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How Hngyanyplothpet thinks 'it' looks like; how his progenitors perceive it; as seen by the others (oh noes party members ?)

Character Sheet
Player: Duralan
Race: Half-Farspawn Magic-Blooded Changeling
Class: Cloistered Cleric 3/Binder 1/Anima Mage 1*
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

*Not in this order

Most of the time Hnghnyanplothpet is covered with wizardly robes with the face being obscured from view with a fancy, somewhat oversized equally wizardly hat… or if there's not enough space… or for some reasons the crowd appears to be hat-allergic… or simply such which emerges then a plain hood is employed.
Other than that the otherworldly shapechanger is prone to reshaping her appearance to suit current shifts in mood, even then the trademark hat/hood remains.
In a rare occurrence when Hnghnyanplothpet would … abuse her 'herbs' too much… and forget about the cloak… her alien origin would become more or less obvious: 2 semi-sentient (and with opposite personalities to boot) non-rigid appendages sprout from her shoulder blades sometimes moving on their own but tis not the end of the hints from beyond. A third eye, located on her forehead forms at times STARING, unblinking, generating nightmare fuel with the shapechanger being blissfully unaware of it.

Ah yes, other than that the 'female' of average built she is…


For a being being inherently influenced by the Far Realms… Hnghnyanplothpet keeps a quite… sane demeanor.
But then again such heritage can make her prone to entirely random, if not lunatic-alike shifts in behavioral patterns. Most of the time harmless … THANKFULLY harmless.
At times the shapechanger may be influenced by bizarre urges of one of her semi-sentient appendages… which only adds more pre-existent unpredictability.
Oh yes and the voices in her head ^_^.

Ah yes, other than that a young, quite persuasive, sensitive and talented in the bizarre… absent-minded female she is.



Lunacy-less version:

Hnghnyanplothpet is a result of union between 'Zceryll', the star-spawn cultist of the day LONG gone and… some horror from beyond this realm.
Due to the way the Far Realms interact with the Arkus cosmology … in spite of being born AGES ago our half-farspawn appeared there only 'recently' (following the events of the release of the Candlejack). She managed (mostly due to her half-mortal roots) to somewhat adapt to this environment, however she still appears to be quite blissfully unaware of her true heritage (in spite of …her appearance).
Currently the 'magician girl' seeks to learn as much as possible about the world from which her mother hailed, finding it exceedingly interesting but not overwhelming… as of yet.
Hnghnyanplothpet is somewhat aware that returning home might be an issue at the moment and in order to do so she tries to expand her otherworldly abilities (soul-binding for example) to the point where she will be able to call her progenitor's vestige self so as to consult her on the matter.

Character Log:

# Adventure Date XP Gain GP Gain Items Gained Items Lost Description
1 Character Creation 07-29-2012 3300 +3000 Traveler’s Outfit XP gained from wiki-work
2 Character Creation (buying) 07-29-2012 -2870 Cloak of Charisma +1, Reliquary Holy Symbol, Masterwork Chain Shirt, Masterwork Dastana, Masterwork Chahair-Ana, Masterwork Heavy Steel Shield, masterwork tools (knowledge: arcane, nature, the planes, religion, local)
3 (Axe)Picking Your Own Path 08-03-2012 1260 +800 Traveler’s Outfit Got my first invitation for 'adventuring' ! Why this plane is so strange :O ? Oh they must have heard of my stupendous harping ^_^. What's so hard in understanding the theory of the *wiggle wiggle* angle ~_~ ? It leaves all confused. Got a scratch from an oversized lizard. That employer guy was so nice ! Gold for acting funny !
4 Downtime: buying 09-08-2012 -550 Shapechanger's clothes, mw tool of disguise, mw string instrument. Bought
5 Haven Plots: Brunch in Badwater Blows 08-09-2012 +3200 (lvl 4 !) +3020 Hmm time-parodoxes induced by the practical application of the *wigglesness* are so fun ^_^ ! That would be my first *a-d-v-e-n-t-u-r-e* … thought it would involved banditry. It almost always begins like this according to the scrolls hmmmm *checks 'her' guide to the material plane*. Maybe undead-bandits count o_O ??? Oh getting paid for having fun. What not there to like about this plane ^_^ !
6 The Fragile Web 08-28-2012 +700 +1k gp *wonders what sort of fun is to be had !* Oh cultists ! Why aren't they my ones… ? -_- no-one insults *K-R-A-T-O-S* !!! *Makes mental notes about the resident … if unconscious war machines in equine flesh*.
7 Downtime: buying 08-29-2012 - -750gp Wand of Lesser Vigor Bought.
8 Haven Plots: Elria is Missing Part 3 09/12/2012 +4150 - Got *turned into a stone* ! Sneezed out of the petrification ! Met a nagate/kitsune ! Hmm Tenko's "magic" still remains mystery to me >_> *is super super curious* Oh the drow ! Left the pincushions at least, one male did not get so lucky. How much fluff is in this land ? Is the warmth a viable substitute for intoxicating things ? Hmmmm….. *ponders*
9 Downtime: buying 09/13/2012 - -50gp Masterwork Tool (Knowledge:Dungeoneering) Bought.
11 More Kobolds! 02/28/2013 +1000 - 6 charges of the lesser vigor wand Heard about another nice job. Was bored as Ophelia St.Laraine went into restless slumber~. Had to read something fancy and learn. Met a fox who was not drained every day by her mistress. A dragon man with three heads. A lesser dragon man with pointy boomstick. And a bird of fire. The small buggers gazed upon my maiden (if bee) self with such indecent eyes >_>. PUNISHMENT TIME. My wand can reverse time, tee-hee-hee ^^.
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