Kal'tazaka Council


Behind the macabre web of Kal'tazaka's underhanded politics is a group of arcane egomaniacs whose right to rule is self-given. They come from many different species and backgrounds, though most of them are Dark Elves or Dark Dwarves. They use their arcane power, wealth, and pooled resources to maintain firm control over the city while duping the other organizations into fighting each other. They have relatively little infighting, but there are only a select number of persons that can claim to sit on the Council and not merely be its cronies.

Council members are all arcane spellcasters by some degree, and most of them - 25 out of 30 - have levels of wizard. Most of those are focused on their spellcasting and not mixing it with other combat styles, though this is not always the case. Their minions tend to consist of lieutenants that are wizards of the same race as the Council member with a substantial force of magic-supported troops for each of them. Some of the Council are the head of their own houses or clans, and there is even a half-orc magus (kensai) on the council that leads an orcish tribe based on the surface.

The most notable character on the Council is its leader, the High Wizard. He does not have a known name beyond High Wizard, and it is well known on the Council that he is a powerful Lich. His exact nature is unknown.


High Wizard of Kal'tazaka
Mage-Priestess Vysina


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