Hooded One/Lumen

Race: Human (???)
Class: ???
Alignment: ???

Description: An obviously supernatural-versed being also known as 'Lumen' with an undetermined sort of connection to at least one group of both chaos and evil-induced battle-addicts.


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Guns and... (???) (part2) 11-09-2012 Was 'first seen' threatening/ordering around few commanders of the ergothian equipment users, at least those 'tainted' with chaotic and evil traits. Later the party met him at the driving car of the train where he proved to actually know more than tis expectable about Kaguya and Frozt.
2 Unveiling the beyond (epilogue) 11-10-2012 Appeared out of 'nowhere' obviously heading to some hidden passage leading towards the secret headquarters of the Black Lions. Charlinia Coaldragon followed and stopped him before he would enter the hidden teleportation circle. In the end both parties managed to actually strike a deal. 'Lumen' (the hooded one's actual tittle) offered intel which revealed both security issues on the Black Lion's part … as well as data according to which Inquisitor Sigmund proved to be a traitor… for such he demanded only a promise of having one particular dragonshard engine delivered to him in few years. In order to prove its actual existence he also demanded the obdurium casing as well as its blueprints to be delivered to Avalon at some later date.
3 Rokugan Civil War (Preparations Part 1) 12-28-2012 Lumen had gone disguised as 'Zephyr' (a 'wandering scholar' of great renown and equally great deal of controversy surrounding his persona) to run a lecture in Avalon about his personal views to the public then and there. Charlinia Coaldragon and Tenko had been there to see his work when he vanishes leaving his hidden message to meet at Old Castle Darnten for those interested. He was slightly let down when they were the only ones who showed up to the location. The man had at least taken the time to chat with them for a small moment, pondering their offer in return for Charlinias services 2 years later and ten women of specific matching qualities in return for his involvement in Rokugan.
4 Darkened Enlightenment 02-07-2014 Approached Rick Dodger twice: first within the fog-covered bounds of Dragonport, offering to parley for a reason which was to be revealed later giving 3 days for Rick to reconsider the offer. The second meeting took place ontop the aerial castle, that is Old Castle Darnten during which the dark mystic offered intel on Mathias Blizzaia's plots in exchange for… the castle itself. The offer was of course rejected and hostilities were about to (apparently) erupt but Lu-Men (or rather his decoy) only crystallized his form, adding to the myriad of sculptures dotting the castle's courtyard.
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