Inquisitor Ferdinand Revanov

Race: Human (???)
Class: Inquisitor 7
Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Description: An apprentice (for imperial standards at least) inquisitor of the 'Divine Way'. Stalwart defender of his faith which may make him appear rather overzealous… especially when delivering judgment from the standard issue inquisition firearm also known as 'holy judge'.


"I am not going to stop preaching even if that means delivering the tenets of the Divine Way one bullet at time"
"I have not asked you about your opinion concerning the Inquisition's tactical acumen !"
"Suffer not a blasphemer to live…"
"For the Emperor !"

Ergothian Inquisition


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Excavation (part3) 12-10-2012 Joined the party together with Aoth in spite of some rather 'unorthodox' outlook of its. The reason being simple, Kriegov Streingauss life was quite of priority and the team happened to be guarding him.
2 Excavation (part4) 12-14-2012 Continued to assist the party in the chaos-ravaged insides of the Progenitor.
3 Excavation (epilogue) 12-17-2012 Went unconscious due to poison (?) with which he was afflicted while onboard the Progenitor. Survived the continuing ordeal thanks to the party's actions.
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