12-13-2012 1700 -3140 4 scrolls of magic mouth Karma had managed to take her troupe to Falgad for their first clue, which lead to the discovery of a scroll which was locked requiring magic mouth to unlock it. In doing so, they were capable of unlocking its hidden illusion map of the city to find its hidden spaces that weren't listed upon the blueprints before. One of which was a chamber which held the enchantment of granting those who step into it to explore dragonport out of body while unconscious within its chambers.
19 Shadowed Twists part 2 12-20-2012 Karma hiring some allies along with yumika to head to rokugan
20 downtime 12-20-2012 -3 tokens, +1 level
21 downtime 1-6-2013 -6 tokens, +2 levels
22 an Unintended visit 1-5-2013 100k Meeting with esmerelda and solda'han respectively on the walk through from another endeavor that would be later revealed in the future.
23 downtime 1-7-2013 Belt of physical might +6 (strength, dexterity) for brother. +2 weapon enhancement (family cane), +1 amulet of natural armor (slick) -100k gp shopping.
24 Downtime 1-7-2013 +75k(karma), +45k (slick) -3 tokens, +1 level
25 downtime 1-7-2013 -45k (slick) +5 weapon enhancement +2 shield bonus
26 GM Coins 4-6-2013 +215000 karma, +130000 slick +2 levels
27 Shadowveil Withdrawl 11-08-2013 15000 gp Spent on buying Rod of Balance a gift for miyu
28 Shadowveil Withdrawl 11-23-2013 -13500 gp Trap-Stealer's Rod Gift for Miyu
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