Race: ???
Class: ???
Alignment: ???

Hexbane is a chain whip with a bladed tip. The chain it is on also has retractable blades that fold against the chain when it slides into the extra planar space in the hilt. It's design is that of a cross with the bladed top set into the hilt. When swung, the bladed tip detaches, dragging the bladed chain with it to slice and pierce the wielder's foes. The Cross itself is covered in celtic designs, even on the leather for the grip.

The weapon displays traits of sentience and has a ghostly apparition that may or may not be visible to those other tan the wielder. it speaks telepathically with said wielder and may have other useful abilities. The Weapon sometimes attacks light sources. One could say it has a 'light fixture'.

Previous Owners:

Current Owner


# Adventure Date Events
1 Unveiling the beyond (epilogue) 11-10-2012 It appears that the relic-box in which the weapon was held was used (in magically shrunk form) as … a pendant of Alexandrite de'Carde's. Garun somehow managed to recover it though. The armament itself proved to was used before by his old-man… who had been a vampire hunter at some point of time (the irony). The weapon acted a bit too hasty… forcing him into gaseous form without even being given a chance to realize what's about to happen.
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