Kamigawa Mitsurugi

Race: Half Celestial Human
Class: ???
Alignment: Neutral Good

Description: She looks as young as Kamigawa, with a very angelic aura around her. She is called the Queen of the Moonlight back in Lunar Clan. She is very kind and benevolent with many non mature features as well.

Personalty: Can be very mature with childish quirks as well.

Lunar Clan

Kamigawa Light - Son
Kaguya - Light & Ahri Child- Quadruplet  
Shimon - Light & Ahri Child- Quadruplet  
Jade  - Light & Ahri Child- Quadruplet  
Izanagi  - Light & Ahri Child- Quadruplet  

# Adventure Date Actions
1 Light's Redemption 07-08-2012 Saved by Light after Light redemption. Light ran into her arms crying, feeling joy in his life after not seeing her for 6 years.
2 Lights: Family Reunion 07/16/12 Hikari and Mitsurugi arrived to the Tabernacle inn to find light and they both rammed into him because they were happy to see him. Mitsurugi blessed Ahri and the babies with the word "Love". Hikari and Mitsurugi also is working on Lights wedding and had Ahri pick which wedding kimono she would like.
3 Hot Revenge 11/27/12 Was talking to Hyde about some important business. Also helped out Hikari in casting her teleprtation spell. Which she actually just butted in.
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