Kamigawa Jade
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Character Sheet
Race:Blessed Human ???
Class: ???
Alignment: Neutral Good

One of the quadruplets of Light and Ahri's children. He is the eldest of the quadruplets. The most mannered kid in the group as well as the most wisest.

The wisest of the quadruplets and also a joker. He is very kind to the family and friends but at the same time he would make jokes with them.

Lunar Clan, Freelance Detective

Ahri - Mother
Kamigawa Light - Father
Kamigawa  Shimon - Light & Ahri Child- Quadruplet  (fox boy)
Kamigawa  Jade  - Light & Ahri Child- Quadruplet  (human boy)
Kamigawa  Izanagi  - Light & Ahri Child- Quadruplet  (fox boy)

Red eyes, long blond hair teenager.

NPC Appearances

# Adventure Date Actions
1 The 10-fold scroll 09/04/12 Kamigawa took her out for a morning stroll, which Kaguya demands everyday. She got scared at the Bloodhaired One when he suddenly appeared in front of Light. Kaguya spoke her first word which as "Asshole" which was referred to Blooded Hair One when he left Nightmare's domain.
2 Shiji and Lights kids 09/22/12 Listened to Shinji story and also trolled him.
3 Hot Revenge 11/27/12 Bothered Shinji at when he was with Hikari.

Character Log:

# Adventure Date XP Gain GP Gain Items Gained Items Lost Description
1 Character Creation 10-19-2011 0 200 Explorer’s Outfit
2 Rank in Line 11-17-12 1800 XP 1125 Hired by the back lion as a mercanary. He wanted to see how Black Lion was and as he as suspected it was a bad organization?
3 Fight night 12/12/12 2000 XP 500 Found a guy that's cheating in the fight club.
4 Shadowed Twists Part 2 12/20/12 1750XP 362 Hired by Karma to accompany them to Rokugan and help find what the trinket tells them..
5 Shadowed Twists Part 3 12/23/12 1625 XP 400 Was ambushed by tengus saying they were after the trinket o they ambushed the people who hired the tengu's.
6 Shadowed Twists Part 4 12/25/12 1555 XP ?? Found out it was the Lunarblade that was under the blooming cherry tree.
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