jets hunt chat


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(25224) Altharid (enter): 20:57
(25370) Ichai (enter): 20:57
(25370) Baltasar: base price of 8000gp
(25224) Altharid: ouch
(25371) Sidhe (enter): 20:57
(25224) Altharid: maybe later then :P
(25370) Baltasar: k
(25224) Altharid: (I could by RAW manifester arrows… but thats some heavy gouda)
(25220) DMSoft: "oh my apollo! did you hear about the murder?"-says a concerned priest of apollo
(25370) Baltasar: so how did we want to do this?
(25224) Altharid: *buy
(25371) Sidhe: ((wait, I can take 10 on Bluff too? mm.))
(25220) DMSoft: "That poor poor merchant!"-says a priest of paylor
** (25224) Altharid listens with curiosity as he likes the word "murder"
(25371) Sidhe: *Sidhe looks over to the discussion.* "What happened?"
(25220) DMSoft: "I can't believe how brutally he was beaten."-says the apolloite
(25370) Baltasar doesn't turn, but listens intently.
(25220) DMSoft: "Oh, I didn't see you there halfling."-says the pelor guy
(25398) Zekera (enter): 21:00
(25370) Baltasar: (( argh, brb ))
(25220) DMSoft: "A merchant was mercilessly beaten with clubs in his shop. He died horribly!"-says the apollo priest
(25384) Tai (enter): 21:00
(25398) Zekera (exit): 21:00
(25220) DMSoft: "I suspect it was one of those hat guys."-apollo
(25220) DMSoft: "I think the lion guard has a reward out for information on those guys."-pelor
(25224) Altharid 's eyes lighten up as he hears the word "reward"
(25401) Siam (enter): 21:02
(25220) DMSoft: *the street is strangely silent, except for this conversation
(25224) Altharid: (brb nature)
(25401) Gabriel Holt: ((hello :3))
(25371) Sidhe: *looks over them curiously.* "Why the suspicion?"
(25401) Siam: ((hello :3))*
(25220) DMSoft: "oh my, is that a gun?"-pelor priest
(25401) Siam: ((are you guys full?)
(25220) DMSoft: (they need help siam)
(25401) Gabriel Holt: ((Where are they and can I join :D?)
(25220) DMSoft: (we are not full at all)
(25371) Sidhe: *looks to see what he's talking about with gun*
(25220) DMSoft: (they are on the street near griswol's)
(25220) DMSoft: "I heard about those. They blow up in your face…and not in the good apollo blow up way."-apollo priest
(25401) Gabriel Holt gets up after finishing his ale, intrigued at this talk about guns.
(25220) DMSoft: "Hello, I'm Biggs, priest of apollo!"
(25371) Sidhe: *can't help but snicker at this talking of the priest.*
(25224) Altharid wonders in his mind how many bullets he could take
(25220) DMSoft: *you notice that this is the same priest from a few weeks ago
(25220) DMSoft: *sidhe
(25371) Sidhe: *tries to remember what he did a few weeks ago*
(25220) DMSoft: "I'm wedge, priest of pelor"-says the other guy
(25401) Gabriel Holt: "Hey there," he says, tipping his hat, "Can't help but overhear you talk about a certain instrument of fighting."
(25220) DMSoft: "we were just talking about this gang problem when I noticed your gun."
(25220) DMSoft: -apollo priest said that
(25401) Gabriel Holt: "Mine?" he says, pointing to the muzzle loader pistol holstered around his belt.
(25220) DMSoft: "Hmmm, we should go into the tavern and spread the gossip!"-they both say in unision
(25220) DMSoft: "yeah, you're gun, care to show us how it works?"-wedge
(25224) Altharid wonders if their minds are controlled by a single being
(25370) Baltasar: (( ok, back ))
(25220) DMSoft: (knowledge religion alth)
(25371) Sidhe: ((lol))
(25224) Altharid: [1d20+1] => [7,1] = (8)
(25220) DMSoft: awe, too low
(25220) DMSoft: any other takers?
(25401) Gabriel Holt looks at them like they are weirdos, but takes out the gun, "This is the trigger mechanism that forces this piece of steel to strike the flint, sparks happen and the powder inside explodes. The force properls a single metal ball at where your generally pointing at."
(25371) Sidhe: ((I have that as a class skill, but probably not trained yet)
(25401) Gabriel Holt: "Its not really that complicated."
(25371) Sidhe: [1d20+3] => [9,3] = (12)
(25220) DMSoft: (you can make untrained)
(25371) Sidhe: -1
(25371) Sidhe: ((still thinking kobold))
(25401) Gabriel Holt: [1d20] => [13] = (13) Untrained thinkie ma religion thingie
(25220) DMSoft: (good enough, you know that apollo and pelor both deal with the sun. These are sun heads.)
(25224) Altharid: (up to dc 10 untrained is ok with knowledge if my memory serves me right)
(25220) DMSoft: (that's why they think alike)
(25220) DMSoft: "So, that's how it works."-wedge
(25220) DMSoft: "You guys want to start a tab?"-griswol *motions to the sun heads
(25220) DMSoft: "You shouldn't leave your drink unattended gunslinger"-griswol to holt
(25401) Gabriel Holt: *replaces his gun in its holster* "I was mostly done with it anyway, innkeeper," he says, but returns to the mag anyway.
(25401) Gabriel Holt: mug*
(25220) DMSoft: "I don't like you priests and your rumors."-griswol to sun heads
(25370) Baltasar mutters to Altharid, "So, you looked interested back there. Fancy going gang hunting?"
(25370) Baltasar: "Or rather, pig hunting."
(25220) DMSoft: "Oh, are you guys going after the Jets?"-Griswol
(25401) Gabriel Holt: "Jets?" he asks.
(25224) Altharid replies "Indeed… need to use some of my newly develepod armaments"
(25370) Baltasar: (( dude, i was speaking very quietly ))
(25220) DMSoft: (lol, okay, scrape that)
(25224) Altharid: (I also whispered)
(25370) Baltasar: (( thanks ))
(25220) DMSoft: "so I cannot believe that the Jets killed poor old sammy."-griswol
(25371) Sidhe: *looks over to the two conversing, and nods, either to them or to Griswol, it's not quite clear.*
(25220) DMSoft: "Sammy, the tea merchant. Why him?"-griswol
(25401) Gabriel Holt: "Jets?'
(25370) Baltasar: "I'll bet if that pig was taken out, the Jets would collapse. And then whoever stepped up could take control."
(25224) Altharid: "Baltasar… if you feel like someone's getting in your mind… that would be me…"
(25224) Altharid: "Do not oppose my will then… and we shall switch places"
(25224) Altharid: "In an instant"
(25370) Baltasar raises an eyebrow at Alth
(25401) Gabriel Holt: "They some sort of murdering riff raft or some such?"
(25220) DMSoft: "Hmmm, I would sure like it if somebody took that gang down."-griswol
(25370) Baltasar: "Alright then…"
(25224) Altharid: "Wan't me to demonstrate ?"
(25370) Baltasar shrugs
(25401) Gabriel Holt looks at Griswold, "Do they have some sort of bounty on their head yet?"
(25220) DMSoft: "yeah, they are really bad. These fine folks took care of some of them."-griswol motions to sidhe/balt/alt
(25224) Altharid grins when reminded of what has he done with those wretches
(25370) Baltasar: "I'm sure I don't know what you're talking about. Those bodies were clearly killed by a snake bite"
(25220) DMSoft: "They probably do, I reckon the lion guard would be offering one."-griswol
(25224) Altharid: (albeit you cannot see it because of the bandages)
(25401) Gabriel Holt: "Hmm, good to know. I need to go earn some gold to send back home," he says.
(25370) Baltasar beckons Sidhe to join them.
(25220) DMSoft: "This place is too dark. You are such a hypocrite Griswol. Spreading rumors yourself."-sun priests get up and leave
(25371) Sidhe: *walks over at Balthasar's beckon.*
(25220) DMSoft: *griswol walks to the main pc table. "if you guys are planning what I think you are"
(25401) Gabriel Holt: "Do you have any idea where I can start lookin'?" he says.
(25401) Gabriel Holt walks with Griswol.
(25220) DMSoft: "You're gonna need to either be really sneaky…or have an army."
(25370) Baltasar appraises Gabriel for a moment: Sense Motive: [1d20+6] => [3,6] = (9)
(25370) Baltasar: (( that's to see if we can trust him ))
(25401) Gabriel Holt: ((Yea I am really thrustworthy :D)
(25371) Sidhe: "Guy with a gun wouldn't hurt either." *murmurs.*
(25224) Altharid: "My combat potential exceeds that of many of those pathetic thugs"
(25370) Baltasar: (( basically, just trying to get a feel for him ))
(25220) DMSoft: "I have no idea where they are, but you can probably jump any of them on the street."(he is being helpful)
(25371) Sidhe: ((that wasn't the question gabe :P))
(25370) Baltasar: "Hmm, ok; have a seat."
(25401) Gabriel Holt: "Good idea. Then I'll see if any of them will squeel," he says.
(25220) DMSoft: *griswol sits down
(25370) Baltasar: "Griswol, another round please?"
(25220) DMSoft: "So, I take it you guys learned something from the interogation?"
(25224) Altharid: "Indeed… employer"
(25220) DMSoft: *Griswol calls for a barmaid
(25220) DMSoft: "free rounds on the house for this table"
(25401) Gabriel Holt finds somewhere to sit, since it appears Griswol isn't going anywhere for a bit
(25224) Altharid: (Gabriel you can feel an unnatural aura which Altharid projects… again)
(25220) DMSoft: *the maid starts filling the table with liquor
(25370) Baltasar sighs and turns back to Griswol, "Ok then, if you're going to stick around, we have some questions."
(25401) Gabriel Holt brushes it off as that weird guy vibe.
(25220) DMSoft: "So, an army you would need"
(25401) Gabriel Holt: "Why would you think that? Are they that numerous or skilled?"
(25220) DMSoft: "I heard they have 200+ members now"
(25220) DMSoft: "And they have gotten stronger members"
(25370) Baltasar: (( err, just to check, there's no one else in the place who can eavesdrop? ))
(25401) Gabriel Holt: (lemme check)
(25401) Gabriel Holt: [1d20+6] => [2,6] = (8) Looks around for eavesdropper
(25220) DMSoft: (there's plenty of patrons who can listen in.)
(25220) DMSoft: (you can sense their motive)
(25220) DMSoft: (general feel)
(25370) Baltasar senses motive: [1d20+6] => [2,6] = (8)
(25224) Altharid: Skills: Perception [1d20+9] => [12,9] = (21)
(25370) Baltasar: (( srsly, we need to take this elsewhere ))
(25401) Gabriel Holt: "So theres a load of them," he says, "Alright, but I doubt they're ever all gathered in a single spot all the time."
(25220) DMSoft: (you know there are probably gang members here baltasar…you feel it in your soul)
(25371) Sidhe: *quietly* "This the best place, really?"
(25370) Baltasar: (( cause even if balt loves and trusts each individual person in the entire bar, he's too paranoid to talk about assassinating someone in public ))
(25220) DMSoft: "My patrons are like family."-griswol
(25370) Baltasar: (( where can we go? ))
(25220) DMSoft: "but if you wish to take it to the back"
(25220) DMSoft: *griswol gets up and goes to the back
(25401) Gabriel Holt: "Yea, probably for the best."
(25371) Sidhe: "Would feel… more comfortable." *follows*
(25401) Gabriel Holt follows him, looking around.
(25224) Altharid follows the rest
(25370) Baltasar shuts the door behind the group.
(25220) DMSoft: "is everybody here?"-griswol says
(25401) Gabriel Holt: "Everyone who is supposed to be here," he says.
(25370) Baltasar: "Right, first things first."
(25370) Baltasar: "The Jets aren't an insurmountable problem
(25220) DMSoft: "go on, sir."-to balt
(25370) Baltasar: "And we don't need an army."
(25370) Baltasar: "What we need is a series of strikes against the leadership."
(25220) DMSoft: "Do you know something about the leaders?"
(25370) Baltasar: "Each individual ganger is a pathetic minion. The impetus behind the whole thing is the leaders."
(25370) Baltasar: "And no, i don't. That's why you're here."
(25401) Gabriel Holt: "Yea, cut off the head and all that."
(25370) Baltasar: "We need to know who the leaders are, and where they can be found. Barring that, we need to know who can answer those questions."
(25371) Sidhe: "Slowly making life miserable and paranoid for the body would work … but would take too many favors I can't call."
(25401) Gabriel Holt: 'Though that would only solve the organized crime, not any of the muggin, killin' or thieving."
(25220) DMSoft: "All I know is that the nobles and merchants assocation has a vested interest in obliterating this gang."
(25370) Baltasar looks at Holt scornfully, "Who do you think is doing the mugging and killing?"
(25267) Spades (enter): 21:26
(25220) DMSoft: "I know you guys have a can do attitude"
(25370) Baltasar: "It's the organized crime."
(25267) Spades (exit): 21:26
(25267) Spades (enter): 21:26
(25401) Gabriel Holt: "Nope, its the criminals. Not the leaders."
(25220) DMSoft: "So, you need to find out about the leadership?"
(25370) Baltasar facepalms
(25370) Baltasar: "And who is telling them to kill? And who is leading the attacks? And who is paying for everything, etc etc etc."
(25401) Gabriel Holt: "I know criminals, low lives don't just turn green once they have no leader. They just turn independant, or look for someone else."
(25370) Baltasar: "Exactly
(25370) Baltasar: "They go independant."
(25370) Baltasar: "And are vastly easier for the guard to take care of."
(25370) Baltasar: "Or they work for someone else. Who we then kill and claim another bounty."
(25371) Sidhe: "Like who will send two dozen men on us if we take out one right now…"
(25224) Altharid: "I have to agree with Baltasar"
(25401) Gabriel Holt: "You wish to take on their leaders. Well I am fine with that."
(25220) DMSoft: "So what is your plan? Find information on the leader?"
(25370) Baltasar: "Yes, that is what I said."
(25220) DMSoft: "then kill them with extreme predjudice?"
(25370) Baltasar: "Pretty much."
(25220) DMSoft: "okay, I can give you a lead."
(25220) DMSoft: "The merchants guild believes the leader is not the pigman."
(25370) Baltasar: "Killing them in a nasty way would be the best option, make any successors think twice."
(25370) Baltasar: "Oh?"
(25220) DMSoft: "they believe the organization originates in foreign lands"
(25401) Gabriel Holt: "Just a figure head then?"
(25370) Baltasar: "Just wonderful."
(25220) DMSoft: "the order of the lion guard seems powerless."
(25224) Altharid: "Not the first time"
(25370) Baltasar narrows his eyes at this.
(25370) Baltasar: "Seriously?"
(25220) DMSoft: "or, maybe they are corrupted by the influence of the true leader."
(25371) Sidhe: "What's got them tied up?"
(25370) Baltasar: "Cause that makes me suspicious of a mole in the guard."
(25401) Gabriel Holt: "Seems like the local law can't do much about foreign powers."
(25401) Gabriel Holt: "Or what you said. There may be someone holding them back."
(25220) DMSoft: "I do not know, it's only speculation. I respect the guard, but they have grown lax these few years."
(25371) Sidhe: (brb)
(25220) DMSoft: "The nobles believe a powerful magic is behind the gang as well. They know something, but won't tell my guild."
(25401) Gabriel Holt: "Hmm…any leads on who the true leaders are?"
(25220) DMSoft: "if you take out the pigman, it should slow them down in my opinion."
(25224) Altharid: "Magic… this is getting more and more… exciting"
(25220) DMSoft: "No idea….maybe the nobles know.."
(25370) Baltasar: "Well, you mentioned bounties earlier, right?"
(25370) Baltasar: "Does the pig have a bounty?"
(25420) Monty (enter): 21:33
(25220) DMSoft: "yeah, I believe gin knows about it."
(25401) Gabriel Holt: "Who is gin?"
(25220) DMSoft: "he's into that sort of thing. Gin Longfoot."
(25370) Baltasar nods, "Then we'll talk to him later."
(25220) DMSoft: "He's a nice lad with a sickly sister."
(25370) Baltasar: "Can you give us a lead on anyone who might know the location of the pig?"
(25224) Altharid: "Where does that Gin… reside ?"
(25370) Baltasar: (( alth, we met Gin in bill's last session ))
(25220) DMSoft:
(25224) Altharid: (forgot about that completely)
(25370) Baltasar: "Or should we just grab a couple gangers off the street and start following the trail up the chain of command?"
(25220) DMSoft: The pig is never seen during the day.
(25421) Bor (enter): 21:34
(25220) DMSoft: (playin bor?)
(25421) Bor: (hello there)
(25371) Sidhe: "He's likely to know who his superiors are at least."
(25371) Sidhe: (Hey)
(25421) Bor: (probably not, how long till the end aproximately?)
(25224) Altharid: (oh the second tank… good)
(25401) Gabriel Holt: "We may get them on to us too early if we try that. But its a pretty direct method."
(25220) DMSoft: (2.5 hrs)
(25224) Altharid: (we have started recently anyway)
(25421) Bor: (got to wake up in less than 6 hours)
(25220) DMSoft: "So, if you guys can do this, I'll make sure the merchants reward you."
(25401) Gabriel Holt: "Lets go find Gin and see what he knows," he says, turning to Gris and nodding.
(25421) Bor: (for my… last maths test ever! wish me luck, good gaming)
(25224) Altharid: (kk good luvk)
(25370) Baltasar: (( DM, can we just make a Gather Info check on griswol to get information instead of trying to ask the right questions? Because either griswol doesn't know what we need to know, or he's being a prick ))
(25220) DMSoft: "Taking out the pig man should be enough for a good reward."
(25224) Altharid: *luck
(25421) Bor: Disconnecting from server…
(25421) Bor (exit): 21:36
(25370) Baltasar: (( and i can't tell ))
(25401) Gabriel Holt: (anyone have gather info?)
(25220) DMSoft: (griswol is part of the loot, sorry.)
(25224) Altharid: (I have -5 mod to that :P)
(25371) Sidhe: ((I got diplomacy, that covers it no?))
(25370) Baltasar: (( sidhe has a +5, and I can do Aid Another for that ))
(25220) DMSoft: (you can gather info and i'll tell you what gin knows)
(25370) Baltasar: (( hrmm, fine ))
(25220) DMSoft: yeah, it's diplomacy
(25370) Baltasar: "Right, I think we're done here then."
(25401) Gabriel Holt: (Alright lets go :o)
(25224) Altharid: (I've got intimidate if that matters)
(25371) Sidhe: [1d20+9] => [1,9] = (10) diplomacy pre-aid
(25370) Baltasar: >_>
(25371) Sidhe: (wait I can take 10
(25220) DMSoft: (you head out to the business district looking for gin)
(25371) Sidhe: (18!)
(25220) DMSoft: (he tells you that the pig man is in swampside)
(25224) Altharid guards Baltasar… as written in the contract
(25401) Gabriel Holt: "We got his where, lets hope he's trustworthy."
(25370) Baltasar: (( does he say where in Swampside? ))
(25220) DMSoft: (and that the jets have secret meeting but he don't know where)
(25371) Sidhe: *quietly reminds others of where we know the jets have a secret meeting.*
(25220) DMSoft: (he suggests looking for the most squalid place)
(25370) Baltasar: "Touche."
(25401) Gabriel Holt: "Alright, you all ready to search for a pig in a swamp?" he says.
(25220) DMSoft: (so, swampside, secret meeting, or nobles?)
(25370) Baltasar: "I think we have enough information for now, we need an attack plan."
(25370) Baltasar: (( I vote for swampside during the secret meeting, find the pig's hideout, go in and trap the shit out of it ))
(25370) Baltasar: (( and then ambush him when he gets back ))
(25220) DMSoft: (knowledge local, then survival to find hideout)
(25401) Gabriel Holt: ((well, its kinda hard finding a hideout :o)
(25401) Gabriel Holt: (I have knowledge local)
(25220) DMSoft: (diplomacy for noble's info)
(25370) Baltasar: (( bear in mind that he's level 6, and we're levels 4 and 1, so this will be difficult without force multipliers ))
(25371) Sidhe: [1d20+2] => [15,2] = (17) knowledge local, I happen to live there
(25401) Gabriel Holt: [1d20+4] => [2,4] = (6) Really?
(25401) Gabriel Holt: (Yea x.x)
(25371) Sidhe: [18] => 18 diplomacy pre-aid
(25370) Baltasar: aid another for Sidhe: [1d20+5] => [8,5] = (13)
(25220) DMSoft: (you know the worst people live in the south sidhe)
(25371) Sidhe: 20 then
(25370) Baltasar: (( so that's a 19 on Sidhe's knowledge check ))
(25220) DMSoft: (you find out that the nobles believe a lich may be the culprit)
(25224) Altharid: (20)
(25371) Sidhe: ((ahh on that one okay))
(25370) Baltasar: Aid another on Sidhe' diplomacy: [1d20+6] => [10,6] = (16)
(25370) Baltasar: (( there's your diplomacy 20 ))
(25371) Sidhe: ((heh, ty))
(25220) DMSoft: need a survival check
(25220) DMSoft: tracking pigman
(25224) Altharid: Skills: Survival [1d20+4] => [1,4] = (5)
(25224) Altharid: (lol fail)
(25370) Baltasar: (( that would be me ))
(25224) Altharid: (ahh dont have track anyway)
(25220) DMSoft: (you arrive in front of a bad looking house)
(25370) Baltasar: (( can i get an aid? ))
(25401) Gabriel Holt: [1d20+2] => [16,2] = (18) Aid Balt
(25401) Gabriel Holt: there you go
(25370) Baltasar: Survival check: [1d20+5] => [20,5] = (25)
(25220) DMSoft: *the ownder opens the door
(25370) Baltasar: (( holy shit, dude ))
(25401) Gabriel Holt: Nice one man
(25370) Baltasar: (( so that's a 27 ))
(25220) DMSoft: (balt tells you this isn't the house)
(25371) Sidhe: *seeks to teach dinosaur to sniff for pigs in the process*
(25401) Gabriel Holt: ((wrong house sorry *boom, no witnesses*)
(25220) DMSoft: *you arrive in front of the shittiest house ever
(25370) Baltasar: (( we sneak up to it ))
(25220) DMSoft: *literally, there is shit all over
(25370) Baltasar: (( and DON'T knock on the door ))
(25220) DMSoft: (perception checks)
(25224) Altharid: (theres no Mali so its not gonna happen)
(25224) Altharid: Skills: Perception [1d20+9] => [18,9] = (27)
(25370) Baltasar observes the place quietly: [1d20+14] => [19,14] = (33)
(25370) Baltasar: (( what time of day is it? ))
(25401) Gabriel Holt: [1d20+6] => [10,6] = (16) Perception
(25220) DMSoft: (it's evening)
(25370) Baltasar: (( kk ))
(25220) DMSoft: (there are 5 guys with red hats that pass the windows occasionally)
(25220) DMSoft: (you don't see the pig)
(25371) Sidhe: *shudders at this, activating a prestidigitation to compulsivley clean dinosaur's feet as they stealth.*
(25370) Baltasar: (( how big is the house? ))
(25220) DMSoft: *one of the men comes out of the house
(25401) Gabriel Holt: "See them people?" he says quitely.
(25371) Sidhe: [1d20+8] => [17,8] = (25)
(25220) DMSoft: (who's stealthing?
(25370) Baltasar hides, [1d20+4] => [1,4] = (5)
(25224) Altharid "Yes" -quitly responds
(25371) Sidhe: ((me and dinosaur, using her mod since it's less))
(25370) Baltasar: (( god, made of fail ))
(25224) Altharid: *quietly
(25220) DMSoft: [1d20+1] => [7,1] = (8) perception
(25220) DMSoft: "you there, in the bushes!"
(25224) Altharid: (heh)
(25370) Baltasar: (( how far away from this dude are we? ))
(25401) Gabriel Holt: [1d20-4] => [16,-4] = (12) Stealth desu
(25401) Gabriel Holt: (:3)
(25220) DMSoft: 20', he had a -4
(25224) Altharid: Stealth [1d20-4] => [11,-4] = (7)
(25224) Altharid: (lol)
(25370) Baltasar: Init: [1d20+4] => [6,4] = (10)
(25220) DMSoft: (factored in)
(25401) Gabriel Holt: (Do we all suck at stealth?)
(25224) Altharid: (Altharid does)
(25371) Sidhe: (…nein)
(25371) Sidhe: (my mount got 25)
(25220) DMSoft: okay, balt, you have a standard suprise round
(25224) Altharid: Initiative: [1d20+0] => [7,0] = (7)
(25220) DMSoft: [1d20+2] => [9,2] = (11) init
(25371) Sidhe: *nerveskitter altharid*
(25370) Baltasar fires his crossbow at the man: [1d20+7] => [18,7] = (25)
(25220) DMSoft: (hit)
(25224) Altharid: (kk thx)
(25371) Sidhe: [1d20+3] => [5,3] = (8) init herself
(25401) Gabriel Holt: [1d20+6] => [16,6] = (22) Init
(25370) Baltasar: (( oops, that should have been +8 ))
(25370) Baltasar: Damage: [1d8] => [6] = (6)
(25220) DMSoft: so everybody except alth
(25224) Altharid: (I have init 12 now)
(25224) Altharid: (nerveskitter)
(25220) DMSoft: ah, so you can all go
(25401) Gabriel Holt: (He's 20 feet away yes?)
(25220) DMSoft: and balt has an extra standard which he took
(25220) DMSoft: yes
(25401) Gabriel Holt draws out a sizable chakram from his pocket and hurls it at the man [1d20+5] => [4,5] = (9) Deadly Aim
(25401) Gabriel Holt: (bah xD)
(25220) DMSoft: (miss)
(25224) Altharid: (is the guy dead or something ?)
(25224) Altharid: (I guess not)
(25371) Sidhe: (I got below 11)
(25220) DMSoft: was only 6 damage, right
(25224) Altharid: Grip of Iron (imm action) *You can hear within your mind sound of metal bars bending under someones superior grip*
(25370) Baltasar: (( yes ))
(25224) Altharid: Linked to … (expends psionic focus)
(25224) Altharid: Astral Construct (1 round) *Altharid spits a small globe of glowing ectoplasm which instantly takes a humanoid-like shape*
(25370) Baltasar infuses Bane(Human) on altharid's weapon
(25224) Altharid: charges
(25370) Baltasar: "Go kill them all."
(25224) Altharid: Attacks:
(25401) Gabriel Holt: "Well so much for stealth."
(25224) Altharid: (wait why doesn't it work)
(25370) Baltasar: (( btw, don't forget Bane provides a +2 attack, and +2+2d6 damage ))
(25371) Sidhe: (you probably hit the wrong thing)
(25220) DMSoft: (everybody attack yet?)
(25224) Altharid: [1d20+12] => [20,12] = (32)
(25401) Gabriel Holt: (I did)
(25224) Altharid: (crit !)
(25370) Baltasar: (( so spread out your attacks, cause they're gonna be taking them down ))
(25220) DMSoft: (confirm it)
(25224) Altharid: [1d20+12] => [8,12] = (20)
(25401) Gabriel Holt: (nice :o)
(25220) DMSoft: (good)
(25370) Baltasar: (( gabriel, i don't think you've gone in the first non-surprise round though ))
(25224) Altharid: [2d4+8] => [2,3,8] = (13)
(25224) Altharid: +
(25370) Baltasar: (( +2, +2d6 ))
(25224) Altharid: [2d6] => [2,4] = (6)
(25220) DMSoft: (okay, he goes down hard)
(25370) Baltasar grins at the sounds of mayhem
(25401) Gabriel Holt: (oh!)
(25224) Altharid: (yeah got this all)
(25224) Altharid: (heh crit x3 baybe)
(25220) DMSoft: (the guys inside start moving out)
(25401) Gabriel Holt takes out his sword and walks up to the front door, "Hello gentlemen."
(25370) Baltasar jogs up to the doorway, and reloads his crossbow.
(25370) Baltasar: "Right, you're next."
(25220) DMSoft: (you are at the door and they are 10' from it inside)
(25224) Altharid: (new round ?)
(25220) DMSoft: (they are all lined up bearing clubs and armor)
(25371) Sidhe: *retrieves crossbow and loads it while dinosaur moves to await a chance to get in th efray*
(25220) DMSoft: (yup, you guys can go)
(25370) Baltasar fires at the closest: [1d20+8] => [12,8] = (20), Damage [1d8] => [6] = (6)
(25220) DMSoft: (4 guys inside)
(25220) DMSoft: (hit)
(25224) Altharid: *An astral construct appears from linked power*
(25224) Altharid: *and attacks one guy
(25224) Altharid: (after a charge)
(25224) Altharid: [1d20+6] => [3,6] = (9)
(25224) Altharid: (lol fail)
(25220) DMSoft: (miss)
(25220) DMSoft: (who all needs to go in the second round?)
(25224) Altharid: (Altharid charges the other guy)
(25370) Baltasar: (( err, did you include your bane enhancement? ))
(25224) Altharid: [1d20+12] => [19,12] = (31)
(25224) Altharid: (that was construct)
(25224) Altharid: (before balt)
(25370) Baltasar: (( ahh, nvm then ))
(25220) DMSoft: (hurt guy or new one)
(25224) Altharid: (now my attack)
(25224) Altharid: (kk)
(25224) Altharid: [2d4+8] => [2,1,8] = (11)
(25370) Baltasar: (( new guy, kill the new one first ))
(25224) Altharid: [2d6] => [3,6] = (9)
(25370) Baltasar: (( injured dude is going down next round anyway ))
(25401) Gabriel Holt moves up to one of them and slahses him [1d20+3] => [8,3] = (11)
(25224) Altharid: (20 damage total)
(25220) DMSoft: (the newly hurt guy is barely standing)
(25401) Gabriel Holt: (I will if I can hit shit xD)
(25220) DMSoft: (these guys are alot tougher than the last jets you fought)
(25370) Baltasar: (( they're still chumps ))
(25224) Altharid: (gotta love that infusion)
(25220) DMSoft: (okay, did holt and sidhe go?)
(25371) Sidhe: (I was 8 init so I went first / last)
(25220) DMSoft: (you can see them all through the door
(25220) DMSoft: (for ranged attacks)
(25401) Gabriel Holt: (I tried slashing one, but I missed)
(25220) DMSoft: (okay, missed that)
(25220) DMSoft: *the thugs move in and attack the construct that's inside.
(25220) DMSoft: AoO vs 2 of them if you can
(25224) Altharid: (I have reach if that matters)
(25224) Altharid: (kk)
(25224) Altharid: (vs the first one only)
(25224) Altharid: [1d20+4] => [18,4] = (22)
(25220) DMSoft: [1d20+5] => [9,5] = (14)
(25220) DMSoft: [1d20+5] => [17,5] = (22)
(25224) Altharid: (construct)
(25220) DMSoft: [1d20+5] => [12,5] = (17)
(25220) DMSoft: [1d20+5] => [11,5] = (16)
(25220) DMSoft: hit
(25224) Altharid: (if he hits he can trip)
(25224) Altharid: (like a wolf)
(25220) DMSoft: did they hit the construct?
(25224) Altharid: (ok)
(25224) Altharid: (16 ac)
(25224) Altharid: (construct has)
(25224) Altharid: [1d6+4] => [1,4] = (5)
(25224) Altharid: (construct damage)
(25224) Altharid: (trip check… opposed str check)
(25220) DMSoft: [3d6+6] => [4,5,4,6] = (19)
(25224) Altharid: [1d20+3] => [3,3] = (6)
(25220) DMSoft: [1d20+2] => [7,2] = (9)
(25224) Altharid: (heh)
(25220) DMSoft: construct takes 19 damage
(25224) Altharid: (he has 12 left)
(25224) Altharid: (also altharid takes his aoo)
(25371) Sidhe: *shoot at one of the thugs!*
(25224) Altharid: [1d20+12] => [1,12] = (13)
(25371) Sidhe: *after that.*
(25220) DMSoft: miss
(25224) Altharid: (fail)
(25401) Gabriel Holt: (this is confusing)
(25220) DMSoft: 5 damage took one out btw
(25401) Gabriel Holt: (So whats happening now :o)
(25220) DMSoft: (there are 3 thugs swarming a construct)
(25371) Sidhe: [1d20+3] => [2,3] = (5) attack vs thug in melee, [1d6] => [2] = (2) damage
(25220) DMSoft: (you are outside shooting in)
(25370) Baltasar flicks a Dust Eggshell grenade at the closest uninjured gangster. Ranged Touch Attack: [1d20+7] => [15,7] = (22), Blindness Duration [1d4] => [3] = (3) rounds
(25371) Sidhe: (hit the right square :P)
(25220) DMSoft: (he is blind)
(25370) Baltasar: (( err, that was the start of a new round, right? ))
(25401) Gabriel Holt: I'll flank with the construct [1d20+5] => [18,5] = (23)
(25371) Sidhe: (wait 1d4?)
(25371) Sidhe: ((have to look it up))
(25370) Baltasar: (( yes, eggshell grenade lasts 1d4 for the target ))
(25220) DMSoft: [you have flanked, they are too busy to take an AoO
(25224) Altharid: (btw the construct looks like a vague humanoid figure made from pure blue energy)
(25401) Gabriel Holt: [1d8+2] => [7,2] = (9) Damage
(25220) DMSoft: (he is injured)
(25220) DMSoft: (is that everyone?)
(25370) Baltasar: (( i've gone ))
(25220) DMSoft: attacks construct [1d20+5] => [17,5] = (22)
(25224) Altharid: ( Have not)
(25224) Altharid: (only ao made)
(25220) DMSoft: attacks construct [1d20+5] => [10,5] = (15)
(25224) Altharid: [1d20+12] => [11,12] = (23)
(25224) Altharid: [2d4+8] => [2,3,8] = (13)
(25224) Altharid: [2d6] => [5,3] = (8)
(25220) DMSoft: (blind guy cowers and provokes from construct and al
(25224) Altharid: (construct aoo)
(25401) Gabriel Holt: (not me?0
(25220) DMSoft: injured guy goes down
(25401) Gabriel Holt: (I am in melee with him)
(25224) Altharid: (he loses dex by the way the guy)
(25370) Baltasar: (( btw alth, you know you can string dice together like this: [2d4+8+2d6] => [4,1,8,5,2] = (20) ))
(25220) DMSoft: (you too holt, sorry)
(25224) Altharid: [1d20+4] => [14,4] = (18)
(25401) Gabriel Holt: [1d20+5] => [3,5] = (8) take that you swine
(25401) Gabriel Holt: (xD)
(25224) Altharid: (construct attack)
(25220) DMSoft: (blind guy dies horribly)
(25220) DMSoft: (1 guy remains)
(25224) Altharid: (from construct or someone else ?)
(25220) DMSoft: holt killed him
(25370) Baltasar: "Take this one alive."
(25371) Sidhe: *look to see if we left any just unconscious.*
(25224) Altharid: (so construct moves into flanking position)
(25224) Altharid: [1d20+6] => [2,6] = (8)
(25224) Altharid: (fail to attack
(25220) DMSoft: (the alive guy looks to be still fighting and he hit the construct for some damage which I didn't roll yet)
(25224) Altharid: (altharid attacks)
(25220) DMSoft: [1d6+2] => [2,2] = (4)
(25224) Altharid: (ahh ac has 12 hp)
(25224) Altharid: (now 8)
(25224) Altharid: [1d20+12] => [14,12] = (26)
(25220) DMSoft: (you guys can try to capture the last guy with maneuvers)
(25220) DMSoft: (hit)
(25370) Baltasar: (( can you grapple him? ))
(25401) Gabriel Holt: (time to do the ol. Er….tie up)
(25401) Gabriel Holt: (Grapple time!)
(25224) Altharid: (err too late I guess)
(25224) Altharid: (unless dm says otherwise)
(25220) DMSoft: (you can change to grapple)
(25370) Baltasar: (( possibly deactivating your shirt first >_> ))
(25224) Altharid: (ok)
(25220) DMSoft: (you hit)
(25220) DMSoft: [1d20+2] => [16,2] = (18)
(25224) Altharid: Attacks: Grabbing [1d20+7] => [15,7] = (22) melee touch
(25220) DMSoft: the 18 was the opposed str
(25224) Altharid: (kk)
(25224) Altharid: [1d20+15] => [2,15] = (17)
(25224) Altharid: (lol fail)
(25224) Altharid: (wait i have 3 extra attempts)
(25224) Altharid: Attacks: Grabbing [1d20+7] => [3,7] = (10) melee touch
(25220) DMSoft: miss
(25370) Baltasar: (( never thought i'd say this, Thank God for tentacles." ))
(25220) DMSoft: actually, you hit
(25224) Altharid: [1d20+2] => [10,2] = (12) melee touch
(25224) Altharid: (ah ok)
(25224) Altharid: (so opposed grapple)
(25220) DMSoft: [1d20+2] => [10,2] = (12)
(25224) Altharid: [1d20+15] => [7,15] = (22)
(25224) Altharid: [1d3+4] => [1,4] = (5) subdual
(25220) DMSoft: he is grappled
(25224) Altharid: (from the hold)
(25220) DMSoft: "let go of me freak thing!"
(25224) Altharid: (pins him down)
(25370) Baltasar moves in to tie the man up: Use Rope [1d20+4] => [19,4] = (23)
(25224) Altharid: [1d20+10] => [4,10] = (14)
(25220) DMSoft: (he's tied)
(25224) Altharid: (kk)
(25220) DMSoft: [1d20+2] => [3,2] = (5) str to break out
(25370) Baltasar: "Well done everyone."
(25220) DMSoft: (he's not getting out)
(25401) Gabriel Holt: "Yep good job," he says, sheathing his longsword.
(25220) DMSoft: "How dare you attack the Jets!"
(25401) Gabriel Holt: "Except for the Stealth part."
(25371) Sidhe: *Sidhe and Mekila trot in alongside the others.*
(25224) Altharid: "Normally"
(25401) Gabriel Holt kicks the guy in the face.
(25370) Baltasar shrugs at the ganger, "Eh, it's a hobby."
(25220) DMSoft: (you find 5 masterwork clubs, 5 hats, 5 studded leathers)
(25224) Altharid: "You are weak like ants"
(25220) DMSoft: "How dare you!"(25401) Gabriel Holt: (who makes masterwork clubs >:v)
(25371) Sidhe: *murmurs* "Brought this down on yourselves, you know."
(25370) Baltasar: "Someone gag him until I get this stuff cleaned up."
(25220) DMSoft: (it's an inside joke siam)
(25224) Altharid: "And I shall devour you " (extends tenctacles)
(25370) Baltasar goes to clear up the body at the door and fix any damage evident from the outside.
(25371) Sidhe: *goes to tie a gag around mouth*
(25370) Baltasar: (( mending + prestidigitation ))
(25224) Altharid: (intimidate check)
(25371) Sidhe: *being the weaver*
(25224) Altharid: Skills: Intimidate [1d20+11] => [9,11] = (20)
(25370) Baltasar finishes quickly, then returns.
(25220) DMSoft: (perception for any searches)
(25224) Altharid: Skills: Perception [1d20+9] => [12,9] = (21)
(25370) Baltasar: Perception: [1d20+14] => [16,14] = (30)
(25371) Sidhe: [1d20+5] => [11,5] = (16) aid intimidate
(25220) DMSoft: (you search the clubs for hidden pockets)
(25370) Baltasar: (( i think we just found Slim's furry porn with that check… ))
(25220) DMSoft: (they all have 300 gp each)
(25401) Gabriel Holt: [1d20+6] => [17,6] = (23) perception
(25370) Baltasar: "Excellent."
(25220) DMSoft: (the rest of the house is empty.)
(25220) DMSoft: (other than mundane things)
(25370) Baltasar: "And now that we're done with the chores, let's have a chat with our friend."
(25220) DMSoft: (you find something odd)
(25370) Baltasar moves the man away from the windows, so we can't be observed.
(25220) DMSoft: (3 pig masks)
(25370) Baltasar: (( eh, what's that? ))
(25370) Baltasar: (( oh balls… ))
(25220) DMSoft: (knowledge local balt)
(25401) Gabriel Holt: "Hey look, more masks."
(25370) Baltasar: knowledge check: [1d20+5] => [5,5] = (10)
(25401) Gabriel Holt: (Aid me :o)
(25220) DMSoft: (you know swampside doesn't care if you flog this guy inside or outside)
(25371) Sidhe: [1d20+2] => [7,2] = (9) know local aid to gabe
(25370) Baltasar aids Gabriel: [1d20+5] => [3,5] = (8)
(25370) Baltasar: (( so much fail ))
(25401) Gabriel Holt: [1d20+3] => [16,3] = (19) Knowledge Local
(25401) Gabriel Holt: (:D)
(25371) Sidhe: (…yeah, I knew that anyway)
(25220) DMSoft: (the quallity on these masks is exceptional)
(25370) Baltasar: (( thank god ))
(25224) Altharid: "Pigs will never be the predators punk" *spits on the Jet *
(25220) DMSoft: (you would think a person wearing one is a pigman)
(25370) Baltasar: "Hmph."
(25220) DMSoft: *jet is gagged and mummbles
(25370) Baltasar: "That's… depressingly stupid."
(25401) Gabriel Holt: "Well…if there are so many masks…anyone could have been our guy."
(25370) Baltasar: "Cause think of how many people got fooled by this."
(25371) Sidhe: "Gag off?"
(25220) DMSoft: "hmmmrrph"
(25224) Altharid: "Certainly"
(25370) Baltasar: "We need to interrogate the man, yes please."
(25371) Sidhe: *removes gag.*
(25220) DMSoft: "You are strong enough to be Jets, you have passed the test."-he says with a strait face
(25370) Baltasar glances at the others incredulously.
(25224) Altharid: "Why would I wan't to join you… you pathetic weaklings ?"
(25371) Sidhe: *chuckles at this.*
(25370) Baltasar: "Who wants to lead this discussion?"
(25224) Altharid: "Your weakness might be contagious"
(25220) DMSoft: "soon, this town will be ours."
(25224) Altharid: "Soon we will bring you to a butcher"
(25224) Altharid: "And have some nice bacon"
(25220) DMSoft: "you can just kill me then. The Jets will live on."
(25370) Baltasar: "Ok, here's the plan."
(25370) Baltasar: "We know the Jets don't talk until we hurt them."
(25370) Baltasar: "Altharid, hurt him."
(25224) Altharid takes his cooking tools from his backpack
(25401) Gabriel Holt: "Hey mind if I try a game?'
(25220) DMSoft: "This is nothing."-the man stares into you
(25401) Gabriel Holt: "I call it, blow your finger off until you tell me something I like,"he says, taking out his revolver.
(25224) Altharid grabs a particularlly nasty meat cleaver
(25370) Baltasar: "After Altharid's had his turn, you can have a shot."
(25370) Baltasar: "Pun not intended"
(25401) Gabriel Holt: "Sure. Just leave the fingers intact."
(25371) Sidhe: *murmurs* "You'll be dead, they'll own the town, will they? How does it feel? To die so that someone -else's- greedy clasping hands get the prize."
(25370) Baltasar: "Ok, do something very painful, but don't affect his ability to speak intelligbly."
(25220) DMSoft: *the man just waits with a blank look
(25224) Altharid: (Intimidates … describes what he will do with his every single edible internal organ)
(25370) Baltasar: "Or his fingers, Mr. Holt has claimed those."
(25220) DMSoft: (intimidate check)
(25224) Altharid: (and then how he will serve it to the other jets)
(25224) Altharid: Skills: Intimidate [1d20+11] => [14,11] = (25)
(25371) Sidhe: *shrugs and focuses on cleaning the feathers of raptor, already rolled aid for intimidate and succeeded*
(25220) DMSoft: [1d20+20] => [8,20] = (28)
(25220) DMSoft: so close al
(25220) DMSoft: *he stares blankly
(25224) Altharid: (man should have used expansion to get +4 bonus)
(25401) Gabriel Holt eats some potatoe strips while waiting."
(25370) Baltasar: (( or you could have cut his foot off. ))
(25220) DMSoft: "you should just cut me up then."
(25220) DMSoft: "feed me to my brothers."
(25401) Gabriel Holt: "Your turn done yet?'
(25220) DMSoft: "pigs of war eat pigs of war…the jets are power'
(25224) Altharid: "I guess… I shall do that weakling after he's done with you"
(25370) Baltasar whispers to Sidhe in sylvan, "Can you show off your snake a little? You know, subtle-like."
(25220) DMSoft: (people with spellcraft can make rolls now)
(25224) Altharid prepares the kitchen in the house
(25370) Baltasar: (( oh balls ))
(25370) Baltasar: spellcraft: [1d20+14] => [17,14] = (31)
(25371) Sidhe: [1d20+6] => [5,6] = (11)
(25224) Altharid: (I wonder why he had +20 bonus)
(25224) Altharid: (ahh fanatic I see)
(25220) DMSoft: (baltasar he's under the effects of a high level mind control spell)
(25370) Baltasar: (( err, i do have Detect Magic constantly running btw ))
(25220) DMSoft: (yeah, he has an aura, I didn't realize)
(25370) Baltasar: (( can i tell how high? ))
(25401) Gabriel Holt presses a pistol on his finger, "So…tell me what I want to know or bye bye mr. thumb."
(25220) DMSoft: (enchantment)
(25371) Sidhe: ((if he was a kobold and I was a kobold I coud totally break that.))
(25220) DMSoft: (CL 25, 8th level spell
(25370) Baltasar: (( shit ))
(25370) Baltasar: (( cause my dispel magic has only a +4 bonus ))
(25370) Baltasar: (( no friggin way i'm dispelling that ))
(25220) DMSoft: (you can try breaking him one more time)
(25371) Sidhe: *Sidhe allows her familiar to come out at the instruction, though it seems dissatisfied with sniffing this air.*
(25220) DMSoft: (but you'll actually have to hurt him)
(25370) Baltasar: (( ok, i vote alth does the intimidate again, we cut off half his left foot, and we all use Aid-another ))
(25224) Altharid: "You know what Sidhe ?"
(25370) Baltasar: (( oh, and i'll hit Alth with a skill infusion ))
(25401) Gabriel Holt: (Fair enough)
(25401) Gabriel Holt: (everyone aid another intimidate)
(25224) Altharid: (uses expansion to grow to large)
(25224) Altharid: (how much bonus balt ?)
(25370) Baltasar: Intimidate aid: [1d20+5] => [10,5] = (15)
(25371) Sidhe: "Mm, what? Ahh." *grins*
(25401) Gabriel Holt: [1d20-3] => [6,-3] = (3) Aid another Intimidate
(25401) Gabriel Holt: (None from me)
(25371) Sidhe: ( [1d20+5] => [12,5] = (17) aid )
(25224) Altharid: (from infusion bonus)
(25220) DMSoft: (you still need a 25)
(25370) Baltasar: (( skill enhancement grants +2 ))
(25224) Altharid: (what is it?)
(25224) Altharid: (ok)
(25224) Altharid: [1d20+17] => [16,17] = (33)
(25224) Altharid: (hell yeah)
(25401) Gabriel Holt: (pow)
(25370) Baltasar: (( sweet ))
(25224) Altharid: (that before aid another)
(25220) DMSoft: * you hack off his foot
(25370) Baltasar: (( did his head explode? ))
(25370) Baltasar: (( from sheer terror ))
(25220) DMSoft: "oh my god, where am i?"
(25370) Baltasar: (( remember, only half his foot ))
(25220) DMSoft: "my foot, my foot!@"
(25370) Baltasar: (( cause honestly, that's actually scarier ))
(25224) Altharid: "In the hell's kitchen "
(25370) Baltasar: "Oh, let me help you with that."
(25220) DMSoft: *he's just screaming
(25224) Altharid: "And I'm a cheff there"
(25401) Gabriel Holt: "Oh I think he snapped out of whatever was taking his mind."
(25370) Baltasar: Heal check to stop bleeding: [1d20+5] => [19,5] = (24)
(25220) DMSoft: "who are you people?"
(25220) DMSoft: "help me, my foot!"
(25371) Sidhe: "Professionals."
(25224) Altharid: "Death, Malevolence, Violence"
(25220) DMSoft: (the aura of magic is gone)
(25401) Gabriel Holt: "And that he's a big ass pussy. Oh don't be such a baby, feet grow back…" turns to Sidhe, "No they don't."
(25370) Baltasar helped bandage the dude's wound
(25370) Baltasar: (( got a 24 on that check ))
(25220) DMSoft: "what happened to me?"
(25220) DMSoft: (he isn't bleeding, but he won't walk right until he gets a regen)
(25370) Baltasar: "We were hoping you could tell us. As far as I could tell, you were under a very powerful enchantment."
(25224) Altharid: "Someone raped your mind basically… hah … that's so fitting for a weakling like you"
(25220) DMSoft: "what am I wearing…this hat is so red."
(25401) Gabriel Holt: "Yea its ugly."
(25370) Baltasar: "Yes it is. Now what' the last thing you remember?
(25401) Gabriel Holt: "Who are you, what was the last thing you remebered?"
(25370) Baltasar: *what's
(25220) DMSoft: "i remember the tomb door….that's it"
(25370) Baltasar raises an eyebrow
(25220) DMSoft: "the symbol was nerull i think….on the door."
(25370) Baltasar: "Where was this tomb?"
(25371) Sidhe: *thinks, 'guess the nobles were right' idly.*
(25370) Baltasar: "Where was this tomb?"
(25220) DMSoft: "It was in Durge"
(25220) DMSoft: (sorry had to look it up)
(25370) Baltasar: (( do i know where that is? ))
(25220) DMSoft: "where am I?"
(25220) DMSoft: (knowledge history)
(25370) Baltasar: "You're in Dragonport
(25220) DMSoft: "dragonport, where's that?"
(25370) Baltasar: knowledge history: [1d20+5] => [1,5] = (6)
(25401) Gabriel Holt: "Ah dragonport."
(25370) Baltasar: (( fail ))
(25401) Gabriel Holt: "You know where you are son?"
(25220) DMSoft: (durge is another name for dragonport)
(25220) DMSoft: (anybody else knowledge history0
(25370) Baltasar: (( interesting ))
(25401) Gabriel Holt: (Can I take 10 for a 10?)
(25371) Sidhe: [1d20+2] => [13,2] = (15)
(25370) Baltasar thinks for a moment.
(25224) Altharid: (no ranks there)
(25220) DMSoft: (10 is not enought)
(25401) Gabriel Holt: (or is that knowledge higher than 10?)
(25370) Baltasar asks the man, "What year is it?"
(25371) Sidhe: (no ranks have I)
(25220) DMSoft: (sidhe, durge is a relic…this guy can't be telling the truth)
(25370) Baltasar: (( also, what year is it? ))
(25220) DMSoft: "he tells you a strange date
(25220) DMSoft: it's not in a standard format
(25220) DMSoft: and his common is slightly off
(25224) Altharid: "So we've got a time traveler here"
(25370) Baltasar: "I see."
(25224) Altharid: "And a foreigner to boot"
(25224) Altharid: "This city is indeed… amusing"
(25371) Sidhe: "No, he's from here of old."
(25220) DMSoft: "So, is there a cleric around to fix my foot?"
(25401) Gabriel Holt: "Or someone from another place that is similar to this place."
(25401) Gabriel Holt: "But in another dimension."
(25401) Gabriel Holt: "Or something."
(25370) Baltasar: "Don't worry, we'll fix you up soon enough."
(25220) DMSoft: "Can I borrow 6 dracnars for that?"
(25370) Baltasar: "Can we keep the speculation to a minimum in front of our guest?"
(25224) Altharid: "Drac… what ?"
(25370) Baltasar: "Yes, I'm certain we can help you with that."
(25220) DMSoft: "you know, currency…guys still use that, right."
(25401) Gabriel Holt: "Well I'd say the foot job was the worse part."
(25370) Baltasar files away the currency name for future reference."
(25220) DMSoft: "I've had worse, thanks for the patchup"
(25224) Altharid: (was I aware of that name?)
(25224) Altharid: (if so then ignore the post)
(25370) Baltasar: "So, you don't remember anything after you arrived at this tomb?"
(25220) DMSoft: (dracnars are old currence last used 2000 years ago)
(25370) Baltasar: "Did you have any companions with you at that time?"
(25220) DMSoft: "My friend, Lightbringer"
(25220) DMSoft: "Tali Ohba"
(25224) Altharid: "Wait Sidhe… is Nerull into walking-dead ?"
(25224) Altharid: "Ohba… I know that name"
(25220) DMSoft: "Dirk Darling"
(25370) Baltasar: "Can you describe them?"
(25401) Gabriel Holt: "Heheh, darling."
(25220) DMSoft: "we were so close to doing that thing…"
(25371) Sidhe: "Wait, Ohba? Yes. I know the name as well."
(25370) Baltasar: "And what's your name?"
(25220) DMSoft: "Tad Martin."
(25220) DMSoft: "I'm the fighter of the group."
(25220) DMSoft: "yeah, we were doing something…."
(25220) DMSoft: "and the door…with nerull."
(25370) Baltasar motions to the others to let him try and remember
(25371) Sidhe: *whispers to altharid* "Yes but he's not one."
(25220) DMSoft: "I can't remember why we were there. I should go back to Durge"
(25224) Altharid: "Hmm" *Altharid ponders a liitle bit*
(25370) Baltasar: "How is Nerull important to you?"
(25224) Altharid: "Then maybe that guy is an undead !"
(25220) DMSoft: (knowledge religion)
(25224) Altharid: *this
(25224) Altharid: (no ranks at all)
(25371) Sidhe: No - wrong 'he'.
(25220) DMSoft: (he's not undead)
(25370) Baltasar: (( err, i'm fishing for information to find out if the guy is a nerull worshipper or a nerull enemy ))
(25371) Sidhe: Nerull is, he isn't. I think.
(25220) DMSoft: "I know nerull is bad…we must have been trying to stop him."
(25371) Sidhe: *tries to clarify her statement.*
(25220) DMSoft: "are you sure there isn't a healer around? can I see your money?"
(25401) Gabriel Holt: "So…what does this have to do with killing the Pig exactly?"
(25370) Baltasar nods at Martin's statement.
(25224) Altharid: "How does he… you know what then" - replies to Sidhe
(25220) DMSoft: "Pig?"
(25370) Baltasar: "No, there's no healers here at the moment."
(25370) Baltasar: "Ok, I think we have enough information, let's get this man to the clerics."
(25371) Sidhe: *looks at altharid uncertainly a moment.*
(25370) Baltasar: (( oh, one last thing ))
(25401) Gabriel Holt: "Yea, less everyone forget, we're here to kill the pig. Not figure out the secrets of our past."
(25220) DMSoft: "I remember….zombie pigs. And a pigman…..and a meeting a corral…but that's not me"
(25370) Baltasar: Sense Motive vs Martin's potential lies: [1d20+6] => [11,6] = (17)
(25220) DMSoft: [1d20+2] => [20,2] = (22)
(25220) DMSoft: he's telling the truth
(25370) Baltasar rolls his eyes at Gabriel, "Were you not paying attention? There is no pigman. The jets were masquerading as Biggins."
(25370) Baltasar helps Martin up.
(25220) DMSoft: (he tells you he remembers the pig man was real)
(25370) Baltasar: (( Martin does? ))
(25220) DMSoft: (yeah, it was like a bad dream for him)
(25220) DMSoft: (that's all he knows…the meetings)
(25370) Baltasar: "Well, we have two options. One, we can take Martin to the clerics. Two, we can wait here for Biggins to return."
(25370) Baltasar: "Vote?"
(25224) Altharid: "Do not care"
(25371) Sidhe: *idly notes again the tendency of Balthasar to pronounce things resolved before they are.*
(25370) Baltasar: "Actually, there's option three as well, I trap every square inch of this building, and we take Martin to the clerics."
(25220) DMSoft: (he isn't in danger of dieing)
(25224) Altharid: "As long as I'm getting paid in the end"
(25371) Sidhe: "The trap option seems attractive."
(25401) Gabriel Holt: "Oh I have been, but I fail to see how this gives us any gold in the end."
(25220) DMSoft: (knowledge local altharid)
(25220) DMSoft: (knowledge local gabriel)
(25224) Altharid: (no ranks)
(25370) Baltasar: (( guys, if you want to wait and see if Biggins is real, that's perfectly fine, Balt just doesn't believe in the pig anymore, so he thinks it's a waste of time ))
(25220) DMSoft: (untrained then)
(25224) Altharid: (kk)
(25401) Gabriel Holt: [1d20+3] => [8,3] = (11) Knowledge Local
(25224) Altharid: [1d20+1] => [3,1] = (4)
(25224) Altharid: (heh(=)
(25401) Gabriel Holt: ((well what would be a good waste of time then :o)
(25220) DMSoft: (gabriel, you have enough here to get the merchants money and the lion guards)
(25220) DMSoft: (you figure that the masks are really good evidence for them)
(25220) DMSoft: (but you may trap the house)
(25401) Gabriel Holt: ((woot)
(25370) Baltasar begins laying traps all over the place, in the doorways, in beds, sofas, chairs, under tables, in cabinets, closets, cupboards, etc
(25370) Baltasar: (( i can place 1 trap per round, they will last 12 hours ))
(25220) DMSoft: (it gets to be nightime)
(25220) DMSoft: (where are you waiting?)
(25224) Altharid: (brb)
(25401) Gabriel Holt: (Bushes)
(25370) Baltasar: (( so, do we want to wait or head to reward? ))
(25370) Baltasar: (( waiting it is ))
(25401) Gabriel Holt: (Well chances are we kill more thus more reward if we do this)
(25371) Sidhe: *head out to lurk in distant enough bushes to not be compulsively cleaning dinosaur's feet*
(25220) DMSoft: (perception checks)
(25370) Baltasar: (( DM, the traps i used are the arrow trap, scything blade, and fusillade of darts from the SRD ))
(25401) Gabriel Holt: [1d20+6] => [16,6] = (22) boy I do hope they dont find us
(25370) Baltasar: perception: [1d20+14] => [2,14] = (16)
(25370) Baltasar sighs
(25224) Altharid: Skills: Perception [1d20+9] => [7,9] = (16)
(25370) Baltasar hides in the bushes: [1d20+4] => [10,4] = (14)
(25220) DMSoft: you all see some red hats coming up the street
(25371) Sidhe: [1d20-2] => [6,-2] = (4)
(25220) DMSoft: they seem oblivious
(25370) Baltasar infuses Bane(Human) on his crossbow
(25370) Baltasar: (( how long has it been since we invaded the house? less than 40 minutes? ))
(25220) DMSoft: gabriel, you notice one is a pig..but it's a mask
(25220) DMSoft: the rest of you just see it as a pigman
(25220) DMSoft: (it's been about 2 hrs)
(25370) Baltasar: (( kk ))
(25370) Baltasar infuses another Bane(Human) on alth's weapon (is it a guisarme?)
(25220) DMSoft: "I can't believe how much we got this time Franky."-jets member
(25224) Altharid: (yes)
(25401) Gabriel Holt prepares to do some serious wrecking.
(25220) DMSoft: (you see there are about 20 of them)
(25370) Baltasar goes ahead and infuses Bane(human) on whatever weapon gabriel prefers
(25220) DMSoft: gabriel, they are all unarmored
(25370) Baltasar: (( sidhe, you want anything? ))
(25220) DMSoft: *one moves to open the door
(25401) Gabriel Holt: "Pig guy is just another masked man, none of them are wearing armor."
(25401) Gabriel Holt: (put it on his sword)
(25224) Altharid: (uses 1 action point to recover 4 power points)
(25220) DMSoft: *did you trap the door?
(25370) Baltasar also infuses Magic Vestment on his armor and dastana
(25224) Altharid: (scratch that)
(25370) Baltasar: (( i trapped everything ))
(25224) Altharid: (i dont use AP)
(25220) DMSoft: [1d20] => [5] = (5) ref
(25401) Gabriel Holt: (btw Baltasar)
(25370) Baltasar: (( i trapped the door, the chairs, the plates, the ceiling, everything ))
(25401) Gabriel Holt: (does that stack?)
(25370) Baltasar: (( yes, it does ))
(25220) DMSoft: the one who opens the door dies a terrible death…the others look on
(25220) DMSoft: "something is wrong…franky seems to be dead."
(25371) Sidhe: ((don't think weapons are the best use of my actions against 20 people))
(25370) Baltasar rolls init: [1d20+4] => [10,4] = (14)
(25370) Baltasar: (( grr ))
(25220) DMSoft: [1d20] => [14] = (14) init
(25224) Altharid: Initiative: [1d20+0] => [8,0] = (8)
(25224) Altharid: (eh again)
(25401) Gabriel Holt: [1d20+6] => [2,6] = (8) init
(25401) Gabriel Holt: (blargh)
(25220) DMSoft: (there are 19 guys with clubs)
(25224) Altharid: (welcome in the club Gab)
(25220) DMSoft: standard action surprise round
(25371) Sidhe: [1d20+3] => [16,3] = (19) init, nerveskitter self
(25224) Altharid: Grip of Iron (imm action) *You can hear within your mind sound of metal bars bending under someones superior grip*
(25224) Altharid: Linked to … (expends psionic focus)
(25224) Altharid: Astral Construct (1 round) *Altharid spits a small globe of glowing ectoplasm which instantly takes a humanoid-like shape*
(25224) Altharid: Expansion (std action) *Altharid for a moment projects purple aura which envolopes him and in a blink of an eye the character grows to a size rivaling that of the giants*
(25370) Baltasar fires at the closest one: Bane Light Crossbow: Attack [1d20+9] => [17,9] = (26), Damage [1d8+2+2d6] => [4,2,2,5] = (13)
(25371) Sidhe: (for after surprise round. wait why did I do that without adding mod? just use it on alt.)
(25220) DMSoft: (18 remain)
(25401) Gabriel Holt gets up and charges at one of them [1d20+7] => [10,7] = (17)
(25401) Gabriel Holt: [1d8+2+2+2d6] => [8,2,2,5,2] = (19) Damage
(25220) DMSoft: (17 remain)
(25220) DMSoft: (i'll let you cast nerveskitter 2x if you'd like)
(25371) Sidhe: (do them both on alt then! err)
(25371) Sidhe: (balt actually might use it if that fails)
(25224) Altharid: (18 init yay)
(25220) DMSoft: (okay, then everybody but gabriel goes
(25224) Altharid: (normal round)
(25224) Altharid: (?)
(25220) DMSoft: (yup)
(25401) Gabriel Holt: (er, bonuses from the same source don't stack me thinks)
(25220) DMSoft: (yeah,so she casts on gabriel)
(25370) Baltasar: (( what's your other source? ))
(25220) DMSoft: (so everybody go now)
(25220) DMSoft: (17 guys all flat footed look on in terror)
(25224) Altharid charges at the nearest one
(25370) Baltasar shoots yet another jet in the face
(25370) Baltasar: Bane Light Crossbow: Attack [1d20+9] => [19,9] = (28), Damage [1d8+2+2d6] => [4,2,4,2] = (12)
(25224) Altharid: (20 ft reach)
(25401) Gabriel Holt slashes at the second guy, "Thats what you get for existing in my general vicinity!" [1d20+5] => [14,5] = (19)
(25370) Baltasar: (( oh, crit ))
(25401) Gabriel Holt: [1d8+2+2+2d6] => [2,2,2,5,6] = (17) Damage
(25224) Altharid: [1d20+12] => [10,12] = (22)
(25370) Baltasar: Confirm crit: [1d20+9] => [1,9] = (10)
(25224) Altharid: (attack)
(25370) Baltasar: (( lulz ))
(25371) Sidhe: (yeah but it is untyped I think) *run in under alt's reach and colorspray a cone!*
(25224) Altharid: [4d6+9] => [3,1,1,4,9] = (18)
(25371) Sidhe: *in means for optimal area.*
(25224) Altharid: (construct charges)
(25220) DMSoft: (so far, there are 14 left)
(25401) Gabriel Holt: (even untyped don't stack with the same source. its the same with circumstance bonuses, they stack but only if they don't come from the same place)
(25224) Altharid: [1d20+6] => [14,6] = (20)
(25371) Sidhe: (dc 16 will save)
(25220) DMSoft: (hit altharid)
(25224) Altharid: [1d6+4] => [5,4] = (9)
(25220) DMSoft: how many affected, limit?
(25401) Gabriel Holt: (A cone, 15 feet)
(25220) DMSoft: ah, thanks
(25401) Gabriel Holt: (right?)
(25371) Sidhe: (aye)
(25371) Sidhe:
(25371) Sidhe: (six or seven)
(25220) DMSoft: (13 left, 7 coned)
(25220) DMSoft: [1d20-1] => [2,-1] = (1)
(25220) DMSoft: [1d20-1] => [19,-1] = (18)
(25220) DMSoft: [1d20-1] => [8,-1] = (7)
(25220) DMSoft: [1d20-1] => [3,-1] = (2)
(25220) DMSoft: [1d20-1] => [12,-1] = (11)
(25220) DMSoft: [1d20-1] => [17,-1] = (16)
(25220) DMSoft: [1d20-1] => [10,-1] = (9)
(25401) Gabriel Holt: (so many blu blu blur )
(25220) DMSoft: dc?
(25371) Sidhe: *16*
(25220) DMSoft: (7 remain standing)
(25371) Sidhe: [2d4] => [1,2] = (3) worst [1d4] => [3] = (3) second1 -> all else
(25220) DMSoft: (they run…aoOs)
(25224) Altharid: [1d20+10] => [16,10] = (26)
(25401) Gabriel Holt slashes [1d20+5] => [16,5] = (21)
(25401) Gabriel Holt: [1d8+2+2+2d6] => [2,2,2,4,5] = (15)
(25370) Baltasar: (( wait, they're running away? ))
(25401) Gabriel Holt: "Come back here asses!"
(25224) Altharid: [4d6+9] => [6,4,1,4,9] = (24)
(25401) Gabriel Holt: (they bravely ran away)
(25220) DMSoft: (you slaughtered more than half of them)
(25224) Altharid: (construct aoo)
(25224) Altharid: [1d20+4] => [4,4] = (8)
(25401) Gabriel Holt: (When danger reared its ugly head, they bravely turned their tail and fled)
(25370) Baltasar casts Create Trap (scything blade) in their path
(25220) DMSoft: (5 manage to escape, you kill the rest)
(25220) DMSoft: (you don't think they ID you guys)
(25224) Altharid: (I send the construct after them)
(25371) Sidhe: (when a significant portion of your unit breaks: morale check D:)
(25224) Altharid: (he has 40ft speed)
(25220) DMSoft: (the construct kills 2 more)
(25370) Baltasar moves in and coup-de-graces the unconcious gangers
(25220) DMSoft: (they split up)
(25401) Gabriel Holt takes out his pistol and fires at them
(25224) Altharid: (kk)
(25220) DMSoft: 17 thugs lie slain
(25371) Sidhe: *mekila assists baltasar with this at Sidhe's direction.*
(25220) DMSoft: 17 mw canes, and hats
(25401) Gabriel Holt: "Ugh…3 got away."
(25371) Sidhe: *dismount and check canes for money.*
(25220) DMSoft: (you have learned that the canes have money)
(25224) Altharid: "This newfound ability of mine… is draining my mental might more than I have initially expected"
(25370) Baltasar begins searching for loot
(25220) DMSoft: (you find 1200 gp)
(25371) Sidhe: *being useless to pay attention anycase. loots it and gives it to the person who can carry it to carry.*
(25224) Altharid: (grows back to medium)
(25371) Sidhe: *which is potentially mekila*
(25220) DMSoft: (the house continues to be trapped, but you think they won't ever come back)
(25220) DMSoft: (you have taken out 13% of the gang you think)
(25401) Gabriel Holt carries his fair share of stuff, "Well…if thats all the Jets are capable of, I don't see why the town guard is having so much trouble."
(25224) Altharid: (what a lovely spell Balt !)
(25220) DMSoft: (you can go back to town)
(25371) Sidhe: "Think we got all we are going to get here. Still… good portion."
(25220) DMSoft: (I mean, the bar)
(25370) Baltasar hums lightly, collecting the gear.
(25224) Altharid cleans his bloodstained guisarme
(25370) Baltasar: "So, that's 1500 from the house, 1200 from these fellows. Plus the 22 canes."
(25370) Baltasar: (( how much can we get for the canes, if we were to sell them?" ))
(25401) Gabriel Holt: "And the reward from the Lions and Merchants."
(25401) Gabriel Holt: ((To distinguised gentlemen of course)
(25220) DMSoft: (75 gp each)
(25370) Baltasar: (( cause if it's standard MW weapon price… ))
(25370) Baltasar: (( heh, i was gonna say ))
(25220) DMSoft: (you may get a better price from the guilds)
(25224) Altharid: "Heh… I feel like repating this marvelous spectacle… nine more times… "
(25370) Baltasar: (( oho ))
(25371) Sidhe: (mwk weapon is 300
(25224) Altharid: "If not more"
(25371) Sidhe: (so would not be 150?)
(25401) Gabriel Holt: (well it could simply be canes of high quality, not as weapons)
(25220) DMSoft: (it's a club, they can't be masterwork)
(25370) Baltasar: (( we will definitely have to check that, cause we have 22 of these canes from tonight alone ))
(25401) Gabriel Holt: (masterwork isn't only reserved for weapons)
(25220) DMSoft: (they have no intial value)
(25220) DMSoft: (I was gonna offer you a good price anyway)
(25370) Baltasar: (( err, that can be a DM fiat rule, but according to the SRD, MW clubs are 300 ))
(25370) Baltasar: (( and i'm cool with a bounty on them ))
(25220) DMSoft: (lol, okay then)
(25370) Baltasar: (( cause there's a hell of a lot of these things ))
(25401) Gabriel Holt: ((haha you mean these clubs are actually very well carved?)
(25371) Sidhe: (heh I want a magic quarterstaff personally, hope it can be masterwork)
(25401) Gabriel Holt: (And are somehow worth worth 3 pounds worth of gold?)
(25370) Baltasar also collects the hats and other trappings of the gang members, in case the guilds or guard are interested.
(25220) DMSoft: (i'm probably thinking 3rd and not 3.5)
(25370) Baltasar: "Right, let's head back."
(25370) Baltasar begins leading the way, leaving a mound of corpses on the front lawn.
(25371) Sidhe: "Luckily we know most aren't so resistant to terror as our poor enchanted friend." *goes to head back!*
(25224) Altharid follows his employer
(25220) DMSoft: (where are you going?)
(25370) Baltasar: "Altharid, would you mind helping Martin?"
(25224) Altharid cannot stop from silently laughting
(25370) Baltasar: (( ok, do we go to the merchants, the lion guard, or the nobles? ))
(25370) Baltasar: (( or the clerics, to heal martin's foot ))
(25401) Gabriel Holt: ((Merchants first.)
(25224) Altharid: "As long as we are paid"
(25401) Gabriel Holt: ((since they hired us…kinda)
(25224) Altharid: "I need substantial resources to continue my research"
(25370) Baltasar: (( would that be Griswol's bar? ))
(25220) DMSoft: (yup)
(25370) Baltasar makes sure that we brought the other half of the foot with.
(25370) Baltasar leads the way to Griswol's tavern
(25224) Altharid: "The Whisperer… he's more useful than in thought" *mutters to himself*
(25220) DMSoft: *the tavern is open
(25220) DMSoft: *there are the regulars and griswol
(25224) Altharid: *in -> I
(25401) Gabriel Holt: "Hey, Griswol. We have news."
(25220) DMSoft: "Wow, that's alot of loot!"-griswol
(25220) DMSoft: *he sees that you have 10 stacked hats on your head
(25370) Baltasar: "Big pimpin', no doubt."
(25220) DMSoft: "Tell me gunslinger…did you get rid of the gang?"
(25370) Baltasar waits for Gabriel a moment before answering, "We've made a bit of a dent, yes."
(25401) Gabriel Holt: "Well not alone. These fellows did most of the work."
(25401) Gabriel Holt: "But we're obviously a very very modest lot."
(25370) Baltasar: "We'll need to speak with some of the town leaders though, we have information."
(25220) DMSoft: "I see, well I'll send for them."
(25224) Altharid: "I'm starting to enjoy … this 'adventuring" more and more with every passing day"
(25220) DMSoft: "come into the back room."
(25401) Gabriel Holt: "I just like the hats involved."
(25224) Altharid follows
(25370) Baltasar: "Can you invite representatives of the nobles and Lion Guard as well? And possibly a cleric, our friend here is wounded."
(25371) Sidhe: *smiles at the thought malmir might come by, and follows.*
(25370) Baltasar gestures to Martin.
(25220) DMSoft: "you'll have to see to that yourself. We arent with the lion guard."
(25220) DMSoft: "I'll get the nobles tho"
(25370) Baltasar takes a seat in the back, and begins sorting out the trophies.
(25220) DMSoft: *just give me one second
(25370) Baltasar: (( would it be possible to send a messenger to get someone from the lion guard? ))
(25401) Gabriel Holt takes off some of his hats.
(25370) Baltasar: (( or actually… we're not sure ifthey're infiltrated ))
(25370) Baltasar: (( so let's just hold off on that ))
(25371) Sidhe: ((one of my guild is in it but she's busy right now))
(25370) Baltasar: (( plus, Balt kinda dislikes Rinzle ))
(25220) DMSoft: Lord Dimitros shows up
(25371) Sidhe: ((mm need leadership to get people with aribtrary connections at my beck and call. I do.))
(25220) DMSoft:
(25220) DMSoft: and Lady Magda
(25371) Sidhe: *nods in greeting to them.*
(25220) DMSoft:
(25224) Altharid: (hmm a Polish name in here ?)
(25220) DMSoft: "greetings, I heard you have information."-lord
(25370) Baltasar begins to explain the mission and what we learned, using Sense Motive to gauge their reactions: [1d20+6] => [1,6] = (7)
(25370) Baltasar: (( oh my god, why can't i roll decent on sense motive ))
(25220) DMSoft: "yes, and we shall reward you handsomely if it's good info"-lady
(25370) Baltasar: (( how many times is that tonight alone? ))
(25220) DMSoft: [1d20+11] => [10,11] = (21)
(25220) DMSoft: (they are talking above you)
(25370) Baltasar: (( screw it, next crafting time, i'm totally making a +10 sense motive item ))
(25220) DMSoft: "So, you have clubs then?"-lord
(25370) Baltasar: "Yes, remind me again, what was the bounty on them?"
(25220) DMSoft: "well, we want you to send a message with them"
(25401) Gabriel Holt: "Hmm bounty. My favourite part."
(25370) Baltasar: "And what would this entail?"
(25220) DMSoft: 'you are to burn them in a place where the jets gather"
(25220) DMSoft: "would you know of such a place?"
(25370) Baltasar raises an eyebrow laconically, "And then get mobbed, I suppose?"
(25220) DMSoft: "no, I would think not. If what you say is true…they are cowards"
(25220) DMSoft: "if they see but 4 or 5 with 20 or more clubs."
(25370) Baltasar: "An army of cowards is a very dangerous thing."
(25370) Baltasar: "Though you may have a point…"
(25220) DMSoft: "they should react accordingly I would think"
(25220) DMSoft: (it's the lord talking)
(25370) Baltasar: "Yes, we know of one of their meeting places."
(25220) DMSoft: (balt you know the meeting is soon, tonight)
(25224) Altharid: (maybe we should dress as them ?)
(25370) Baltasar: (( is the meeting after midnight? ))
(25224) Altharid: (we have those hats and stuff)
(25220) DMSoft: "We can offer you 5000 gp for this task, and what you have done so far."
(25224) Altharid: (and masks)
(25220) DMSoft: -the lady says
(25224) Altharid grins after hearing about the reward
(25220) DMSoft: and the lion guard will give you 500 more
(25220) DMSoft: "I think they are being cheap…odd that"-lady
(25370) Baltasar: (( that's 5500 +2700 for tonight's adventure ))
(25371) Sidhe: "Thank you madam… strange indeed."
(25370) Baltasar: (( I think it's a good deal, you guys? ))
(25401) Gabriel Holt: "Maybe funds are tight, doesn't matter."
(25220) DMSoft: (If you go to 5th then it should be only slightly high)
(25371) Sidhe: ((yes.))
(25370) Baltasar: "Very well, we have an agreement."
(25220) DMSoft: "be sure to burn all the clubs."-lord
(25370) Baltasar: "Is there anything you'd like done with the hats?"
(25220) DMSoft: "we wouldn't want to have the lions mistake you for a jet…and the hats too"
(25220) DMSoft: "The hats need to be burned as well."-lady
(25370) Baltasar nods, "Alright."
(25401) Gabriel Holt: "I was liking the hats…"
(25370) Baltasar: "Anything else we need to know before we go?"
(25401) Gabriel Holt: "But my old hat is still the best,"
(25220) DMSoft: "do this and the gang should be finished. We will owe you one."-lord
(25370) Baltasar nods agreeably, "Alright, let's go."
(25224) Altharid stretches his muscles a little
(25220) DMSoft: (where are you headed now?)
(25370) Baltasar: (( so, is this meeting going to take place after IC midnight? ))
(25224) Altharid: "Let's bring the hell… they deserve it"
(25224) Altharid: *them
(25220) DMSoft: (it's gonna be at 1 hr)
(25370) Baltasar: (( sweet, fresh infusions :D ))
(25371) Sidhe: *nods and heads with them.*
(25401) Gabriel Holt: "Right," he says, "The good news is I can finally afford some good weapons after this job."
(25370) Baltasar: (( ok, let's go prep the corral ))
(25370) Baltasar: (( it is at the corral the other guys mentioned, right? ))
(25370) Baltasar: (( the ones we killed in the first session ))
(25220) DMSoft: (yeah, it takes you 20 minutes to get there)
(25220) DMSoft: "Halt!"-a lion guard shows up
(25370) Baltasar pauses mid-step
(25370) Baltasar: "Problem, officer?"
(25220) DMSoft: "Why are you on the street this late, drunkard"
(25370) Baltasar: "Why are you on the street this late, asshole?"
(25401) Gabriel Holt: "We ain't drunk, sir," he says.
(25220) DMSoft: "I am a lion guard…show some respect!"
(25224) Altharid grins widely and snickers a little
(25401) Gabriel Holt: "We're just heading to meet a friend,"
(25220) DMSoft: (he is alone)
(25370) Baltasar: "I would, but that would constitute indecent exposure."
(25220) DMSoft: "A friend eh? Don't you know this city is dangerous?"
(25370) Baltasar let's Gabriel do the talking now.
(25401) Gabriel Holt: "Yea, nice job by the way."
(25220) DMSoft: "Well, we are understaffed. Perhaps you would like to join."
(25401) Gabriel Holt: "Hmm, do you pay well?"
(25220) DMSoft: "You seem..less drunk than your friend."
(25220) DMSoft: "Well…it's a modest living."
(25220) DMSoft: (perception)
(25224) Altharid: "Do you get some adorable females as a bonus?"
(25371) Sidhe: [1d20-2] => [5,-2] = (3)
(25371) Sidhe: snake [1d20+6] => [17,6] = (23)
(25224) Altharid: Skills: Perception [1d20+9] => [11,9] = (20)
(25220) DMSoft: (everybody who is there can percept after he said that.)
(25370) Baltasar: perception: [1d20+14] => [19,14] = (33)
(25220) DMSoft: (Baltasar…he is wearing fancy ass boots.)
(25220) DMSoft: (magically fancy ass)
(25370) Baltasar: (( hrmm ))
(25370) Baltasar: (( out of curiousity, i do a spellcraft check on them: [1d20+14] => [4,14] = (18) ))
(25401) Gabriel Holt: [1d20+9] => [15,9] = (24)
(25370) Baltasar: (( i have detect magic, remember ))
(25220) DMSoft: (it was faint and you just thought to look now)
(25401) Gabriel Holt: "Nice boots by the way, officer. Really fancy, may join the Guard just because of those boots."
(25370) Baltasar: (( well, what's the schoolof magic, is what i want to know ))
(25370) Baltasar: (( the DC is 15 +spell level ))
(25220) DMSoft: (i was just checking)
(25220) DMSoft: (transutation)
(25371) Sidhe: "One of my associates is in your group's employ already, we can speak with her sometime rather than occupy your work."
(25370) Baltasar: (( kk ))
(25370) Baltasar: (( probably speed or dex boots ))
(25220) DMSoft: "well, I don't feel comforatable with you hanging around the corral"
(25220) DMSoft: "so move along"
(25370) Baltasar: "Well, I don't really care."
(25370) Baltasar: "So you move along."
(25224) Altharid grins widely and snickers a little again
(25220) DMSoft: (you can sense his motives if you want)
(25371) Sidhe: *sighs* "Sir, we are not here for no reason."
(25224) Altharid: [1d20+2] => [6,2] = (8)
(25401) Gabriel Holt: "Well is there a problem with us being here, Officer?"
(25371) Sidhe: [1d20-2] => [20,-2] = (18)
(25224) Altharid: (sense motive fail)
(25220) DMSoft: "waiting for a friend?"
(25370) Baltasar: sense motive: [1d20+6] => [4,6] = (10)
(25220) DMSoft: (sidhe he knows what's gonna happen)
(25220) DMSoft: (at this locaiton in a few minutes)
(25370) Baltasar: "for a certain value of 'friend'"
(25370) Baltasar: "We definitely need to speak with him, at any rate."
(25220) DMSoft: "So, how much is it going to cost me to get you off the street? 5 gp?)
(25220) DMSoft: *he flips you some gp"get a nice room"
(25371) Sidhe: "Sir, is who we are waiting for a friend of yours?
(25370) Baltasar stares blankly at the man.
(25370) Baltasar: "Are you some kind of moron?"
(25371) Sidhe: *walks raptor over to him.*
(25220) DMSoft: "A friend of mine…is he a dirty man?"
(25370) Baltasar: "Shoo, begone."
(25401) Gabriel Holt: "Why do you want us off this street so badly?"
(25370) Baltasar makes shooing motions toward the guard.
(25220) DMSoft: "Is he a dirty man?"-he winks at sidhe
(25371) Sidhe: "Sounds like his type."
(25220) DMSoft: "If I told you I wallow in mud…would you find that offensive?"
(25370) Baltasar: "Disturbingly kinky maybe."
(25371) Sidhe: "Can't be offended what I do myself."
(25370) Baltasar begins fiddling with his screwdriver, preparing to start laying traps."
(25220) DMSoft: "where is your hat girl?"
(25370) Baltasar: "Ok, now that's offensive."
(25220) DMSoft: "by Pelor, I thought you were street trash"
(25370) Baltasar: "You. Leave now."
(25224) Altharid: "Trash ?!"
(25224) Altharid makes a step forward
(25220) DMSoft: "Yeah, you don't have your hats on."
(25370) Baltasar: "We're here for a reason, you may not know this reason, it's important, and you will very likely appreciate it in the morning."
(25224) Altharid: "Do not confuse me with… these punks !"
(25371) Sidhe: *colorspray guard.*
(25371) Sidhe: "He knows well enough."
(25220) DMSoft: *he leans into sidhe and whispers "are these guys with you?" [1d20+4] => [14,4] = (18)
(25370) Baltasar: "Altharid, beat him senseless please, I'm behind on the schedule."
(25371) Sidhe: *nerveskitter self*
(25371) Sidhe: [1d20+8] => [11,8] = (19) init
(25220) DMSoft: *he stands back
(25220) DMSoft: [1d20+4] => [17,4] = (21)
(25220) DMSoft: init
(25401) Gabriel Holt: [1d20+6] => [16,6] = (22) Init
(25401) Gabriel Holt: (booyah!0
(25370) Baltasar: init: [1d20+4] => [15,4] = (19)
(25224) Altharid: Initiative: [1d20+0] => [2,0] = (2)
(25220) DMSoft: gab, it's you. no surprise round
(25401) Gabriel Holt draws his pistol, stands right in front of his face, and shoots it.
(25371) Sidhe: (not even for raptor?)
(25220) DMSoft: raptor eh? stadard action then
(25401) Gabriel Holt: [1d20+5+1-1] => [12,5,1,-1] = (17) Deadly Aim *spends one grit* For Up CLose and Deadly
(25220) DMSoft: hits his flatfoot
(25224) Altharid replies to Baltasar "Thats was not included in the contract… but its amusing enough so lets do this"
(25371) Sidhe: Talons [1d20+4] => [5,4] = (9)[1d8+4] => [4,4] = (8)
(25401) Gabriel Holt: [1d8+1+2+1d6] => [8,1,2,3] = (14) Damage
(25224) Altharid: (man got lagged somewhat)
(25371) Sidhe: "Yes, yes, they are."
(25220) DMSoft: gabriel shoots his face off
(25220) DMSoft: literally off
(25370) Baltasar frowns slightly.
(25220) DMSoft: as in, he's dead, and not a pig underneath
(25370) Baltasar: "Kinda wanted to take him alive."
(25224) Altharid: "…hmm… no brain matter left I suppose"
(25370) Baltasar: "But I'm not too bothered."
(25401) Gabriel Holt: "He had nice boots."
(25370) Baltasar: "Can someone hide that, while I start setting traps?"
(25401) Gabriel Holt reload shis gun
(25370) Baltasar: "Oh, and I might as well take a look at those."
(25401) Gabriel Holt: "Sure, I'll go hide the body."
(25370) Baltasar attempts to identify the boots.
(25371) Sidhe: *prestidigitations on the blood, leaving body moving duties to stronger folk*
(25370) Baltasar: Spellcraft: [1d20+14] => [7,14] = (21)
(25220) DMSoft: (can you identify with a spell please)
(25370) Baltasar: (( also, is there anything else interesting on the corpse? ))
(25370) Baltasar: (( like weapons, money, etc ))
(25220) DMSoft: he has lion guard armor, which is scale
(25220) DMSoft: he has 30 gp
(25371) Sidhe: *and slips into hiding with this done*
(25220) DMSoft: and a nice longsword
(25370) Baltasar: (( eh, not going to bother wasting an infusion on that, at least not until after the fight ))
(25370) Baltasar: (( it'll just go unidentified for now ))
(25224) Altharid: (wait did we actually kill a real liong guard member or an impostor ?)
(25370) Baltasar: (( are the weapons and armor masterwork? ))
(25220) DMSoft: (post in roleplay when youg the spell)
(25220) DMSoft: nope, regular
(25370) Baltasar: kk
(25220) DMSoft: perception altharid
(25224) Altharid: (well its not like Altharid cares)
(25224) Altharid: Skills: Perception [1d20+9] => [10,9] = (19)
(25370) Baltasar sets a bunch of traps around the corral
(25220) DMSoft: (oh and a lion guard pendant
(25371) Sidhe: (you killed one sidhe attacked after exchanging cryptic messages with)
(25220) DMSoft: altharid, he was a lion guard…a corrupt one, but you are a cop killer
(25371) Sidhe: [1d20+8] => [4,8] = (12) stealth
(25370) Baltasar: (( all the traps are spear traps ))
(25224) Altharid wonders if females are attracted to lion guard members
(25401) Gabriel Holt: (Well! What can we do :s)
(25370) Baltasar: (( a spear trap has +12 ranged attack, and 1d8 damage, with a search and disable DC of 20 ))
(25370) Baltasar: (( and let's say, i set 15 or so ))
(25224) Altharid: (man you might as well construct a gattling spear thing)
(25370) Baltasar: (( in strategic locations ))
(25370) Baltasar hides, [1d20+4] => [9,4] = (13)
(25220) DMSoft: (okay, and the clubs?)
(25220) DMSoft: (and hats?)
(25370) Baltasar: (( oh right, oops ))
(25370) Baltasar: (( sidhe, do you have a fire spell? ))
(25370) Baltasar: (( or any alchemist's fire? ))
(25371) Sidhe: ((no, alchemist's fire I have though))
(25370) Baltasar: (( aha, cool ))
(25371) Sidhe: ((also flint and steel, and 8 tindertwigs))
(25370) Baltasar: (( ok, we pile all the stuff up, then chuck an alchemist's fire into it when the jets arrive ))
(25370) Baltasar: (( let's use the guard's corpse as a foundation for the pile ))
(25220) DMSoft: "Were's ronny? that guy never does his job."-you hear a guy
(25401) Gabriel Holt hides.
(25370) Baltasar finishes the piling and hides again
(25224) Altharid hides
(25220) DMSoft: *you see another lion guard.
(25370) Baltasar: (( who has the best throw? ))
(25371) Sidhe: (( medium range ))
(25220) DMSoft: "ronny, are you here? (he's going into the corral)
(25371) Sidhe: (( +8 ))
(25220) DMSoft: [1d20+12] => [4,12] = (16)
(25220) DMSoft: [1d20+12] => [11,12] = (23)
(25220) DMSoft: [1d20+12] => [7,12] = (19)
(25220) DMSoft: [1d20+12] => [9,12] = (21)
(25220) DMSoft: [1d20+12] => [20,12] = (32)
(25220) DMSoft: [1d20+12] => [11,12] = (23)
(25220) DMSoft: [1d20+12] => [3,12] = (15)
(25220) DMSoft: [1d20+12] => [7,12] = (19)
(25220) DMSoft: [1d20+12] => [13,12] = (25)
(25370) Baltasar: (( ok, we have equal bonuses, you can do it ))
(25220) DMSoft: he dies very fast
(25370) Baltasar: (( … ))
(25370) Baltasar: (( that, my friends, was utterly hilarious ))
(25220) DMSoft: you hear more people comming
(25401) Gabriel Holt: (Orgy!)
(25370) Baltasar: (( however, i will point out that i did not place them all in the same spot ))
(25220) DMSoft: soon, you see 60 people…and they see the traps and the corspe
(25370) Baltasar: (( so he would have only tripped a couple ))
(25370) Baltasar: (( at most ))
(25220) DMSoft: you set alot, and he managed to spring some
(25220) DMSoft: right at the gate
(25370) Baltasar: (( alright then ))
(25220) DMSoft: so, those first 2 killed him
(25371) Sidhe: *throws fire at pile of hats and clubs over corpse. if time's right for that.*
(25370) Baltasar: (( yup, throw away ))
(25220) DMSoft: (perception)
(25370) Baltasar: perception: [1d20+14] => [6,14] = (20)
(25224) Altharid: Skills: Perception [1d20+9] => [3,9] = (12)
(25401) Gabriel Holt: [1d20+6] => [16,6] = (22)
(25370) Baltasar: (( that's my lowest perception check all night ))
(25401) Gabriel Holt: (:D)
(25371) Sidhe: [1d20-2] => [9,-2] = (7) [1d20+6] => [14,6] = (20)
(25220) DMSoft: Balt, they are turning tail…sidhe they won't see
(25220) DMSoft: holt, if you trick a shot
(25401) Gabriel Holt: "Why is their first instinct to run?"
(25220) DMSoft: you can lead them back
(25370) Baltasar hmphs
(25220) DMSoft: 3 of them told the tale
(25370) Baltasar: (( holt, take the shot ))
(25401) Gabriel Holt does so.
(25401) Gabriel Holt: (So what do I roll?)
(25370) Baltasar: (( you can do it! ))
(25220) DMSoft: (attack a light post)
(25220) DMSoft: AC 10
(25401) Gabriel Holt: (whats the touch AC of this thing >:V)
(25224) Altharid creates astral construct to with 50ft speed to finish them off
(25401) Gabriel Holt: [1d20+5] => [3,5] = (8) Aims carefully.
(25401) Gabriel Holt: And Ap [1d6] => [6] = (6)
(25370) Baltasar: (( whew ))
(25220) DMSoft: (lol), you did it. 20 of them turn back towards corral
(25220) DMSoft: they will witness if you want
(25224) Altharid: (ignore my post)
(25370) Baltasar nods to Sidhe
(25491) Honeydorin (enter): 23:54
(25224) Altharid: (didnt understand the situation)
(25491) Honeydorin: Disconnecting from server…
(25491) Honeydorin (exit): 23:54
(25220) DMSoft: (you kind of want to not kill them altharid)
(25370) Baltasar: (( yeah, but she's the thrower ))
(25370) Baltasar: (( so Sidhe, throw please? ))
(25370) Baltasar: (( it's AC 5 to hit a tile ))
(25371) Sidhe: [1d20+8] => [13,8] = (21) *An orange glow surrounds the flask of alchemist's fire as it soars in from the distance, landing and bursting into flames on the hats.*
(25370) Baltasar: (( and considering your attack bonus is higher than that… ))
(25220) DMSoft: (the clubs and hats light up….the remaining jets turn around and run)
(25370) Baltasar: "Altharid, get your tentacles out. Now we go scare them even more."
(25224) Altharid: "… I hate it but I'll have to *pause* some power… from the 'Hungerer'… it should be worthy though"
(25370) Baltasar starts chasing the Jets, firing over thier heads at another lamp."
(25220) DMSoft: (you hear screams of "the jets will prevail…but you know they won't
(25224) Altharid: *borrows
(25224) Altharid: (manifests expansion)
(25224) Altharid: (is large now)
(25224) Altharid: (intimidates with tentacles outstreched)
(25220) DMSoft: (2 jets see altharid and wet themselves)
(25401) Gabriel Holt shoots them, the cowards
(25220) DMSoft: (3 jets hear the bullets and duck)
(25370) Baltasar shoots at one of the hindmost jets, trying to wound: [1d20+8] => [9,8] = (17), Damage [1d8] => [4] = (4)
(25220) DMSoft: (he drops his hat and club)
(25370) Baltasar: (( excellent, a nice fleshwound to give versimilitude to their story ))
(25370) Baltasar stops and turns to the others.
(25370) Baltasar: "Ok, I think we can call this mission accomplished."
(25220) DMSoft: (the remaining jets flee)
(25370) Baltasar: "Err… after we hide the bodies."
(25224) Altharid: (creates a demon-like astral construct to chase them but not kill them)
(25370) Baltasar examines the burning corpse to see if it will be identifiable afterwards.
(25401) Gabriel Holt: "i am a kiiller not an undertaker," he says, sighing.
(25220) DMSoft: (the tale of the ilithid monster and constructs with gun hands emerges during the next days)
(25371) Sidhe: "Right."
(25224) Altharid: (technically I have no tentacles on my head… but I'm still tentaclish enough I suppose :P)
(25220) DMSoft: (do you search the body of the lion guard?)
(25370) Baltasar: (( if the burning corpse wouldn't be identifiable, we leave it. otherwise we dump it in the harbor along with the speared guard. ))
(25370) Baltasar: (( and yes ))
(25370) Baltasar hopes for more neat stuff
(25220) DMSoft: (he has only leather armor and a short sword.)
(25220) DMSoft: (and a lion pendant)
(25220) DMSoft: (and you find a note)
(25370) Baltasar: (( were either of the swords or armor masterwork, or exceptional in any way? ))
(25401) Gabriel Holt: (What bout the boots :P)
(25370) Baltasar reads the note silently.
(25220) DMSoft: "oh daddy, I drew you this picture: it's a picture of a horse"
(25220) DMSoft: (it's a picture of a horse, poorly done.)
(25370) Baltasar smiles at the picture, then replaces the note on the man.
(25370) Baltasar: "Ok, who wants to help me dump this thing?"
(25224) Altharid: (you are just trying to make as feel bad aren't you ?:P)
(25220) DMSoft: (actually, he was completely innocent.)
(25220) DMSoft: (darkside points all of you)
(25224) Altharid: (ohhh nice)
(25371) Sidhe: (yay!)
(25370) Baltasar: (( oh please, my PC worships Asmodeus. He can't really get much darker. ))
(25401) Gabriel Holt: "Hmm…"
(25401) Gabriel Holt: ((I feel so evil xD)
(25370) Baltasar: (( besides, i didn't let holt see it, so unless he rummages through the man's pockets afterwards, he wont' have a problem ))
(25220) DMSoft: (you return to gain the reward if you'd like)
(25224) Altharid: (well technically I do not worship anyone… I'm twisted enough…)
(25370) Baltasar: (( yes, we would like ))
(25370) Baltasar disposes of the corpse, then leads the way to collect our reward. After collecting the new cane and hat, of course.
(25220) DMSoft: (you try to get the 500 from the lion guard…but they have diviners and they murder you all)
(25220) DMSoft: (kidding…but they don't give you that money)
(25370) Baltasar: (( and are we surprised? ))
(25401) Gabriel Holt: (Well just put that 500 gp towards reviving the guy xD)
(25370) Baltasar: "Oh! I nearly forgot."
(25371) Sidhe: ((Sidhe figured he was innocent collateral and didn't really care.))
(25370) Baltasar presents the new cane and hat to Holt.
(25220) DMSoft: (i think the exp is gonna be in the 2600 range for this one…it was a long)
(25370) Baltasar: "We all have our own trophies from a skirmish with the Jets last week. And now you have yours."
(25220) DMSoft: (and you guys did take out a big threat…with evilness)
(25370) Baltasar: (( that's us, defeating evil by being even bigger bastards ))
(25401) Gabriel Holt: "Great," he says, kicking it up, "A pleasure workin with you fellas."
(25224) Altharid: (will use that a sig in the forum… Balt :])
(25401) Gabriel Holt: "My hats off to you," he tips it.
(25224) Altharid: *as a
(25220) DMSoft: (Martin is regened for free by Wedge)
(25370) Baltasar nods in agreement, "Indeed. We'll have to commit wholesale slaughter with each other again sometime." **
(25224) Altharid: *actually for
(25371) Sidhe: "Heh. Good meeting you… what was your name again?"
(25224) Altharid: (whatever)
(25220) DMSoft: (so I think that's a good place to end.)
(25224) Altharid: (kk thx for dm-ing and playing)
(25370) Baltasar: (( sounds good ))
(25370) Baltasar: (( that was a lot of fun ))

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