Kaeranna Wildheart

Race: Stonehunter Gnome
Class: Bard 4
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral/Evil (First interacting with most, second interacting with reptilians)

Description: She has dark skin with a copper sheen. Her black hair has long bangs in front, and is cut short in the back. A simple leather eyepatch covers her left eye (which has been burnt out of its socket). She is missing the smallest finger on each hand. She wears a pair of small dangling fangs as earrings, which are on inspection the canines of a kobold. Patches and lines of scar tissue are scattered about her form. She is rarely seen without an old silver harmonica, a battered but excellently made instrument that she can play even with her missing fingers. An iron armband depicting a wolverine with open and snarling mouth encircles her left arm.

The Wolverines


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