Kamigawa Light
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Ace Kamigawa Light
Ace Kamigawa Light E6
Player: Animelord
Race: Saint Blessed Human
Class: Samurai(OA)2/Fighter(PF)2/ Warblade 2/ Iaijutsu Master 5 / Eternal Blade 10

Alignment: Neutral Good

Appearance: A tall man who keeps a clame expression at all times. He has a natural intimidating feature. He wears a custom made blue Jacket (armor) and carries three Lunar Katana at all times. Light wears a eye patch on his right eye. No one has seen him take off the eye patch.

Scholar Uniform: Mini Light/Light Battle Suit
01.jpg date%20masamune

Personality: Even by is looks he may look like a intimidating person but he is actually a nice person. He hates the people who takes advantage of the innocent and will cut down anyone that gets in his way of his beliefs. The only person who is able to get Light out off sync of his personality is his little sister, Rin, and most of his female friends. He is also weak against most women. If they hug him suddenly or brush up next to him, he would start to blush. In extreme cases his face would turn all red and he would pass out from it.

Background: Born in Rokugan. His father is a Lord so he grew up in influential family that leads Lunar Clan with his little sister. After hitting age 18 Light decided to travel place to place helping people, and searching for ways to get stronger to protect what he believes. He calls him self Ace Freelance Detective but most of his work ends with violence and destruction of public properties. Light carries his family heirloom the Lunar Blades and he seeks to unlock its hidden power but has not been successful so far. After arriving from to the harbor of Dragonport. Light decides to set up temporary shop to the new unknown environment.

Dai Geshoku (Master Lunar Eclipse))

Kilroy- friends
Roc- friends
Li Fong -friends
Nightmare - friends
Larien - friends
Kurkuri Ife - friends
Amiha -friends ? (disliked)
Ksenia- friends ? (disliked)
Syrius - Friends
Ranel - friends
Amadi & Amady - Friends
Nina - Friends
Selene - Friends

Silver Paw/Rin - Wife
Hyde - Guardian
Ahri -Childhood friends/Wife
Ryu - Ahri's Big brother & Childhoodfriend
Kamigawa Hikari - Little sister
Kamigawa Mitsurugi - Mother
Kamigawa Kaguya - Light & Ahri Child- Quadruplet (fox girl)
Kamigawa Shimon - Light & Ahri Child- Quadruplet (fox boy)
Kamigawa Jade - Light & Ahri Child- Quadruplet (human boy)
Kamigawa Izanagi - Light & Ahri Child- Quadruplet (fox boy)
Hediko - Lights & Rins child

Membership: Lunar Clan, FreeLance Detective, The Crew

FreeLance Detective: If people needs my service they will come and find me. Cost of the service well vary on the initial task and the actual task.

FreeLance Detective Current Job
1) Find lazy eyed druid and retrieve back family heirloom.
2) Find little blonde girl who went missing.
3) Thieves guild asked to find, spy in the guild
4) Help Kukuri find her friend.
5) See if you can make Amisha…….. normal…
6) Save Ivar
7) Beat up Ichiro.

1) Retrieve back a stolen ring from the thieves guild.
2) Find out what was going on in there government district at night and report back.
3) Rescue Silver paw
4) Stop the boy from killing Kamigawa and take care of the boy.
5) Retrieve a book from Black Dragon Lair.
6) Save Ita.
7) Disrupt the Onyx Trade.
8) Rescue Larien
9) Save Rin
10) Received a letter from the Crew.
11) Find the Onyx trade log
12) Find the little boys parents who was

Character Log:

# Adventure Date XP Gain GP Gain Items Gained Items Lost Description
1 Character Creation 2-13-2012 0 200 Traveler’s Outfit
2 Character Creation (buying) 2-15-2012 0 -150 Katana(MW), Longbow, 100 Arrows, Chain Mail, Flint+Steel, Backpack, Waterskin
3 The Black Lions 2-16-2012 2330 1530 Succesfully able to enter the theifs den but was side tracked when he had to go on a side quest to be initiated as a member.
4 Roc Kobolds 2-17-2012 45000 40000 Beat up many druid summons and arrived to sunless citadel to find out they worship Tiamat.
5 Ocaton 8 2-18-2012 1500 7500 Fought in arena along sigh with Phobos, Light found out how weak he still is in the last battle…….
6 Infested Necropolis part 4 2-20-2012 700 4811 Was hired to look for bland girl who went missing then he found his way into some dungeon where he met other adventurers. He discovered that the girl might be dead, and that there is a bigger force who is pulling the string, he tried to attack the mysterious being but was instantly went to coma……
7 Aberrant Treachery 2-22-2012 1270 5000 Aberration Bane (Dragon claw) Received a mission from client that there is something going on in the Government District at Midnight and he wanted me to find out what it was about. Traveling late at night, Light meets up with Quinn and finds out that they were hired by evil leader. Letting the fox leader go, with the Box, he soon came into contact with the man that hired Quinns group. The man escaped the battle and everyone scattered the area to not get caught by the guardsman. Met fox boy named Kaito through Quinn and almost got blown away by Karen.
8 Gathering Allies 2-22-2012   2735   N/A      Finding out that Quinn and her party member looking for allies to fight against the Necro College, Light decided to help them out. After meeting several leaders including Roc. The team decided to have a person working inside "The Crew" and unfortunatly Light was elected to join the crew. In help of Rocs donation.  
9 Operation Nine-Tail part 1 2-25-2012 3800 6000 Agreed to help out Enigma in protecting Karen and retrieving an item from her that would help us against the Hive. After successful mission, it came to light that he has been helping a man that would not face his own problem. What the excuse is Light gets pissed off and leaves.
10 Character Remodel 2-26-2012 n/a n/a Learning his weakness Light trains with his Lunar Blades (family heirlooms).
10.5 Battle Royale...of your dreams ! 2-27-2012 2215 XP 5000 Being dragged into some horrible dream, he found Quinn and other allies. The dream was to play for power, which was not a favorable way for Light to receive power. It seems that the power he received were the power he has lost as a kid. He wakes up in covered in sweat and says "So it wasn't a dream….."
11 Canine Business 2-28-2012 2169 XP ???? Client hired Ace Kamigawa Light to look for a dog with silver fur and a bright green eyes. He arrives at the swamp where it was last seen, soon he bumps into Quinn (again…) and finds out that the Fox new of the Silver dog. Then he finds out that the foxes are Kaito and Tsukiko. After a long conversasion, Light resumes his search for the Spirit(gets info from Kaito) and Quinn and her allies come along to investigate if the Spirit had anything to do with the strange Fog in the swamp.
12 Blood Calls to Blood 2-29-2012 11600xp 18833 Received 2 letters from the Crew and one from the thieves guild. Li Fong wanted to go to the thieves guild so Light decided to check that out first instead of the Crew. After arriving at the guild, he reported on what happened on the last mission and was then asked to find a traitor in the guild. Light found out that this traitor (ratman) was working as a pawn by the Necro college but soon he was caught and interrogated.
13 The New Crew 2-13-2012 500 N/A Was introduced to Yan Woo, collected some information. And complete one mission by giving by a wedding ring to a man which was stolen.
14 East Injia vs the College pt 1 3-05-2012 25120 25000 Mali hired Light and other people to find her Purple worm that was digging a tunnel. What we found was Kobolds warshipping Tiamat with Ramen involved. Light was able to take out many kobolds and aspect but everyone thing was getting out of hand. He decided to destroy the spell circle causing the aspect to despawn saving everyone as. He heard voice that seemed to help him but he is still not sure what it was. He also got some huge lead on the Necro College which he will investigate.
15 Ghastly Issues 2-13-2012 2021 15755.92 Went down to the Dragon port sewer system to find Silverpaw. Which was tipped by Phobos. He found SilverPaw on an orcus alter nearly dead because of a spell. But Light was able to dispell it and bring Silver Paw back. Light was really glad that he was able to save SilverPaw because all other mission has not turned out as he planned.
16 East Injia vs. the College Part 2 3-09-2012 ?? 40k Mali decided to put together the circle that Light destroyed and use it to find Ramen. But instead of finding Ramen, they found many traps and Aspect awaiting for them as it was a trap.
16 The Silver....tail 3-09-2012 750 N/A After rescuing Silver Paw he took her back to master. He wanted to ask her if she wanted to be his companion but it seemed that she was not up for it, so did not say anything. After getting to know her master (The 'Old Man' (Zirgoyv)) and being suspicious of Silver Paw's, he received his pay and left. On his way home he sees Karen being abducted by xolrethe, after having a long chat Light tried to stop him but it was no use. He then goes home and finds Silver-paw in his futon. Apparently touching a tail of a silver wolf is one of the sacred custom and now hes has a wife. He was told that his love will be something he would not expect and it seems that fortune was true.
17 Possibility, probability...destiny ? Part 2 3-11-2012 8800 9823.92 Instigated the crack on the ground after the earth quick and found Kilroy and his allies entering some portal. Light followed them and they ended up in some Githyanki ship that was being under attacked by Necro Queen. From one of the Githyanki light found that they have to activate something called D.E.I.M.O.S in order to stop that attack. After fighting many undead and githyanki hijackers of the ship, Nightmare was able to release D.E.I.M.O.S After the ordeal, Light met up with Mali and decided to go with her and the group to have a crew meeting. After talking and checking out the fighting capabilities of new Nightmare, Rin saw Light talking to her and became jealous and started to pummel Light into submission. After Light got overwhelmed by Rins tantrum, Rin faints after having asked if Light going to have kids.
18 Plomp and Circumstance ? 3-13-2012 1820 22000 After returning from his last mission, Light heard the serial murder going on in town. As Light was looking for information on the case he met Kilroy, Syrius and others that was doing the same. With everyones help they were able to crunch the next 4 possible victims that could be targeted that night. So everyone split up and Light and Rin when to protect Zirgoyv. Apperently Zirgoyv knew of this serial killer and the only way to stop him. Which was a small Slime creature :3. Light and Rin took the deus ex slime and met up with the other party member who was already fighting the killer. Light released the Jelly on the killer and after severe thrashing between Light, Malluma and the Killer. The Killer was defeated.
19 Kobold Revenge 3-14-2012 7982 ?? After coming back from his short mission he bumped into everyone else that was returning back to Dragonport. Upon arriving at the swamp side gate, they encountered Kobolds summoning elemental as if they were knowing that we were coming. After a lengthy battle everyone was able to defeat the elemental and the kobolds but the leader was able to escape.
19 The Demon Attack Part 2 3-16-2012 23350 30k Was hired by a family to check on there relatives in the town Belthrane when he arrived there there were bodies decorating the city. After finding the reft of the town people in the towns hall, Light and his allies went to Kill the demon that was responsible for this massacre.
20 Pwompy Terror 3-16-2012 1740 10k While taking a little breather outside the inn, Light encountered a living ooze spell that was absorbing anything it touched. He and his party chased after the rampaging ooze thats absorbing everything and they were able to stop the ooze by having Zirgoyv cast AMF.
21 Puppet Show 3-25-2012 ?? ?? After returning home because of his friends demanded it, the letter he received about a little boy still bugged Light. Waiting a little for Ranel to fly off, Light leaves his home to look for the boy. He senses a dark aura in the distance and Light hurries towards the direction. In distance he sees his allies fighting 2 puppets and one puppet was about to release huge dark energy but Light throws his Katana and it directly hits the puppets head shattering it. He then sees the boy fall of the roof because the 2 puppets were destroyed and Light runs towards the boy and catches the boy. Relieved that his friends and the boy is safe, he finds out that the letter he received from his boys parents were true.
22 The Search for the 'Glowy' ... Duck (?) 3-27-2012 1617 6957 Asked by Kaito to help find Tsukiko, Light searched around the city and soon found Tsukiko inside clothing of Nina. He then finds out that a man mention something about Quinn, but his priority right now was Tsukiko. He then decided to join the group to go to some crypt. But before he left to the crypt he took Tsukiko to his house to have Rin take care of her. Not noticing something off about Rin he hugs her and tells her that he will be back by dinner.
23 The Black-scaled terror 3-28-2012 28200 5000 Joined up with Syrius to look for a draconic artifact that can control Black Dragons. With his own mission at mind they encounter some lizard folk, which they lead to a Great Wyrme, where Party was able to defeat it be chance. Then Ravsimedar and Light goes to the Dragon lair and finds the orb and return it. Why they didn't take the treasure was because Ravimedar said not to. But Light was able to find the Book he was looking for, for his mission.
24 Those Who Seek (Part 1) 3-23-2012 700 1663.5 Asked by Kaito to help find Tsukiko, Light searched around the city and soon found Tsukiko inside clothing of Nina. He then finds out that a man mention something about Quinn, but his priority right now was Tsukiko. He then decided to join the group to go to some crypt. But before he left to the crypt he took Tsukiko to his house to have Rin take care of her. Not noticing something off about Rin he hugs her and tells her that he will be back by dinner.
25 Moonlight 3-23-2012 18.5k 56290 Returning late from the dragons lair, knowing it was a Fullmoon quickly returned home. He soon encountered some Clan that was after Rin so he had to incapacitate them. Not really knowing what they want with her, they seemed to be pissed off at Light for knowing Rins name. Light got snapped when clan leader out when he treated her as some object, and took him out Super saiyan style.
26 Search for the Destructive Contruct and April Fools 4-01-2012 N/A 500 Investigated the robo destruction with YanWoo.
27 Blood In, Blood Out 4-02-2012 1900 5536.63g The party was hired by some preacher to stop the execution from being stopped. They were able to stop the convicts from escaping but the execution was halted.
28 Atogpark 4-03-2012 1000 0 After talking to Syrius, they both received a invitation to something called Atogpark. So they decided to check what Atogpark is. Light then met up with Rin which she was holding the invitation to. With her and other people that he never met before, gets sucked into a portal which takes them to a alternate plane that has a theme park built in it. Keeping eye on everyone around him, Light decides to have fun for a change. He wins a silver dragon wyrmling plushie for Rin, and also gets to know her even more later.
29 Assault on Lion's Pride Keep 4-04-2012 25,860 XP 8000 Light, Ita, and the party decided to invade the Lion gaurd keep to see what is going on inside and also retrieve a body. Light gets beaten by Alexander Uhsbane and gets knocked out of battle.
30 Those who Seek (part 2) 4-05-2012 9470 XP 28857.32 Light and the party continues forward in the dungeon but eventually gets overwhelmed by a lot of construct. Which they retreated to recover.
31 The open eyes 4-07-2012 4400 1000 Iris sent letter to Light to meet him at some mansion. When he arrived he found other of his friends there as well. The person who sent the letter asked the party that there service is available to them. Of course Light did not trust them and Iris showed that Light if they did not trust him then he would be dead by now, which made his trust even worse.
32 Into The Archives 4-08-2012 N/A N/A Light receives a litter from some man that handing them out. The letter tells him to go to the Lost City which he does. He bumps into some friends and they check what the letter is all about. The letter was about adventurers helping filling in the blank of an ancient library with there stories.
33 Return of the Bloods 4-09-2012 1320 8000 Light and the party was spending there time at a bar when Mack the Knife showed up. Eventually rest of his friends showed up and started to cause trouble so the party took care of them.
34 The Vorloi Coup D'etat 4-11-2012 3000 3460 Vorloi led a rebel agiasnt the crew which Light to flee with the party for there safety. Syrius teleported the party to Rocs place where soon after Light is told to stay out of the way to die. Of course Light refused and Al-Rashid and Ninja lady Koyasha attacked the party. Light holded back to not kill any of the ambushed people but because of it, the enemy was able to escape.
35 Those who seek (part 3) 4-12-2012 1943 21303.71 Enters the dungeon again but it seems that the whole place was in high alert. But the place seemed different, they would suddenly go back and forth in time and see the old dungeon where everything i in ruin and new dungeon where everything is still being built. In the future version of the dungeon Light and Nightmare sees some abomination which Light recognizes the voice as T23?
36 Nightmares Melancholy? 4-13-2012 N/A N/A Rp with Light and Nightmare. Light looks for and asks why Nightmare was acting weird during the Those who seek (part 3).
37 Tabernacle RP 1 4-14-2012 1500 1500 Light arrives at the Tabernacle Tavern and finds his friends there. Trying to take care of Arashi, they both get invited with Dimitros for lunch discussing about the College and Vorloi problem. Then he decides to go to Emerald Isle with Ethial but also bumps into FlimFlam who Light helps there way to Dragon Port and they decide to follow Light and Ethial.
38 Those who seek (part 4) 4-15-2012 6475 ?? Light and the party enters the dungoen agian. He seems glad to see Nightmare there with the party. They were successful in going deeper within the dungeon but at the scrap area they fought a giant crab that almost took Lights life if it wasn't for Syrius healed him. After defeating the crab boss, they went further where Arashi and Nightmare became attached to a Fusion Ooze which he did not like. They were also able to find some paper work, that had some details on gruesome experiments on a fox.
39 Tabernacle Pwomps 4-16-2012 2000 5000 Lights fatigue seems to be getting to him. Arashi brought back the Fusion Ooze with her and started to tick off Lights patients. He also met up with FlimFlam, Mikhail Karamazov, and Zykraav. He licks the ooze and taste like purple jelly beans which he eventually gets fused with Nightmare and Zykraav. After being spit back out, he asks Nightmare to not fuse with any thing anymore. After short period of time, Ooze took control again and absorbed Arashi which she decided to absorb the whole party. Light snapped and destoryed the Ooze before anyone else can be harmed by it.
40 Farris' Birthday Party 4-16-2012 9140 5912.5 Farris birthday and Light and his friends were invited. Kamiwaga wrestled Farris but it seems they were equal match so instead they had a drinking contest including Nightmare. Light wins the drinking contest but continues drinking and he starts acting strange.
41 Bar Brawl 4-17-2012 600 0 Light did not like how the man ??? was talking about Larien and Arashi Taikou so he decided to make him respect him.
42 Downtime 4-19-2012 N/A N/A Fixing sheet. Spend 3 dm coin for feat.
43 Destined meeting 4-16-2012 N/A N/A Walked into the woods for a little breather when he felt and chatted with the blooded one.
45 Tabernacle RP 2 4-18-2012 1500 0 Was at the bar and met alot of interesting people. But he lost his cool when he talked with Ksenia and also was dragged out my Rin out of the tavern asking him about the Wearwolf clan.
46 Treasure Hunter Nadia 4-20-2012   8600    8500   Fell from the second floor which he meet with Nadia. Apparently shes some leader of a treasure hunter group and she decided to leave by herself out in the woods. So he and Bloodbeard when out to see if she ok.
47 Tabernacle RP 3 4-20-2012   1500   0   The tavern again being bothered by all everyone.
48 Airship Takeover 4-21-2012   9000    8500   Had to stop a flying ship that was about to crash into the Nexus.
49 Disrupt the Onyx Trade: DryDock Route 4-20-2012   N/A N/A  Left with Larien to DryDock to disrupt the Onyx trading supply.
50 Those who seek (part 5) 4-22-2012   13600    49736.775   Went into the crew keep agian but traveled to the future for much longer then before. They fought unknown creature that they never seen before. Light fears that if they do nothing the future they stay will become reality. It all involves Nightmare somehow…..
51 Item orgamzation 4-225-2012   N/A -397001 Total Gold Spent: 397001gp Total Gold have after spent: 142345gp +Focus On Fatana Charm (640) MW Weapon Cleaning Kit (500gp) Crystal Mask of Dread (+10 Intimidate) 10k Circlet of Persuasion +3 all cha check 4500 gp Foroshiki Sack: Bag of holding 2 (5k gp) Katana Adamantine +2 (9k) Aberration Bane, Sizing, Impale (80k) Futsukazuki: Katana Silver +2, Sizing, Ghost touch, Impale, Undead Bane , Stunning (105k) Mithral Chain Shirt +5 Light Fortification (39k) Dastana +1 (4k) and Chahar-aina +1 Soulfire 36k Calligraphy Kit 10gp Charm: Feather Of the Crane 4 200gp Golden Leaf 4 200gp Frightened Crane 4 200gp Makeup Kit 4 200gp vest of resistance +3 (9k) Steadfast Boots (1.4k) (+4 check trip charge and trip) Belt of Battle (12k) 3 points + 4str 32k Concentration +18 32k Intimidate +18 (32k) Cloak of Disguise. 10k Gloves of Dexterity +4 (32k) Sense Motive +18 (32k) Iaijutsu Check +18 (32k) Freedom of movement (40k) Revolver +2 Sizing 450 gp Bullets silver 21100gp Shadow Cloak (5.5k) Sake Vault: 2k gp Hathran Mask of True Seeing (eye patch) (75k) Crystal of mental Cloaking (5k gold) Potions: 2 x cure light, 50gp 1 x pass without trace, 50 gp 1 x remove fear, 50 gp 1 x blur, 300 gp 1 x invisibility, 300 gp 2 x lesser restoration, 300 gp 2 x fly, 750 gp 1 x gaseous form, 750 gp Wands: Wand of Lesser Vigor 750gp (22) Eternal Wand (Fly) lv 3 (21k), Greae (750) Tailsmans: Golden Fishscale: 5 (4500)
52 Downtime 4-28-2012   N/A N/A  -29k TRUEDEATH CRYSTAL (greater) *2 & CRYSTAL OF ARROW DEFLECTION(greater)
53 Welcome to Mercon 4-23-2012   1750xp  1750gp   Wearing female clothing he visits Mecron where he makes Ksenia mad at him.
54 Disrupt the Onyx Trade: DryDock Route Part 2 4-25-2012   N/A  N/A   Arrived to DryDock to replace the onyx supplies. Which was successful but Light got injured.
55 The Disgraced Pharaoh's Tomb 4-25-2012   39100  5000   Entered the tomb with Ivar and found the old pharaoh as a undead. He tried to deviece the party but Light and Ivar saw through his deception and killed him.
56 Those Who Seek (part 6a) 4-28-2012   12914    6785.75gp   Enters the dungeon again but finally gets to the end to find some generators that's digging the ground.
57 Those Who Seek (part 6b) 5-01-2012   17400    N/A   Were teleport, somewhere else to fight more constructs and sharks. After finding the generator that was digging underground.
58 Downtime 5-5-2012   N/A -15052.78gp metal belt of magnificence +6, ring of solar winds
59 Those Who Seek (part 6c) 5-02 -2012   20486  10,000   Were teleported, somewhere else to fight more constructs and sharks. After finding the generator that was digging underground, failed to stop some stupid Psiguy and Ivar was kidnapped.
60 The Io's Blood Isles Part 1 5-02-2012   1000  N/A   Went to the emerald isle and followed a dragon with Arashi talking about a prophecies.
61 Field Fight 5-06-2012   5200  N/A   There were Dr.Tropes robots in a plain but the party was able to defeat them.
62 Runaway Lightning Coach! 3 5-07-2012   2900  3000   Stopped Tr.Trope from blowing up the train again.
63 The Io's Blood Isles Part 2 5-07-2012   38500  6400   Kamigawa went to the frost giants lair with the party. Light went down when they were fighting the frost giants scouts. Arashi was taken by one of the frost giants which Light chased after but could not catch up to her. So the party went after her which it leads to the frost giants cave. As they went further into the cave they met a hydra leader which mentioned that Lights clan (Lunar Clan) was involved in kidnapping of Arashi. So he the party attacked the hydra as they were about to defeat it, Ichiro appeared and said that he was Lights brother. He made fun of Lights ancestor and wanted to kidnap Arashi, so Light challenged him to a duel. But Light could not touch Ichiro whats so ever. Ichiro fed up with him and he kidnapped Larien instead which devastated Light.
64 The Tenfold Path 5-10-2012   4100  n/a   Kamigawa was hired by some man to help him defeat some kind of corrupted beast. Even with Lights current state of mind (because of Larien being kidnapped). So he followed the man to take out the beast. When they arrived to a old Sunless Citadel bunker the man suddenly went crazy. The man told him to destroy him so Light had no choice. After a intense battle Light was able to defeat him. What he found out was that the man was already defeated long time ago and is part of the mysterious employer. He asked Light if he wants power but Light refuses his help, instead Quinn was freed and Light received the ancient martial scroll.
65 Flower Hunt, with a touch of idiocy 5-11-2012   3600  16500   Xyn, Wukong and Light to goes find flowers for some merchant.
66 Open World 5-12-2012   2249x[  2249gp   While in Necron he heard that the Iris was active there so he was going to help Striker and get information on Lariens where about and information on Ichiro. .
66 After hours. 5-12-2012   N/A  N/A   Xyn went into the havens alleyways and met Nightenray who was chasing a thieve. Xyn stops Jimmy and his thieve friends and with Lights perspiration to Xyn. Xyn lets the thieves go. Light was glad that Xyn listened to him so he took her to the Havens Casino to enjoy the night.
67 Tabernacle RP 4 5-13-2012   500  n/a   Talked with alot of people at Tabernacle inn, even though he at his current mental state.
68 Pwomp and Circumstance 2 5-15-2012   3150xp 5k gold   It was pwomps birthday party which Arashi did not listen to Light which really disappointed him.
69 Attack of the Circurum 5-14-2012   N/A  N/A   -23k Scroll of True Res, -21k dimensional anchor wand, Aporter armor enhancement. -20000 GP Traveled to look for clue on Ichiro, they arrived to WindVille to find it over run by some force.
70 Downtime 5-16-2012   65000  140,000   Spend 3 DM coins to lv up to 13.
71 Sigil Plots 5-21-2012   N/A  N/A   Met with Zirgoyve to talk about the ancient martial art scroll which he got from the The Tenfold Path. Then he found out age the scroll was from and who Andreas was. He also found out that Zirgoyve was the challenger that sent the duel message to Light. What was more surprising to him is that he is Rin's Grandfather. Which he tells Light that he also has went through the same experience as Light.
72 The Io's Blood Isles Part 3 5-16-2012   24k  11,147 GP   Went to the Fire Islands to save the champions, but they were to late. Instead they were able to retrieve 3 dragon orbs from the fire giants by winning a duel.
73 The Rescue of Larien 5-20-2012   ???  ???   Found out where Larein was from the Iris, and Light and the party to where Larien is located. As they entered the cave he found out that Lights aunt, spirit was helping Ichiro and telling him who Ichiro's family really was.
74 Downtime 5-25-2012   N/A -120000GP Tome of Leadership and Influence +5 137,500, Tome of Understanding +5 137,500, Tome of Clear Thought +5 137,500, Manual of Gainful Exercise +5 137,500, Ring of Mettle (50k)
75 Favor from an archaeologist. 5-26-2012   N/A  N/A   Helped the archaeologist and the party to activate the healing monument.
76 You sure that was all of them? 5-27-2012   Ring of Evasion, +18 perception  N/A   -25k gold, -32k Went to go take out the leader of the Skale pack because it was still roaming hte woods somewhere.
77 Haven Plots: Haven Patrol 3 06/01/2012 1625 7000 Went to cave with Ahri and met up with party and fought some golems.
78 Monument of Might 06/05/2012 n/a n/a Hired by Dracon to take out a huge golem that was protecting the monument.
79 The Hunt for the Orbs of Dragonkind Part 1 06/06/2012 21000 XP 4000 Went to save Larien in a cost of loosing his sainthood and Rin being taken away by the Oni who gave him the curse.
80 Coiled impact 06/11/2012 n/a 750 Being depressed at the tavern.
81 Continuum Unveils (Prologue) 06/05/2012 18200 13,800 n/a n/a Prophet told him to go seek the Oni's beyond the sunken temple.
82 The Hunt for the Orbs of Dragonkind Part 2 06/13/2012 n/a n/a Went to retrieve silver dragon orb.
83 Merchant's Casino 1 06/13/2012 1000 n/a Visited the casino to find a fortune teller and get his fortune told.
84 Phylacteries Phall pt 1 06/13/2012 17500&??? 65000 +35 perception check 112.5k gold, +5 vest of resistance 25k gold +18 perception, +3 vest of resistance gave to Ahri Was told to investigate the boat off the shore of Emerald Isle. Then they found out that the college was trying to freeze the sea around the Emerald Isle. College was successful in freezing the sea but the party was able to capture Cu, and light found out that she wanted to come back alive so he decied to raise dead her with help of Nightmare. They found a phylatory inside her and Xavash destroyed it.
85 Liberation of Dragonport Part 1 07/04/2012 28, 320 n/a Played battleship with the Volair ships. Also worried about whats happeneing to Arashi.
86 Mara, the otherworldly drow 07/05/2012 25, 00 50 000 gold, Ring of self-sufficiency(Kamigawa) Bloodbeard and Light was hired by Mara to help her find her mother. Which they do by helping Mara summoning Rosa and calling her already passed away mother.
87 Children's Card Game III: Finding a New Home 07/06/2012 11000 XP N/A Was asked by Mara, to help her clear out a shrine thats full of demons, so she can make it her home. So he helped out her friend and tested his training on the demons.
89 Downtime 7-09-2012   N/A -200.8kgold Cowl of Warding -3 dm going to lv from 16 to 17 +403k gold
91 Liberation of Dragonport Part 2 07/06/2012 188,800 Each 35,000 GP Each Upgraded Shingetsu +5 weapon to +7 (-48k ),Mangetsu +8 to + 10 (-72k gold) Attacked Dragon port and the Vorloi army, when they were about to Win Vorloi was attacked by his own son Kaleem which was Ramen in disguise.
92 Hunt for the Orbs of Dragonkind Part 5 07/06/2012 188,800 Each 35,000 GP Each Sneaked into the library in dragon port to find the location of other phylactery using the Tenbury map.
93 Light's Redemption 07/09/2012 44,790 Each 13300gold Light accepted his Sins and was able to free his wife that he loves from the Oni's clutches. His mother was also freed.
94 Screw this! Initiate plan inferno! 07/09/2012 n/a n/a Asked Syrius, Bloodbeard, Roc to help him initiate plan Inferno on the college.
95 Dragon Prophecy 1 07/10/2012 20k n/a +4 keen magebane undeadbane holy katana to Light, he calls it Izanagi Dragons prophecy and received a weapon?
96 Lair of the Blood Lord 07/11/2012 XP 192030 GP: 39,500 each Joined the party to go find another Ramen phylactery which they found it in a pool of blood.
97 The Shadow... and the blade 07/12/2012 174 951 n/a Helped Ita with his soul blade mission. To activate its power?
98 Eight-and-half-a-tails (part 1) 07/14/2012 231,715 n/a Contacted by Nightmare to help her go help untaint a Nogitsune.
99 Eight-and-half-a-tails (part 2) 07/15/2012 186,620 150k GP Apparently it was all a misunderstanding.
100 Lights: Family Reunion 07/16/2012 3000xp N/A Family reunioned with his mother and his sister, also with his bestfriend Ryu.
101 Return... to the Great Unknown (part1) 07/22/2012 285k N/A Went with the party to retrieve the positive energy device and save Ivar.
102 Return... to the Great Unknown (part2) 07/23/2012 450k 100k Got the positive energy plane in the negative energy plane. But did not save Ivar yet.
103 The Shackled Monarch 08/01/2012 477 800 +100k xp ??? -400k for dex and con +5 tomes. Went with the party to save Ivar.
104 Divida Draconis 08/04/2012 250 n/a Figuring out the Orrey of light.
105 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 1 08/04/2012 700k 43k Going through the nexus room by room beating there way through the college members to Ramen!
106 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 2 08/05/2012 243 000 XP 73k Going through the nexus room by room beating there way through the college members to Ramen!
107 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 3 08/06/2012 23,400 12,350 gp each Going through the nexus room by room beating there way through the college members to Ramen!
108 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 4 08/07/2012 242,280 XP 55k Going through the nexus room by room beating there way through the college members to Ramen!
109 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 5 08/08/2012 86 830 XP 25 400 GP Going through the nexus room by room beating there way through the college members to Ramen! Will revive Ignarkus.
110 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 6 08/09/2012 342,700 100,000 Going through the nexus room by room beating there way through the college members to Ramen!
111 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 7 08/10/2012 218,000 36,333 Going through the nexus room by room beating there way through the college members to Ramen!
112 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 8 08/12/2012 140,770 29K Going through the nexus room by room beating there way through the college members to Ramen!
113 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 9 08/13/2012 105310 XP 20000 GP Going through the nexus room by room beating there way through the college members to Ramen!
114 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 10 08/14/2012 166400 XP 62000 GP Going through the nexus room by room beating there way through the college members to Ramen!
115 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 11 08/15/2012 282,800 62000 GP Going through the nexus room by room beating there way through the college members to Ramen!
116 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 12 08/16/2012 93810 48000 Going through the nexus room by room beating there way through the college members to Ramen!
117 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 13 08/17/2012 105000 59000 Going through the nexus room by room beating there way through the college members to Ramen!
118 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 14 08/18/2012 2,215,000 300K Finally defeated Ramen! Revived Ignarkus. Bag ending. Why did we get bad ending? Because fuck you thats why.
119 The Sublime Way (part1) 10/05/2012 85,960 ??? Traveled to Sigel then to the 7 layers of hell to look for the truth behind the sublime way..
119 The Sublime Way (part2) 10/12/2012 450,560 ??? Fought a doom hoard and also found a shell at the location of a meteor hit..
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