Kaleva Latral

Race: Vampire Incubus (?)
Class: ???
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Titles: Joukahainen Freyr, High Master Kaleva, The Eternal Patriarch

A man not known for his patience, Kaleva Latral is the eternal Patriarch of Niflheim, 821st (as well as 822nd 823rd) layer of the abyss, which he rules in tandem with his queen, Midna Latral and with the support of his two children, Raital and Freya Latral.

Kaleva Latral is a handsome, strong man, with piercing eyes and a gaze that commands obedience. He has long, dark hair, which trumps even the down of an Erinyes's feather in softness. Thought by many to be merciless, he does what he must to rule his kingdom, though behind the scenes he is deeply affectionate with his family. He occasionally has difficulty switching from "Ruler" to "Father and Husband" when dealing with his family, and particularly children, making it not uncommon for him to be a terrifying paternal figure.

His Scythe, whose name roughly translates into "Fate-Severer", is said to be able to cut the threads of fate itself and to detach one from their very destiny.

Latral Clan, Clan's Head


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Niflheim Plots (part3) 09/19/2013 Appeared in person within the 'inverted palace' dimension and chased Seren's twine-doubles for his own amusement… or perhaps to vent of some family-business-related frustration.
2 Niflheim Plots (who's your daddy ?) 11/22/2013 Had a longer conversation with his 'spawn' during which he clarified the current state of military affairs, empowered the weapon of hers as well as learned more than few things unmentionable (or at least one crucial thing of such magnitude). The fact that Raital ended up infatuated with a mortal, Seren, not in the usual 'master-thrall' sort of relationship but more on 'equal ground' made him lose composure for a longer while. Vented off later in a spar with his daughter.
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