character sheet
Player: jam730
Race: Drow Half-Fiend
Class: Spellslinger 4
Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Appearance: Standing at 5'4 seems to be a rather scrawny female of rather pale skin in texture. Her length of braided locks dangling down from her head were tinted in various highlights of blue that shimmer from her view. The attire upon her seems rather ragged in design as if pulled from nexusians. The twin strap shirt and khaki pants hugging her rather non-existant curves quite femininely. Her right arm is etched with strange tattoos of mist and metal that spiral up from her hand all the way to her neck. Her apparent footwear is, for the lack of the word, tacky in terms of heavy leather boots that thud with her steps. However, what appears to adorn her are many many forms of bullet cartridges and a battered gun at her hip. From her head came a gleaming pair of red eyes that shift and sparkle from light as she seems to stare off into emptiness and abyss with a smile spanning from ear to ear some would say.

Personality: One thing and one thing only. If it's fragile, blow it up. Her mentality doesn't make room wisdom wise for reasonable situations in which she would happen to bring herself into other peoples sense of morality. Being drow, her delight in torture is only rivaled by the strange delight that comes from things that burst into pieces and crumble like human beings. What also comes from her is a sense of insanity which stems from a psychology of spiraled confusion.

Background: Jinx is rather odd about her background. When Erndiis was born, his matron had pushed him away to try and mother another offspring which would be better suited for the title of the Dakian line. Enter, Ji'nivana'xinco, or Jinx. From that day of birth, she was rather hard to raise properly. She'd always torture a small animal or grow to learn how human body anatomy would easily break under heavy weights. Her love for the explosive kind grew when she first saw a fireball at a magus academy in MenzoBarranzan, her home city. That love grew when she went to learn how to mimic that same thing in mundane items.
When she grew older, she was torturing a Drug dealing drow until she shot him in the head with an arrow bolt that blew up from her inventiveness with black powder. Erndiis came along telling her about having to go away due to killing a Priestess of Lolth from the first house. He'd promise to return and see her again eventually, but that inevitable future would pass soon enough. Their matron found out about it and had the Dakian clan leave in haste to try and reconcile the entire situation, only to leave Ji'Nivana to handle eliminating her brother in hopes to rectify it all. However, her leaving ended up in the explosion of hidden black powder bombs which blew up around MenzoBarranzan, killing 50 drow in the process, and causing heavy collateral damage to buildings protected by magic. This was in turn a cause for bringing Menzobarranzan into inner chaos on most likely assuming the first house caused it as revenge for the death of their priestess.
She did not go far from the city before she went to find some information about Erndii's whereabouts. It wasn't until she ran into some wiley transportation dark elf in waterdeep that told her about someone by that description using his services to enter a new world. This was something that Ji'nivana couldn't pass up as she took the same offer having the elf at arrow point so to speak. After what felt like a body wrecking teleportation through the plane of shadow, she landed face first in what appears to be Sigil. She caused quite a ruckus within the city of doors as she went around looking for signs of Erndiis while hearing mention of him being called 'quickdraw'. It was also that time when she learned something that would forever scar the planes of black marches… Guns.

Membership: - None

Character Log:

# Adventure Date XP Gain GP Gain Items Gained Items Lost Description
1 Character Creation 10/12/2013 0 200 Traveler’s Outfit
2 Character Creation (buying) 10/12/2013 -155 Gunsmith's Kit, Masterwork Artisan Tools, black powder Bomb (small) (10), Revolver Ammo (30), Quick Loader (5)
3 DM Jam730 XP update 11/2/2013 1375 2000
4 Tails and More Part 1 11/2/2013 2121 1071.45
5 Downtime 11/3/2013 -1050 Upgrade Batterend gun to Masterwork Revolver, Vest of Resistance +1 (rick shop)
6 Tails and More Part 2 11/7/2013 3325 6550 Jinx had plenty of ideas of blowing up the cavern of the drider sisters, however suggestions became a bitch when it ruined her fun all in all. Her best asset was providing the firearms damaging while her grenades were the distracting force that made even the party members worry.
7 Downtime (Ricks Shop RANSACKED) 11/23/2013 -7000 +1 ring of protection, +2 gun upgrade
8 Double Dealing 12/03/2013 1150 50 Jinx had taken up a job involving clearing up a household. The three arguing over who would want the house was enough to make her just want to blow up the house, but instead shot the owner and left without a word bored.
Totals 7971 1656.45
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