Istachi's Pride

Istachi's Pride

Istachi’s Pride is a platinum katana. Its Tsuba is ivory colored and the handle is delicately wrapped with royal purple and forest green dyed shark skin.

Nonlegacy Game Statistics:

+1 platinum katana; cost 9050 gp; Damage 2d6+1; Weight 6 lb. Istachi’s Pride is a Heavy Weapon and requires Exotic Weapon Proficiency: Heavy Katana to wield it without penalty.

Omen: The weapon contacts you on in your dream state and offers to train you if Istachi is your ancestor.


Following her awakening as a Dragon Prophesier, Arashi Taikou decided to awaken the soul in her sword by reforging it in Platinum. The soul turned out to be that of her father, Istachi a powerful duelist and Iaijutsu Master. (more to come in game hopefully)

Legacy Rituals

3 rituals are required to unlock all the abilities of Istachi’s Pride.

Hand of the Master: You must find and persuade an Iaijutsu Master to train you with the sword and its use. Cost: 2000gp.

Bathed in Dragon’s Breath: You must find an adult or older dragon and get them to use their breath weapon on Istachi’s Pride while you hold it. This can either be done in battle or out. Cost: 13500gp.

Iaijutsu Fantatic: You must duel another katana wielder to the death. The person you are dueling must have at least 11 ranks in the Iaijutsu focus skill. Cost: 38,000gp.

Weilder Requirements

Istachi’s Pride is primarily a samurai, factotum, or warblade weapon.

Istachi’s Pride Wielder Requirements

Base attack bonus +3
Iaijutsu focus 2 ranks
Exotic weapon proficiency (Heavy Katana)

Wielder Level Skill Check Penalty Hit Point Loss Abilities
5 Platinum Katana +1/Soulbound, +1 Essentia
6 2 Iaijutsu Opportunist
7 -1
8 2 Lesser Iaijutsu Training
9 2 Intelligent Legacy
10 2
11 Platinum Katana +3/Soulbound, +2 Essentia
12 2
13 -2
14 2 Iaijutsu Training
16 2 Speed of the Duel.
17 Platinum Katana +5/Greater Soulbound, +3 Essentia
18 -3 2 Greater Iaijutsu Training
19 2 Fast Movement
20 2 Freedom of Movement


Bonus Essentia (su): At 5th, 11th, and 17th level, you gain bonus essentia to your essentia pool. This essentia can only be used on Istachi's Pride.

Soulbound (su): At 5th level, Istachi's Pride gains the soulbound weapon enhancement detailed in the Magic item Compendium on pg 43.

Iaijutsu Opportunist (ex): At 6th level, you gain the ability to use the maneuver Sapphire Nightmare Blade. You may use this maneuver once per encounter up to five times per day.

Lesser Iaijutsu Training (ex): At 8th level, you gain a +5 competence bonus to your Iaijutsu Focus skill and may treat that skill as a class skill.

Intelligent Legacy (su): At 9th level, Istachi's Pride becomes an intelligent weapon. Its alignment is Lawful Neutral and its stats are 14 Wis, 16 Int, 16 Cha.

Iaijutsu Training (ex): At 14th level, your competence bonus to Iaijutsu Focus becomes +10.

Speed of the Duel: At 16th level, you gain a +5 bonus to your initiative rolls. This bonus also applies in iaijutsu duels.

Greater Soulbound (su): At 17th level, Istachi's Pride loses the soulbound weapon enhancement and gains the greater soulbound weapon enhancement detailed in Magic Item Compendium on pg 43.

Greater Iaijutsu Training (ex): At 18th level, your competence bonus to Iaijutsu Focus becomes +15.

Fast Movement (ex) At 19th level, you gain the Fast Movement class ability as long as Istachi's Pride is wielded or worn, see PHB pg 25.

Freedom of Movement (ex) At 20th level, you may act as if under the effects of Freedom of Movement as long as you wield Istachi's Pride. This ability is not lost in an anti-magic field.

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