Hector Gains Wife 1

Bor seeing Mali, approaches.
Bastard: Three is drinking his own ale that he snuck in.
Rinzle Ranzibitz sits drinking her tea, reading a book, and petting a tabbycat
Hector sips his whiskey by the fire "hmm…"
Bor: "Hey Mali, how are you?"
Farris walks into waterdragon inn, grinning as usual
Sidhe: *Sidhe sips from a drink kept cold with her own ice crystal, looking over toward Bor with a bit of puzzlement.*
Bill Bisco : ohm.nerd65536.com Port: 64738 Pass: Cgfj+Cqc
Mali: "I am doing fine Mr. Manotaur"
Bill Bisco : Download mumble and join that server
Ichai enters, shaking out his cloak vigorously.
Sidhe: Wait, Bor?
Hector: "So rinzle, how's the shop going?"
Bor: "Oh, you're not speaking that weird language anymore"
Mali: "yeah, it's bor, he's a manotaur now"
Baltasar: (( err, baltasar enters… >_> ))
Bor: "Hey Sidhe, you didn't see me like this yet!"
Mali: "I am feeling better now bor."
Sidhe pauses, setting down her drink to eye Bor curiously.
Bor: "I'm now Ox, not Bor! But you can call me Bor!"
Baltasar spots Sidhe and drops into a chair next to her.
Rinzle Ranzibitz: Ah, its doing ok, there is a lot of set up work still to be done. I hope to go into production this next week
Baltasar: "Don't mind Bor, he got hit on the head a few times last week."
Sidhe: IT's … certainly a new look. Much more animalistic. Suits you well enough.
Bor: *flexes* "Like it?"
Altharid (enter): 20:28
Bastard: Three is a grey elf, dressed very oddly for being in a bar. His clothes are bright white, and perfectly maintained. His hair is in a tight, neat braid, decorated with large needles. A golden retriever is begging right next to him.
Mali: *one month pretty much
Altharid: (ok I can hear Bill)
Mali: "So Bor, did we win?"
Hector: (lol, months? how many game days=real days?)
Bastard: (1-3)
Mali: (3 days, and it's been a month)
Sidhe looks over to balthasar with a smile at this, and a slight chuckle.
Bor: "It was a slaughter"
Hector lifts a finger to rinzle "My apologies, I have forgotten a most important task…"
Mali: "Hmm, I think I see hector over there."
Mali: "I wonder if he got married."
Daemon: Daemon enters the tavern keeping in the shadows finds his to the back and sits in an unoccupied stool close to the back, away from the main groupings of people
Sidhe: Evening, what is this you won now?
Bor: "Long time no see, Hector!"
Altharid: "Greetings… Knowledge Baster" -Altharid approaches Mali
Altharid: *Buster
Farris Pulls out a mug from his pack which instantly fills with Sasparilla as if by magic. Starts gulping away.
Hector jumps out of his seat and swiftly exits the inn, on his way to propose
Daemon: ((ahh i see my apologies…))
Mali: (bill means the log/ chart)
Mali: (at the bottom of the character page)
Mali: (see you in 5 minutes)
Bastard: Three tosses a piece of meat to the golden retriever.
Bor: (follow the example in the character creation)
Altharid hopes that Mali will make no references to his tentacles
Sidhe smiles at Althardi's entrance, going to sip her drink again.
Rinzle Ranzibitz: So, any mad mage plots or evil druids lately?
Mali: "Oh, it's Tentacles. How's the job going?"
Hector picks her up "Marry me!"
Bor: "Altharid! Have you been practicing Baltasar's bite exercise?"
Altharid facepalms
Rinzle Ranzibitz laughs
Altharid: "I prefer other excercises Bor"
Bor: "But we need to see who's got the stronger bite!"
Mali: "Bor, are you going to chew a chain today"
Altharid: "I train… my psychic circuits so they can server as better power conduicts"
Hector spins in the street, holding his bride to be (very rom-com style) "Yes darling, the sooner the better"
Baltasar: "Is that what you call it?"
Bor: "I'm training Mali, Baltasar said he'd give me a bigger chain when I break this one"
Sidhe grows distracted and misses a few things being right back.
Bor: "That's not what men do, Altharid!"
Mali: "I wonder what kind of adventure we'll do today."-to group
Hector returns the hug "Tomorrow.."
Baltasar: "Err, I said i would replace it if you manage to bite through it. Not if you simply break it."
Rinzle Ranzibitz: Woot, a wedding tomorrow!
Hector smiles "At noon" as she leaves..
Bastard: Three's money opporunity senses are tingling. There is someone who can be sold something at high mark ups nearby.
Bor: "Yeah, that"
Mali: "Let's go find that halfling guy Gin Longfoot!"
Bor: "Let me show you, Baltasar!"
Bastard: Three looks to the bar. Where is the sucker…?
Hector returns to the inn, grabbing a drink and stepping up onto an empty table "IM GETTING MARRIED!"
Farris: "Congratulations good sir"
Baltasar: "Nah, he got arrested."
Bor chews on chain. Strenght check [1d20+11] => [4,11] = (15)
Bastard: "One born every minute." Three says to himself.
Baltasar: "Poor little asshole, is more like."
Mali: "Oh my, i didn't know about that!"
Daemon: ((where can i find your prices on items or do i use a book?))
Mali: (use the srd)
Mali: (pathfinder or d&d srd)
Baltasar: "He charged me more than 600 gold just to take a ride on the rope dive at the library."
Bor: "Married? But men get more than one woman!"
Baltasar: "A ride for HIM"
Hector downs his drink and goes for another
Baltasar mutters irritably.
Hector: "Not this one, Bor.." patting him on the shoulder
Rinzle Ranzibitz: Bor, you always live up to your name! *grins*
Mali: (you get free adventure clothes that weight 5lbs)
Farris Laughs
Bor: "Hey little gnome"
Bor: "Are you smaller now?"
Sidhe snaps back to attention from distant thoughts.
Baltasar: "Though, by rights his name should now be "cow""
Bastard: Three approaches Hector, with his elegant white clothing. "Excuse me sir. I heard you are getting married?"
Rinzle Ranzibitz: nope, same size as always…you look a bit bigger though
Bor: "Cows are Oxes' women! I am Ox, not Cow!!"
Hector nods "I did just proclaim it, yes"
Mali: (bor is bright red like santa clause btw)
Sidhe: Sorry, I missed something. Marriage, right?… Congratulations.
Baltasar: "I stand by my statement."
Rinzle Ranzibitz: By the way, Bor, why are you bright red?
Baltasar: "You cow."
Bastard: "And when is the ceremony? Do you have a suit? Rings? Catoring?"
Bor: "I don't know"
Hector steps back from bastard
Mali: "It must have been the horns we used"
Hector: "Why do you ask?" he eyes him warily
Bor: "I got these horns from a minotaur of this color"
Mali: "What color was the minotaur?"
Mali: "Oh, that explains it."
Bor: "I think it is the blood of the lizardfolk and goblins that make me red"
Rinzle Ranzibitz blinks…"Just pasting those on turned you red?"
Mali: "I suspect the minotaur must have been sick or something."
Bastard: Three smiles. "No need to be worried friend! It's a happy occasion! I happen to know quite a few merchants in this city, including some fine tailors, and I could easily help you get together all the things you need."
Sidhe: Goblins? *looks up with a frown.*
Bor: "Maybe it is my blood, I hit myself with a stick"
Baltasar: "I also hit him with a stick."
Baltasar: "It was fun."
Bor: "I didn't bathe since the ritual"
Mali: "That's true, as the book told you to."
Hector: "No thanks… preperations are underway"
Mali: "Maybe you should bathe bor?"
Bor: "But what if I'm no longer red?"
Bor: "After bath"
Rinzle Ranzibitz: hmmm…maybe I should buy a present or something. Hector are you registered anywhere?
Sidhe looks over to the newcomer with an expression of mild annoyance at the suggestion of fine tailors.
Bastard: Three smiles, but is noticably less cheery. "Ahh. Well, if you need help finding anything, my services are always available."
Hector shrugs to rinzle
Mali: "the book didn't say anything about not being a manotaur. In fact it looked to be permanent."
Hector: "I have no idea what you mean little one"
Baltasar subtlely uses Prestidigitation to make the minotaur smell disappear for a while.
Bor: "I will take a bath for the marriage"
Altharid (enter): 20:40
Hector chuckles at bor
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Mali (exit): 20:40
Mali: "Ah, the marriage. I will need paints."
Hector: "Such the gentleman… err, half-man/half… what was it?"
Altharid: (SORRY LOST THE CONNECTION…what did I miss ?)
Mali: "I will paint a fine wedding portrait."
Baltasar starts slightly at Mali's statement.
Issac (CT) (BM) (exit): 20:40
Rinzle Ranzibitz 's Cat suddenly says "Don't stop petting me. Its time to pet me" in Common
Sidhe: *mutters* I know a decent weaver myself.
Bor: "Manotaur!"
Sidhe: (chatter about marriage
Mali: "Wow, your cat talks rinzle!"
Bor: "But I'm not half man, I'm a full man and half-manotaur!"
Hector: "Yes, the finest Manotaur to attend the wedding to be sure.."
Bastard: Three returns to his seat and his dog. "There needs to be more suckers in the world."
Rinzle Ranzibitz: Yup, she pestered me for months, so I finally bought her a Pearl of Speech
Sidhe: Rnzle, how did your cat learn to speak? I think Mekila is jealous.
Hector: ((wait, bastard is your character 'three' or 'bastard' ??)
Bor: "Cats don't talk, that was the gnome"
Bastard: ((Three.))
Farris raises glass as well
Mali: "It was the cat, Bor."
Three: ((There))
Bor: "Silly Mali, cats don't talk"
Hector: (thanks, sorry)
Rinzle Ranzibitz: no no Bor, she isn't a great conversationalist, but she really is speaking
Altharid observes the rest of the patrons… clearly confused
Farris: "I hope the gnome isn't asking us to pet him Bor."
Baltasar: "Why would anyone want to pet a gnome?"
Bor: "They're small"
Sidhe raises a glass to the toast!
Three: Three looks around the bar for someone drunk enough to "lose" their coin purse.
Mali: (farris, rinzle is a female)
Rinzle Ranzibitz is female
Three: Three is going to try his luck gambling.
Mali: "So, we should all but clothes for the wedding!"
Rinzle Ranzibitz 's cat says, "Winlee can talk, I am a Goddess after all"
Sidhe: No! I mean -
Sidhe: Yes.
Mali: (poor barby lost alot of money last time)
Altharid: (three…. use /me before describing your actions_
Three: "I only understood half of what you said."
Rinzle Ranzibitz: oh oh
Hector: "Well everyone, the wedding is tomorrow at noon"
Bor: "You a Goddess? Than fight me!"
Farris watches intently
Three: Three just smiles. "Well then, shouldn't be hard to beat me at a game?"
Mali: "oh wow, a fight over there!"-points to barby
Hector: (lol, the gambler's name is barbie?)
Bor: "Woman Gods shouldn't be as strong as Bor, I can win!"
Bill Bisco : "Barby"
Mali: *watches fight
Sidhe: … All right, buy clothes. I don't have anything ready. *sighs and looks over* Mali, that's a game.
Three: Three takes a seat.
Mali: "Awe, I thought there was gonna be a fight!"
Rinzle Ranzibitz 's cat says "No, I am not that kind of Goddess, I am the kind you pet, and feed, and play with"
Bor: *looks to where Mali is looking*
Baltasar: (( there's rules somewhere about using bluff to grant a bonus to gambling ))
Baltasar: (( not that i remember where or what they are ))
Altharid observes… counts the cards (if they are involved) with Autohypnosis
Three: [1d20+5] => [8,5] = (13)
Hector: (sounds reasonable)
Bill Bisco : [1d20+4] => [1,4] = (5)
Mali: "Bor, we should go together…to the wedding."
Bill Bisco : [1d20] => [12] = (12)
Baltasar: (( barby is kind of a tool ))
Bor: "Ok Mali"
Three: Three takes his share of the coins.
Hector: (lol, sounds like it)
Daemon: (okay i think my log is good now))
Bor: "What clothes do we wear?"
Baltasar: "Naught but bodypaint."
Mali: "we have to get something custom for you."
Farris laughs
Altharid snickers at Balts comment
Kajhera (exit): 20:46
Bor: "That sounds like a party Baltasar!"
Mali: "A masterwork manotaur tuxedo!"
Rinzle Ranzibitz: I have a nice set of nobles gear I had cut down to my size, I think I'll wear that
Bor: "But how can people party when a man is only getting one woman forever?"
Hector leaves the inn to find Gears Arrowback, to help shine his armor and prepare his ceremonial uniform
Daemon: yes i think thats it…im slightly new so …))
Three: Three looks back to Barbie. "How about a game of darts?"
Sidhe: Well, I can command the loom - ah, unless we do that.
Daemon: ((adding to cheet now))
Terjon (enter): 20:47
Mali: "Hector, you need a bachelor party!"
Baltasar glances up at Three's question.
Bill Bisco : Barby
Rinzle Ranzibitz: Bor, MOST men only get one woman…and are usually lucky for that
Baltasar stands to join Three and Barby.
Baltasar: "Mind if I play as well?"
Altharid: "Why would you want to be bound… to a single female… Hector?"
Three: Three denies the darts. "I will use the ornaments in my hair."
Sidhe: *to bor, with a grin* Better than nothing.
Mali: "The guys should go out shoping for guy clothes and the ladies will go for dresses!"
Baltasar shows off a shark-like grin.
Terjon (exit): 20:48
Terjon (enter): 20:48
Baltasar: (( we're looking at a standard ranged attack roll? ))
Three: [1d20+4] => [19,4] = (23)
Rinzle Ranzibitz: ((ack, afk a bit, real world stuff))
Baltasar: "First, what sort of bet are we making?
Sidhe: *to Altharid* Think he left already.
Mali: "I believe the woman and man store are on the same street"
Three: "Done."
Baltasar eyes Barby up and down.
Altharid: (then ignore that comment)
Three: Three throws the dart, and points to his near bullseye.
Baltasar: "Fair odds, I'll bet 50 gold."
Hector is gone
Three: "Ten gold. All I have."
Bor: (altough I can see Altharid doing the same)
Baltasar tosses the dart at the target: [1d20+9] => [15,9] = (24)
Daemon: ((okay added to sheet)
Three: Three whistles as strangers dart lands right next to his.
Mali: "Wow, that's a good shot!"-watches darts
Daemon: ((anything else my liege?…..I EXSIST!!!!!!!!……you mean…i….im a real boy?))
Morgana Dreadscar (+5) (exit): 20:51
Daemon: ((yippie))
Bill Bisco : [1d20+3] => [3,3] = (6)
Bill Bisco : [1d20+3] => [14,3] = (17)
Bill Bisco : [1d20+3] => [20,3] = (23)
Three: ((Wait, is it a game between the three of us, or is it us versus Barbie?))
Mali: "barby, you need help"
Mali: "let me help you."
JuryRigged (D) (enter): 20:51
Bor: "Barby's drunk"
Sidhe watches the darts board with interest, nodding in appreciation of the shots.
Baltasar: (( that's 20gp for me? ))
Three: [1d20+4] => [2,4] = (6)
Three: [1d20+4] => [2,4] = (6)
Mali: "Barby, have you heard any rumors?"
Daemon: *Daemon enters the tavern and slowly strides to the back of the tavern staying away from the main group of people and sitting on a stool in the back watching with a grimace*
Three: Three recovers his instruments.
Baltasar collects his winnings, and approaches the bar.
Three: "Could have had the drunk if the other one hadn't shown off."
JuryRigged (D) (exit): 20:53
Bor: "Sounds good Barby"
Mali: "oh, that sounds like it's just up Bor's alley!"
Baltasar: "Gimme a bottle of bourbon, need to refill my stock."
Sidhe rubs her ears and then her head, wincing a little at some sensatino.
Bor: "The marriage clothes can wait"
Mali: "We have to be quick since the wedding is tommorow"
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Altharid (exit): 20:53
Rinzle Ranzibitz: ((back))
Mali: "How long does it take to get to the isle of dread?"
Bor: "I still need to bathe"
Three: Three returned to his dog.
Mali: "A month…we need a wizard to condense time for us."
Sidhe: I didn't quite make it out. There's something wrong with my ears right now, I fear… a month?
Bor: "Can we get marriage clothes there?"
Mali: "and a skilled sailor"
Daemon: *daemon stands walking to the bar watchen the group there talking*
Mali: "good thinking bor, multitasking."
Sidhe: We're not going to a wedding tomorrow after a month. We still have a basement to clear.
Rinzle Ranzibitz: what's this? sorry I had to use the powder room
Mali: "Sidhe, we'll find a wizard…or a portal or something"
Sidhe: If you really wanted something to do. Something about an island, I think.
Daemon: "whats this speak of the isle of the dread? sounds like my kind of place"he adresses Mali
Mali: "Image, Hector can say he went to the isle of dread for his bachelor party."
Sidhe: Right, I'm sure Rinzle is perfectly adept at accelarating time.
Mali: "it will make for a great story for his children."
Altharid (enter): 20:56
Altharid: (got disconnected…. again)
Rinzle Ranzibitz: maybe we should wait until after the wedding, sort of a friends honeymoon trip *grins*
Mali: "hello, the isle of dread is a place where people don't come back. But we aren't normal people."
Altharid: (what did I miss ?)
Mali: "Even better rinzle!"
Bor: "We are super heroes who take people's money!"
Daemon: "i see….are there any tails of why these "normal" people dont come back Miss?"
Mali: "So who all wants to go to the wedding!?"-yells at the top of her lungs
Farris "Hoorah"
Mali: "YOu have to dress up in fine things!"
Baltasar: "Open bar and buffet?"
Rinzle Ranzibitz: heh
Hector: (lol, nice mali)
Sidhe: Frend's honeymoon to the isle of dread. This… sounds like an excellent idea…
Daemon: *a frowl and scowl appear on his face from the noise*
Mali: "Awe, you guys are no fun."
Bor: "Honeymoon?"
Bor: "The moon is made of cheese"
Three: Three raises his hand, and approaches. "A wedding? Where everyone is dressed up nice? Sounds divine. No style in here."
Mali: "We have to prepare, to the city proper!"-mali storms out
Altharid facepalms after Bor's comment
Baltasar: "Bor, it's actually honey flavored cheese."
Rinzle Ranzibitz: Bor, where are you from? I have to know…it must be quite a place
Farris: "Kord set the moon in the sky, perhaps it is cheese."
Bor: *follows Mali, wandering how he needs to prepare for the wedding*
Terjon (exit): 20:59
Mali: (time of day bill?)
Daemon: *daemon follows the two out of the tavern*
Mali: *etc stuff and invite Gin Longfoot and his sister
Rinzle Ranzibitz: ((cloths was it for me))
Daemon: "you wouldnt mind if a humble wizard such as myself joins you on your trip to the isle?"
Bor: *to Baltasar* "That doesn't feel right! Like men getting a single woman!"
Altharid: "Indeed"
Mali: "Everybody is welcome…it's an open wedding!"
Baltasar: "…A humble wizard. Pull the other one."
Bor: *to Rinzle* "I don't know, gnome"
Altharid: "Where's the excitement in that…. the thrill of discovery ? New experiences ?"
Daemon: "i dont know what you mean sir"
Mali: *attempts to get bor a large tuxedo
Bor: *to Rinzle* "I lived with the frost giants, then in a jungle"
Rinzle Ranzibitz: Frost Giants, that sort of explains a lot I guess *smiles*
Mali: (did I find a manotaur sized tuxedo?)
Altharid (enter): 21:01
Bor: (couldn't Baltasar fabricate it?)
Baltasar: (( if you can't find any or make one in 1 day, Balt technically can Fabricate one ))
Altharid: (darn my connection is on crack today)
Mali: (lol, forgot about that)
Three: Three is wearing the same elegant, snow white suit as before. A silk jacket, white silk gloves, a beautiful white leather belt with a 3 emblem on it.
Sidhe: *assigns an unseen crafter to make her an average dress along with its other duties*
Mali: *goes to the woman's tent
Rinzle Ranzibitz: ((still at the Tavern?))
Three: It remains in an emaculate and attractive condition.
Bor: *goes to the wedding's place*
Mali: (hector's brides name?)
Daemon: *daemon ventures out into the town in hopes of finding a stray cat or dog*
Altharid gets himself some elegant outfit the day before the wedding
Farris Farris' weapons and armor have been polished looks to have bathed too
Rinzle Ranzibitz: ((I was more wondering where we were supposed to be :) ))
Sidhe is unwilling to appear in exceptionally expensive clothing, but makes it look nice and display her particular art talent.
Mali: *is dressed in her finest knowledge buster gear
Hector is having a drink with walden woden before the big event
Rinzle Ranzibitz goes to the Noble Quarter and on into the wedding area
Baltasar: (( where's this thing taking place? ))
Three: ((I am going to get a present. Can I make a diplomacy roll for a reduced price?))
Mali: (I want to be in the procession)
Daemon: ((are their any stray animals in this town?))
Bor wears a large tuxedo and has bathed.
Three: [1d20+5] => [17,5] = (22)
Farris Farris approaches the site of the wedding.
Bor also keeps his sack held in his hand and his spiked chain on his back.
Baltasar slouches into the courtyard, wearing his usual, albeit snazzy outfit.
Rinzle Ranzibitz mingles with the people she knows
Bor looks for food.
Altharid accompanies Balt… as he is bound by the contract… for some time at least
Farris Farris sits on the groom's side, not knowing many people well he starts snacking on pretzels from his everlasting rations.
Daemon: ((bill is it okay if i say i find a stray dog so i and kill it and summon an undead?))
Baltasar: "Wonder if I should have worn that hat I stole from the Jets."
Baltasar: "That'd be amusing."
Sidhe takes a seat.
Daemon: ((ok))
Altharid: "Indeed… employer"
Three: Three comes to the wedding, accepting the invitation at the tavern as sufficient. He has a sealed sack with him.
Bor smells known people and sits with them.
Rinzle Ranzibitz: ((I'd bet ANY city is prejudiced against undead))
Hector is standing at the alter, with no family and just his odd assortment of friends on the grooms side
Baltasar takes a seat at the far back, staying away from the majority of the Lion Guard.
Rinzle Ranzibitz is wearing her pendant from the Order of the Lion Guard
Mali: *follows in the procession, taking 10 all the way*
Rinzle Ranzibitz dabs at her eyes, looking a bit teary
Three: Three is perfectly fine with being the second most attractive person wearing all white at the wedding.
Bor: *whispers to whomever is near him* "When does the party start? Where's the food?"
Mali: *cries at weddings*
Baltasar mutters to Altharid, "Think there'll be free drinks?"
Hector: "I do"
Altharid: "Possible"
Three: *Judges everyone elses clothing.*
Rinzle Ranzibitz: ((say your right words…*in goblin voice*))
Farris: "Hopefully soon Bor"
Altharid: "Yet I will abstain… it corrupts my cerebrum"
Altharid: (whispers back to balt)
Mali: *watches with baited breath
Daemon: *Daemon "does what is nessasary" coming back to town with a brand new dog that for now looks normal but walks with a slight stagger as if old*
Hector swoops lelandra up and kisses her passionately, though tastefully… before heading down the aisle
Mali: *stands and claps!
Hector: (lol.. until)
Baltasar: (( ironic slow clap? ))
Rinzle Ranzibitz: ((Da da dum….))
Sidhe has clothing of cheap fabric but woven with skill. She watches the wedding, thelooks toward the voice
Daemon: *he quickly finds the place of the wedding entering the back in time to hear*
Baltasar: (( gotta use the classic tropes ))
Hector stops, stepping infront of Lelandra
Three: [1d20+8] => [16,8] = (24) Appraise roll: How expensive do his red robes look?
Altharid observes the scene carefully
Baltasar: (( do any of us actually recognize this wizard? ))
Bor: *lols*
Altharid: "Do you know that red-clad male… Baltasar ?"
Mali: "It's Bor's crown, Mr. Wizard!"
Rinzle Ranzibitz: What, you mean the one your Family STOLE in the first place?
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Altharid (exit): 21:10
Bor: *wears crown*
Baltasar: (( ahh, dude from the first adventure ))
Baltasar shrugs in response to Altharid's question, "No clue."
Hector sends lelandra back to her family and looks to yin he "Weapons.."
Altharid: ((I know… I was not present there))
Three: ((How far away is he? Back of the wedding?))
Mali: *runs to bors side, sword drawn*
Bor: *gets his chain* "I'm stronger now, and magic doesn't hurt me!"
Daemon: *daemon slightly smiles liking this wizard*
Farris At the word die pulls longspear from beneath the bench
Rinzle Ranzibitz: ha ha ha…you'll never beat Bor!
Hector takes his shield and axe in hand "How DARE you.."
Bor: "So you want to fight to the death?"
Baltasar: "Well, at least he's not inaccurate."
Altharid: ((Should I dimension swap with leandra ?)
Mali: "Only a coward takes a lady hostage on her wedding day!"
Three: ((Three could Sap))
Hector lowers his weapon "You will regret this… Bor? ..make him bleed"
Bor: "So be it, die like a man!"
Mali: *puts her sword away and draws her gun*
Three: ((Just waiting for a chance to roll.))
Altharid communicates with the girl telepathically
Bor: Initiative [1d20+4] => [3,4] = (7)
Mali: *aims her gun at the dagger guy
Rinzle Ranzibitz moves over to Bor and starts casting a Bull's Strength spell on him
Farris: "Kord will grant you strength bor"
Baltasar: "I'm not actually sure Bor knows how to surrender."
Bill Bisco : [1d20+8] => [10,8] = (18)
Three: [1d20+6] => [7,6] = (13)
Bor: (you don't have it, Farris)
Altharid: "Fear not female… do not resist my will… and you will find safety" - telepathically
Mali: [1d20+10] => [17,10] = (nspired intiative
Farris: (don't have what)
Three: ((How far would Hector be from the back?))
Altharid: (I ask her just to not resist my power… dimension swap)
Daemon: [1d20+1] => [11,1] = (12)
Bor: (you only get second level spells at level 3)
Rinzle Ranzibitz: ((do I need to roll initiative to get the Bull's Strength off?))
Baltasar pulls out his crossbow, cocking it behind the pews.
Altharid: Initiative: [1d20+7] => [10,7] = (17)
Farris: (I know i am just saying priest shit)
Mali: (casts masters touch gun)
Mali: (that's it)
Rinzle Ranzibitz: Initiative [1d20+3] => [12,3] = (15)
Daemon: ((what else modifies initiative?))
Baltasar rolls initiative as well, [1d20+8] => [18,8] = (26)
Hector eyes the man holding the dagger to his wife [1d20+3] => [5,3] = (8) init
Bor: (read it wrong, Rinzle's casting)
Altharid: ((and other things))
Farris: init [1d20] => [6] = (6)
Daemon: ((ahh nvm just wondring why so high))
Farris: (craaap)
Baltasar holds his action
Mali: (i'm a facto)
Baltasar: (( not gonna make the first move, just getting ready ))
Bor: [1d20+9] => [18,9] = Bor: (can i use that roll?)
Bor: *pounces*
Mali: (bill I took AC bonus as swift from law devo and knowledge devo is [1d20+17] => [9,17] = (26))
Bor: *pounces*
Bill Bisco : [1d20+8] => [15,8] = (23)
Bill Bisco : [1d20+8] => [6,8] = (14)
Bill Bisco : [1d20+8] => [17,8] = (25)
Bill Bisco : [1d20+8] => [20,8] = (28)
Rinzle Ranzibitz: Spellcraft [1d20+8] => [1,8] = (9) to know what spell he cast.
Bill Bisco : [1d20+8] => [14,8] = (22)
Bill Bisco : [1d20+8] => [10,8] = (18)
Baltasar: (( ouch… ))
Bor: (activates whirling frenzy)
Hector: (lol, thought you said 3?)
Daemon: ((seriously))
Hector: (oh)
Daemon: (lol))
Bor: (18 hits)
Bill Bisco : [1d8+5] => [2,5] = (7)
Bill Bisco : [1d8+5] => [1,5] = (6)
Bill Bisco : [1d8+5] => [6,5] = (11)
Bill Bisco : [1d8+5] => [2,5] = (7)
Bill Bisco : [1d8+5] => [8,5] = (13)
Bill Bisco : [1d8+5] => [5,5] = (10)
Bor: (18 hits)
Sidhe (enter): 21:17
Baltasar takes his action, and burns an AP to infuse Bane(Human) on his crossbow.
Rinzle Ranzibitz: ((was that whole mess at BOR?))
Bill Bisco : 48 damage
Hector: (how many enemies are there?)
Rinzle Ranzibitz: wow
Altharid: Dimension Swap (imm action) *Altharids eyes flash fiercely red for a brief moment and it takes you a moment to notice a sudden change in the battlefield's layout*
(0) Server Administrator-> Kicking ' Altharid' from server… Removing dead client
(0) Server Administrator-> Kicking ' Altharid' from server… Removing dead client
Altharid (exit): 21:18
Altharid: …. linked to [expends psionic focus] => expends psionic focus
Altharid: Vigor [std action] => std action *Altharid surrounds himself with a glowing crimson forcefield*
Sidhe casts nerveskitter on one person who wanted +5 init.
Altharid: (I dimension swap with the wife)
Rinzle Ranzibitz casts Bull's Strength on Bor, hoping he's not dead
Bor: Power Attack 3 [1d20+16] => [9,16] = (25), Damage [3d6+32] => [2,5,5,32] = (44)
Baltasar: (( is this the first round, after the surprise round? ))
Farris: I will charge the nearest bowman with my longspear
Hector moves toward the man weilding the dagger, growing physically with each step (activating enlargement) "Now you die" (done)
Mali: *fires her gun at the guy holding the girl, 3 IP to precise/pointblank/+5 to hit. [1d20+11] => [13,11] = (24)
Daemon: ((how far is he from me))
Altharid: Grapple: - GRAPPLE INITIATION -
Altharid: Grapple: Grabbing [1d20+7] => [4,7] = (11) melee touch
Mali: [1d8+6] => [2,6] = (8) inspired damage
Mali: (he's a cute girl)
Baltasar: (( copping a feel of the tentacle monster.. ))
Altharid: (I am grabbing him)
Altharid: (then again I have full attack(
Altharid: Grapple: Grabbing [1d20+7] => [16,7] = (23) melee touch
Farris: attack [1d20+6] => [18,6] = (24) dmg [1d8+3] => [3,3] = (6)
Bor: (can I use an action point to charge again?)
Three: Three runs over to the wife, taking a defensive fighting stance near her.
Mali: (I have 4 IP left, just a note)
Altharid: Grapple: - UNBUFFED GRAPPLE ATTEMPTS -, (1x) Primary Grapple Attempt [1d20+11] => [16,11] = Bor: (can't or can?)
Sidhe does snakes swiftness on … person who needs one more attack
Baltasar: (( are the crossbowmen together, and near anything especially flammable? ))
Daemon: ((my turn?))
Baltasar: (( the wife should be next to Balt, in the very back of the courtyard ))
Baltasar: (( cause that's where Alth was standing when he swapped ))
Altharid: (grapple check)
Altharid: (I had * Sidhe snakes swiftness on bor to grant one more attack
Three: ((Three is going to be standing so that he is between her and the crossbowmen.))
Daemon: *daemon casts Ray of frost at the Wizard in red*
Altharid: Grapple: Unbuffed grapple damage [1d3+4] => [3,4] = (7)
Altharid: Spiked armor damage [1d6+4] => [2,4] = (6)
Daemon: ((shoot i need a d3))
Altharid: Grapple: (2x) Secondary Grapple Attempts [1d20+6] => [6,6] = (12) [1d20+6] => [1,6] = (7)
Altharid: (to deal damage)
Bill Bisco : [1d20+8] => [14,8] = (22)
Altharid: (yeah I rolled poorly)
Sidhe just casts spells that annoy her allies into jerking in weird ways apparently.
Baltasar pops off an Acidic Fire at the center crossbowman.
Baltasar: Vial Launcher(Acidic Fire): Ranged Touch Attack [1d20+5+4] => [14,5,4] = (23), Fire+Acid Damage [1d4+1d4] => [2,2] = (4), Second round damage [1d4] => [2] = (2), Splash damage 2
Altharid: (make another check)
Daemon: ((wait i didnt get to roll))
Altharid: (i have total 4 grapple attempts per round thanks to illithid heritage)
Daemon: ((i dont knwo thow to use open rpg..wheres the d3))
Mali: (fires at the wizard point blank/precise 2 IP [1d20+3] => [1,3] = (4))
Bor: (just type it)
Altharid: (tesitng)
Bill Bisco : just type [1d3] => [2] = (2)
Mali: luck reroll
Bor: (broken gun)
Mali: (fires at the wizard point blank/precise 2 IP [1d20+3] => [16,3] = (19))
Bor: (broken wizard)
Baltasar: (( are magic guns susceptible to breaking on a nat 1? ))
Mali: [1d8+6] => [5,6] = (11) inspired damage, no IP left
Mali: (that's why I luck rerolled, they are)
Daemon: [1d3] => [1] = (1)
Sidhe: ((bor you got an extra attack last turn))
Farris: Stab a crossbowman with my longspear [1d20+4] => [2,4] = (6) dmg 1
Bor: (he got out of range)
Sidhe: ((ah well altharid then?
Mali: (wizard took 11 from me if you missed it billl)
Farris: wait i didnt have an 18 sorry
Farris: (ill just sit this next one out)
Bor: [1d20+12] => [9,12] = (21)
Mali: [1d20+3] => [10,3] = (13)
Mali: (nuts, I need more fonts)
Bill Bisco : [1d6] => [3] = (3)
Baltasar makes obscene gestures at the crossbowmen.
Altharid: (Vigor kicks in via linked power got 10 temporary hp)
Bor: *moves closer to the wizard*
Bor: (20ft range, can't teleport)
Baltasar: (( btw, the center bowman should be on fire ))
Altharid: Grip of Iron (imm action) *You can hear within your mind sound of metal bars bending under someones superior grip*
Baltasar: (( balt is trying to catch their attention, pull them off Bor ))
Altharid: Grapple: - SEMI-BUFFED (grip of iron 1pp) GRAPPLE ATTEMPTS -
Altharid: Grapple: (1x) Primary Grapple Attempt [1d20+15] => [17,15] = (32)
Altharid: Grapple: (1x) Primary Grapple Attempt [1d20+15] => [2,15] = (17)
Altharid: Grapple: (2x) Secondary Grapple Attempts [1d20+10] => [17,10] = (1d20+10] => [15,10] = (25)
Bor: Attack [1d20+17] => [4,17] = (21), Damage [3d6+26] => [5,6,5,26] = (42)
Sidhe looks to see if 4 10' cones would catch bows but not allies or bystandaers
Bill Bisco : [1d20+8] => [6,8] = (14)
Bor: (full attack)
Altharid: (he can resist 3 times more)
Rinzle Ranzibitz stoops down behind the seating for cover, and tries to move over to within 30 feet of one of the crossbow guys, preferably one thats hurt
Bor: (actually scrap that, can't full attack)
Rinzle Ranzibitz: ((bor, don't forget the +4 str from my spell))
Bor: (but can use gore attack)
Bor: (I did forget that)
Altharid: (ok so I guess I will pin him and damage him 3 times)
Baltasar: (( rinzle, the center one took 4 damage last round, 2 damge this round, and the other two took 2 damage last round ))
Altharid: Grapple: Unbuffed grapple damage [1d3+4] => [1,4] = (5)
Altharid: Grapple: Unbuffed grapple damage [1d3+4] => [1,4] = (5)
Altharid: Grapple: Unbuffed grapple damage [1d3+4] => [1,4] = (5)
Bor: Gore attack [1d20+14] => [4,14] = (18), Damage [1d8+13] => [7,13] = (20)
Bor: (I used the spiked chain too)
Bor: Attack [1d20+17] => [8,17] = (25), Damage [3d6+26] => [6,6,6,26] = (44)
Rinzle Ranzibitz: ((I output that attack too soon, but yes, when it goes off, its on the center guy, the one on fire))
Daemon: ((he should be close to me now right?))
Baltasar: (( err, does the teleport-type action provoke an AoO? ))
Bor: (20 ft)
Bor: (no, conjuration immediate action)
Mali: (never does balt)
Altharid: ((nope… its imm action))
Baltasar: (( ouch ))
Bor: actually 48
Bor: forgot bull strenght
Hector: (lol)
Rinzle Ranzibitz: :)
Hector: (should be called "bor's strength" ; )
Mali: (how many guys left?)
Bor: (20 hits)
Bill Bisco : [1d20+8] => [20,8] = (28)
Bill Bisco : [1d20+8] => [9,8] = (17)
Bill Bisco : [1d20+8] => [19,8] = Bill Bisco : [1d20+8] => [9,8] = (17)
Altharid: (he is pinned by me:P)
Bill Bisco : [1d20+8] => [1,8] = (9)
Bor: (can xbows rapid fire?)
Bill Bisco : [1d20+8] => [20,8] = (28)
Baltasar: (( ouch… two crits ))
Daemon: ((who is closest to me?))
Bill Bisco : [1d20+8] => [20,8] = (28)
Bill Bisco : [1d20+8] => [3,8] = (11)
Bill Bisco : [1d20+8] => [14,8] = (22)
Baltasar: (( it was nice knowing you bor ))
Bill Bisco : [1d8+5] => [6,5] = (11)
Bill Bisco : [1d8+5] => [1,5] = (6)
Bor: (20 hits, are they next to me?)
Bor: (I'm not down)
Bor: (I took 17 right?)
Bill Bisco : [1d8+5] => [7,5] = (12)
Mali: (he's a manotaur)
Baltasar: (( he's level 5, with massive con bonuses ))
Bor: (nvm, I'm down)
Altharid: (he's has monstrous con and 2lvls of barb and 2lvls of fighter)
Bor: (action point to not die)
Hector turns away from the now grappled dagger holder and turns to rush in on the archers [1d20+10] => [6,10] = (16) for [3d6+9] => [1,1,2,9] = (13) (crusaders strike, healing bor [1d6+2] => [3,2] = (5))
Rinzle Ranzibitz: Gloves of Lightening ranged touch attack [1d20+6] => [12,6] = (18) Damage [1d8+5] => [7,5] = (12) on the flaming one
Mali: *moves away and is sick
Bor: (I have Diehard, I'm still on my feet)
Sidhe attempts to sculpted colorspray to hit archers but not allies
Bor: (I know)
Farris: Longspear on the nearest bowman longspear [1d20+4] => [11,4] = (15) Dmg [1d8+3] => [7,3] = (10)
Three: Three is saving his action. He just checks to make sure the wife is still behind him, and holds his defensive fighting stance.
Daemon: ((how far is the nearest guy?))
Baltasar attempts to shoot the same archer Farris aimed at.
Rinzle Ranzibitz: yay!
Baltasar: +1 Bane Heavy Crossbow: Attack [1d20+5+4+1+2] => [18,5,4,1,2] = (30), Damage [1d10+3+2d6] => [10,3,4,2] = (19)
Rinzle Ranzibitz: yup yup
Three: "Sorry about your wedding."
Mali: (I am moving away from the action due to sickness)
Farris: "thanks for the back up balt"
Baltasar smiles as his new crossbow performs beautifully.
Sidhe colorsprays if she can. sculpted, dc 16
Rinzle Ranzibitz mutters "Why don't they run! their boss is dead!"
Rinzle Ranzibitz: ((just for flavor))
Bill Bisco : [1d20+5] => [4,5] = (9)
Bill Bisco : [1d20+5] => [6,5] = (11)
Hector: AoO for ranged attacks?
Daemon: [d20] => d20
Daemon: rushes at nearest one and casts shocking grap attackk roll
Hector: (i have 10ft reach)
Daemon: [1d20] => [6] = (6)
Sidhe: ((so … they don't get collored?))
Baltasar: (( DM, i think you missed Sidhe's spell cast ))
Daemon: damage
Daemon: [1d6] => [6] = (6)
Hector: [1d20+10] => [16,10] = (26) for [3d6+9] => [6,5,2,9] = (22)
Bill Bisco : [1d20+2] => [2,2] = (4)
Bill Bisco : [1d20+2] => [9,2] = (11)
Bill Bisco : [1d20+2] => [20,2] = (22)
Daemon: ((did i hit?))
Sidhe: [2d4] => [3,4] = (7)[1d4] => [3] = (3) 1 for time rolls
(0) Server Administrator-> Kicking ' Altharid' from server… Removing dead client
Altharid (exit): 21:36
Sidhe: (if any are relevant)
Daemon: ((im kinda new so not used to all mechanics yet))
Bor: (may I go too?)
Baltasar: (( out of curiousity, is the wizard dead, or just down? ))
Sidhe: (most minor effect is stunned for a round)
Mali: (you would normally have provoked an AoO daemon, but they have crossbows)
Baltasar: (( or can we not tell? ))
Bill Bisco : [1d100+8] => [35,8] = (43)
Bill Bisco : [1d20+8] => [11,8] = (19)
Bill Bisco : [1d20+8] => [16,8] = (24)
Bill Bisco : [1d20+8] => [2,8] = (10)
Bill Bisco : [1d20+8] => [15,8] = (23)
Bill Bisco : [1d8+5] => [5,5] = (10)
Bill Bisco : [1d8+5] => [7,5] = (12)
Bill Bisco : [1d8+5] => [4,5] = (9)
Bill Bisco : [1d8+5] => [2,5] = (7)
Hector: (2 hits)
Bill Bisco : [1d8+5] => [5,5] = (10)
Bor: (what about my turn?)
Altharid: Grapple: - SEMI-BUFFED (grip of iron 1pp) GRAPPLE ATTEMPTS -
Altharid: Grapple: (1x) Primary Grapple Attempt [1d20+15] => [5,15] = (20)
Altharid: Grapple: (1x) Primary Grapple Attempt [1d20+15] => [8,15] = (23)
Altharid: Grapple: (2x) Secondary Grapple Attempts [1d20+10] => [7,10] = (17) [1d20+10] => [9,10] = (19)
Bill Bisco : [1d20+5] => [13,5] = (18)
Daemon: .((i see….like i said im new…..ill learn fast))
Mali: *has one more round of sickness left, so moves to safety
Bor: *heals self [2d8] => [8,4] = (12) and moves next to them*
Rinzle Ranzibitz: Casts a Magic Missile with 2 missiles [2d4+2] => [4,4,2] = (10) on a damaged one
Baltasar takes another shot at the remaining one standing.
Baltasar: +1 Bane Heavy Crossbow: Attack [1d20+5+4+1+2] => [7,5,4,1,2] = (19), Damage [1d10+3+2d6] => [1,3,5,5] = (14)
Altharid: Grapple: Unbuffed grapple damage [1d3+4] => [1,4] = (5)
Altharid: Grapple: Unbuffed grapple damage [1d3+4] => [3,4] = (7)
Altharid: Grapple: Unbuffed grapple damage [1d3+4] => [1,4] = (5)
Altharid: Grapple: Unbuffed grapple damage [1d3+4] => [3,4] = (7)
Farris: Spear the nearest one longspear [1d20+4] => [12,4] = (16) Dmg [1d8+3] => [6,3] = (9)
Altharid: (kekeke)
Bill Bisco : [1d20+8] => [11,8] = (19)
Bill Bisco : [1d20+8] => [18,8] = (26)
Baltasar: (( altharid, quit with the hentaicles, it's disturbing ))
Hector: (they just attacked me…)
Hector: (under 18's havent gone yet?)
Rinzle Ranzibitz: ((hentaiclesheh))
Bill Bisco : [1d20+8] => [8,8] = (16)
Farris: (he said everyone go)
Bill Bisco : [1d8+5] => [7,5] = (12)
Bill Bisco : [1d8+5] => [4,5] = (9)
Altharid: (( :P I'm not using them in hentaish way on males…. I just strangle them to death))
Hector: (yes)
Baltasar: (( whatever makes you feel better… ))
Bor: Touch Attack [1d20+19] => [8,19] = (Strenght [1d20+23] => [8,23] = (31), Attack [1d20+19] => [11,19] = (30), Damage [1d20+30] => [18,30] = (48)
Bean (enter): 21:40
Hector pounds the last archer to hit him [1d20+10] => [2,10] = (12) for [3d6+9] => [6,4,5,9] = (24)
Bor: Touch Attack [1d20+19] => [15,19] = (34), Strenght [1d20+23] => [9,23] = (32), Attack [1d20+19] => [8,19] = (Damage [1d20+30] => [12,30] = (42)
Bor: Touch Attack [1d20+19] => [4,19] = (23), Strenght [1d20+23] => [13,23] = (36), Attack [1d20+19] => [12,19] = (31), Damage [1d20+30] => [16,30] = (46)
Bill Bisco : [1d20+7] => [6,7] = (13)
Bor: (damage is wrong)
Bor: (i mean, i roll 3d6, not a d20
Baltasar: (( that's some ridiculous trippan' ))
Bor: Damage [3d6+30] => [1,4,4,30] = (39)
Bor: (no Power Attack)
Bor: (yes)
Baltasar: (( he's got a Huge +1 spiked chain, power attack, and stupid high str ))
Hector: (lol, he has a 33 str.. +4 from spell)
Hector pounds the last archer to hit him [1d20+10] => [1,10] = (11) for [3d6+9] => [6,6,4,9] = (25)
Baltasar: (( is anyone even left? ))
Rinzle Ranzibitz: Casts a Magic Missile with 2 missiles [2d4+2] => [3,2,2] = (7) crossbow guy 2
Mali: *runs back into the action!
Bor: (+4 rage aswell)
Three: Three realizes he could easily kill the wife while veryone is distracted….
Farris: longspear [1d20+4] => [12,4] = (16) Dmg [1d8+3] => [5,3] = (8)
Bor: *full attacks with trips*
Sidhe pauses to check if there are any unthreatedn bowmen
Altharid: Entangling Ectoplasm [std action] => std action *Altharid leans back and spits a sphere of glowing ectoplasm which entangles his foe upon impact*
Bor: Touch Attack [1d20+19] => [9,19] = (28), Strenght [1d20+23] => [14,23] = (37), Attack [1d20+19] => [8,19] = (Damage [3d6+30] => [1,3,2,30] = (36)
Bor: Touch Attack [1d20+19] => [14,19] = (33), Strenght [1d20+23] => [4,23] = (Attack [1d20+19] => [7,19] = (26), Damage [3d6+30] => [4,2,2,30] = (38)
Three: But keeps his eye on the wife, making sure no one can appraoch to harm. Maintain defensive fighting stance.
Altharid: [1d20+1] => [15,1] = (16) ranged touch
Baltasar: (( three, the wife, unless she's moved, is still RIGHT next to balt. Who would probably kill you without blinking ))
Farris: (sweet first time i have actually done something useful)
Daemon: touch attack [1d20] => [18] = (18) dmg [1d6] => [6] = (6)
Three: ((Balt, it has been started several times, Three is right there.))
Daemon: ahh boo nvm))
Bor: *heals self*
Baltasar: (( yes, so is balt ))
Bor: [4d8] => [8,6,3,3] = (20)
Sidhe goes to begin mopping up blood with prestidigitation.
Rinzle Ranzibitz moves over to the crossbow men and examines them to see if they are undead
Mali: "That was a bad wizard."
Hector checks on Lelandra "Are you ok?"
Bor: *loots the wizard*
Three: ((AHh. Either way, it was a joke.))
Mali: "Are you okay Bor?"
Sidhe: "Apologies for that, Hector."
Daemon: *daemon hurries over to wizard to search for any goodies*
Baltasar calls to Bor, "Is he still alive?"
Farris: "Thanks be to Kord we are all right."
Bor: "It almost hit as hard as myself with a stick*
Mali: "Bor also helped."
Hector smiles "Thank Bor, he did most the work:
Mali: "But it was mostly Hector."
Altharid communicates with the wife telepathically "You should ask your 'husband' to learn some psychoportation, then turns around and snickers
Hector begins pulling arrows out of his body
Three: Three puts his swords away, and goes to join the others in looting the bodies.
Mali: "Oh no need to be modest Hector."
Farris: (( I need to run for a bit I will be back later if the game is still continuing))
Daemon: *takes the staff and pouch?*
Baltasar coughs
Mali: (lol balt)
Bor: "Can anyone see if this is magical?"
Roc (enter): 21:45
Baltasar uses Detect Magic
Daemon: *
Sidhe detects magic along with everyone
Daemon: i can
Roc (exit): 21:45
Altharid: "If all weddings are right now…. maybe I should visit them more… frequently"
Bor: "Are marriages always like this?"
Baltasar eyes Daemon's greedy behaviour
Rinzle Ranzibitz: if no one else has it, I have a detect magic cantrip
Altharid: * like that
Mali: "Bor, are you good if we get attacked again?"
Three: "No. There are normally cake."
Bor: *Brofists Altharid*
Three: ((There is*))
Daemon: ((this is too high paced for a noob like me…..))
Sidhe: "The crossbows are magic."
Altharid: *Brofists Bor*
Bor: "I'm always good to go, Mali!"
Rinzle Ranzibitz: ooh, neat
Daemon: *uses detect magic on the staff and pouch*
Three: Three looks over the crossbos. "Any chance I can have one?"
Hector pats Bor on the arm "Thanks Bor… and no, just marriages of those lucky enough to have friends like you"
Mali: *Twirls her revolver and holsters it
Altharid: "That was some impressive…slashing… and rending… maiming… and shreddin Bor"
Three: ((Crossbows*))
Mali: "Did you see my amazing shots?'
Sidhe picks one up then judges her nonproficiency and passes the bow to someone else
Bor: "Thank you Hector! Best marriage I've ever participated!"
Rinzle Ranzibitz: I'd like one too, but I'm not primarily a fighter type
Three: Three takes the one Sidhe passes off.
Daemon: *pockets pouch and keeps staff for new weapon*
Mali: "I bet this guy has a hideout."
(0) Server Administrator-> Kicking ' Altharid' from server… Removing dead client
Sidhe: ((They're not crossbows apparently. Be warned.))
(0) Server Administrator-> Kicking ' Altharid' from server… Removing dead client
Altharid (exit): 21:47
Bor: "Hey you!"
Baltasar: (( new guys, this is a bit OOC, but we really do need to split this stuff evenly after the session ))
Mali: "we should try to find it."
Bor: "We are splitting his things, you don't take them!"
Sidhe: "We've been to his house Mali."
Daemon: ((fine….))
Bor: *flexes*
Mali: "Oh yeah, now I remember""
Mali: "Let's go to his house then."
Three: Three looks over nervous, only to realize he isn't the one being yelled at.
Three: ((Confirming it. I get one of the +1 Long Bows, right?))
Issac (CT) (BM) (enter): 21:48
Rinzle Ranzibitz: So, does this guy have any living relatives?
Three: ((Yeah, he has a regular longbow.))
Issac (CT) (BM) (exit): 21:49
Sidhe: He's of the Temlin family if I recall.
Daemon: "hopefully not for long"
Altharid does not recall being friends with Hector… he just likes to impress females… thats all (he does not say that load though)
Bor: "I didn't even see your shots, Mali"
Mali: "bor, I hate to say it, but maybe we should drown the crown."
Sidhe: Hmm… well, no relatives, wait.
Altharid: *loud
Three: Three gives the sack to the wife. There is a tightly wrapped package inside. "It's a pound of cinnamon."
Bor: "But I like being king!"
Sidhe: Means no one else trying to claim theri 'birthright'
Baltasar approaches the conversation around Bor.
Baltasar: "If I may make an offer…"
Mali: "we can make a copy of the crown."
Mali: "and drown the real one"
Altharid follows Balt
Three: Three bows elegantly. "In Common tongue, Three is as cloes as it gets."
Three: ((Close))
Hector pats Three on the shoulder as well, leaving a bit of blood "Good man, thanks for the gift… oh sorry about that"
Baltasar: "I can destroy the crown in a way that it's completely unrepairable, and then create an identical replacement.
Rinzle Ranzibitz: I would be very happy to see that crown gone
Baltasar: "If you'd like."
Baltasar: (( is the crown magical? ))
Mali: "Baltasar, the crown is an artifact"
Three: Three's pure white clothing is tained blood red.
Bor: "But I like this crown!"
Baltasar: (( ok… maybe not then ))
Daemon: "or i could…….get rid of the corwn in MY own way"
Mali: "we need to submurge it in a river in the highlands"
Three: … For half a second. Like magic, the blood runs right off.
Bor: "I can play with stone!"
Mali: "er, lowlands.."
Rinzle Ranzibitz: ((the crown is one of those "can only be destroyed by…"))
Three: ((Three's clothing has the Clean Trait.))
Three: ((It cannot be stained, dirtied, or frayed.))
Sidhe looks back, and goes to Mekila to take a package out from the saddlebags that she bought while disconnected.
Mali: "So, are we going to his house, or to drown the crown?"
Bor: "Well, ok, we can destroy it…"
Mali: "or back to the wedding?"
Three: "Not a problem sir. Alchemically treated to be resistant to stains."
Rinzle Ranzibitz: ((ok, that means we all start throwing food at Three, so try and get something to stick))
Baltasar: "That depends, will the wedding provide free drinks?"
Three: ((Do the bodies have coins or anything on them?))
Rinzle Ranzibitz chuckles
Mali: "to the reception then!"-Mali head back inside
Altharid is once again amused
Rinzle Ranzibitz: yay!
Bor: *follows people*
Baltasar claps one of the guards on the shoulder, "Just helping you with job security."
Sidhe returns and offers a package to the couple.
Three: Three takes a slice of cake.
Hector takes Lelandra as they leave for their honeymoon
Bor: *gets really drunk*
Three: And finds a little meat to feed to his dog.
Hector: (Sorry, i gotta go)
Baltasar accompanies Bor in getting very badly drunk.
Mali: (paint the portrait inspired [1d20+14] => [15,14] = (29))
Daemon: *daemon leaves and ignores the others hating pleasantries*
Rinzle Ranzibitz gets mildly buzzed
Hector: (thanks again bill, see ya all next week)
Mali: *gives the portrait as a wedding gift
Baltasar: (( cya hector ))
Bor: (cya Hector)
Three: Three spends some time speaking to the wife. "Quite the ceremony. Are you nobility?"
Hector: Disconnecting from server…
Hector (exit): 21:54
Altharid stands guard next to Baltasar… does not drink alcoholic beverages…
Mali: "Thank you, I will do that."
Rinzle Ranzibitz: and less compitition than there used to be!
Sidhe: "We should Mali. What would you need for a studio?"
Three: ((Three isn't like that. xD))
Baltasar: (( who cares if she won't be seduced, that's what Suggestion is for ))
Mali: "We can discuss it later"(in the forum)
Three: "As a member of nobility, you must know what kind of goods are readily needed in the area, correct?"
Baltasar: (( and that came off a little more creepy than i intended ))
Bor: (I found it fun)
Bor: (funny)
Mali: "how do you think Goody thanato is doing watching the harpy babies Sidhe?"
Roc (enter): 21:56
Sidhe: "I … was under the mpression they were with Riani."
(0) Server Administrator-> Kicking ' Sidhe' from server… Removing dead client
Sidhe (exit): 21:56
Three: Three nods. Ginger.
Baltasar orders an array of spirits and liquors, beginning to attempt to recreate the flavor of a drow drink.
Bill Bisco : Can you hear me Roc?
Roc: (Yes, I can hear you.)
Baltasar: (( roc, your mic is screwing up ))
Bor: "Sooo… *Hick* Awe we goin to destoy dis cwown or what? *hick*"
Altharid: ((you guys are echoing quite a bit))
Baltasar: (( roc, if you can't use push-to-talk, mute yourself ))
Baltasar: (( oh thank god ))
Mali: (roc, everybody is chatting pretty much)
Mali: (don't worry about no mic)
Three: "Now, if trade for this town regulated by Trading companies or guilds?
Roc: (Sorry.)
Three: (("*))
Baltasar stares at Bor for a long moment.
Daemon: *goes back to the tavern and head to the bar man "barby"* "hello sir i need to ask you about this isle of dread"
Rinzle Ranzibitz: ((I think the fight is all over for tonight, correct?))
Roc: (Thanks.)
Baltasar: *in tightly controlled speech to mitigate his utter inebriation* "I… Have no idea."
Mali: *wanna glance over the reception?
Rinzle Ranzibitz: ((ah, ok :) ))
Daemon: ((brb))
Mali: (next day?)
Sidhe: "I don't see the point with the last temlin dead. Oh, think the merchant's guild gves ships the run and… that.." *just a little drunk*
Bor: "What you lookin at, Baltasar? How did you multiply?"
Mali: "I will be on the Crew eventually."
Mali: "
Baltasar processes this question carefully, "Magic."
Mali: "they need an artist"
Three: Three is intrigued. "And how does one become a member of the Crew?"
Baltasar: "…I think."
Sidhe: "Get bought."
Rinzle Ranzibitz: ((are we going to skip to the next day, or keep playing through the night))
Three: ((Ready to skip))
Bor: *heals self at begining of day*
Baltasar: (( and hector is on his honeymoon, which is why he's not here ))
Mali: "So, do we want to drown the crown then?"
Bor: [6d8] => [8,5,1,3,5,5] = Rinzle Ranzibitz: ((ok, sounds good))
Altharid is working in the tavern for a while…. trying to create his next culinary masterpiece
Baltasar: "Oh, you should have told me you needed to drown it. I would have saved that wicked piss from this morning."
Mali: "Hello. Who is your master? Was it that guy who died?"
Sidhe looks over, trying to palce the strange man
Baltasar attempts a knowledge arcana check to identify the dude (assuming he's a golem, right?)
Rinzle Ranzibitz blinks…."er, who is your master?"
Bor: "Not that kind of drown Baltasar"
Mali: "Well, he failed. I will be your master if you like"
Baltasar: know:Arcana: [1d20+20] => [6,20] = (26)
Altharid leaves the kitchen
Baltasar: (( oh, ok ))
Altharid: Skills: Knowledge (dungeoneering) [1d20+5] => [9,5] = (14)
Bor: "We have to go to this river"
Bor: "And it takes a lot of time"
Baltasar: know:dungrons [1d20+10] => [19,10] = (29)
Mali: [1d20+21] => [2,21] = (23) dungeonering
Baltasar: (( i can spell, honest ))
Three: Three speaks up. "Where is this house?"
Mali: "We've been there."
Altharid: (I have mindsight… I should be able to detect its creature type)
Mali: "harjeeve, you should come to our guild"
Three: Three follows.
Mali: *follows
Bor: "We have to go the mage's house too"
Altharid: (kk)
Rinzle Ranzibitz is curious, and follows
Bor: *follows*
Baltasar goes along for the ride.
Sidhe gets up and follows, to make sure to not be get away
Daemon: ((IM BAAAACK!!!))
Mali: "I bet this guy left some traps at his house."
Rinzle Ranzibitz: is this the fellow that was the butler of the mage we killed yesterday?
Mali: "So, harjeeves, is your workplace safe?"
Daemon: ((did i follow?))
Bor: *takes a piss on the way (brb)*
Baltasar: "Nice place…"
Bor: (who resides?)
Three: "Your master said I was the new owner of this place."
Daemon: ((i know me too))
Rinzle Ranzibitz: yup, this is the palce
Three: "He won't be returning."
Baltasar: (( lulz @three ))
Sidhe nods to rinzle
Bor: (btw, I'm not hearing atm)
Bor: (brb)
Mali: "Oh my, I have bad news."
Daemon: *daemon goes forward just behind baltasar*
Mali: "Truly, truly sad news."
Baltasar: "If it's only for the master, then why did you allow hiim in?"
Altharid observes three carefully
Three: Three looks around for a tree.
Baltasar gestures toward the butler
Baltasar: "Well that's not what you said."
Mali: "I believe your master fell in brilliant combat."
Baltasar: "Do try to be accurate."
Daemon: ((can i bluff check and say im a servant?))
Rinzle Ranzibitz giggles
Daemon: [1d20+3] => [16,3] = (19)
Three: [1d20+5] => [12,5] = (17)
Mali: inspired diplomacy [1d20+17] => [3,17] = (20)
Bill Bisco : [1d20+11] => [13,11] = (24)
Daemon: hey guys i have work to do inside
Mali: (darn it)
Sidhe keeps quiet, until varying conflicting plans work themselves out.
Baltasar takes Mali aside, "Is there any reason we shouldn't just burn this place down?"
Bor: (back)
Three: Three is going to observe the house from the surrounding area, searching for traps as he goes.
Mali: "What do you mean, it could make a good guild hall"
Mali: *to balt
Mali: "Yeah, he died."
Rinzle Ranzibitz: hmmm…who is going to pay these guys not that Temlain is dead?
Three: [1d20+10] => [18,10] = (28)
Sidhe: "What sort of wage did you have?"
Daemon: " who are the….vorloy?
Rinzle Ranzibitz: oh too bad
Baltasar: (( vorloi, they're on the NPCs list ))
Three: ((Did I find any traps guarding the place?
Daemon: ((ahh okay))
Daemon: [1d10+3] => [8,3] = (11)
Mali: "Oh, and what does your job intail?"
Baltasar: "And he clearly paid for quality…"
Three: Can Three get into the window without triggering it?
Sidhe: "Indeed, what are your skills?"
Bor: "That sounds fun"
Baltasar: "Well, looks like you failed on that last bit."
Bor: "Can I work here too?"
Farris: ((I am back))
Baltasar: "Wow, you guys kinda suck."
Altharid chuckles as they do not seem to be really intimidating
Mali: "maybe you should join the lion guard
Bean: Leaving the bushel…
Bean (exit): 22:09
Three: ((Can three get in?))
Mali: "Are you the only guards?"
Bor: "Who needs payment? This is awesome!"
Sidhe: "Have any other talents?"
Three: [1d20+5, 1d20+8] => ([2, 5], [17, 8])
Bor: *high fives the guard*
Daemon: (can i use cause fear to make them run?))
Mali: "I was thinking about hiring you. Not so much now."
Three: Three looks around the inside, looking for traps and valuables.
Rinzle Ranzibitz: maybe you should talk to the Vorloi and see if you can get a job right away
Three: [1d20+10] => [2,10] = (12)
Baltasar: (( daemon… are you trying to be intentionally unhelpful? ))
Mali: (dice gods are against you and me 3)
Daemon: …….this is were you run……"*casts cause fear*
Altharid is getting irritiated by the whole situation… he craves for more thrill of combat
Mali: "Well, maybe you should go inside and find payment. lead the way oh brave guards."
Bor: (I think it is 17)
Daemon: ((what do i use for that?
Baltasar: (( 10 +spell level +int ))
Bor: (5 int, 1 spell focus, 1 level spell)
Bill Bisco : [1d20+2] => [18,2] = (20)
Bill Bisco : [1d20+2] => [4,2] = (6)
Daemon: 16
Rinzle Ranzibitz: ((conflicting plans again, *grin*))
Three: Three is going to find a door to a room, and search it for traps.
Three: [1d20+10] => [15,10] = (25)
Mali: "Yeah, go back to vorloy."
Bor: "Let's kill the Vorloi too!"
Rinzle Ranzibitz: GOOD LUCK! *she calls*
Mali: "I hope there aren't any traps in there."
Daemon: ((oh he is right..it was 17))
Mali: "Where did the elf go?"
Altharid: "So Balt… we are taking this estabilishment over… am I right ?"
Baltasar shrugs…
Baltasar: "Why?
Rinzle Ranzibitz: oooh, spellbock
Three: Three takes the documents.
Bor: "Let's loot his house, he has money!"
Mali: "I think that is a good idea. free house."
Daemon: *daemon opens the door going to enter into the manor*
Baltasar: "I'd have no problem looting it to the ground though."
Sidhe follows and detects magic. also: ooh, ink.
Altharid: "Why not ? Can be valable …. "
Altharid: *valuable
Mali: *goes up to the door
Mali: *checks for traps
Baltasar enters, using Detect Magic and search: [1d20+15] => [20,15] = (35)
Mali: [1d20+13] => [13,13] = (26)
Mali: perception
Baltasar: (( basically, i'm looking for anything interesting, especially traps and valuables. ))
Baltasar chuckles at finding Three.
Baltasar: "Nicely done."
Mali: "Harjeeves, I am the Master now"
Rinzle Ranzibitz: ((you are going to have a hard time sneaking out with 10 large tomes))
Baltasar: "Yes, I am."
Baltasar: (( aww, damn ))
Baltasar: (( mali got it first ))
Bor: "I am too!"
Three: Three will attempt to create a fake deed.
Baltasar: "Yes."
Mali: "yup, everybody here"
Three: [1d20+8] => [15,8] = (23)
Baltasar: "We are the master."
Baltasar: (( let's try to make his head explode. ))
Mali: "you have multiple masters."
Bill Bisco : [1d20+2] => [16,2] = (18)
Bor: "See my crown? *takes off stone crown*
Mali: "more is better"
Mali: "Harjeeves, make more tea."
Bor: "Harjey, give money to master*
Farris quaffs some tea
Mali: *hands cups around
Baltasar: "Well Harj, if you don't know what to do, you should do what Mali tells you."
Sidhe: I am the master too, er.
Three: Three comes into the room, after he is satisfied with the forgery, tomes, and important documents.
Sidhe looks towards the tea hopefully.
Baltasar: "And where's this safe?"
Mali: "yes, Sidhe is the master too."
Bor: "I don't want to go get it, get it for me"
Sidhe sips the tea, studying the pendants curiously.
Mali: "You make excellent tea Harjeeves."
Mali: "You can rest now"
Baltasar: (( err… wouldn't the deed be in the safe just mentioned? ))
Daemon: *goes to three* so what did you fin……….th..thats a pendant of Nerull….m..may i have it?*
Bor: (you do realize this is all OURS)
Bor: "Harjeeves, I don't want to get the money, get it for me!"
Mali: (wait, it's a pendant of nerull?)
Altharid: "…familiar"
Mali: "do you want help with that?"
Baltasar: (( DM Bill, i got a 35 on my search check, where's the safe? ))
Mali: (also, do you have the forgery kit or master kit?)
Mali: (i do)
Daemon: ((ahh i see..i was assuming me might ahve ahd it in his hand))
Rinzle Ranzibitz: ((wow, huge backpack that))
Altharid follows Balt
Baltasar uses detect magic on it.
Three: ((No, but I have the tools in the library. The inks and such.))
Sidhe: "I think that was the same pendant the necroduid had."
Mali: (okay, I'm up for forging your name on the deed if you share the location)
Bor: (there's no reason for us to share loot from the first encounter with Three. Still, it is shared. I expect this loot to be shared aswell)
Daemon: *daemon goes up the stairs and into what looks like the largest bed room and begins to search*
Altharid: "We still need to ask that corpse some questions… later"
Baltasar: (( I have detect magic and an artificer's monocle, which grants a free identify spell, so what am I finding on the safe? ))
Sidhe: ((I sorta followed you to the study.))
Mali: inspired forgery [1d20+17] => [14,17] = (31) if you want me to do it
Three: Three shows her the pendant. "No clue as to what it is. You?"
Baltasar: (( yes, but i also hit it with an identify spell ))
Baltasar: (( so what kind of magic? ))
Daemon: ((whats in the bedroom?))
Bor: "Want me to break that safe?"
Baltasar taps the lock with his Magic Screwdriver, casting Knock
Sidhe: Aside from the one the necromancer druid used/?[1d20+2] => [3,2] = (5) religion
Baltasar: "Nope, I got it."
Sidhe: I'm really not sure.
Bill Bisco : [1d20+4] => [14,4] = (18)
Altharid: (init ?)
Baltasar: (( see, that's why i've been IDENTIFYING IT ))
Bill Bisco : [1d20+4] => [18,4] = (22)
Bor: "I'll break it!!"
Bill Bisco : [1d8+4] => [8,4] = (12)
Bill Bisco : [1d8+4] => [8,4] = (12)
Altharid: Initiative: [1d20+7] => [6,7] = (13)
Daemon: ((what…..a necro druid?…..thats…….new))
Three: Three is going to attempt to look up the pendant in the books.
Baltasar: (( seriously, if it was able to attack, then i'd have found this out ))
Bill Bisco : [1d20+5] => [11,5] = (16)
Mali: inspired intiative [1d20+10] => [17,10] = Rinzle Ranzibitz: I think that Daemon guys is rippin…holy heck, whats that!?
Bor: [1d20+4] => [1,4] = (5)
Baltasar: init: [1d20+8] => [17,8] = (25)
Altharid: ((yeah few sessions ago… probably a blighter))
Farris: init [1d20] => [2] = (2)
Rinzle Ranzibitz: Initiative [1d20+3] => [12,3] = (15)
Baltasar: (( i'm an artificer, i specialize in golems ))
Baltasar: (( and animated objects ))
Farris: ((continuing my run of worst init rolls ever)
Bor: (better luck next time Rinzle)
Baltasar: (( which is a spell ))
Mali: *draws gun and shoots chest. knowledge devo [1d20+22] => [14,22] = (36)
Daemon: ((what did daemon do????))
Baltasar: (( then you should have said that… ))
Mali: no that was knowledge check for devoiton
Rinzle Ranzibitz: ((Yeah, thpppp))
Mali: give me +4 to hit and damage
Baltasar: knowledge arcana check vs the safe: [1d20+20] => [12,20] = (32)
Baltasar: (( what exactly is it? ))
Rinzle Ranzibitz: Casts a Magic Missile with 2 missiles [2d4+2] => [2,2,2] = (6)
Baltasar: (( ahh, see that's helpful ))
Altharid: Attacks: - GUISARME -, MW Guisarme [1d20+8] => [12,8] = (20), damage [2d4+6] => [2,3,6] = (11)
Mali: [1d20+17] => [10,17] = (1d8+10] => [4,10] = (14)
Three: Three looks to Sidhe. "These are some quality books. Rare book collectors would pay a fortune, I am sure. The pendants, I am not sure about."
Baltasar stabs it with his crossbow bayonet: [1d20+7] => [1,7] = (8), Damage: [1d8+3] => [6,3] = (9)
Altharid: (goes into flanking possition before that)
Baltasar: (( oh balls ))
Three: [1d20+8] => [17,8] = (25)
Daemon: ((daemon doesnt know whats going on he is upstairs in the bedroom))
Three: ((Appraise roll on the pendant))
Bill Bisco : [1d20+9] => [3,9] = (12)
Bill Bisco : [1d20+9] => [18,9] = (* Farris moves off to the side of the room to and spears it longspear [1d20+4] => [20,4] = (24) Dmg [1d8+3] => [5,3] = (8)
Bill Bisco : [1d8+4] => [4,4] = (8)
Bill Bisco : [1d8+4] => [7,4] = (11)
Farris: hey i got a 20
Baltasar: (( bill, i have AC 25 ))
Mali: [1d20+17] => [4,17] = (21) [1d8+5] => [4,5] = (9)
Baltasar: (( the first attack didn't hit ))
Farris: ((so i roll to confirm right?)
Rinzle Ranzibitz: Cast Bull's Strength on Bor
Bor: Power attack 3 [1d20+12] => [10,12] = (22), Damage [3d6+28] => [1,3,6,28] = (38)
Altharid: Attacks: - GUISARME -, MW Guisarme [1d20+8] => [5,8] = (13), damage [2d4+6] => [1,3,6] = (10)
Farris: [1d20+4] => [11,4] = (15)
Rinzle Ranzibitz: so remember+4 strength
Altharid: ((kk whateva))
Rinzle Ranzibitz: yeah!
Mali: "Wow, I shot it 2x, did you see!?"
Bor: "Want me to destroy it?"
Roc: (Maybe that's also a mimic.)
Baltasar hits the new chest with the same stuff as the first
Three: ((Bill, I appraised the pendant. Can I tell anything about it?))
Mali: "I am good at guns"
Farris: "I hope that one dosen't bite too."
Baltasar: Detect Magic, Identify, etc
Rinzle Ranzibitz: ((Russion Mimin Dolls))
Bor: "I can't see your shots Mali"
Mali: "are you gonna open it balt?"
Baltasar frowns at the chest.
Three: Three looks to Sidhe, and shows her his signet ring. "I think this is a sort of 'signet' pendant."
Baltasar: "Ok, screw this."
Bor: "I've got this"
Rinzle Ranzibitz: ((too bad we don't know about the pendants and stuff, since WE know what they mean…))
Three: "You said someone else had one?"
Bor: *strenght check*
Baltasar: "Bor, kill it"
Altharid wonders if the guy was also a member of the so-called "College of Necromancy"
Mali: (I know bill, i'm just making fuN)
Bor: [1d20+13] => [14,13] = (o open
Three: ((It's about the RP too.))
Roc: (Called it.)
Bill Bisco : [1d20+7] => [4,7] = (11)
Mali: (new encounter?)
Bill Bisco : [1d20+7] => [15,7] = (22)
Bill Bisco : [1d6+3] => [1,3] = (4)
Farris: Init [1d20] => [5] = (5)
Bill Bisco : [1d6+3] => [2,3] = (5)
Rinzle Ranzibitz: ((h! I was right))
Altharid: Initiative: [1d20+7] => [20,7] = Bill Bisco : [1d20+5] => [9,5] = (14)
Baltasar: init: [1d20+8] => [1,8] = (9)
Bor: (11 doesn't hit)
Mali: [1d20+10] => [20,10] = (30)init
Bor: [1d20+4] => [2,4] = (6)
Daemon: *daemon comign down stairs seeing the battle starting
Altharid: (goes into flanking position)
Rinzle Ranzibitz: Initiative [1d20+3] => [4,3] = (7)
Altharid: Attacks: - GUISARME -, MW Guisarme [1d20+8] => [1,8] = (9), damage [2d4+6] => [2,2,6] = (10)
Daemon: [1d20+1] => [17,1] = (18)
Altharid: (darn it)
Mali: *attacks the chest (1d20+6]
Daemon: ((initiative))
Mali: [1d20+6] => [12,6] = (18)
Daemon: shocking touch [1d20] => [6] = (6) dmg[1d6] => [5] = (5)
Mali: inspired damage [1d20+10] => [5,10] = (15) katana….also I added +3 to bor and my armor class with reflexes
Three: ((The pendants are still out, since Sidhe looked them over. The rest of the stuff, Three has shoved in a sack or his backpack.))
Mali: oops, [1d8+10}
Bor: (Daemon, your attack modifier is wron)
Mali: [1d8+10] => [6,10] = (16)
Bor: Power attack 3 [1d20+12] => [9,12] = (21), Damage [3d6+28] => [2,3,3,28] = (36)
Mali: (bor, your ac is +3)
Daemon: ((whats my mod?))
Bill Bisco : [1d20+5] => [2,5] = (7)
Farris: longspear [1d20+4] => [18,4] = (22) Dmg [1d8+3] => [7,3] = (10)
Bill Bisco : [1d20+5] => [10,5] = (15)
Altharid: Attacks: - GUISARME -, MW Guisarme [1d20+8] => [9,8] = (17), damage [2d4+6] => [4,3,6] = (13)
Altharid: (+ flanking)
Daemon: ((sorry im a retard…basically))
Altharid: (kk)
Rinzle Ranzibitz: Light Crossbow Attack [1d20+6] => [3,6] = (9) damage [1d6] => [5] = (5)
Baltasar does the same thing again.
Bor: *hits chest with chain*
Altharid: ((heh matrioshka))
Mali: "Are you gonna open that one Balt?"
Roc: (Another mimic, I take it?)
Daemon: Daemon kicks it
Bor: Power attack 3 [1d20+12] => [16,12] = (28), Damage [3d6+28] => [1,1,1,28] = (31)
Baltasar: (( detect magic, identify, knowledge, etc ))
Farris: "Watch your fingers!"
Rinzle Ranzibitz: ((dure))
Baltasar checks it for traps: [1d20+15] => [7,15] = (22)
Bor: "It is dead"
Mali: "I hope there wasn't a fabriche egg in there"
Baltasar pops it open.
Daemon: *attempts to open after balt
Bor: *dances*
Mali: "Jackpot!"
Daemon: wow….
Rinzle Ranzibitz: treasure!
Bill Bisco : 12,000 gp in gems and platinum
Farris mouth gapes
Mali: "harjeeves, come up here!" Altharid: "Splendid…"
Three: [1d20-1] => [6,-1] = (5)
Daemon: im gonna go see where three went to….
Mali: "We had to break it."
Mali: "It was not right in the head."
Bor: "We were training it"
Three: Three is still in the study, looking over books.
Bor: "It couldn't take the training!"
Mali: "harjeeves, is this all the money?"
Daemon: *searches for three soon finding him in the study*
Rinzle Ranzibitz smothers a chuckle behind her hands
Daemon: so….what did you find?
Three: Three is looking over a book.
Mali: "Harjeeves, please clean up this mess."
Three: "Nothing. These books are amazing, but not journals."
Altharid uses Autohypnosis to remember the notes
Baltasar: (( have we found everything of interest? ))
Rinzle Ranzibitz: er, get the treasure out first or he'll clean that up too!
Daemon: "mind if i take a look?
Bor: "Pillow fight!"
Baltasar: (( we've searched the house top to bottom by now, using detect magic, huge search bonuses, etc ))
Mali: "hey, that one looks familiar."
Bor: *grabs a pillow and starts spinning it*
Mali: "no, no, I am mistaken."
Farris Throws pillow at Bor
Three: ((Someone should come, so Three can stop studying. xD))
Baltasar returns to the study, taking a seat and watching Three rummage.
Baltasar: "Find anything?"
Mali: know nobility [1d20+6] => [14,6] = (20)
Daemon: [3d20+9] => [6,2,1,9] = (18)
Bor: *hits Farris with a pillow*
Daemon: Knowledge of arcana, spellcraft….and the planes…..oops
Daemon: [1d20+9] => [2,9] = (11)
Daemon: [1d20+9] => [18,9] = Daemon: [1d20+9] => [18,9] = (* Farris farris flies backwards and cracks the plaster on the walls
Three: Three shows him the necklaces. "I found some AMAZING book. And these. But I can't find what they mean."
Mali: "look at the quality of these paintings. Fantasitic."
Altharid: ((yeah altharid is recording everything in to his memory … from the notes at least))
Three: "What did you guys find?"
Baltasar uses detect magic and Identify on the amulets
Daemon: on the stuff three found))
Bor: *notices people left and follows them*
Farris dusts off and follows
Daemon: three……let me see the amulet
Three: "Which one?"
Mali: "Baltasar is our resident expert on all these things."
Rin (+2) (enter): 22:36
Daemon: ((oh nvm…..did my knowledge checks find anything?))
Bor: "Hey guys. Oh crap, not this book thing again?"
Altharid: ((yeah))
Baltasar: (( err, what? ))
Daemon: (9what about the books?))
Bor: "Have you got a way to call me if you need me?"
Three: "All I can guess is it is some sort of Signet necklace."
Sidhe (enter): 22:37
Baltasar: (( what check to identify the insignia? ))
Mali: [1d20+17] => [5,17] = (22) inspired knowledge big 6
Daemon: ….hmmm..i agree
Farris: "Skulls are never a good thing in my experience"
Mali: (okay, mine was only 22 then)
Baltasar: (( three, which question? ))
Bor: [1d20+2] => [2,2] = (4)
Bor: (ops, -2)
Three: ((What you guys found.))
Daemon: Three…..did you find any books or something…there might be a clue on this symbols affiliation
Baltasar: "Eh, bunch of money."
Three: ((Three has been in the study the whole time while you guys searched the rest of the house.))
Mali: luck reroll knowledge local [1d20+17] => [20,17] = (37)
Three: "I've been looking, and there are some not…. What!? Money?! How much?"
Baltasar: "Scoured the rest of the house, didn't find anything else worth taking."
Mali: there bill
Mali: 37
Altharid: (heh 37)
Baltasar shrugs, "A fair bit,we'll share it out once we've gathered everything of value."
Daemon: Daemon searches the books three had out on the table
Baltasar: "Split things evenly."
Daemon: knowledge arcana, spellcraft
Mali: (thank goodness for luck rerolls)
Daemon: [1d20+9] => [14,9] = (23)
Daemon: [1d20+9] => [2,9] = (11)
Daemon: [1d20+9] => [16,9] = (25)
Rinzle Ranzibitz: College of Necromancy
Mali: "That symbol is from the college of necromancy."
Altharid: "The same guy we obliterated in the depths ?"
Rin (+2) (exit): 22:40
Rinzle Ranzibitz: and the other is from the Brotherhood of the Cowl
Mali: "It's strange, there are no necromancers in dragonport in recent memory."
Farris: "Necromancers… vile."
Three: Three starts putting the books in a sack. and putting parchement, paper, inkpens, and ink in his backpack. "Hope you guys don't mind, but I am going to make copies of these books. This information, especially with the side notes, is incredible."
Daemon: *daemon freezes his back to everyone as he smiles so hard his cheeks hurt hearing about the college he has been looking for*
Sidhe: Disconnecting from server…
Sidhe (exit): 22:41
Mali: "Sow aht did you find?"
Three: "I am a bit of a collector, so I hope you won't mind me taking the originals. I will be more than happy to make transcribe a copy for anyone who wants one though."
Bor: "Have you got a way to call me if you need me?"
Mali: "The library will be needing a copy."
Daemon: "ill be wanting a copy….."
Baltasar: "We'll see."
Roc: (Thanks.)
Altharid: "I can remember the whole book"
Farris: "Ill take one just for the hell of it"
Mali: "Me too altharid!"
Mali: "i learned it by watching you."
Three: "Might take some time, but I can tell you, from my skimming, this knowledge is top-notch."
Roc: (Dang it. Editing now…)
Bor: "stupid books"
Rinzle Ranzibitz: some of those are spellbooks I think
Bor: "Have you got a way to call me if you need me?"
Altharid: "How could you master the art of Autohypnosis… so fast ?"
Farris: "I love knowlege almost as much as beer!"
Bor: (everyone)
Altharid: (I'm there also)
Mali: *obviously I had to enter
Daemon: Daemon searches the shelves of books….
Farris: (I followed Bor)
Daemon: knowledge of arcana and spellcraft again
Altharid: (I followed Balt)
Daemon: [1d20+9] => [20,9] = (29)
Daemon: [1d20+9] => [14,9] = (23)
Roc: (Okay, anything else I need to add?)
Baltasar: "So, what's the plan for this place?"
Baltasar glances at Mali.
Bor: (I used scent to get there)
Daemon: [1d20+9] => [16,9] = (25)
Daemon: searching for anymore tomes
Mali: "Well we need to establish it's ours with forgery"
Mali: (says the lawful good character…lol)
Three: "Already done. I have a very accurate forgery, and the original deed."
Rinzle Ranzibitz: I think I'll follow Three around, and make sure he doen't miss anything
Daemon: Three…before you take those tomes….may i read through them?
Bor: "Have you got a way to call me if you need me?!?!?! I DON'T like being ignored!
Mali: "Now we need to go back to dragonport and sneak in to the records."
Mali: "Unless there isn't another copy of hte deed."
Three: "Be very careful. Some are old, and I don't want this destroyed before I can make copies."
Baltasar: "Yes Bor, we'll yell really loud."
Daemon: "im a wizard im good with books
Farris: "We'll light the manotaur signal"
Bor: "I mean, I want to go to a river!"
Baltasar: "Would you mind if I check your work?"
Baltasar: (( that was at Three, regarding the forgery. ))
Mali: (did you take my forgery check from earlier?)
Mali: (it was insanely high balt)
Altharid: (31 ?)
Three: Three looks a little nervous. "Look, I kinda put it in my name…"
Daemon: *takes the books and lays them on the table carfully and begins pawing through them carefully looking for any kind of clues on the college…or words of power he can use*
Daemon: [1d20+9] => [17,9] = (26)
Daemon: [1d20+9] => [15,9] = (24)
Three: Three hands it over.
Baltasar: (( well… i can get a +21 with an aid another ))
Baltasar: (( so, mind if i take a shot? ))
Mali: "go for it, I already aided with +3 then)
Roc: (If I don't need to add anything else to my page, I'll join you as soon as you leave the manor.)
Baltasar: (( that's why i'm asking ))
Farris Munches pretzels from everlasting rations, Washes it down with Sasparilla
Baltasar: (( if you mind ))
Altharid: ((Daemon I guess we have already learned what we could from the books… unless I'm missing something))
Mali: (three I put your name on the deed and only asked that you share the location)
Three: ((Three handed it over, Balt.))
Daemon: decipher script?
Mali: (you will write it as yours on your log)
Daemon: [1d20+9] => [17,9] = (26)
Mali: (linguistics)
Baltasar compares the forgery to the original. "Looks acceptable
Mali: (I only forged his name on)
Mali: (who cares about reading it)
Baltasar: /ooc you got a 23, on your forgery check, which qualifies as masterwork
Mali: (yes, and forgery)
Daemon: ((can i re roll?))
Mali: (mine was 31 from before)
Baltasar: (( yeah, but three did it first ))
Rinzle Ranzibitz: I'm interested in the books with spells in them, just random books I don't care about, but I'd like to look over the spell books
Daemon: [1d20+9] => [9,9] = (18)
Daemon: [1d20+9] => [4,9] = (13)
Daemon: [1d20+9] => [6,9] = (15)
Daemon: [1d20+9] => [20,9] = (29)
Baltasar: "Though we're going to have words about whose name this house is in."
Daemon: ((haha 29))
Mali: (random what? I have the equipment. I'm only refering to the deed.)
Mali: (I'm also a factotum and am supposed to be super skillz)
Mali: *informs the group
Daemon: ((what are the specifics because daemon will want to do that))
Bill Bisco : Meet on the 12th day at midnight at the cinderhouse
Three: "Okay. So the house is mine, you guys can use it as a group quarters, and I get to keep the original copies of the books?"
Bor: "I am the king, this is my house!"
Mali: "there's a secret meeting on the 12th day at midnight at the cinderhouse"
Baltasar raises an eyebrow at Three's suggestion.
Baltasar: "How about… no."
Bor: *shows crown*
Daemon: ((no hey that was my own findings……
Daemon: ((i didnt want to share))
Mali: "Bor, this is Three's house bor, we are guests."
Rinzle Ranzibitz: Three, are you a wizard?
Baltasar: "Holding it as an organization, like an incorporated partnership, would be far more acceptable."
Bor: "But I killed the owner, it should be mine!"
Farris: "He's got a point."
Mali: "This trustworthy elf is the owner. Jeeves, he's your master."
Daemon: ((bill…..did i have to make that public knowledge because i wanted to keep that secret))
Bor: "That's what we do, we kill people and get their stuff!"
Farris: "And a really big spiky chain"
Three: "It is better for one person. If we are an organization, and get found out, all of us will be jailed for a great deal of time."
Daemon: ((oh…i thought it was my decipher..nvm))
Baltasar laughs at this statement.
Three: "If I own the house, and it is found out, I am the only one at fault."
Baltasar: "You're clearly new to Dragonport."
Altharid also laughts
Daemon: ((whats the date?))
Three: Three pauses. "Yes, actually."
Mali: "I am fine with Three owning it. What is your name exactly?"
Mali: *to three
Bill Bisco : Mali: "there's a secret meeting on the 12th day at midnight at the cinderhouse"
Daemon: ((no i mean the current date))
Baltasar: "No one's going to care that we killed the previous owner. No one's going to care that we took his stuff."
Mali: "the 12th day of teh month"
Daemon: ((how long till i can go there and see whats what))
Three: "In common, just three. My name in elven is Jylanus."
Farris: "Just anus for short right?"
Baltasar: "So you 'nobly' volunteering to take the fall looks an awful like a blatant money grab."
Mali: "if the order of the lion guard decides to check up. we want to have one owner"
Daemon: ((okay so one week from now?…and yes….i want to try finding the college on ym own if possible))
Mali: "I am only concerned that there is a backup deed in the city hall."
Baltasar: "Now, if you took a smaller share of the other things we've found here, I would be far more willing to consider relinquishing my claim."
Three: "More risk, more benefit. I am no where near noble enough to do it without the idea that it would benefit me. At the same time, there would be no benefit for me doublecrossing you. You all know the document is fake."
Daemon: ((how would i find it on the forum??))
Farris Sips Sasparilla from his everflowing mug
Mali: "It is just a location, No need to fight over it. I am doing all the work here."
Bill Bisco : http://blackmarches.wikidot.com/forum/c-496595/roleplaying
Rydia (enter): 22:55
Bor: "It belongs to the Temlin. The Temlin is the one who has this crown. I'm the Temlin. Get out of my house, all of you!"
Rinzle Ranzibitz: I actually don't think you need to do anything more than claim the house, in Dragonport, possession is rather MORE than 9/10ths of the law
Baltasar: (( srsly guys, while it's technically OOC to split absolutely everything evenly, it also prevents inter-party conflict ))
Altharid is annoyed by the whole situation…as he craves for more… excitement… yesterday was not enough… he needs to test his new abilities… he needs to EVOLVE
Mali: "Bor, we should destroy that crown."
Mali: "it's going to your head."
Baltasar grins, "Isn't that where a crown belongs?"
Bor: "All this book and stupid paper talk is going to my head!"
Mali: (Balt, the value of the location does not acrue value. It doesn't matter who owns it if we all use it.)
Rydia (exit): 22:56
Three: ((What I don't get is why Mali is "going all the work." Three had a forgery when she walked in. She was in the room with the Mimic, right?))
Farris: "Why don't we have a vote?"
Baltasar: (( ok, i'll drop it, but i guarantee you this will cause problems down the line ))
Mali: (want me to autosucceed spotitng your forgery?)
Mali: (I'm up for that)
Three: ((He admitted it was a forgery to you.))
Three: ((You ALL auto-suceed.))
Mali: (then I helped him)
Baltasar: (( three, mali and balt can both beat your forgery easily, but it's above 20, so it's mostly acceptable ))
Mali: (you really want it to be at least 30 due to taking 10)
Mali: (I actually agree that you should own it, so I don't see a problem)
Bor: (Bor can beat it too… with his chain)
Three: ((I understand THAT. But this gam eisn't just about rolling. I am trying to find the sense.))
Mali: (and help you?)
Daemon: *daemon goes back down to where the chest was to search for any leftover gold*
Mali: (I just aid you for +3 then, what was your check?)
Baltasar: (( because balt and mali are perfectionists, and three is a rank amateur compared to either of them ))
Altharid: ((I have to agree… I'm fed up with that forgery-rambling)
Baltasar: (( but like we've said, it's a useable forgery,so let's go ))
Mali: (keep in mind, when I dm, i'm gonna be using this, and that check needs to be high to beat most of the npcs)
Roc: (Because the argument is fun, it seems.)
Daemon: ((was there any gold left what did they do with it i missed it))
Farris: "Greetings stranger."
Farris: "care for some Sasparilla?"
Baltasar: (( err, do we know where to go next? cause right now we've just looted the place and claimed it. What's next? ))
Rinzle Ranzibitz: ((I'm actually more interested in the BOOKS, because some of them are SPELLBOOKS, so how many of those are there?))
Three: ((So, House and Gold is split evenly then, right? Books stay in the house, serving as Masterwork knowledge tools to anyone in it?))
Bor: (Daemon, with enough time we take 20 on search, so no)
Roc is wandering around, finds and explores the house, and finds the PCs.
Daemon: ((i did search for spellbooks?…..what was int he spellbooks?)
Bor: "Mali, come with me"
Bor: "Let's destroy this crown"
Bor: "A demon!"
Altharid: "Halt… lizard" -Altharid speaks telepathically
Bor: *points to the kobold*
Altharid: "State your business… or perish"
Mali: *follows bor
Three: "Another intruder?"
Bor: "Where's Seeker?"
Rinzle Ranzibitz: Hmmm, I think you need some guards for your house
Mali: "We know the chosen of tiamat!"
Daemon: ((so was there any magic int he books or do i have to re arcana check?
Bor: ( to understand spells, use spellcraft)
Daemon: ((i did both jsut in case
Daemon: [1d20+9] => [1,9] = (10)
Bor: (Bill, we can't hear you in case you're speaking)
Daemon: [1d20+9] => [4,9] = (13)
Daemon: [1d20+9] => [7,9] = (16)
Daemon: [1d20+9] => [7,9] = (16)
Daemon: [1d20+9] => [2,9] = (11)
Bor: (You don't get a reroll)
Daemon: ((well what ever….my checks were ck then))
Bill Bisco : Spellbook: Color Spray, Magic Missile, Armor, Shield, Nerveskitter, Sleep, Net of Shadows, Master's Touch, Benign Transposition, Blades of Fire 2nd: Glitterdust, Web, Invisibility, See Invisibility 3rd: Nauseating Breath , Summon Monster 3
Bor: (and the kobold?)
Roc: (Hang on…)
Roc has a general "sigh, crap" look on his face, but says nothing.
Daemon: ((can i transcribe those into my spell book?
Mali: "we know seeker, the chosen of tiamat"-to kobold
Bor: "Demon! You have another necro druid?"
Three: "Okay. So, to be clear, we all agree. The books remain here. The house and money is split?"
Altharid equips his guisarme…
Three: Three looks over the deed. How much land does it own in the country side?
Three: "Hmm. Quite reasonable."
Mali: (what's going on with the kobold?)
Bor: *moves closer to the kobold*
Roc: "Actually, I'm just here because I couldn't find any jobs today and I was bored. So I decided I might as well explore this house and see if I find anything cool."
Farris: "The little lizard has a gun!"
Three: Three is going to explore the house to get a layout of the rooms. He is an elf, so he does get a roll if he nears a secret door.
Bor: "It speaks a language I can understand!"
Roc can't help but laugh at Bor.
Mali: "Hello, are you friendly?"
Rinzle Ranzibitz says to the Kobold, in Draconic) "Do you understand me?"
Altharid facepalms
Roc: (Draconic) "Yes."
Mali: "I have a gun too!"
Mali: *shows gun
Roc: "Nice."
Bor: "So you come here to kill me and steal my house, demon?"
Baltasar: (( is there a basement? ))
Baltasar: (( or better, dungeons? ))
Baltasar: (( dibs! ))
Mali: "It's three's house bor."
Rinzle Ranzibitz: Ah, good (Draconic) what brings you here, now?
Mali: ((lol, the lowest level npc I can find who isn't new is 10)
Roc: "Didn't I say? Boredom, mostly."
Cave Johnson (enter): 23:08
Morgana Dreadscar (+5) (enter): 23:08
(0) Server Administrator-> Kicking ' Sidhe' from server… Removing dead client
Sidhe (exit): 23:09
Three: Three removes his belt buckle, and nails it to a room.
Rinzle Ranzibitz: Yes, thats mostly why I'm here too!
Mali: "Well, I suppose you'll be wanting a share of the loot then, oh powerful gunslinger?"
Rinzle Ranzibitz chuckles
Bor: "Fuck this shit" *storms out* "Mali, show me where that river is"
Mali: (he'll make a page)
Roc: "Nah. You already beat me to it anyway, so go ahead and keep it."
Baltasar accompanies Bor, beckoning to Altharid, "Let's go find something to break."
Three: Three returns to the study. "I have claimed a room. Are you guys going to do the same?"
Mali: *tries to locate the river with bor*
Altharid: "I have to agree… employer"
Farris "wait for me guys!"
Altharid: "The one-who-hungers… demands it"
Mali: (Roc, you're getting a share)
Three: ((AFK for food.))
Attempting to assign the role of GM to Bill Bisco …
Baltasar: (( there you go, Bill ))
Roc: (Thanks, Mali.)
Mali: scroll up
Altharid: (scroll a little bit)
Daemon: *follows bor and mali out of boredom*
Altharid: (yeah I can see it)
Bor: (seems like it failed here)
Farris: no it says failed
Altharid: (then you have to wait)
Altharid: (hhmm then reconnect)
Baltasar: (( i'm not getting it etiher ))
Rinzle Ranzibitz: ((Bor, did you want company when you go to destroy it, or are you good with who you have now?))
Baltasar: (( but unless we're using grid combat, it's not really needed? ))
Bill Bisco : http://blackmarches.wdfiles.com/localfiles/the-krayzen-outscapes/The%20Krayzen%20Outscapes.jpg
Mali: "so bor, this is where you killed that minotaur?"
Mali: *heads that way
Bor: (feel free to come Rinzle)
Three: Three goes with the others.
Daemon: *following*
Mali: (bill, I added a feature)
Bor: "yeah, take care with that goblin's double and a mirror"
Mali: (yeah, mountain)
Rinzle Ranzibitz: ((, I'll hurry and catch up with Bor, since he seems headed to the River))
Farris stops
Mali: "trials? Oh this again?"
Three: "What trials?"
Roc: (Heading there now…)
Bor: *lols*
Rinzle Ranzibitz: Argh, these guys again!
Mali: "rinzle, do you have a trinket?"
Altharid followed bor and the rest if that matters
Bor: "I am king Bor of the Goliath!"
Farris: "What trials?"
Rinzle Ranzibitz: I do, the ear rings
Baltasar chuckles
Mali: *remembers that they will let people with trinkets pass*
Baltasar: "Living forever sounds good."
Three: "Does that mean none of you have passed the trial?"
Rinzle Ranzibitz: shows the earrings to the Chameleon men
Altharid: "Indeed"
Bor: "Let me pass or I will kill you and all of your tribe!"
Rinzle Ranzibitz: doesn't this mean I get free passage?
Altharid: "But not with these weaklings" - telepathically
Mali: whispers to balt "cast presitdigitation and make us all some"
Rinzle Ranzibitz: hmmmm
Bor: "Do we fight you or do we fight someone else?"
Baltasar stands behind Altharid and quickly conjures up some shiny baubles with Prestidigitation.
Mali: "oh, so what is the new trinket then?"
Three: "None of you are either."
Bor: "How big is him?"
Mali: "I suspect our manotaur is."
Three: "You aren't tough enough."
Farris: "lead on"
Rinzle Ranzibitz: heh, ok
Mali: *follows
Bor: *knocks them out when they turn their backs*
Altharid follows the rest
Baltasar: (( i really kinda like Bor, he's direct ))
Bor: (surprise round)
Rinzle Ranzibitz: ((when we get where they are leading us, I cast a Bull's Strength on Bor))
Altharid: *grateful that there will be a chance to relieve his bloodlust*
Altharid: Initiative: [1d20+7] => [6,7] = (13)
Baltasar: init: [1d20+8] => [12,8] = (20)
Rinzle Ranzibitz: ((and if Bor just attacks, he gets a bull's strength too))
Bor: Initiative [1d20+4] => [9,4] = (13)
Bill Bisco : [1d20+8] => [14,8] = (22)
Mali: [1d20+6] => [17,6] = (23) init
Three: [1d20+6] => [17,6] = (23)
Rinzle Ranzibitz: Initiative [1d20+3] => [19,3] = (22)
Roc: Init: [1d20+4] => [19,4] = (23)
Daemon: [1d20+2] => [18,2] = (20)
Farris: Init [1d20] => [2] = (2)
Mali: (bor gets a standard)
Three: Three shoots one. [1d20+5] => [12,5] = (17)
Roc quickly loads and fires his pistol at one of the chameleons.
Roc: Starting Pistol: [1d20+5] => [16,5] = (21) ATK,[1d6] => [5] = (5) DMG
Mali: *backs off and aids bor
Roc: (Oops.)
Three: [1d8+1+1d6] => [2,1,2] = (5)
Bor: Charge to touch middle chameleon [1d20+17] => [6,17] = (23), Strenght [1d20+19] => [1,19] = (20), Attack [1d20+21] => [20,21] = (41), Damage [1d20+22] => [2,22] = (24)
Bor: (again, wrong damage)
Mali: [1d20+8] => [8,8] = (16) inspired aid bor's attack
Bor: [3d6+22] => [5,4,2,22] = (33)
Mali: +3 to your attacks bor when it's your turn
Daemon: [1d20] => [15] = (15)
Daemon: runs up to one and casts shocking grasp touch
Rinzle Ranzibitz Cast Bull's Strength on Bor
Daemon: [1d6] => [1] = (1)
Daemon: [1d6] => [3] = (3)
Altharid: (ermm I had 13 init can I move now ?)
Daemon: wow…crap dmg
Bor: (adjust rolls accordingly for Rinzle's buff)
Daemon: my bad
Roc: (Do I have to reroll, or do I use the 5-damage attack?)
Three: ((D&D is an easy game to break.))
Mali: (she cast bull str)
Roc: (Yes, it is.)
Farris: i use divine metamagic and cast quickened Command on one of them
Altharid: (18 ac)
Mali: (lol, altharid, they don't like you)
Bor: (flat footed)
Altharid: (heh punishing stance I guess)
Bill Bisco : [1d20+11] => [9,11] = (20)
Farris: DC 15
Altharid: (still 18)
Bill Bisco : [1d20+11] => [4,11] = (15)
Bill Bisco : [1d20+11] => [20,11] = (31)
Bill Bisco : [1d20+11] => [8,11] = (19)
Bill Bisco : [1d20+11] => [20,11] = (31)
Altharid: (ouch)
Bill Bisco : [1d20+11] => [18,11] = (29)
Bill Bisco : [1d20+11] => [5,11] = (16)
Bill Bisco : [1d20+11] => [13,11] = (24)
Altharid: (how many attacks ?!(
Bill Bisco : [1d20+11] => [13,11] = (24)
Bor: (not the best idea to attack them, sorry)
Altharid: (only 2 miss)
Bill Bisco : [1d10] => [9] = (9)
Farris: ((who are they attacking and with what?))
Bill Bisco : [1d6] => [3] = (3)
Altharid: (me… for no reason whatsoever :P)
Mali: (they know you have tentacles)
Altharid: (I have 63 hp)
Bill Bisco : [1d6+7] => [1,7] = (8)
Bill Bisco : [1d6+7] => [2,7] = (9)
Bill Bisco : [1d6+7] => [3,7] = (10)
Bill Bisco : [1d6+7] => [4,7] = (11)
Bill Bisco : [1d6+7] => [3,7] = (10)
Bill Bisco : [1d6+7] => [1,7] = (8)
Bill Bisco : [1d6+7] => [5,7] = (12)
Bill Bisco : [1d6+7] => [4,7] = (11)
Altharid: (ouch)
Mali: (fort save, or no?)
Altharid: (uses 4 action points to get back on full hp)
Bor: (roll again?)
Mali: (aid's bor and keeps on aiding)
Farris: did my command affect one of them?
Roc: Starting Pistol: [1d20+5] => [19,5] = (24) ATK,[1d6] => [3] = (3) DMG
Mali: [1d20+8] => [2,8] = (10) inspired aid bor's attack
Rinzle Ranzibitz: Gloves of Lightening ranged touch attack [1d20+6] => [10,6] = (16) Damage [1d8+5] => [6,5] = (11)
Daemon: ray pf enfeeblment dc 17
Altharid: (Altharid Projects menacing Red Aura his… hair changes to red… and his eyes glow in the same color)
Daemon: aim it at as many as possible
Altharid: "…. I hunger"
Daemon: [1d6+1] => [1,1] = (2)
Rinzle Ranzibitz: woot!
Daemon: strength dmg
Daemon: [1d6+1] => [1,1] = (2)
Bor: Whirling Frenzy Pounce to touch middle chameleon [1d20+22] => [19,22] = (41) Strenght [1d20+21] => [15,21] = (36), Attack [1d20+26] => [19,26] = (45), Damage [1d20+30] => [12,30] = (42)
Baltasar: (( are these chameleon dudes human? ))
Farris: longspear [1d20+4] => [19,4] = (23) Dmg [1d8+3] => [7,3] = (10)
Bor: Whirling Frenzy Pounce to touch near chameleon [1d20+22] => [12,22] = (34) Strenght [1d20+21] => [16,21] = (37), Attack [1d20+26] => [14,26] = (40), Damage [1d20+30] => [16,30] = (46)
Altharid: Vigor [std action] => std action *Altharid surrounds himself with a glowing crimson forcefield*
Altharid: Grip of Iron (imm action) *You can hear within your mind sound of metal bars bending under someones superior grip*
Daemon: ((doesnt say))
Altharid: …. linked to [expends psionic focus] => expends psionic focus
Altharid: Astral Construct (1 round) *Altharid leans back and spits a small globe of glowing ectoplasm which instantly takes a shape of armored humoid with glowing red eyes and hair*
Three: ((Yes, it is Daemon.))
Daemon: ((my bad))
Altharid: (5ft step towards balt)
Baltasar: (( are these chameleon guys human? ))
Roc: (I think they're humanOID. Kind of like me.)
Bor: (how many do I threaten?)
Altharid: (I can detect their types via mindsight)
Altharid: (and int score)
Baltasar: know:Dung [1d20+10] => [3,10] = (13)
Baltasar: (( god… ))
Bor: (k, 4 AoO if they move)
Altharid: Skills: Knowledge (dungeoneering) [1d20+5] => [19,5] = (24)
Altharid: (the whisperer aids me)
Altharid: [1d20+3] => [9,3] = (12)
Altharid: (26 now… does it change anything ?)
Baltasar infuses Bane(Shapeshifter) on Alth's guisarme
Mali: knowledge devo inspired dungeon [1d20+21] => [2,21] = (23)
Daemon: ((how much longer are we going for?))
Baltasar: (( i'm gonna assume Alth asked for it, once he figured out what they were ))
Altharid: (linked power)
Altharid: (he goes off next round)
Farris: ((did i spear one of them?))
Altharid: (that was the whisperer aiding me)
Mali: knowledge devo local to hit bor easier with aid [1d20+17] => [19,17] = (36)
Altharid: (the whisperer -> my psicrystal)
Farris: (rad)
Rinzle Ranzibitz: I'll cast a Color Spray on my init, trying to hit as many of them as possible, hoping they will get a minus for being so distractable
Altharid: (I have gone)
Roc: (I have.)
Baltasar: (( i buffed Alth ))
Farris: i went
Rinzle Ranzibitz: (I just did)
Altharid: (Yay for Vigor extra 25 hp is nice at this lvl)
Mali: (dc is 14 for that color spray btw)
Bill Bisco : [1d20+11] => [12,11] = (23)
Bill Bisco : [1d20+11] => [7,11] = (18)
Rinzle Ranzibitz: ((sorry, I'm a bit out of it, starting to fall asleep))
Bill Bisco : [1d20+11] => [18,11] = (29)
Altharid: (theres no ac now)
Bill Bisco : [1d20+11] => [8,11] = (19)
Bill Bisco : [1d20+11] => [7,11] = (18)
Bill Bisco : [1d20+11] => [8,11] = (19)
Altharid: (it will go off next round via linked power)
Bill Bisco : [1d20+11] => [20,11] = (31)
Bill Bisco : [1d20+11] => [17,11] = (28)
Altharid: (any aoos ?)
Rinzle Ranzibitz: ((I'm a gnome, I get a +1 to illusion DCs))
Bor: (they all hit, but do they threaten me?)
Farris: im threatening one of them
Mali: (sorry rinzle, 15 then)
Farris: ((unless he died))
Bor: (my reach is bigger)
Bor: (20)
Altharid: (the same here [10ft reach] => 10ft reach… but it does not change anything there I guess)
Bor: (4)
Bor: (?)
Bor: Whirling Frenzy Pounce to touch near chameleon [1d20+22] => [16,22] = (38) Strenght [1d20+21] => [2,21] = (23), Attack [1d20+26] => [5,26] = (31), Damage [1d20+30] => [5,30] = (35)
Bor: Whirling Frenzy Pounce to touch near chameleon [1d20+22] => [12,22] = (34) Strenght [1d20+21] => [3,21] = (24), Attack [1d20+26] => [3,26] = (29), Damage [1d20+30] => [19,30] = (49)
Bor: Whirling Frenzy Pounce to touch near chameleon [1d20+22] => [9,22] = (31) Strenght [1d20+21] => [2,21] = (23), Attack [1d20+26] => [13,26] = (39), Damage [1d20+30] => [14,30] = (44)
Baltasar: (( alth, do you still need healing? ))
Bor: Whirling Frenzy Pounce to touch near chameleon [1d20+22] => [12,22] = (34) Strenght [1d20+21] => [16,21] = (37), Attack [1d20+26] => [1,26] = (Damage [1d20+30] => [1,30] = (31)
Bill Bisco : [1d20+4] => [12,4] = (16)
Altharid: (So am I going to take some hits ?)
Daemon: ((are we sharing xp because if not…..im screwed…lol))
Altharid: (kk 18 ac)
Bill Bisco : [1d6+7] => [3,7] = (10)
Farris: ((yeah))
Mali: (yes daemon)
Bill Bisco : [1d6+7] => [4,7] = (11)
Bor: (they are tripped)
Three: ((me too. I am sure we are.))
Bill Bisco : [1d10] => [3] = (3)
Farris: ((my first game i did literally nothing except almost get one shotted by goblins))
Bill Bisco : [1d10] => [4] = (4)
Altharid: (thank goodness I've taken vigor)
Mali: (he's basing the encounters on our higher levels)
Baltasar: (( alth, you want a Greater healing armor infusion? ))
Bor: (you who?)
Bill Bisco : [1d20+11] => [13,11] = (24)
Baltasar: (( it's 2/day 3d8+15 healing ))
Bor: (Altharid?)
Bill Bisco : [1d6+7] => [5,7] = (12)
Bill Bisco : [1d10] => [7] = (7)
Altharid: (hmm whats the matter Bor ?)
Mali: "Surrender!"-
Daemon: ((well….i drained 2 str from one…..im so proud i might cry))
Farris: ((bor is like a freaking lawnmower))
Bor: (nvm)
Altharid: (ok ac appears… he flanks my target)
Rinzle Ranzibitz: Casts a Magic Missile with 2 missiles [2d4+2] => [1,4,2] = (7)
Roc: Starting Pistol: [1d20+5] => [11,5] = (16) ATK,[1d6] => [4] = (4) DMG
Three: Three is going to put his bow away, wide eyed at the hulking beast who just tore 7 apart in seconds.
Altharid: [1d20+6] => [13,6] = (19)
Bor: *kills them all*
Bor: Whirling Frenzy Pounce to touch near chameleon [1d20+22] => [7,22] = (29) Strenght [1d20+21] => [19,21] = (40), Attack [1d20+26] => [10,26] = (36), Damage [1d20+30] => [20,30] = (50)
Baltasar: (( alth, you have bane on your guisarme ))
Bor: Whirling Frenzy Pounce to touch near chameleon [1d20+22] => [15,22] = (37) Strenght [1d20+21] => [1,21] = (22), Attack [1d20+26] => [16,26] = (42), Damage [1d20+30] => [9,30] = (39)
Farris Stabbing time! longspear [1d20+4] => [17,4] = (21) Dmg [1d8+3] => [5,3] = (8)
Mali: i was still autoaiding bor
Bor: (again, wrong damage, 3d6 instead of 1d20)
Altharid: (did my ac hit? 19 on attack)
Farris: "Ahaha"
Daemon: chill touch
Altharid: (kk)
Daemon: [1d20+1] => [10,1] = (11)
Altharid: [1d6+4] => [2,4] = (6) damage
Daemon: [1d6+1] => [2,1] = (3)
Altharid: (trip check)
Daemon: dang
Altharid: (the ac trips like a wolf)
Altharid: [1d20+3] => [17,3] = (20)
Baltasar fires at the last: [1d20+10] => [14,10] = (24), [1d10+1] => [4,1] = (5)
Bor: (I did 2 attacks, counted those?)
Bill Bisco : [1d20+4] => [6,4] = (10)
Altharid: (he does not need to touch)
Altharid: (that was the opposed str check)
Altharid: (ok so he falls down)
Rinzle Ranzibitz: Gloves of Lightening ranged touch attack [1d20+6] => [11,6] = (17) Damage [1d8+5] => [1,5] = (6)
Altharid: (altharid attacks the prone guy)
Daemon: ((what mods my touch ac))
Bor: (dex)
Altharid: [1d20+15] => [4,15] = (19) attack [4d6+9] => [2,5,1,4,9] = (21) damage
Baltasar: (( dex, insight, deflection, and sacred/profane ))
Mali: (deflection)
Baltasar: (( oh, and dodge ))
Mali: (lol, forgot about the sacred)
Daemon: ((then the touch would ahve been 12))
Bor: (die)
Bor: Whirling Frenzy Pounce to touch near chameleon [1d20+22] => [12,22] = (34) Strenght [1d20+21] => [7,21] = (28), Attack [1d20+26] => [8,26] = (34), Damage [1d20+30] => [8,30] = (38)
Rinzle Ranzibitz: ((er, run away?))
Bor: Whirling Frenzy Pounce to touch near chameleon [1d20+22] => [20,22] = (42) Strenght [1d20+21] => [6,21] = (Attack [1d20+26] => [15,26] = (41), Damage [1d20+30] => [4,30] = (34)
Bor: Whirling Frenzy Pounce to touch near chameleon [1d20+22] => [10,22] = (32) Strenght [1d20+21] => [7,21] = (28), Attack [1d20+26] => [17,26] = (43), Damage [1d20+30] => [11,30] = (41)
Farris: "Incoming blood explosion"
Three: Three is just shocked. "What is that guy?"
Mali: "They will trouble this road no more"
Baltasar: (( better tactic, Kip-up skill trick ))
Mali: "he's our manotaur"
Rinzle Ranzibitz: ((I feel sorry for these guys))
Altharid is breathing heavily
Daemon: Daemon quickly begins searching them..starting with detect magic*
Roc: (How many are left in the general area?)
Altharid 's eyes are glowing heavily in red
Mali: "Baltasar is our super item guy"
Daemon: [1d20+1] => [10,1] = (11)
Mali: "tentacles is tentacles"
Farris: "Do you need healing squid-man?"
Bor: (I feel I'm cheating, I didn't mean to break the game with a tier 4/5)
Altharid: "I am not a mera mutant … female"
Altharid: *mere
Roc: (I know we killed all the ones in front of us, but are there any others elsewhere?)
Altharid: "I am something much more"
Mali: (bor, it doesn't go up from here tho)
Daemon: ((any loot on dead ones)
Baltasar checks for interesting objects and loot, with detect magic and search: [1d20+15] => [15,15] = (30)
Roc: (Lol. How wrong they were.)
Three: ((You kinda are. I mean, that just makes the game unfair. It's not even "should I roll?" It's watch him kill everything and sit back with some coffee.))
Bor: (it does, saddly)
Baltasar: so how many were there?
Farris: "Alt do you need some healing?"
Bill Bisco : 10 +1 Glaives, 10 Chain Shirts
Bor: "Refreshing!"
Altharid: "Alt ?"
Farris: ((maybe ditch the 20 foot chain for a normal one?))
Baltasar: (( non-MW armor? ))
Daemon: *sees one squirming from the magic missles and cuts its throat with sickle*
Altharid snickers
Mali: (bor's fine, he's a fighter type.)
Altharid: (3 damage on alth thanks to vigor)
Baltasar: (( three, bor is also ECL 5 ))
Bor: "Let's loot it and destroy this crown!"
Mali: (one failed will and it's over for him)
Baltasar: (( and you are 1 ))
Farris: "Sorry I thought we were on nickname basis Altharid"
Rinzle Ranzibitz: shall we press on folks? we have a crown to drown! *laughs*
Baltasar: (( err, brb ))
Altharid: "… Ahh so you were refering to him…"
Bor: (Bor's got Steadfast Determination)
Three: ((And? Think I have never played D&D? He out DPSes almost every build I have seen.))
Mali: *continues toward the river
Farris: "Lead on Tiny lady"
Altharid: "I shall go now… don't get your ass handed to you no22… till next time"
Altharid: me 's eyes stop glowing in red
Altharid 's eyes stop glowing in red
Mali: 'we need a box to drown this crown"
Bor: "So, how much time in the water?"
Mali: "anybody got a box?"
Rinzle Ranzibitz: ((Going…down by the river side! down by the river side, down by the riverside…))
Altharid: "What did I miss… Baltasar ?"
Three: [1d20+8] => [3,8] = (11)
Daemon: [1d20+1] => [17,1] = (18)
Daemon: [1d20+9] => [10,9] = (19)
Mali: "maybe sombody has a box worth 10 gp?"
Rinzle Ranzibitz: we can set it in the river with a rock on top of it
Bill Bisco : Yes, the Chameleon Men's armor was non-Masterwork
Mali: *1gp
Bor: "The way is clear, we could grab the box in Dragonport then come back"
Altharid 's Astral Construct disappears
Rinzle Ranzibitz: what box?
Mali: "Just something to hold it in"
Bor: "Any box"
Farris: "Could we put it in a backpack with a rock?"
Mali: "nothing special"
Farris: "And toss it in?"
Mali: "with rocks"
Mali: "I'll wait if you want. 10 days, right?"
Mali: *i made the check so scratch the question
Altharid: "What did I miss… Mali… during the battle… my subconsciousness wandered off…. for a while"
Rinzle Ranzibitz: oh sure, but I don't think we really even need a box, unless someone has one handy
Mali: "bor proved that he is the king of this land"
Daemon: ((what is the crown made of?))
Rinzle Ranzibitz: just put a rock on top of the crown so it for sure doesn't float up…which it probably wouldn't do anyway
Altharid takes a look at the bloodied bodies
Mali: "I want to tie a rope to it so it doesn't flow downstream"
Bor: "Yes Mali. I'll come visit sometime. Take care with Snu Bul's double and with a mirror. I'll come visit"
Bor: *hands crown to Mali*
Mali: *ties some rope to teh crown and tosses it in
Daemon: Daemon takes the crown and throws it in it sinks…..like a rock
Mali: *ties the rope to the bridge
Bor: (you can't take it from me)
Daemon: ((just making a point))
Mali: *observes
Mali: *I have it
Daemon: ((..sorry…i just have a very very bad headache……….and im tired))
Mali: *you can take it
Rinzle Ranzibitz: ((pulls out the crown by the rope to see if its desolved, then throws it back in, and a few minutes later she checks again))
Mali: *daemon has the crown now
Three: Three is just sitting down, watching the scene with his golden retriever.
Mali: "i think it has to stay submerged rinzle"
Mali: "i'll wait here for 10 days"
Daemon: Daemon throws it down into the water scowling feircly
Rinzle Ranzibitz: ((hehe))
Mali: "anybody got a tent I could borrow?"
Altharid: "I am in possession of a tent"
Bor: "I've got a sleeping bag"
Bor: "I'll come visit sometime, Mali. Take care with Snu Bul's double and with a mirror. I'll come visit"
Mali: "okay, I'll wait here, you guys can leave then."
Mali: *takes 20 to disguise herself as a chamelon man
Mali: *borrows a tent
Bor: "Let's split everything later, cya"
Farris: "Take care young lady"
Mali: *waits for 10 days
Daemon: ((so scientificaly…its a reactive metal and its reacting witht he water…….)
Bor: *heads off to Dragonport*
Altharid follows Balt and the rest
Baltasar: (( back ))
Mali: (3 days to a day)
Farris waves goodbye, follows Bor
Mali: (I mostly dm)
Mali: (and here's the deal, I am a chamelon man for all intents and pursposes)
Bor: (can't follow me, 40ft speed)
Farris: "Waiiiiit for meee"
Baltasar: (( i can do the summary, but i'll need the last little bit of conversation ))
Altharid comes back to visit Mali with homemade cookies
Bill Bisco : Entries to Make: Names of Guards of Temlin Manor (Note that they now work as Mercenaries on the Vorloi Page) 2 of them (make up names and follow the template) Cinderhouse - A poverty house in the Slums District. Called that for it's warmth. Brotherhood of the Cowl Organization - Brotherhood of Wizards, Psionicists, and Cereberemancers College of Necromancy Organization - Everything you know now. Pages to be Updated: Temlin Manor Jenlar Temlin Harjeeves Walden Woden Leandra Woden (now married) Hector D'Sante (now married) Krayzen Outscapes Krayzen Chameleons
Baltasar: (( cause i was afk for about 8 minutes ))
Daemon: ((im too stupid to do any of that…….but can someone tell em what i have to do?))
Mali: (three be sure to write the forgery check and such in your log)
Mali: (nad that you own the house)
Farris: "I have infinite pretzels!! and Sasparilla!"
Roc: (Did I get any money or XP from this?)
Altharid: (I want it !)
Farris: (I don't)
Three: ((Nope.))
Baltasar: (( i wouldn't mind the +1 dagger, but if someone else uses them as primary, they can have it ))
Daemon: ((no……i want money…and xp…..lol…..lots……and lots of xp))
Mali: (altharid, i'll lend you my adventure money so you can get your belt)
Rinzle Ranzibitz: actually, I need to run. znd no, no glaive
Baltasar: (( err, nvm ))
Altharid: (kk thx… payment for teh cookies :P)
Three: ((I want exp and money. Lots. And Lots. of money!))
Baltasar: (( i think we picked up on that, three ))
Mali: (rinzle, don't forget to copy the spells this week)

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