Character sheet
Player: Duralan
Race: Advanced Kalashtar
Class: Rokugan Ninja 1/Psychic Warrior1 /Ardent 1/Hit and Run Sneak Attack Fighter 1/Wuxian Sage 1/Abrupt Jaunt Conjuer 1/Telflammar Shadowlord 4/Chronorebel 10
Alignment: Neutral

Appearance: Besides of some otherworldly hints Johannes appears to be of young age. The attire suggests his profession in way…the one of a 'house-servant' for the elites…then again this fashion trend may yet to be accepted on the Material Plane.

Personality: Gentlemanly and mentally-stable no matter the situation to the point of absurdity… but such attitude helped him significantly in gaining his current status.

Background: Born somewhere within the multiverse…only to be orphaned in a mysterious event involving a toccata of magics and similar supernatural forces… except not.
The kalashtar had a relatively mundane and sweet childhood during which he has made many fond memories. His parents gave him proper upbringing and because of the favor they've bestowed upon a 'seemingly' random traveler before their son was born…they were allowed to send their child to a prestigious school of all that is tactful and gentlemanly in Sigil. After finishing the eerie and convoluted school life of his Johannes was ready to start gaining prestige by working for all who needed to be served in the utmostly prestigious manner. Little did the young man know that his unusual, shadow-plane and time-manipulation-related skills, will come in that handy… in mundane housework.
During the celebration of his master's 1119th birthday, however, the residence was abruptly torn into pieces by a random planar vortex which not only utterly destroyed the majority of the mansion but also pulled it through space and time to the alternate cosmology, the one in which such (anti)heroes as Ivar, Mali, Baltasar etc lived.

The young butler arrived on the Emerald Isle ….together with Kamigawa, Roc, Syrius and the others who have just escaped after the pharaoh's capture.

Character Log:

# Adventure Date XP Gain GP Gain Items Gained Items Lost Description
1 Character Creation 05-02-2012 0 +62 K Fueled by both Wiki-chores XP (34 k) and DM coins (6) to get lvl 10
2 Character Creation (buying) −55510 +1 Graceful Shortsword, 300 + 2000 +10. +1500gp +300 quickdraw 3810 gp,+4 con, dex, and +3 wis bump → 41k total,+1 mithral chain-shirt, MW dastana, MW chahair-ana 2400 gp, Gloves of the Balanced Hands 8k, +2 tool of tea ceremony, +2 tool o perception,+2 tool of stealth,+2 tool of knowledge (the planes),+2 tool of knowledge (history),
3 Those Who Seek (part 6c) 05-02-2012 - - - - (Acted as an NPC) Landed together with the party who arrived on the Emerald Isle after their dashing escape from the Seeker Base.
4 Gentlemanly Offer 03-05-2012 - - - - Convinced Nightmare to become his… employer.
5 Ire of mine, purpose of yours 05-06-2012 - - - - (acted as an NPC) Served his employer, providing her with both the means of transportation and protection, deciphered the inscription on her blade.
6 Attack of the Circurum 05-14-2012 9375 - - - Helped Kamigawa and his allies in fending of a mysterious invasion released from a strange aerial fortress. Subdued….and finally dueled a similarly…temporarily-blessed individual who promptly blew up the place for reasons yet to be determined.
7 DM-coin use 05-15-2012 0 9 coins used to get 3 feats: psionic meditation, Two-weapon-fighting, Metapower [dimension hop (linked to dimension hop)]. 1 DM coin left after this operation.
8 Crystalline Surprise 05-15-2012 - - - - (acted as an NPC) served his mistress throughout her interplanar endeavors.
9 Dowtime: buying 05-21-2012 −3810 +1 Graceful Shortsword Bought….
10 Sigil Plots 05-21-2012 - - - - (acted as an NPC) run into one random Hezrou in Sigils Lower Ward while checking his shopping list… with the help of Kamigawa's the butler was not particularly in need of unleashing his blades at the unsightliness in front of him.
12 The Capture of Claudius 05-23-2012 2500 - - - Acted temporarily as a bodyguard for one glamorous lady. How unsightful, and to think that I had such high expectations of this particular city. Tis a shame, a pity.
13 Pwomp and Circumstance 05-28-2012 5250 - - - (XP award for controlling one NPC).
14 Haven Plots: Haven Patrol 3 06-01-2012 3750 - - - Acted as a bodyguard for his lady. Met other sightly maidens, showed of a bit. Oh my he's getting a bit full of himself.
15 Dowtime: Buying 06-01-2012 -6k gp 2x lesser demolition crystal Bought
16 Monument of Might 06-01-2012 9300 +15k - - Assisted the dashing team of adventurers of various backgrounds…and tails and ears….and well….various…nevermind. The supposedly corrupted colossus was taken down with the concerned effort of our team. I still find it impressive that miss Rias was so deft at convincing a dragon to serve as her steed and ally. Hmmm interesting. Tis appears that the defeated menace was but a one of the many scattered around the continent. Surely Black Marches have seen more boring days.
17 Dowtime: Buying 06-13-2012 -10k gp 2x lesser truedeath crystal Bought
18 The Hunt for the Orbs of Dragonkind Part 2 06-13-2012 18200 +13 800 - - Provided A kitsune and her companions with assistance in their quest for draconic orbs. I almost pitied those miserable giants oh well, fate was not particularly kind for them.
19 DM-coin, wikiwork use 08-03-2012 25500 XP bump for lvl 12, then 12 coins for …4 more levels. 3 coins for one feat (expanded knowledge: rending rift).
20 Dowtime: Buying 08-03-2012 Retraining (2 feats), Aurorum, Graceful, Agile Sword of Graceful Strikes (x2) ;Belt of Magnificence, Greater Crystals (truedeath and demolition, x2 each), Soulfire Added to the Armor, Cloak of Resistance +5, Pearl of Battle, Lesser truedeath crystal (x2), Lesser Demolition Crystal (x2), +3 Periapt of Wisdom, +4 amulet of Health, +4 Gloves of Dexterity 16th lvl char wealth via aforementioned lvl bump. 7 280 gp left after all alterations.
21 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 1 08-04-2012 700k XP (!!!) +43k gp None Surely, my intuition was quite on target. Time's of the essence and it appears that serving the future kitsune empress is not out of options, indeed it is not. Regretfully there are few truly, I daresay utterly, unsightly obstacles to be removed in the process. Thankfully, unliving they are. No regrets to report I suppose.
22 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 2 08-05-2012 243 XP (!!!) +73k gp None Defeated one dracolich in the service of my Nightmare lady. Truly, if that's the average level of savoir-vivre among the dragonkind then surely I can now understand the … resentment of such in the future kitsune empress.
23 Dowtime: Buying 08-06-2012 -105k gp Orange ioun stone Bought from one gentleman who appeared to be quite deficient in the sanity department if… if I may imply.
24 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 3 08-06-2012 23 400 XP +12,350 gp Progressed deeper into the so-called 'Nexus of Souls'… it makes me wonder… if downright lack of common sense is contagious… among the College's ranks ? Still, the cleaning duty is to be performed, the personal feelings being put aside… such is the butler's duty.
25 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 4 08-07-2012 242,280 XP +55,000 gp The cleaning continues o_- I'm afraid. But this time at least one individual decided to act in a more gentlemanly manner… I am still reluctant to believe in our capability as far as repeating such feat is concerned.
26 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 5 08-08-2012 86,830 XP +25,400 gp Treachery, unsightliness everywhere… I should have visited this realm earlier as it was almost begging for some professional approach, house-work-wise. Hopefully some former inhabitants will get a chance to re-think their approach to life… or rather unlife of theirs.
27 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 6 08-09-2012 342,700 XP +100,000 gp This time at least… I must say if not for his allegiance … I would consider listening more to that gentleman. The rest, as regretful as it is, chose the path of nonexistence *adjust his monocle* -_o.
28 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 7 08-10-2012 +51K ??? none none The planar weather is surely unstable these days… indeed it is. Oh well, otherworldly adversaries were faced this time. Defeat was their fate of course.
29 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 8 08-12-2012 140,770 +29k gp o_- *contemplates more defensive approach after almost having his brain turned into a dinner for some vampiric illithidae*.
30 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 9 08-13-2012 105,310 +20k gp Saved Nightmare with my continuum shift ability. Thank goodness…
31 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 10 08-14-2012 166,400 +62k gp Had to … 'release' Bayushi Ita from the College's clutches… as surprising as it may sound, taking into account the constant web of treachery, it appears that we gained some dependable allies this time.
32 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 11 08-15-2012 282,800 +89k gp Tis a hassle… indeed it is… why all of the so-called 'nobility' I've managed to meet since… arriving to this plane appear to be … truly not courteous ?
33 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 13 08-17-2012 105,000 +59,000 −201,000 Hand of Glory, Ring of Freedom of Movement, Spellblade ability (dimensional anchor), Full Fortification added to the armor Once again the continuum mastery saves the day… if not the whole world… Ra-Men is and *will be* a formidable adversary.
34 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 14 08-18-2012 2,215,000 +300k The tyranny of undeath, or rather one of its greatest champions, ended… *this time* at least. Hopefully the time-stream will not diversify too much as a side effect. Though adept at continuum-shifting I may be… tis unnerving to say the least the very notion of undone future in which we could perish…
35 Cursed... blessings (???) 10-04-2012 - - - - (acted as an NPC) Consulted some matters of greater importance with Aegis while the others enjoyed the 10th anniversary of Ra-Men's defeat.
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