HoA Firearm Feats

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Credit goes to Ashiel (AKA Scott) of Heroes of Alvena for making these rules.
NOTE: This version is out of date, since a more recent version has not been approved for BM at this time.


The following are new feats to that may be of use to
the gunslinger or anyone else interested in firearms and
their uses.

Aimed Shot (Combat)
You can spend actions to make a particularly deadly
Prerequisite: Base attack +1.
Benefit: You may study a target as a standard action.
Each round spent studying your target (to a maximum
of 3 rounds) grants a +2 bonus to hit and +2 bonus to
damage on your next ranged attack. When your base
attack bonus reaches +6, and every 5 points thereafter,
you increase the benefit of this feat by +2 per round
spent studying.

Bodyguard (Combat)
You're adept at intercepting ranged attacks.
Benefit: Allies adjacent to you are treated as having
soft cover against ranged attacks, even if you are not
directly in the path of the attack.

Executioner (Combat)
You're a hardened killer.
Benefit: You may make a coup de grace as a standard
action instead of a full-round action. You still provoke
attacks of opportunity.

Extra Deed (General)
You're more talented than most gunslingers.
Prerequisites: Deeds class feature.
Benefit: You may select any deed available to a 1st
level gunslinger to add to your list of deeds known.
Special: You may take this feat multiple times. Each
time you must select a different deed.

Extra Grit (General)
While others need a moment to cool down, you're just
heating up.
Prerequisite: Grit class feature.
Benefit: You increase your maximum grit by 2.
Special: This feat can be taken multiple times. Its
effects stack.

Gifted Gunman (Combat)
You're gifted with a gun and never stopped training.
Prerequisite: Grit class feature.
Benefit: You treat your gunslinger level as 4 higher, to
a maximum of your hit dice, for the purposes of
determining your maximum grit and how much grit
you can spend at once (so a multiclassed gunslinger 3 /
bard 4 is treated as a 7th level gunslinger for purposes
of maximum grit and how much grit he can spend).

Hot Headed (General)
Your anger creates gritty determination.
Prerequisites: Rage class feature, Grit class feature.
Benefit: Whenever you enter a rage you immediately
gain 1 temporary grit, and you gain 1 temporary grit
each round spent in a rage. Temporary grit do not count
towards your maximum grit, and unspent grit gained
from this ability are lost when your rage ends.

Human Shield (Combat)
You can grab someone and use them as cover.
Benefit: When you initiate a grapple with a creature,
you are treated as having soft-cover against all ranged
attacks as if the creature was between you and the
attacker while grappling. If someone misses you with a
ranged attack while grappling, you may choose to have
the attack resolved as if they were attacking the
creature you're grappling (if grappling with multiple
creatures, choose one).

Lookout Man (Combat)
You can quickly warn allies of impending danger in
time for them to act.
Prerequisite: Perception 5 ranks.
Benefit: During a surprise round, you may forgo your
action to allow your allies to act as well.

Militia Training (Combat)
You gain just enough training to learn how to wield
simple weapons.
Benefit: You gain proficiency with all simple weapons.
Special: Most classes begin with proficiency in all
simple weapons.

Military Training (Combat)
You've trained enough with weapons to become
proficient in martial weapons.
Prerequisite: Proficiency with all simple weapons.
Benefit: You gain proficiency with all martial
Special: Martial classes (barbarian, fighters, paladins,
rangers, etc) begin play with proficiency in all martial

Shotgun Terror (Combat)
Double barrels of fear, locked and loaded.
Prerequisite: Proficiency with firearms.
Benefit: When you confirm a critical hit with a
shotgun weapon (blunderbuss, scattergun, or shortscattergun)
against a creature, the creature immediately
gains the Shaken condition until the end of your next
turn. This is a mind-affecting effect.

Thunderous Strike (Combat)
You can strike an opponent with your firearm and then
unload the contents into them at point-blank range.
Prerequisite: Pistol whip deed.
Benefit: When you confirm a critical hit while using
your firearm as a melee weapon with the pistol whip
deed, or with a bayonet, you may make a ranged attack
against the same target with your firearm as a swift
action. Unlike most ranged attacks, attacking in this
way does not provoke attacks of opportunity for firing
in melee, and the target is treated as being flat-footed
against the attack.

Xylophone Cacophony (General)
You can announce yourself with a glorious fanfare of
gunfire and the tap of the hammer on the bullet.
Prerequisite: Bardic performance, firearm proficiency
Benefit: During a round where you make a full-attack
with a firearm, you may begin a bardic performance as
a swift action.

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