Kaiyo Nebrial
Player: Jam730
Race: advanced Human
Class: Factotum 8 / Cloistered Cleric 1 / Gambler 10 / Warblade 1 / Fortunes' friend 1
Alignment: Neutral Good

Appearance: A young man of adult age with average height and demeanor. His apparel is rather hand me down and worn while wearing bits of protective chain on his jacket and undershirt. His Hair medium in length and brown with amber colored eyes that stare off in imagery. (Ignore eyepatch in picture…)

Personality: Kaiyo is a rather aloof and lay back kind of person, often being considered unlucky in terms of his apparent bluntness with women around him. However, he can be quite open minded and outspoken about his impartial opinion.

Background: Born a lower classman, Kaiyo grew up with a fairly caring and understanding family. His father was a metal worker and his mother was a seamstress. His oddball relation with luck was rather a hindrance on others, but a boon for himself, as he found himself quite highly successful in life with his endeavors. His only profession of work seemed to be exploration of foreign cultures and dictation of life outside the home he once knew. However, on his elderly birthday of adulthood, he was given a rather gracious sum of coin from his parents who scrimped for it for his departure, as well as a well made crossbow and bladed end for him to partake with him along with fine fitting chain. With a heavy heart, he took leave of his home abode, traveling along to explore the world in terms of general high hopes.

Unlucky companion(Cohort)
Naida Leaizon


Character Log:

# Adventure Date XP Gain GP Gain Items Gained Items Lost Description
1 Character Creation 6-4-2012 0 200 Traveler’s Outfit
2 Character Creation (buying) 6-4-2012 0 -175 Heavy Crossbow, Bayonette blade, chain shirt, 60 crossbow bolts, Buckler
3 Blood In the Water 6-4-2012 2100 2000 His travel was to try and get cross Continent trying to catch a boat. However he ends up stumbling on the actions of the others working for the blood brothers and getting roped up into it with a pay of gold to keep his mouth shut …
4 Market 6-4-2012 -2000 +1 armor enchantment, +1 vest of resistance Can't waste good bribe coin can ya?
5 The Green Menace 6-8-2012 1300 1300 Aiding in the nearly overwhelming onslaught of goblins who kidnapped a family for ransome.
6 The Green Menace pt 2 6-14-2012 1755 500
7 Obviously Evil 1 : Princess on Fire 6-16-2012 1500 -3
8 Death in the Woods 6-17-2012 4000 3000 By luck, Kaiyo ends up running into the party after their fight with the bugbears. The poor lucky fool having to help with finding bears next before heading back to dragonport with reward promised.
9 Masbath 6-21-2012 800 2000 By heading into the city of thieves, he ends up finding himself at a gambling joint with the underground fighting ring as he egged the bookie on to a 20-1 with a big payout for all the others paid up front by shale himself.
10 Green Menace pt 3 7-2-2012 10000 10000 Continuing on the pathway to the rest of the ogres, he gets himself severely injured and poisoned in need of recovery. Otherwise, things progress 'somewhat' smoothly.
11 Market 7-2-2012 -16500 +2 bayonette enhancement, +2 armor enhancement, +2 vest of resistance, ring of protection +1 +1 vest of resistance With the kind of things he's been facing he's felt he was in need of upping his equipment. If one pushed their luck this far then it is a surprise adventurers LIVE this long
12 Trouble at the Firey In 7-3-2012 2800 5000 He had managed to talk his way into getting a free place to sleep before ending up being awoken at the middle of the night while noises were happening. When checking with the others he met before, he finds that the lower reaches of the inn had lich issues that happened to be causing some many deaths. While the others battle, kaiyo tried to get the phylactery only lighting the inn up by accident. After the lich's escape and the fire put out, they end up with the phylactery of another lich instead. Sometimes he wonders why his luck happens to be bad to him.
13 Dragon Prophecy 7-10-2012 20000 +5 luckstone While kaiyo was stuck with doing some beverage work at the bar, Arashi came up with the mention of finding out Thesin and getting some equipment that was promised by Mali. While there, Thesin had revealed that kaiyo's luck had been exceptionally beyond the norm of which others would call simple otherwise. However, after everyone had been given equipment and returned, Arashi made a plan for finding a new base of operations… which was when naida stepped in proposing to offer.
14 Phylacteries Phall 3 7-12-2012 110000 100000 Kaiyo was tagged along to aide in the mission over to the vault as Naida had tagged herself along against his wishes. Her profiling was rather obscure at the time, using the beneficial outcomes to speak her way into a lot of good graces for what appeared to be no reason otherwise. However, when at the vault, it was a stroke of luck they had dogs with them from the poker dogs guild following Umbra. With them, they were able to get through as Kaiyo worked his hardest with the alarm system at the door leading to vault 72. When arrived there, he allowed nina and umbra to work their way through the dog sized labyrinth while kaiyo was left behind to enter last in being the only one able to open the door 'with luck required'. Balthazar came in when they got the gold and the phylactery within, only to be assisted in leaving the vault without trouble. Something inside him told him to not say anything about the hand, and a coin was left behind by the master of illusions jingles to use as a means to save the group from being caught by Ra-Men in disguise. Bewildered and confused, his last mission pushed on him soon was the trip to the archives for his first time.
15 Dragged Shopping by Naida 7-13-2012 0 -100k Equipment upgrades. +5 for naida and +3 weapon with +1, returning, and dispel greater with ring of protection and natural armor amulet +1, along with +1 ring of protection, +3 armor upgrade, +3 of quickloading and dispel greater and lucky With going into the planes themselves he'd have to be ready for any and every situation at the time otherwise. Plus Naida wouldn't stop bothering him into doing so.
16 The Deep Dive pt 1 7-14-2012 11600 7500 Kaiyo had ended up traveling again running ONCE MORE into the notorious Naida on the roads. Her travels had taken him to a town that had been pillaged by adventurers once and became rather stagnant against them. When trailing behind on the adventurers, they had followed the said enemies to the shipyard and on a boat away before the group kaiyo ran into had taken on assault upon them. Saving the female elven spellcaster, they realize that two of the adventurers were really 2 demons who pitted them against ogre Spiders. After the fight, the next stop was being taken on to another task forward, with Kaiyo still in question of naida and her strange ability to befit any scenario she's in from her amazing feats of fighterdom.
17 Haven Plots: Glibbontrops Unlucky Streak 7-15-2012 36040 20000 Guild of Golden Gambits Medal Of Heroism. Kaiyo was taken at a drag along by Naida when she became oh so CURIOUS of the infamous Bayushi-Ita. However, during the escapades she seemed insistent on it while kaiyo went along to try and find out what she was up to. The fight against a swarm of impossible to beat beetles and the crown of vermin wearing insectoid beneath was all the more adamant that this was more a death wish than a fight or flight situation. But by the time that he went to see her after it all ended, she was gone along with Ita!
18 Merchant's Casino 4: Katanas and Kimonos 7-20-2012 1000 2000 Kaiyo was taken from the tavern he worked at to join the mission at the merchants casino in retrieving a construct gone rogue. He arrived at the sight noticing it was a sentient construct in the first glimpse before trying to talk it down and understand it. But when he saw a person walk in with a tome titled 'the book that never was', he instantly saw the golem tilt over and vanish along with the book when the person wrote in it. However, when it vanished, so did any related memory of why he was there for it. He asked who the person was at the time, thinking he must have cleared the casino out, till Baltasar came forth and was the only one able to be unaffected by the power of relics with his own mental domain. All Kaiyo saw soon after was the strike Baltasar gave to kira, and kira in retreat seeing him. All that kaiyo did last was offer his tavern for baltasar to recooperate in and regain information on happenings during his absence in the last meeting at Mali's vault.
19 Crafting (not by him) 7-24-2012 -2400 Ever-full barrels of alcohol (Beer, Ale, Mead) naida takes a bit of Kaiyo's funding at the time as she went to work with making some barrels for the Tabernacle Tavern that Kaiyo was stuck with running while arashi was away
20 Haven Plots: A fisherman's Woe 7-26-2012 8640 36000 Kaiyo gets dragged into yet ANOTHER guild of golden gambit adventuring when he and the party hear about word of killer wolf whales who have been attacking the shoreline. When one of his allies had ended up cooking one of the fish that trigger their attack, the party end up with kaiyo's quick luck and measure to soon become empowered with fortune to beat the things back. Meanwhile, Naida takes this opportunity to back hand the golden gambit guild with a diplomacy to have a share of its profits and seafood for the Tabernacle Tavern.
21 Baltasar comissions 7-27-2012 +20800, -74070 loose +4 mithral breastplate and +5 masterwork chainshirt. Gain x2 +5 mithral chain shirt with heraldic crest courage, x2 +1 eager warning spikes, mithral dastana, mithral chahar-aina, mithral spaulders, x2 mithral tonlets, +1 dancing mithral buckler x2 Naida had talked Kaiyo into going out of his way spending his hard earned gold for himself and naida AGAIN. Only this time going to the mighty baltasar for the upgrades that came at a fair price indeed.
22 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 1 8-4-2012 700000 43000 Kaiyo had come along in hopes of gathering stragglers of the emerald Isles or IO blood isles to take away from the battle fray. Being caught up in it, all he can do was just stare at the sight of gods around him doing their duty in protecting the world that he always felt was full of chance encounters. This, in retrospect, was now no longer a mere coincidence for him being there.
23 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 2 8-5-2012 243000 74000 Their fight went on for some time as Kaiyo was still amazed at their luck so far. However, their luck turned when Ra-Men went into a dive in the nexus of souls and the party with him. Unknown to why he even pressed on instead of run away, something inside of him kept stirring in wonder as the group rallied against old members of the past to the present. He even wondered why Naida was still going on as she kept pushing her worth forward with each moment.
24 Crafting time (Naida Insisted) 8-5-2012 -43000 (naida) +1000 (naida), -111000 (kaiyo) +5000 (kaiyo) Craft amulet of natural armor +5 and Headband of Vast intelligence +6 Amulet of Natural Armor +1, amulet of natural armor +1, ring of protection +1, Ring of protection +2, Vest of Resistance +2 Naida wanted to put her crafting to the test at this time with some spellwork put into it in no time at all amazingly enough!!! Though she also worked on kaiyo's amulet, he prefered buying his other gear on cheap after exchanging his old gear for new one while waiting on the amulet.
25 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 3 8-6-2012 23400 12350 (naida) luckstone, vest of resistance +5, ring of protection +5, +2 shield upgrade. ring of protection +1 The kaiyo grew more and more unsure of the predicament in mind while Naida kept her calm as if everything was going according to plan. What plan she thinks is happening, he never knows. But he does know that the further ahead they went, the more enemies of old the party faces.
26 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 4 8-7-2012 242280 55000
27 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 5 8-8-2012 86830 25400
28 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 6 8-9-2012 342700 100000
29 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 8 8-11-2012 140770 28000
30 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 9 8-12-2012 105310 20000
31 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 10 8-14-2012 166400 62000
32 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 11 8-15-2012 282800 89000
33 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 12 8-16-2012 93810 48000
34 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 13 8-17-2012 105100 59000
35 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 14 8-18-2012 2,215,000 300,000 The final battle had finally arrived at the time. Each member providing their last bit of strength in the fray except one. Kaiyo only stood by as others seemed to just do so well without him being in the way regardless, yet somehow he can't figure out why Naida was smiling as if him being there had given everyone the edge they needed to finally take down Ra-men without any trouble. All he knew was that he felt he was not the one cut out for adventuring in these conditions anymore.
36 Baltasar purchases 8-19-2012 -173750 (kaiyo) -173750 (naida) (Kaiyo) +5 weapon, transmuting. +5 shield heavy fort upgrade, tome of clear thought +5, soulfire and ghost ward. (Naida) same but with weapon having returning option added. Naida had him going off to baltasar again for some reason. However, the payment price put into it was more than what kaiyo would have anticipated for the fact that she seems to get lucky with the prices whenever he's around her. It keeps feeling more like she just has him around like a lucky rabbits foot.
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