Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Description: A sentient polearm of artifact-level power aligned to both the fire and the earth element. Personality-wise the armament appears to be both retributive and vindicative.

Current Owner
Rick Dodger

Current Powers
+1 Stunning Surge, Flaming Speed, Keen Elemental Power (earth, fire) Starmetal Halberd (???)


# Adventure Date Events
1 The new wave(part 4) 09-23-2012 Retrieved and employed later in perhaps otherwise death-sentence level combat by Rick Dodger. After the encounter the weapon returned to its dormant … yet still potent state.
2 Pharmakon (part3) 10-21-2012 It was discovered that Hauteclere was created in the forges of the dwarven ruins long ago by a past incarnate (???) of Isaac's using the flames of Bolganlore.
3 Excavation (part3) 12-10-2012 Hauteclere became active when the chaotic taint of the rebels came onto the party, lending Rick Dodger its power over fire on the enemy troops.
4 Retributive Past 01-22-2013 Got into an 'argument' with her ''mother' during the visit of Isaac's at Rick's office. It was confirmed that Garmivr, the Starforger was the one behind the weapon's creation.
5 Doomcape Exploration (Darntem Siege, part 4) 02/23/2013 Awakened to a rather strange, blazing state after Rick removed a strange emblem of the weapon (which became one with Hauteclere during the ritual performed by Beatrice Erisdotr) he held as Brandorf.
6 Doomcape Exploration (Darnten Siege, final ?) 03/23/2013 Became a sort of Battle Golem resembling an Ancient Guardian after being subjected to the leyline's fiery core during the confrontation with Zarthian forces within Darnten Siege.
7 Doomcape Exploration (epilogue) 03-24-2012 Fought alongside the party in its strange battle-golem form (that being reminiscent a bit of an Ancient Guardian) during the conflict within Darnten Siege.
8 Elemental Issues 04/19/2013 Spoke briefly with Isaac during his meeting with Rick's.
9 The Dark Current (part2) 09/04/2013 In one of the secret chambers of Dark Remnant's the team stumbled upon a 'golem-suit' which both resembled the being which handed the Hauteclere to Rick in the very first place and ended up being quite… compatible with the relic in the very first place.
10 Collaboration. 09/21/2013 Mentioned few times in the chat Rick had with Garvik Stonebound. Hauteclere was told be only usable, for extended periods of time that is, only by those in one way or another 'compatible' with the weapon. Those finding themselves incompatible appear to bring suffering to both themselves and the weapon.
11 Foxy Prank (part2) 10/30/2013 Rick Dodger, by the virtue of being the bearer of the relic that is Hauteclere, was able to avoid confrontation with the dwarf ancestors inside Dwarven Ruins.
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