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DMSoft: *Karma, after talking with baltasar…decides a house boat is a good place for a hideout
DMSoft: *she finds a bunch of boats at the dock*
DMSoft: *perception check*
Ichai: (( brb ))
Altharid uses hi newly dicovered power on … Karma :P
Altharid manifests touchsight
Altharid: (troll face)
Karma walking along with her brother stepping along by her. his grey locks dangling along in stocky lengths under his blue cap while holding his cane along his shoulders. Slick: "Seriously what are we doing here anyway?" Karma: "Getting a boat, what else?" her feline on her shoulder licking its pelt a bit as it seems to mutter visibly. Karma smiling to her cat. "now now cheshire it isn't that problematic. It's just a momentary thing."
DMSoft: *Karma sees a gnome dragging a nice door on a string*
DMSoft: "This door is messing up my back"-jingles
DMSoft: *he sees karma
Karma blinking as she looks to the gnome. "OH hello there."
DMSoft: "Oh….um…hello beautiful lady."-he bows
DMSoft: "Are you looking at the boats?'-jingles
Karma: "Well I am looking into a particular one that can be within my notable price range…"
Karma: "PErhaps you can detail me on the best one out there that can handle areas where merkiness is no problem for it? one that can be easily settled into and lived on with extra space for more than two people?"
DMSoft: "All these boats are crap!"-jingles
DMSoft: "You should step into my door."-jingles
Karma: "You mean that magic door you're carrying around with you?" Slick just looking at the door and tapping the hinges a bit. Slick: "You're joking…this door has a building in it?"
DMSoft: "a building?"-jingles
DMSoft: *jingles goes to open the door
DMSoft: *you see inside a huge mansion on an estate. the sky is bright but there is no sun*
Altharid: (darn forgot about the deep crystal weapons totally)
DMSoft: *on the lawn, there are vehicles*
DMSoft: "please follow me"-jingles
DMSoft: *jingles steps inside the door
Karma stepping along following as slick whiistles at the sgiht, going in after.
DMSoft: *the door shuts behind you…(and vanishes in dragonport)
DMSoft: "So, let me show you my boats….pretty lady"-jingles leads you down a long path behind the mansion
DMSoft: "What is your price range, if I may ask?"-jingles
Altharid: (terjon check you whisper)
Karma smiling and walking along in following. "Well as you can tell I am a rather high nobility myself. So if you were to give me a well deserved price you can probably even handle giving me one of your best ones around. If you do I can recommend your ships to the other nobles in dragonport as being one of the best accomodating yachts I've ever handled owning."
DMSoft: "oh, I don't sell to natives of dragonport"-jingles
DMSoft: "you seem different. I suspect you have lived there ffor your life…"-jingles
DMSoft: *most of your life
Karma nodding. "I have…me and my brother grew up raised here to begin with."
DMSoft: "But I don't get that "i'm from dragonport argh pirate vibe from you"-jingles
DMSoft: *jingles takes you to a ship that is equivalent to a luxury yat.
Slick smirks tipping his cap up. "Who said dragonport people were all pi-whoah.."
DMSoft: *it is on stilts in the yard like the rest of the ships
Karma: "Well now THIS is a ship…"
DMSoft: "yes, I can't possibly let it go for anything less than 90,000 gp"-jingles
Slick: "whoa whoa whoa… 90,000?" Karma gazing it over in quiet contemplation at the sight while jingling her pouch a bit. "…Well this does look like a worthy ship…" Looking at Jingles. "are separate installments or equivelant trades possible?"
DMSoft: *appraise check*
DMSoft: "oh no, sorry, not layaway on this bad boy!'-jingles
Karma: [1d20+12] => [2,12] = (14) appraise
Karma: ((…can i take 10 instead?))
DMSoft: (the ship is worth at least 2x that)
DMSoft: (diff was 10)
Karma: ((…ah))
DMSoft: "how much did you want to spend?"-jingles
Karma: "Well…I'll have to look inside and out to have it properly secure…you know how ships can be…look good on the outside, need tons of work inside."
DMSoft: "I have other ships"-jingles
DMSoft: *jingles shows you around…it's a palace that floats
DMSoft: "I call it The Dusk Treader"-jingles
Karma: ((sturdy and secure?))
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Karma: "Very nice…"
DMSoft: (it's what he says it is…a really nice boat)
DMSoft: "so, have you changed your mind? Do you want to see another boat?"-jingles
Karma: "…" She sighs with a yawn. "…but it's so expensive…and it stands out so much i can barely keep myself from going blind."
Karma: "What other boats do you have on sale, perhaps one that is on layaway?"
DMSoft: "Oh, let me show you my favorite one."-jingles
DMSoft: *he leads her down the line
DMSoft: *finally, he stops before a tug boat*
DMSoft: *the tug boat has 4 rooms below deck and the cab*
DMSoft: "I call this boat "Tugger""
DMSoft: *you notice it is gnomish craftsmanship and steam driven*
DMSoft: *the two windows in the cab almost look like eyes. This tugboat has soul.
Karma: [1d20+12] => [1,12] = (13) appraisal
Karma: ((…screw it))
Karma: ((no more rolling))
Karma: ((I would like to take 10 which means treating a roll as if it were a d20 rolling a 10 + bonus's))
Karma: ((so i would make my roll treated as a 22))
DMSoft: (tug boat is nice, probably worth 5000gp)
DMSoft: (it runs on the magic item which name escapes me)
DMSoft: (the light jello one)
DMSoft: (24 hours of light in jello form)
DMSoft: "So, how does 2500gp sound?"-jingles
Ichai: ok, back now
Karma blinks at the sight of it with a smile as she looks over at the gnome. "Hmm…I say 2200." [1d20+7] => [9,7] = (16) diplomacy
DMSoft: "I can throw in 14 jello fires" then
DMSoft: "that's 14 days of propulsion"
DMSoft: "and if you just park it..you don't need to use them"-jingles
DMSoft: "so, is it a deal?'-jingles
Karma: "Hmm…what do you think?" Looking at slick.
Slick scratching the back of his head. "I say done deal?"
DMSoft: *this boat would be a the nicest boat in dragonport you think.
DMSoft: *karma, what's your class?
Karma: "Well.." Looking at jingle and then nodding. "alright.. 2500."
Karma: ((Beguiler))
DMSoft: *beguiler?
DMSoft: *k, and they are spontenous off a list
DMSoft: "I like you. I think we can do business."-jingles
Karma: "My dear boy I think you have no idea how much that is going to be true." smiling widely.
DMSoft: "Hmm, are you an illusionist?"-jingles
Karma: "My good sir how can you tell?"
DMSoft: "hold up."-jingles says and vanishes
DMSoft: *a person taps you on the shoulder
Slick blinks wondering where the gnome went while behind karma.
Karma smiling as she didn't seem to even turn around. "…Clever."
DMSoft: slick sees a gnome
DMSoft: and so does karma
DMSoft: *he looks older than jingles…but similiar
DMSoft: "So, you are an illusionist."-true jingles
Slick: "How…and…where the…"
Karma: "My dear gnome.." slowly looking at jingles. "What makes you so interested in me?"
DMSoft: "Well, my simulacrum thought you were cute."-jingles
DMSoft: "then I found out you are an illusionist."
Altharid: cya guys
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Altharid (exit): 02:59
Karma: "Well I dabble in versatility…"
DMSoft: "so me what you can do please."-jingles
DMSoft: "make this boat less attractive"-jingles
DMSoft: "can you do that?"-jingles
Joe (enter): 03:03
Karma smiling a bit as she brings her hands up somberly. Her weaving of magic seems to go quite astutely before the ship itself was becoming noticably a wreck. the deck was loosing its paint and crumbling, the sides look hole ridden and aged, there was visible barnacles on the edges within, the top of it looked to have been rainned upon by seagulls, and the anchor looks so rusted it might just snap off from its hinges.
DMSoft: "How long can you maintain?"-jingles
Karma: "Long as I can concentrate…"
DMSoft: *jingles observes the illusion
Karma: "If i let it go it lasts only for 6 seconds after."
DMSoft: "So, what do you want the boat to look like then?"-jingles
Slick: "…Wouldn't mind it looking like that palace on water there."
Karma: "I think it's fine the way it was before my casting…"
Karma having her hand waft letting the illusion fade after six seconds
DMSoft: "Hmm, Illusionists need be more descrete."-jingles
Karma: "I plan on learning a very high level spell later…i heard it's called 'screen'…able to disguise the location, and hide an area designated from divination."
DMSoft: "you came from dragonport. I wouldn't want to sell you this boat if it would bring you harm. Harm in the form of pirates."-jingles
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Karma: "Well being more discreet is one thing…But I had plans on making it fit for a whole group…" looking out at the swamp. "and possibly using it to be in places no one in dragonport would suspect."
DMSoft: (you are in a pocket dimension,there is no swamp)
DMSoft: "So a Stealth boat then. 'Tugger' can take 10 passangers safely"
Karma: ((ah))
Karma: "good. I wonder about later purchasing some spells that might expand on the interrior later…much later i would say.."
DMSoft: "Ah, would you like me to teach you a spell?"-jingles
DMSoft: (what level are you btw?)
Karma: (( level 4 ))
Karma: "Not sure if I am the type who can learn spells."
DMSoft: kk
DMSoft: "I am a master illusionist, I can teach anyone!"-jingles
DMSoft: (jingles fills your dead level with advanced learning)
Karma: "Well if it is an enchantment or an illusion i can learn at my level then quite possibly…"
DMSoft: (you may have another instance of that class ability at level 4)
Karma: ((well now that's interesting))
DMSoft: (you pick the spell he teaches you)
DMSoft: "I can teach you more at a later time."-jingles
DMSoft: (illusion please)
DMSoft: (this jingles is epic level, so yeah)
DMSoft: "Sanber cadabra!"-jingles casts a permanent shadow illusion on tugger…it now looks like a normal boat
DMSoft: (not a magical gnomish tugboat)
Karma: ((…he's…a shadowcraft mage…))
DMSoft: (you and your brother can see through the illusion…which is partly real)
Karma: "…you're.." looking back at jingles.
DMSoft: (well, by partly…I mean, 130% more)
Slick: "…how did an illusionist do that?"
DMSoft: "I am Jingles…please do not tell people about how great I am…I hate unexpected guests."-jingles
Karma: [1d20+12] => [9,12] = (21) arcana knowledge karma…
Karma: ((…shadowcraft mage…definitely))
Karma: "…If there's anything I know…it's descrepency…"
DMSoft: http://blackmarches.wikidot.com/jingles
DMSoft: (that's one of his simulacrums)
DMSoft: "So, we settled on 2250?"-jingles
DMSoft: (yes, jingles could own the lic)
DMSoft: *lich
Karma smiling. "I say so."
DMSoft: *jingles takes your money.
DMSoft: "So, where do you want it?"-jingles
Karma smiling. "Well where it would be less noticable."
Ichai: (( …karma, did you mean "discretion" perchance? ))
Karma: ((yes))
Ichai: (( that's what i hoped ))
Ichai: (( discrepancy would be funny though ))
DMSoft: "So, Dragonport Harbor?"-Jingles
DMSoft: "Please, step on board."-Jingles
Karma: "Bingo."
DMSoft: *Jingles steps on Tugger
Karma going on along with slick getting on after.
DMSoft: "Wendy Snapple Lady!"-he yells and flutters his hands in the aiir
DMSoft: *you teleport to dragonport harbor
DMSoft: *you see another jingles with a door on a string at the port
DMSoft: *he waves
DMSoft: *jingles waves back
DMSoft: *jingles teleports away
DMSoft: *you have acquired "Tugger"-Normal style, a 4 room tugboat with a cab. 14 days of propulsion as fast ship
DMSoft: and you may purchase more of the jello when I find it
DMSoft: Also, 600xp
DMSoft: let me log it

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