Jade Tear

Description: A tear, which (in orb form) appears to be made of crystals of exquisite green hue (before purification at least).


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Continuum Unveils (Part 1) 06-20-2012 Got recovered from …the insides of an aboleth who presumably went insane after swallowing it… by mistake.
2 A fox among the tears 06-21-2012 ….Nommed….by Nightmare after the Purple Tear wanted her to arrive… as she felt lonely in that dreamscape of fox's. Her personality and appearance is the direct opposite of her 'sibling'. Decided to fuse with Nightmare after …having detected traces of something 'delightful' within the would-be host.
3 Foxy planning 07-09-2012 Nightmare made her join the 'collective' within her dreamscape, mind and body (composed of the fox, Purple Tear, Cause and Genocidia.
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