Igor Leviedev

Race: ??? (undetermined aberration)
Class: Psion ?
Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Description: In spite of his gentlemanly manners, purely academic countenance and non-threatening appearance…inside Igor you will find nothing more than selfishness and desire to impress and subsequently surpass his associates. No matter the cost…but is sacrificing few meager worms (each 'non-enlighted' being will count as such…with the 'enlightenness" being hard to determine) really all that costly ? Is it even a sacrifice ? As every member of the enigmatic 'Seekers' Igor boasts tremendous mental prowess, living up to the organization's credo.

Membership: The Seekers, rank unknown

# Adventure Date Actions
1 Those who seek (part 6b) 05-01-2012 Invited the party to his…lecture near the complexes databank, full of memory crystals. Apparently 'biomancy' was his trade. Could not resist the urge to enlighten the heroes with the practical application of it after being offered to see the desolate future (including Void) through Arashi's mind.
2 Those who seek (part 6c) 05-02-2012 Skipped to the 'practical part' of his lecture after seeing the Void in Arashi's mind… which basically meant unleashing his aberrant minions via planar warps…while casually taking notes… the heroes being unable to harm him. The diabolical use of his powers resulted in the death of many innocent whom he had empathically linked with the aberrations slain by the do-gooders… later became not really that amused with the performance of the latter and promptly 'committed suicide' which resulted in a chain reaction of explosions and creation of a great planar vortex which started consuming the demi-plane on which the confrontation took place. Captured Ivar who arrived few moments later thanks to his dominion over Soleit's mind…against whom the pharaoh was powerless, as he housed his symbiotic form in the very body of his.
3 Quintessential Essence 06-25-2012 Spotted in the Kython Hive where he's been 'gathering research data'. Commanded a squad of powerful biomancy-augmented ...freaks of nature and agreed to 'aid' Aegis' should she co-operate with him, as he also sought the essence of Ragnora's. Their conversation, however, was interrupted by a sudden appearance of the Blades of Ire, led by Sir Jeremy Costineux .
4 Return to the Great Unknown (part2) 07-23-2012 Mentioned by one D-Series test-subject who revelead him to be the current 'owner' of Ivar Heavychain.
5 The Shackled Monarch 08-01-2012 The party encountered a projection of him that was soon taken out by the Blades of Ire.
6 Ordinary Dragonportian Grocery (part1) 07-02-2013 Mentioned by Overseer MKIII inside the Seeker Base. Was apparently responsible for the termination of the experimentation project taking place in its confines 13 years ago.
7 Reactivation 09-18-2013 Gained access into the Abandoned Research Complex in one way or another in spite of such apparently being constructed by Kirgoyv a fellow seeker. Went down in order to find whatever he sought while leaving the subject later known as Cathalyst guarded by a squad of warforged.
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