Kamigawa Hikari

Race: Half Celestial/ Half Fiendish Human
Class: ???
Alignment: Neutral Good

Description: Younger sister of Light, and is a young teenage girl. She is now cheery like she was a child do to her mother and light returning to her. Now she strives to become strong as Light and beautiful as her mother.

Personalty: Teenage girl who is very talented in many mundane task.

Lunar Clan

Kamigawa Light - 'Big Brother'
Kamigawa Mitsurugi -'Mother'

# Adventure Date Actions
1 Lights: Family Reunion 07/16/12 Hikari and Mitsurugi arrived to the Tabernacle inn to find light and they both rammed into him because they were happy to see him. Especially Hikari, because she has not seen Light in 6 years. Hikari blessed Ahri with the word "Wisdom" to the babies.
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