Iris Code Of Conduct

The Iris Code of Conduct:
Rule 1: Perform any task Given to you by The Iris through proper channels
Rule 2: Perform any task you accept payment for, with the exception to those accepted in pursuit of a counter-assignment.
Rule 3: If an assignment requires undercover operations, any payment accepted for services not rendered must be discretely returned.
Rule 4: Discretion must be observed at all times regarding any tasks accepted. Do not discuss the nature of your duties with anyone who does not need to know
Rule 5: Do not harm innocents. If someone does not interfere with your mission, they should be left unharmed,
Rule 6: Treachery by a client must not be tolerated. If a person who hires an Iris member is found to betray them in any way (whether they know they are Iris or not) they are subject to the harshest punishment the member views plausible.
Rule 7: Before undertaking any hostilities against a client, a formal challenge must be rendered.

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