Halfax is called "The Schizophrenic nation", divided in half physically, (Once a single island, it was split in half by a massive earthquake in the distant past, and the two halves are now separated by a mile of sea) and ruled by two monarchs, each descended from the original landing party that settled the continent.


Eastern Halfax, Western Halfax The Duratha


List the Organizations, Tribes, Clans, etc. that comprise this Major Location here


Mr. Chathran, Mr. Pardu

Mek-tat - (Historical Figure) A powerful magician.


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Scrolls part 1 7/10/12 A party was held
2 Scrolls part 2 7/20/12 A boat departed, adn was attacked
3 Scrolls part 3 7/20/12 A boat was haunted
4 Scrolls part 4 8/18/12 A Dryad was released
5 Scrolls part 5 8/18/12 Launched a Longboat
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