The Kara Kara are Jungle Orcs who reside on Teki-nira-ria island. They live off wild game and foraging. They hold the Mist Pendant as their most sacred idol. Anyone who is in possession of the Mist Pendant may command the Kara Kara as they see fit. The Kara Kara will not try to take the pendant forcibly from its bearer.

When last seen, the Kara Kara leader was a young tribeswoman of breeding age, who was given the pendant by a group of adventurers. Little is known about what has happened since then.


Nakara Village


300 Jungle Orcs


# Adventure Date Actions
1 To Teki-Nira-Ria 10-18-2011 A group of adventurers kill a few white apes, some spiders, and defeat a group of Kara-Kara hunters. They come to find out that Antonito Radu is controlling the Kara-Kara through the Mist Pendant. They defeat and capture capture him, and transfer the Mist Pendant to a young orcish woman.
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