Race: Silverbrow Human
Class: Warblade 5 / Iajitsu Master 10
Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Description: Istachi is the Head Bodyguard of Hiroshi Ohba within the Floating Library. His blade is swift and merciless.

Background: Istachi was hand selected by Hiroshi Ohba to wed his daughter Mali Ohba on her 18th birthday. He finds her to be childish.

Floating Library - Head Bodyguard


# Adventure Date Actions
1 The Lost City 01-04-2012 Noted to the party that the only reason they were allowed to pass and meet Hiroshi Ohba was his trust and goodwill in the previous actions of the party
2 Altharid's Coronation 01-14-2012 Guarded… Hiroshi.
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