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Psychometabolism [Evil]
Level: Aberrant 5, Egoist 5
Display: Audible, Visual, Mental
Manifesting Time: 1 standard action
Range: Touch
Target: One dying corporeal creature or body (see text)
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving Throw: None or Fortitude Negates
Power Resistance: Yes
Power Points: 9

You stab your target's chest with your psionically-charged limb, infusing it with a corruptive jolt of psychometabolic energy, leaving no obvious wound to be seen.
In a blink of an eye the victim starts twitching and trembling in agony, its body trying to desperately fight off the supernatural infection, not realizing that in few
brief moments she will become but a crumbling shell of her former self, an obedient one that is.

This power turns the bodies of a recently dead or dying creatures into an infested version of its former self.
If used against a dying target, the creature is entitled a Fortitude save, which negates the power's effect when successful.
When used on a dead body the power fails to function unless the death occurred in less than one round per your manifester level.

The infested creature gains the aberration type, an appropriate augmented subtype and the psionic subtype.
The creature you infested retains all its extraordinary abilities, but not its supernatural, psi/spell-like or natural manifesting/spellcasting abilities.
The aberration loses all HD derived from class levels (if any) while retaining access to its former weapon and armor proficiencies and class skills (but not the actual skill ranks),
add two aberration HD to the resulting creature should that leave it with no HD.
The creature retains its personality and all of its memories.

The infested creature follows your mental commands to the best of its ability.
You can mentally command the aberrations you created if within 50 feet of them, even if you do not have line of sight.
The creatures remain active only so long as you have a power point reserve of at least 1 point.
When you go below that number, no matter how far away you are or how many planes removed from your creation,
the creatures that you’ve created and controlled become disabled (as if reduced to 0 hit points).
When your power point reserve climbs up, your infested creatures return to normal, assuming they haven’t been slain in the meantime.
The creature you infest remains under your control indefinitely.

You cannot use a single manifestation of infestation to create more HD of aberrations than twice your manifester level with a single use of this power.
However, no matter how many times you use this power, you can control only 4 HD worth of infested creatures per manifester level.
If you exceed this number, all the newly infested creatures fall under your control, but any excess aberrations from previous manifestations become disabled
(you choose which creatures become disabled).
Infested creatures rendered disabled in this fashion must be affected again with this power, if you desire their service once more.
Subsequent manifestation of the power on the creatures you created may allow you to modify their characteristics to certain extent, as described below.

Aberrations (not including your infested creatures), Outsiders, Constructs, Elementals and Undead creatures are immune to Infestation.

You can augment this power in one or more of the following ways.

1.If you spend 2 additional power points you may have the creature you are infesting gain Aberration Blood or Illithid Heritage as a bonus feat even if it does not meet the requirements.
2.For every 2 additional power point you may have the creature you are infesting lose a feat of your choice and gain an aberrant or illithid heritage feat in exchange.
The creature must still meet all the requirements for the feat of your choice.
3.If you spend 8 additional power points you may have the creature you are infesting regain her supernatural, spell-like and psi-like abilities which do not replicate a spell or power with expensive material component or xp cost.
4.If you spend 2 points less than the given power point cost, you manifest this power as a full-round action.

In addition, for every 2 additional power points you spend to achieve any of these effects, this power’s save DC increases by 1.

This power is psychophilosophically incompatible with any spells, powers or other abilities capable of creating undead creatures;
should you attempt to use either one of them while the other one is still in effect then one of the following happens:

1.If you already control infested creatures you may use an undead-creation ability but at the cost of severing your psychometabolic
connection to all aberrations controlled in such fashion at the moment (killing them instantly in the process).

2.If you already control undead creatures you may use Infestation but at the cost of severing their negative-energy plane
connection to all undead controlled at the moment (destroying them instantly in the process).

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