Juliet Lawson

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Race: Juju zombie (magic-blooded,unselie fey,Celestial-Blessed Creature(solar) Silverbrow Human)
Class: Blue Dragon Totem Dragon Shaman 1/Lion Spirit Totem Jaguar Totem Whirling 2/Crusader 2/Ur-Priest of Bor Heavychain2/Ruby Knight Vindicator 7/Comtemplative 1/Paragonistic Apostle 2/Necro-Lord of Urgathoa 1
Alignment: Necktie Bacon( true neutral)
Juliet sence of morality seems to allien for most people.


Appearance: Juliet is a Blond Girl, slightlely green skinned, who wears twin pony tails and an purple cheerleader skirt and a miniskirt.

Personality: Juliet is totaly hyped, tireless and a flirt. She will offen lack common sence and an own opinion. Easily influenciable. Dislikes swearing and will ofen use euphemism. She is a power freak.

Background: Born in small village of wizards, who had the distasteful hobby of messing around with creation. She was subject to lots of weir experiments. At the age of 18 she was asked by her parents to leave her village and "get then all". She shortly after she arrived at dragon port in search for thrill and adventure.

Meet Bor Heavychain, was mesmerized by his strength. Decided to found a New Religion.
Temporarily went back to her village, meet Desco there.
Membership: Zealot of Bor's Cult

Obs:Find hidden references for bonus.
Character Log:

# Adventure Date XP Gain GP Gain Items Gained Items Lost Description
1 Character Creation 07/02/2012 0 200 Traveler’s Outfit - -
2 Visited peace magical emporium 07/02/2012 0 -160 Spiked Chain, Longbow, Chain Shirt - Meet Peace, got lost, bought items
3 Liberation of Dragonport Part 2 07/8/2012 0258140 10k - Meet other Pcs, fought Jafar and Hentai Monsters
4 Visited peace magical emporium 07/9/2012 0 |http://blackmarches.wikidot.com/forum/t-458588/peace-s-black-market-and-magic-emporium#post-1503582 - Bough Items, got scoulded by Piece
5 Spend time in a hole 07/10/2012 0 -2k - - -
6 Lair of the blood lord 07/10/2012 192 030 39,500 - - Defeated a blood mage, killed a phylacteria, mocked around, joinned Bor's Cult
7 [Buying] 07/14/2012 -40k 5 night sticks -
8 Haven Plots: Glibbontrops' Unlucky Streak 07/15/2012 22500 20k Guild of Golded Gambits Medal of Heroism - Was hired by the guild to uncover the truth behind deaths in Glibbontrop, blowned a bug smithereens, Saved Kilroy and Learned not to destroy the chekhov's gun
8 Buying(Vorel) 07/15/2012 -25k 33 night stiks - -
9 The Dreaded Isle 07/18/2012 80200 23k - Party member were bullies, comanded an atack, fough a lich, got blowed up
10 Buying and retraining 07/22/2012 0 -300 Bought 3 dark chaos shufle set, Septher of the netherworld, 9 nightsticks, bagbibes of the undead 5 nightsticks Bough items at [Omnerubesk], retrained nymphs kiss,into leadership
11 The sublime way (part 2) 07/10/2012 746,232 - Hordes and gods
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