Race: Gnome
Class: Focused Illusionist 2/Master Illusionist 3/Shadowcraft Mage 5/Incantarix 10
Alignment: CG

Description: "Jingles"(if it's really him and not just a copy) is current a wandering item vendor. He uses a portable portal to bring customers to his pocket dimension and hawk his wears. The problem with Jingles is, nobody has ever met him…only his shadowy simulacrums.

Jingles Emporium


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Jingles has good Karma 11-11-2011 True Form sells Tugger to Karma
2 RP Pumkins Sold Farris Blackclaw everlasting rations and everful mug for pumpkins
3 Octagon 2 1-19-2012 told Karma to recruit Sirius into his shadowcraft mage school.
4 Octagon 5 1-27-2012 Revealed his side in the war against Ra-men. He says it's a war of Magic schools and his students will represent illusion.
5 Revolting Deathtrap 3-07-2012 Resurrected and scolded Karma for acting foolishly.
6 Crab Battle 2 3-08-2012 His simulacrum waited for some college of necromancy members to investigate the giant undead crabs troubling the coast… instead some adventurers arrived. After fooling round with his crafty illusions the replica resurrected the dead guards.
7 Landshark Heart 6-16-2012 Was briefly mentioned by a loan shark who Pops Mad Anchor owed money to.
8 Phylacteries Phall Part 3 7-12-2012 Saved the party from Ra-Men disguised as Sheldon.
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