Kamigawa Hideko
hybrid form

Character Sheet

Race: 'Wolf' Hengoyokai/ Human celestial blooded
Class: Barbarian/ Wuxian Sage
Alignment: Neutral Good

Description: A child of Light, and Rin that would never be. She inherited her father's dark blue hair which covers her head and tail except the small white fur at the end of her tail. Which is her mothers color. That's what everyone thinks but they are wrong.

Personalty: Very sweet personalty that would of loves Light and Rin. Like Light she is very rowdy and gets into trouble constantly.

Great Spirit Wolf Clan, Freelance Detective

Kamigawa - 'Father'
Rin -'Mother'


Character Log:

# Adventure Date XP Gain GP Gain Items Gained Items Lost Description
1 Character Creation 10-19-2011 0 4300 Explorer’s Outfit 6 Dm coin used to lv twice.
2 The new wave (part 4) 9-23-12 5000 XP 3694gp Joined a party do to Kimonto had to take a sudden leave with her mother. She joined the party and found 6 obelisks which one of the party member solved its riddle and received a weapon from a entity. Then they got attacked by some bed guy group which they ended up fighting with because Satrielle was somehow poisoned and wanted to take the weapon he received from rick.
# Adventure Date Actions
1 Light's Redemption 07-08-2012 After Light spirit wolf type and Rin disappeared together, Light fell unconcious because of his emotional sadness and Light spirit wolf type going with Rin. Then suddenly Hideko appears again, this time hugging Light and saying that she loves him and he would of been a wonderful father. Light could not help but cry more which caused his emotions to go while. But before Hideko disappeared she gave Lights spirit back to fall.
2 Hot Revenge 11/27/12 Was talking to Hyde about some important business. Also helped out Hikari in casting her teleprtation spell. Which she actually just butted in.
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