Jump Spear

This weapon is a normal shortspear with a crossbar set near the tip. The wielder can set his feet on the crossbar and fall for a distance, landing on the point with the full weight of his body. This is considered a standard melee attack. If this attack hits its target, an additional 1d10 points of damage per 10 feet of falling is dealt (1d6 for small creatures, 1d12 for large). This damage is multiplied on a critical hit. Anyone who makes this type of attack takes full falling damage for the distance of the fall minus 10 feet. A reflex save (DC distance fallen in feet) allows the attacker to halve this damage, but only if a successful attack is scored on an opponent. (Jumping out of a tree and missing is a painful lesson, but it
must be learned.)

The jump spear is typically employed as an ambush attack. Wielders hide in trees and on low cliffs and wait for a target to walk below. If a jump spear is used in normal melee, it functions as a shortspear.

Spear, Jump: One-Handed Simple Weapon; 2 gp; Dmg 1d6; Critical x2; Range 20'; 6 lb.; Piercing.

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