Kamigawa Ichiro

Race:??? Human
Class: ???
Alignment: Neutral Evil

Description: Formally Kamigawa Ichiro. Kamigawa's brother. Went to the Shadowlands and underwent a transformation. Servant of the College of Necromancy and Ra-men. Hopes to curry favor to raise him up to a status far exceeding the Lunar Clan his former clan. His skills mirror his brother's in many ways, it is unknown which of the two is stronger, but it is obvious that Ichiro's moral compass is an opposite mirror to that of his own brother

College of Necromancy


# Adventure Date Actions
1 The Io's Blood Isles Part 2 5/10/12 Servant of both the College of Necromancy and Ra-men, he seeks to kidnap Arashi, after failing to attain that goal he dueled his brother, Light and when he couldn't defeat him outright or quickly, he instead kidnapped Larien in order to lure the party into giving him what he sought instead.
2 The Hunt for the Orbs Part 1 6/06/12 Was presumably defeated by the party.
3 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 6 08/09/2012 Demolished by one Divine 9-tail. Not standing a chance in spite of being aided by Minaruja.
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