Halls Of Blood


A sort of an otherworldly palace placed in one of the pocket dimensions accessible through an intricate web of planar passages linked to the Forbidden Lair.
An epitome (?) of what dwells within the Bloodhaired One.
Most of those who manage (or are actually allowed to enter by the terrible host) the 'honor' of visiting the location are soon exposed to gravity which makes the strongest barely capable of even lifting a finger, violent storms of unstable magic, planar maelstroms …which as sightly as they may appear mean nothing more than danger for the unprepared.
The Halls themselves appear to float in the center of the greatest density of the abovementioned phenomena. Made mostly from the metals and stones which are to yet to be called they barely contain the unsettling presence, the feeling of entering a lair of a predator…
Various field protect the sole inhabitant's (?) privacy…
The throne room itself is indeed befitting the 'monarch' various trophies from the Blood War almost litter the sides while the throne appears to made of crimson-red crystals, which bear some semblance of sentience and shift their composition with the mood of the one who occupies it.


# Adventure Date Actions
1 The Tears from Beyond 05-28-2012 Amaterasu decided to 'pay her father a visit… she brought poor Nightmare and Arashi Taikou along.
2 Planeshaping and ... reforging 05-31-2012 Amaterasu sent there Ita who sought to acquire The Blade of Souls from its inhabitant.
3 The Seeds of Conflict 2 09-26-2012 Charlinia was invited to the terrible locale where she was gifted with a symbiont and provided with another task, this time related to The Gambler and Rokugan.
4 Reactivation (part2a&b) 09-22-2013 Cathalyst was brought there by 'Kirgoyv' after completing her first mission though the experience itself was highly … ephemeral so to say. Apparently her benefactor is more prone to keep her in a strange demi-plane somehow linked to it. A demiplane which somewhat resembles if not mimics the sterile interiors of Abandoned Research Complex's labs.
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