Guildmates chatlog 1

Chat log started at 30.10.2011 / 17:25:16

3.5E v2.0 ruleset for Fantasy Grounds II. Copyright 2011 Smiteworks USA, LLC.
'Kajhera' connected
GM: Hello!
Kajhera: Hmm… Hello.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
GM: Quiet in here.
Kajhera: Yeah, anyone else around yet?
Campaign saved.
GM: Nobody else yet.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.

Chat log started at 4.11.2011 / 13:15:37

3.5E v2.0 ruleset for Fantasy Grounds II. Copyright 2011 Smiteworks USA, LLC.
Campaign saved.
[TOWER] GM -> [1d4 = 1]
[1d4 = 1]
Campaign saved.
King Alrun: Testing
GM: Testing

Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
'Kajhera' connected
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Kajhera: Hm
Kajhera: Nytemare?
GM: hello
Kajhera: Folks are having trouble connecting
GM: hmmm…
Campaign saved.
Kajhera: Something about a license key conflict
GM: Wha? they shouldn't have a license key
GM: They should have an unregistered copy.
Kajhera: I'm not sure. Is anything more needed to connect than Daring Idol Infirm Bard?
Mekoti -> [ATTACK (M)] Melee attack [1d20-1 = 1]
Campaign saved.
GM: nope
GM: Closing the room for a moment to double check

Chat log started at 4.11.2011 / 14:21:12

3.5E v2.0 ruleset for Fantasy Grounds II. Copyright 2011 Smiteworks USA, LLC.
'Kajhera' connected
'Kajhera' disconnected
'Kajhera' connection lost. Waiting for reconnect
'Gato' connected
GM: Hello gato
(Unnamed): Hi
(Unnamed): kinda confused by the menus and such
(Unnamed): and it seems to be kinda choppy on Linux
GM: :-(
[1d20 = 18]
(Unnamed): yeah it is working
(Unnamed): thats the most important thing
(Unnamed): sorry will reconnect and check if it will work better on my second gpu
GM: although it seems people are having connection trouble.
(Unnamed): yeah
(Unnamed): i have connected like after 10 minutes
GM: Kajhera DCed
(Unnamed): ok gotaa reconnect then
'Gato' disconnected
'Guy' connected
GM: Hello
GM: It sems that everytime someone DCs another person gets in.
Campaign saved.
Guy: yeah, people are getting dropped and others are entering
GM: Working on it.
Campaign saved.
GM: found the problem
GM: be right back

Chat log started at 4.11.2011 / 14:38:47

3.5E v2.8.1A ruleset for Fantasy Grounds II. Copyright 2011 Smiteworks USA, LLC.
'Guy' connected
'Kajhera' connected
GM: Hooray, multiple connections!
'Gato' connected
'Gato' disconnected
GM: 0_o
GM: Test
Guy: test
GM: Test
GM: Test
Guy: test some more
GM: Perfect.
Guy: so how do we do character sheets?
GM: They are at the top right.
'Gato' connected
GM: Hello Gato!
Mekoti: Hey folks.
Mekoti: oh
Mekoti: I'm myself. D:
(Unnamed): kk testing
GM: Mekoti, tell me if you can hear this
(Unnamed): ok it works much better on my second GPU
Mekoti: Yes I can
GM: Awesome.
GM: That was the alert bell.
Mekoti: Wait hear?
Mekoti: No I can't
Mekoti: I heard 'read'
(Unnamed): how to modify my sheet ?
Guy: this is going to take some getting used to
(Unnamed): and name etc ?
Mekoti: I also do not have my headphones in. Click on something!
GM: To modify your sheet, double click it.
Campaign saved.
GM: You have over an hour to get it sorted out, so no rush.
(Unnamed): ok… didn't think about something as simple as double-click :P
Gato: I'm impersonating a warforged!
Gato: :-P
Guy: there
Guy: double clickiing
Guy: good call
GM: Just so you know, you can load the SRD within FG
GM: It's the books section
Guy: can I load my off site sheet?
GM: Not directly, no :-(
GM: But you can load it as a note if you wanted, plaintext.
Guy: good thing I switched to the big monitor then
GM: Heh. I'm running this on a laptop.
GM: My desktop is having trouble right now.
Guy: me too, a tiny laptop
Campaign saved.
GM: I just put in a new psu and suddenly none of the sata cables work.
Guy: i no longer have a desktop
Guy: sounds like a dud
Guy: single rail or multi?
GM: The psu tested fine.
GM: ?
Guy: the rail, if you have more than one, theres one that is primary
Guy: you will have a diagram on the psu
Guy: it doesn't matter for sata anway
Guy: most are single rail nowadays anway
GM: I'm pretty sure I just burned out the sata cables when I was first connecting it.
Guy: sounds reasonable. The only time the rails really matter is when you sli or crossfire
GM: During the first test I had an arc on the motherboard/psu conection
GM: the bigass plug.
Guy: wow, what brand psu?
GM: Everything works fine though EXCEPT the satas.
GM: Coolmax. It was my fault.
GM: Didn't have it plugged in all the way.
Guy: the only time I had a power supply failure on a machine i built was 3 years on a rosewill
Guy: because I tell everybody to get a ups
Gato -> [DAMAGE (M)] Slam [TYPE: untyped(x0)] [3]
Gato -> [DAMAGE (M)] Slam [TYPE: untyped(x0)] [3]
Guy -> [SKILL] Spot [MOD:WIS] [1d20-1 = 1]
GM: ouch.
Gato -> [SKILL] Spot [MOD:WIS] [1d20-2 = 10]
Guy -> [SKILL] Listen [MOD:WIS] [1d20-1 = 1]
Gato -> [DAMAGE (M)] Claw [TYPE: untyped(x0)] [3]
Guy: i'm rolling alot of 2s
Campaign saved.
GM: Gato, I think you filled out your weapon wrong.
GM: let me check.
Guy: i haven't even gottent here
Guy: i'm just finishing the first page
GM: I said gato.
GM: Not guy
Gato -> [DAMAGE (M)] Claw 1 [3]
GM: found the problem.
GM: claw is d4 right?
Gato: ermm d3'
GM: ah.
Gato: sorry was not paying attention
Gato: the program is new to me
GM: Well, normally you would drag the correct die to the outline in the actions page.
Gato: I will use d6
Gato: 1-2 -> 1
Gato: 3-4 -> 2
Gato: 5-6 -> 3
GM: That messes up the automated damage system.
GM: So just call it a d4.
Gato: kk
GM: Sharper than average claws :-P
Gato -> [DAMAGE (M)] Slam [TYPE: untyped(x0)] [3]
GM: There, I updated your attack for claw.
Gato: I wonder why I cannot modify tge dices
Gato: *the
Gato: slam is d4
[1d4 = 3]
Gato: but its d4 +1
[1d4 = 3]
Gato -> [ATTACK (M)] Slam [1d20+4 = 19]
Gato -> [ATTACK (M)] Slam [1d20+4 = 21]
Mekoti -> [ATTACK (M)] Melee attack [1d20-2 = 1]
Gato: and it has +2 attack bonus
Gato: thanks to multiattack
GM: you can update these things.
GM: The magnifying glass
Gato: oh ok
Campaign saved.
Mekoti -> [SKILL] Spot [MOD:WIS] [1d20+1 = 4]
Mekoti -> [SKILL] Listen [MOD:WIS] [1d20+2 = 10]
Mekoti -> [SKILL] Search [MOD:INT] [1d20+5 = 6]
Gato: well the designers did not think about natural attack users
Mekoti: okay, I think character sheet exists…
Mekoti: not optimal though
Mekoti: how is 'attacks' section utilized?
Gato -> [SKILL] Spot [MOD:WIS] [1d20-2 = 16]
GM: The actions tab at the bottom lets you add weapons
User 'Kajhera' has gone AFK.
User 'Kajhera' is back.
Guy: I hope we get more players
Guy: I am a bard, the 5th wheel
GM: Honestly, the starting 3 from last game kinda destroyed the only encounter.
Campaign saved.
GM: Of course, this is a "no pulled punches" game, so I fully expect someone to walk facefirst into a dragon's den.
Mekoti: We were gestalt then though :P
Mekoti: *bow down and offer to serve it/or run away*
Gato: I was not gestalt by then :P
Gato: misheard stuff
GM: Gato did the ridiculous damage and wasn't gestalt.
GM: :-P
Mekoti: Well I was gestalt, I had two extra skill points and everything :P
Gato: hehe 3 attacks + punishing stance
Mekoti: by which I mean nothing, by everything
Guy: I would gestalt with marshal
Guy: to be a super bard
Mekoti: if you'd had my smoke hit the gnome instead things might have been different that encounter
GM: I just had a random realization…
Gato: I would Be a Warblade1/Swordsage2/Warblade 3
Gato: and pure bard on the other side
GM: You know how caster PrCs tend to progress casting?
Mekoti: Yes, I only know one that doesn't
Guy: inspire charisma is good tho
GM: Noncaster PrCs don't progress anything worthwile…That's what makes martial adepts so good.
Guy: can we import pictures?
GM: They have a progression.
Mekoti: I mean aside from granting new casting…. ah yeah.
GM: I'll have to keep that in mind while I work on my rewrite.
Mekoti: Indeed. Progressable things are pleasant.
GM: Guy: Nope. I have to import them on my end.
[1d4 = 3]
[1d20 = 18]
Gato: man its fun tossing these dices
GM: Having fun with the dice?
Gato: hehe
Mekoti: Yeah.
GM: Neat trick: rightclick the dice.
[20d20 = 258]
Campaign saved.
Gato: :)
[1d6 = 3]
'Gribel' connected
GM: woo!
GM: that's 5.
Mekoti: The game Tai ran… I accidentally maximized a wisdom damage roll… for three poison doses of 1d4 >.<
Guy -> [ATTACK (M)] Melee attack [1d20+2 = 5]
Mekoti: It was a 1d3 ::GM: I really wish Tai had asked me first before using bywater :-(
Gato: yeah Gato pointed it out
Gato: as he can break the 4th wall
Gato: but as he is insane
GM: The players are supposed to start from the docks and not leave town until they are ready.
Gato: he's harmless :P
Guy -> [ATTACK (M)] longsword [1d20 = 15]
GM: Although I think the forest only contained 2 sidequests, so it's ok.
Guy -> [DAMAGE (M)] longsword [1d8+2 = 3]
Gato -> [DAMAGE (M)] Claw 2 [TYPE: slashing] [1d4+3 = 5]
Gato -> [ATTACK (M)] Claw 1 [CRIT 0] [1d20+4 = 15]
Mekoti: Reasonably, it could be displaced to the forest approaching the port town, but you'd have to work that out with him
Gato: wait what
Gato: crit ?
Gato: oh I get it
GM: Naw. It's fine in the eastern forest.
GM: I can just ignore those two quest triggers.
GM: Or move them to another forest.
Gato -> [SKILL] Perform (Dance/Sing) [MOD:CHA] [1d20+5 = 14]
Gato: (shame I can only have 1 perform skill there(
Gato: )
GM: You can add more skills.
Krik Tik-Tik -> [SKILL] Spot [MOD:WIS] [1d20+3 = 10]
Gato: (good to know :))
Krik Tik-Tik -> [SKILL] Listen [MOD:WIS] [1d20+3 = 22]
Krik Tik-Tik -> [SKILL] Search [MOD:INT] [1d20-2 = 5]
Campaign saved.
Gato -> [SKILL] Perform (Sing) [MOD:CHA] [1d20+5 = 15]
Krik Tik-Tik -> [INIT] [1d20+4 = 16]
Mekoti: Why is memorizing things trained-only
Gato -> [INIT] [1d20+1 = 3]
GM: Sorry about pushing you all into FG for this campaign, but it makes my life 10x easier (because I can write scripts in advance and link them in)
Gato: (nah as its working I have no problems with that)
Guy Tar He-Roo: so I wish there were more character pics
Gato: (the same)
Krik Tik-Tik: hello there
GM: I can add more.
Mekoti: Yeah I would not mind not being one of you hairy slippery things and I'm sure neither would the golem. Hello Krik.
GM: brb
This is totally an example script, to show you how awesome FG is.
Mekoti: Thanks :)
Guy Tar He-Roo: yay, more people means I am sronger
Krik Tik-Tik: the game is starting in 45 minutes right?
Mekoti: Yeah.
GM: yup.
Krik Tik-Tik: should speed be in feet or squares?
GM: feet
Mekoti: I'm probably going to wind up going to eat dinner then, or just never eat dinner or something perhaps
Mekoti: The time is a little strange but today's a little strange.
Gato: oh nom nom nom
Mekoti: It should not take me particularly long.
Mekoti: [0]
Krik Tik-Tik: how complete does this sheet need to be?
GM: As much as you need to play.
GM: I'm not picky.
Campaign saved.
GM: Currently downloading about 700 portraits.
Mekoti: D: That's quite a few
GM: I won't add them all.
Gato: *wonders if there are any warforged/constructs*
GM: yes.
GM: There are.
Gato: GOOD :P
Krik Tik-Tik: I'm natural attacking, how can I set the penalties to 0?
GM: Add a bonus equal to the penalty.
Krik Tik-Tik -> [DAMAGE (M)] Claw [3]
Krik Tik-Tik -> [DAMAGE (M)] Claw [3]
Gato: ok to be frank … I would prefer to not use this app to play Altharid
GM: Krik, you forgot your damage die.
Gato: the regular oprg has more customization options with nodes etc
Krik Tik-Tik: I noticed
GM: Use a d4 instead of d3.
GM: The damage difference is negligible.
Krik Tik-Tik: Can I just do things manually?
GM: If you want, but it'll slow things down.
Krik Tik-Tik: It's just that I don't have time to set this
GM: You have 40 minutes.
GM: :-/
Krik Tik-Tik: I still need to eat and study for a test tomorrow
GM: Ah.
GM: Ok.
GM: Well, then do what you have to.
[1d4 = 3]
GM: I'm not going to stress over it.
+4 [1d4+4 = 8]
[1d6 = 1]
GM: 1d3
GM: oops.
GM: [1d3]
[1d20 = 14]
GM: nope.
GM: that's not it.
[1d20 = 17]
[1d4 = 3]
SLASH COMMANDS [required] <optional>

/die [NdN+N] <message>
/emote [message]
/exportchar [name]
/gmid [name]
/identity [name]
/lighting [RGB hex value]
/mod [N] <message>
/mood [mood] <message>
/mood ([multiword mood]) <message>
/ooc [message]
/reply [message]
/story [message]
/vote <message>
/whisper [character] [message]
Gato -> [ATTACK (M)] Claw 1 [1d20+4 = 8]
Gato -> [DAMAGE (M)] Claw 1 [TYPE: slashing(x0)] [1d4+3 = 7]
Testing [1d6 = 2]
GM: got it!
GM: ./die
Mekoti: ./die
GM: I was saying that you can roll nonstandard dice with /die
Usage: /die [dice] [description]
SLASH COMMANDS [required] <optional>

/die [NdN+N] <message>
/emote [message]
/exportchar [name]
/gmid [name]
/identity [name]
/lighting [RGB hex value]
/mod [N] <message>
/mood [mood] <message>
/mood ([multiword mood]) <message>
/ooc [message]
/reply [message]
/story [message]
/vote <message>
/whisper [character] [message]
Campaign saved.
GM: oh, and all the comands are in /
GM: Testing
test dude.: test
[1d6 = 3]
SLASH COMMANDS [required] <optional>

/die [NdN+N] <message>
/emote [message]
/exportchar [name]
/gmid [name]
/identity [name]
/lighting [RGB hex value]
/mod [N] <message>
/mood [mood] <message>
/mood ([multiword mood]) <message>
/ooc [message]
/reply [message]
/story [message]
/vote <message>
/whisper [character] [message]
Mekoti: there figured out the syntax.
Testing the lighting system
Mekoti: Ahh that's why blue
Guy Tar He-Roo: it just got dark
Night time.
Starting a campfire, hold on.
Now going in a forest
Mekoti: Neat little ambience tool.
back to normal
Mekoti: if a little disconcerting.
Gato: man one of my cpu cores is revving hard :P
Gato: thats the beuty of emulation
Gato: *beauty
Mekoti (anxious): Wait, can I not scroll up here?
You can,
page up
Mekoti: Ah with page up, alright
Guy Tar He-Roo -> [DAMAGE (R)] scream [1d6 = 3]
Guy Tar He-Roo -> [DAMAGE (R)] shards [2d6 = 7]
Gato -> [SKILL] Perform (Dance) [MOD:CHA] [1d20+5 = 22]
Mekoti: watches the dice.
Guy Tar He-Roo: face my wrath…lol
Guy Tar He-Roo -> [ATTACK (M)] longsword [1d20 = 3]
Mekoti: *watches the dice*
Guy Tar He-Roo -> [DAMAGE (M)] longsword [1d8+2 = 6]
Gato -> [ATTACK (M)] Claw 1 [1d20+4 = 19]
Gato -> [DAMAGE (M)] Claw 1 [TYPE: slashing(x0)] [1d4+3 = 4]
Campaign saved.
Gato: gotta correct that multiplayer
Gato -> [ATTACK (M)] Claw 1 [1d20+4 = 24]
Gato -> [ATTACK (M)] Claw 1 [CONFIRM] [1d20+4 = 17]
Gato -> [DAMAGE (M)] Claw 1 [TYPE: slashing] [1d4+3 = 4]
Guy Tar He-Roo: I can play keytar and give you +1 to attack and damage…and saves
Check the portraits again
Gato: kk
Gato: cannot see any changes
Gato: nope none at all
-> Resting.
'Kajhera' disconnected
'Kajhera' connected
Gato: where's Sidhe ?
Gato: I mean Mekoti
Guy Tar He-Roo: eating
Guy Tar He-Roo: I hope my PRC gets the okay
Gato: what kind of ?
'Kajhera' connection lost. Waiting for reconnect
Gato: that facto one ?
Guy Tar He-Roo: it's in the request forum
Guy Tar He-Roo: yeah
Gato: gonna check
Campaign saved.
'Kajhera' disconnected
'Kajhera' connected
Guy Tar He-Roo: lol, it needs work. Sidhe thinks the improved breach will let me kill gods
Guy Tar He-Roo: not with a +10 and not failing on a 1 it won't
Mekoti: waves entering the region.
Guy Tar He-Roo: did you find food?
Mekoti: So I left and came back, but no portraits reared their heads.
Mekoti: No food.
I'll restart the server.
Gato: *wonders if there is a viable way to use spells/powers/maneuvers here fast
It'll probably fix it.
Guy Tar He-Roo: you should find a stoner
Guy Tar He-Roo: and steal his munchies
btw, link me the portrait you want and I'll add it
Guy Tar He-Roo: size requirments?
Then I'll do it all in one restart.
100x100 preferably.
anything else gets resized.
Gato: automatically ?
Gato: kk
Gato: can I post the link here ?
here or openrpg
Campaign saved.
Gato: hehe
Guy Tar He-Roo:
david bowie, really?
Guy Tar He-Roo: he looks exactly like david bowie from labyrinth
Alright, added them all.
Also grabbed a thrikreen
Gato: can't see them though
Restarting server now.
Campaign saved.
Gato: kk
SLASH COMMANDS [required] <optional>

/die [NdN+N] <message>
/emote [message]
/exportchar [name]
/gmid [name]
/identity [name]
/lighting [RGB hex value]
/mod [N] <message>
/mood [mood] <message>
/mood ([multiword mood]) <message>
/ooc [message]
/reply [message]
/story [message]
/vote <message>
/whisper [character] [message]

Chat log started at 4.11.2011 / 15:43:10

3.5E v2.8.1A ruleset for Fantasy Grounds II. Copyright 2011 Smiteworks USA, LLC.
'Gato' connected
'Ichai' connected
'Guy' connected
Welcome back.
'Kajhera' connected
Gato: Lol
Gato: first
Gato: on emulated soft :P
Gato: man these 8gp ram sure payed off
8gold pieces of ram?
Gato: canot see the portraits
Gato: GB
Guy Tar He-Roo: nope
Oh well. Looks like you are stuck with humans for now.
'Gribel' connected
Guy Tar He-Roo: awe humans…who wants to be one of those
Thruknuk -> [SKILL] Search [MOD:INT] [1d20+1 = 18]
[1d20 = 7]
[1d20 = 7]
[1d20 = 5]
[1d20 = 8]
Campaign saved.
Krik Tik-Tik: how do I roll multiple dice at once?
+5 [1d20+5 = 14]
[1d20 = 12]
[1d6 = 5]
[20d6 = 85]
Krik Tik-Tik: how do I keep the modifier when rolling multiple dice?
Thruknuk: :|
Guy Tar He-Roo: right click
Thruknuk: really not sure i like this
[TURN] Orc, 1st-Level Warrior
[4d20 = 28]
[TURN] Orc, 1st-Level Warrior 1
Krik Tik-Tik: thanks
[20d12 = 149]
[TURN] Orc, 1st-Level Warrior 1
[2d6+5 = 11]
+5 [4d20+5 = 32]
[1d20 = 15]
Mekoti: …. Hm
[1d10 = 10]
Thruknuk: 1d6
Thruknuk: err
Thruknuk: [1d6]
Guy Tar He-Roo: oooh, I can roll that again
it's /die
[1d10 = 2]
Thruknuk: thanks
[1d20+9 = 16]
[2d6 = 2]
Thruknuk: friggin… need macros
Guy Tar He-Roo: 2d6 /die
[1d12 = 12]
Krik Tik-Tik: [16]
[1d12 = 4]
[1d12 = 5]
Thruknuk: 5
Guy, /die 2d6
[2d6 = 8]
Guy Tar He-Roo: thanks
[1d4 = 3]
it does more complicated rolls too, and you can macro stuff at the bottom.
Thruknuk: ok, this looks better
[4d20 = 38]
Thruknuk: found some other stuff
[4d20+5 = 35]
This actually has MORE features than openrpg, but it has a steeper learning curve.
Mekoti: How to macro at the bottom?
Krik Tik-Tik: I'll roll multiple attacks at once and add only one modifier, so the results are actually de dice results individually + the modifier
Guy Tar He-Roo: right click the numbers
Krik Tik-Tik: is there a grid for battle?
Campaign saved.
Krik Tik-Tik: nice
[1d20 = 2]
Mekoti: Right clicking the numbers is not aiding me particularly.
Guy Tar He-Roo: drag the dice between the numbers
[2d20 = 14]
+5 [1d20+5 = 9]
[1d20 = 4]
Gato -> [SKILL] Perform (Dance) [MOD:CHA] [1d20+5 = 17]
Gato -> [SKILL] Perform (Sing) [MOD:CHA] [1d20+5 = 9]
Alright, everyone close to ready?
Gato: wait why it did not work ?
Gato: asdasdas
'Gato' disconnected
Krik Tik-Tik: yes, but I'll leave early
Mekoti: As I mentioned, dinner's probably going to catch me partway through this, otherwise yes
'Gato' connected
I'm not concerned by interruptions/early end
I prepared about 30 different stopping points.
Gato: man got a random freeze or something
BTW: OOC chat is Alt+Enter
GM: Like this
Krik Tik-Tik: test
Gato (Gato): testing
Gribel (Krik Tik-Tik): test
Kajhera (Mekoti): How am I supposed to say anything while doing that?
You hit it at the end.
instead of enter.
Kajhera (Mekoti): Ahkay.
Gato -> [ATTACK (M)] Leading the Attack [1d20+4 = 23]
Campaign saved.
Gato -> [ATTACK (M)] Saphire Nightmare Blade [1d20+4 = 18]
One way or another (docks adventure/forest adventure respectively) you make it to the City of Bywater. Some of you are members of the Hunter's Guild, while others have just arrived.

GM: ^Prompt icon
Ichai (Thruknuk): err, how do you change the dice on weapons?
Guy Tar He-Roo: I am the greatest keytarist who ever lived
GM: drag the die to the weapon outline in actions
Gato (Gato): Gato notices the strange instrument
Guy Tar He-Roo -> [SKILL] Perform (keytar) [MOD:CHA] [1d20+12 = 20]
Krik Tik-Tik: *tries to smell food*
Guy Tar He-Roo: We can be heroes…forever and ever!
Gato (Gato): jaw drops
GM: Gato, why are you using ooc for that?
Guy Tar He-Roo: *bows
SLASH COMMANDS [required] <optional>

/die [NdN+N] <message>
/emote [message]
/exportchar [name]
/gmid [name]
/identity [name]
/lighting [RGB hex value]
/mod [N] <message>
/mood [mood] <message>
/mood ([multiword mood]) <message>
/ooc [message]
/reply [message]
/story [message]
/vote <message>
/whisper [character] [message]
Krik Tik-Tik: *is somewhat amused by keytar*
Mekoti: *A cloaked kobold oils the mechanism of her crossbow.*
Gato (Gato): ermm see sidhe doing that
Gato (Gato): got it now
Guy Tar He-Roo: "Oh, you guys like my keytar?"
Krik Tik-Tik: "Can I eat it?"
Gato: "Let me take a look at it"
Guy Tar He-Roo: "It isn't edible…yet"
Guy Tar He-Roo: *hands keytar of the gods to gato*
Krik Tik-Tik: "Edible? What that be?"
Gato: *grabs*
Mekoti: *looks up.*
GM: you can emote with /emote
Gato: *runs bravely away*
Mekoti: Strange instrument.
GM: or /e
Guy Tar He-Roo test
Mekoti looks after Gato.
Gato: "Nice isn't it ?"
Campaign saved.
Gato: "My newest acquisition"
Mekoti: … Right, sure, let's hear it then.
Guy Tar He-Roo wants his keytar back
Guy Tar He-Roo: "you should try to play it."
Mekoti beckons Gato to stop running and play.
Gato: * comes back *
Guy (Guy Tar He-Roo): (it's a guitar hero controller, it's just gonna click for you
Gato: " If it is not integreate to my peripherials "
Gato: *integrated
Guy Tar He-Roo: "so play it already!"
Gato: "I will have hard time using it"
Gato -> [ABILITY] Charisma check [1d20+2 = 14]
Guy Tar He-Roo: "you need to practice. I will make you one if you want."
Mekoti: Doesn't sound so bad.
Gato: * presses the buttons randomly … it seemed to have the desired effect*
Guy Tar He-Roo: "But I need mine back…"
Gato: * gives back *
Gato: *is clearly amused *
Guy Tar He-Roo: "thank you."
Mekoti rises, slinging crossbow over her shoulder.
Guy Tar He-Roo fans his beautiful 80's style hair
A woman's scream erupts from a nearby alleyway
Guy Tar He-Roo: "what was that?"
Mekoti pulls crossbow back off shoulder and darts toward alleyway.
Krik Tik-Tik follows the scream in search of food.
Mekoti: A scream, can't you hear human?
Guy Tar He-Roo follows the rest
Gato: *follows the rest*
Guy Tar He-Roo: "we should be careful."
Gato: how do you use that red text
Mekoti scans the alleyway.
Mekoti: ( slash e
Gato (Gato): sorry
As you turn the corner into the alley, you find 8 orcish thugs assaulting an old woman. She seems to be barely holding them at bay with a magical dagger.
Krik Tik-Tik charges at the closest one.
Guy Tar He-Roo begins playing his keytar
Krik Tik-Tik: (with a big leap)
Gato closes in and then
Campaign saved.
Gato -> [ATTACK (M)] Leading the Attack [1d20+4 = 6]
Gato (Gato): fail
+34 [1d20+34 = 45]
Gribel (Krik Tik-Tik): that's jump
Mekoti draws a bolt, poisons it and shoots at one in relatively less melee without - well with fanfare.
Gato (Gato): fill your skills tab in the future
Guy Tar He-Roo inspires confidence in the party. +1 to attack and damage you guys
Mekoti -> [INIT] [1d20+3 = 9]
+5 [1d20+5 = 10]
+5 [1d20+5 = 11]
+5 [1d20+5 = 9]
+5 [1d20+5 = 14]
-1 [1d20-1 = 14]
Gato (Gato): pounce + naturals ?
Gribel (Krik Tik-Tik): how many hit?
Mekoti -> [ATTACK (R)] Ranged attack [1d20+5 = 19]
Gribel (Krik Tik-Tik): yeah
sec, opening battle grid
Guy Tar He-Roo init /die 20+1
Gato -> [INIT] (+1) [1d20+2 = 12]
init [1d20+6 = 19]
Thruknuk: (ok, sorry i took so long, back now)
[1d20+1 = 8]
Guy Tar He-Roo init
+3 [1d20+6 = 18]
Can everyone see the combat board?
Thruknuk: (ok, that's kinda annoying)
Thruknuk: no
Guy Tar He-Roo nope
Gato (Gato): can see clearly
Gribel (Krik Tik-Tik): yes
Thruknuk: yes
Guy Tar He-Roo now i see
Campaign saved.
Kajhera (Mekoti): yes
Thruknuk: i need a token for my animal companion
Gribel (Krik Tik-Tik): I need a token too
You can drago yourself onto the board.
Gribel (Krik Tik-Tik): so do we start over or did our actions count?
Guy Tar He-Roo how do you do radius'?
according to the normal rules for it?
Thruknuk: (i'm just gonna use another one of me for my dog
Guy Tar He-Roo is there an overlay?
Gribel, I have to scroll back up
Krik, you hit with 2.
+3 [1d4+3 = 6]
+3 [1d4+3 = 7]
Mekoti, 1 hit.
Gribel (Krik Tik-Tik): x2 because of Battle Jump
[1d6 = 2]
Thruknuk: trying to roll init…
Kajhera (Mekoti): poison dc 15
GM: Thruk, just roll it.
Thruknuk: i did earlier, got a 19
Gato (Gato): brb
+3 [1d20+3 = 18]
vs poison
Kajhera (Mekoti): saves.
Campaign saved.
Just realized, I forgot to turn on init.
hold on
[TURN] Krik Tik-Tik
[TURN] Thruknuk
Thruk, action?
Thruknuk: (err, question)
Gribel (Krik Tik-Tik): I hit with Battle Jump, so I assume he's dead
Thruknuk: (first, what's the A?)
Thruknuk: (is that my animal?)
GM: yeah
Thruknuk: ok, cool
Thruknuk: i order my dog to attack, and i cast entangle, centered on the middle orc
Thruknuk: DC 16 reflex
Gribel (Krik Tik-Tik): Entangle needs vegetation
Just so you know, you can target creatures then use your automated attack rolls.
it will automatically compare, then roll damage.
and apply it.
Mekoti -> [SAVE] Reflex [1d20+3 = 19]
[1d20 = 14]
Thruknuk: wait, where are we?
Thruknuk: cause if we're underground, then i obviously can't use entangle
This is an alley.
Guy Tar He-Roo -> [SAVE] Reflex [1d20+3 = 23]
[1d20 = 13]
[1d20 = 5]
[1d20 = 5]
[1d20 = 6]
[1d20 = 9]
[1d20 = 11]
Thruknuk: (kinda wishing i hadn't used entangle, cause i forgot its radius…)
only the top left saved.
[1d20+4 = 21]
Gato (Gato): wait are all affect also
Thruknuk -> [SAVE] Reflex [1d20+3 = 20]
Gato (Gato): ?
Mekoti: (Time for me to eat dinner now I'm afraid.)
Kajhera (Mekoti): err OOC.
GM: Bye meko!
GM: I encourage you to read up on the functions of FG
GM: it really is a great program
Campaign saved.
Guy Tar He-Roo gato's turn?
Thruknuk: i'm sure
Mekoti slips off and leaves this to the others, going to check on guild jobs if gone too long.
Thruknuk: (however, it doesn't seem flexible enough for our houserules)
Gato (Gato): I'm not selected
[TURN] Gato
GM: It has settings for houserules, but I forgot how to apply them
Thruknuk: oh balls, i forgot to roll my dog's attack
Gato -> [ATTACK (M)] Leading the Attack [1d20+4 = 6]
attack [1d20+3 = 22]
damage [1d6+3 = 7]
Guy Tar He-Roo: don't forge the +1s from my bardness
Gato (Gato): lol the same as before (2)
Gato (Gato): kk I missed next one please
Gribel (Krik Tik-Tik): Did the woman save?
[TURN] Guy Tar He-Roo
Guy Tar He-Roo: darn entagle
Guy Tar He-Roo: continue to bard song
Guy Tar He-Roo: and moved
[TURN] Mekoti
[TURN] Old Woman
Gribel (Krik Tik-Tik): Does anyone know by heart the DC to Battle Jump on medium foes?
Dagger [1d20+2 = 22]
Campaign saved.
Thruknuk: is that a specific maneuver, or is it just a jump check?
confirm [1d20+2 = 18]
Thruknuk: cause a 6' jump would be DC 24
[3d4+1 = 8]
[TURN] Orc, 1st-Level Warrior 1
Thruknuk: (did i just see that old woman attack with a +22 attack bonus?)
Guy Tar He-Roo no, she rolled a 20
GM: Rolled a 20+2
Gato (Gato): nope +2 only look closely
Thruknuk: (right, read it backwards)
Orc, 1st-Level Warrior 1 -> [ATTACK (M)] Falchion [CRIT 18] [1d20+4 = 22]
Orc, 1st-Level Warrior 1 -> [ATTACK (M)] Falchion [CRIT 18] [CONFIRM] [1d20+4 = 12]
Orc, 1st-Level Warrior 1 -> [DAMAGE (M)] Falchion [MULT:1.5] [TYPE: slashing] [2d4+4 = 7]
The old woman goes down.
[TURN] Orc, 1st-Level Warrior 3
Thruknuk: We're gonna be eating good tonight!
Gribel (Krik Tik-Tik): Entangled
Gato -> [ATTACK (M)] Claw 1 [1d20+5 = 9]
Guy Tar He-Roo they are entangled
Half movement right?
Thruknuk: (ok, how do you do an OOC comment?)
Guy Tar He-Roo i suspect they will range
Ichai (Thruknuk): ahh
Guy Tar He-Roo they can't move if they failed the save
Ichai (Thruknuk): danke
Gato (Gato): I'm just lucky aren't I ?
Oh, then they will range
Gribel (Krik Tik-Tik): Penalty for being entangled
Guy Tar He-Roo pathfinder lets you make teh save constantly
Gato (Gato): -4 penalty to dex -2 pealty to attack rolls
Orc, 1st-Level Warrior 3 -> [ATTACK (R)] Javelin [1d20+1 = 4]
[TURN] Orc, 1st-Level Warrior 4
Gato (Gato): total -4 penalty
Orc, 1st-Level Warrior 4 -> [ATTACK (R)] Javelin [1d20+1 = 11]
Guy Tar He-Roo the rest of us who made the save are at half movement btw
[TURN] Orc, 1st-Level Warrior 5
Orc, 1st-Level Warrior 5 -> [ATTACK (R)] Javelin [1d20+1 = 3]
[TURN] Orc, 1st-Level Warrior 7
[TURN] Krik Tik-Tik
Gribel (Krik Tik-Tik): Who are they attacking?
GAto, and failing horribly.
Krik Tik-Tik claws leftmost orc
If he had his defense stats in the combat tracker it would have auto-compared
+5 [1d20+5 = 25]
+5 [1d20+5 = 22]
Campaign saved.
+3 [1d4+3 = 4]
Gribel (Krik Tik-Tik): Yes dies.
Thruknuk: Claw
Ichai (Thruknuk): stupid macro
Guy Tar He-Roo initiative needs to be moved
[TURN] Thruknuk
[TURN] Gato
[TURN] Thruknuk
[TURN] Gato
Gribel (Krik Tik-Tik): Who moves init?
Normally it would be automated.
Gato -> [ATTACK (M)] Claw 1 [1d20+5 = 10]
Thruknuk moves forward and casts Guidance on his dog
Gato -> [ATTACK (M)] Claw 1 [1d20+5 = 21]
Gato -> [ATTACK (M)] Slam [1d20+3 = 9]
one hit.
Gato -> [DAMAGE (M)] Claw 2 [TYPE: slashing] [1d4+4 = 6]
Ichai (Thruknuk): err, you do know you skipped me?
Krik Tik-Tik: Can't do that
Wasn't aware, sorry.
Gribel (Krik Tik-Tik): Difficult terrain, you didn't do the regular 5ft
Gribel (Krik Tik-Tik): So can't full attack
Mekoti slips back into the battle after… not long enough to do anything.
Guy Tar He-Roo don't forget I am giving a +1 to hit AND damage
Thruknuk orders his dog to attack the orc in front of it
attack [1d20+5 = 23]
Gato (Gato): sorry did not know about the terrain thingy
Problem solved.
[1d6+5 = 9]
Gribel (Krik Tik-Tik): We need to roll against entangle again
Dog killed the same one
Ichai (Thruknuk): that second one was damage
Mekoti -> [SAVE] Reflex [1d20+3 = 5]
Gato -> [SAVE] Reflex [1d20+1 = 12]
[1d20 = 7]
reflex [1d20+4 = 12]
[1d20 = 20]
[1d20 = 6]
Gato (Gato): darn it
top right is free
Thruknuk -> [SAVE] Reflex [1d20+3 = 19]
so 2 free now.
Guy Tar He-Roo -> [SAVE] Reflex [1d20+3 = 9]
Gribel (Krik Tik-Tik): Only the players, they need to do a strenght check to break it
dog reflex [1d20+5 = 10]
dc 20 right?
Gribel (Krik Tik-Tik): Yup
Campaign saved.
Then he broke it.
Gribel (Krik Tik-Tik): (I hate entangle T.T)
Guy Tar He-Roo and a +1 to saves from me guys
[TURN] Guy Tar He-Roo
Gato (Gato): but he wasted an action
Guy Tar He-Roo i'm stuck so I continue to sing
[TURN] Mekoti
Thruknuk: sorry grib, i just sort of picked the first thing that came to mind
Gato I'm also stuck
Guy Tar He-Roo: "we can be heroes! Just for one day!"
Mekoti being entangled by the vines and unable to shoot effectively, shrugs and levels crossbow to attempt anyway.
Gribel (Krik Tik-Tik): It's a great spell, it is just troublesome and makes combat slow
[1d20+2 = 4]
Ichai (Thruknuk): definitely going to just start with using SNA next time
[TURN] Orc, 1st-Level Warrior 1
Mekoti also poisoned it, but likely misses the 5' square even.
Orc, 1st-Level Warrior 1 -> [ATTACK (M)] Falchion [CRIT 18] [1d20+4 = 8]
fail vs animal
[TURN] Orc, 1st-Level Warrior 5
Orc, 1st-Level Warrior 5 -> [ATTACK (M)] Falchion [CRIT 18] [1d20+4 = 9]
fail vs gato
[TURN] Orc, 1st-Level Warrior 7
[TURN] Krik Tik-Tik
Krik Tik-Tik full attacks
+5 [1d20+5 = 14]
+5 [1d20+5 = 9]
+5 [1d20+5 = 14]
+5 [1d20+5 = 10]
-1 [1d20-1 = 2]
hit twice
+3 [1d4+3 = 6]
+3 [1d4+3 = 5]
Mekoti lights a cigar IC next round and wanders to help with dishes OOC.
[TURN] Thruknuk
Thruknuk casts guidance again on the dog, and orders it to attack
attack [1d20+5 = 11]
damage [1d6+5 = 11]
11 misses
Ichai (Thruknuk): figures
[TURN] Gato
Gato -> [ATTACK (M)] Claw 1 [1d20+5 = 19]
Gato -> [DAMAGE (M)] Claw 1 [TYPE: slashing] [1d4+4 = 8]
Campaign saved.
Guy Tar He-Roo -> [SAVE] Reflex [1d20+3 = 21]
Gato end of turn
[TURN] Guy Tar He-Roo
aid another AC on gato [1d20 = 7]
Guy Tar He-Roo nope
[TURN] Mekoti
Guy Tar He-Roo is still singing btw
[TURN] Orc, 1st-Level Warrior 7
Orc, 1st-Level Warrior 7 -> [ATTACK (M)] Falchion [CRIT 18] [1d20+4 = 14]
Attack [14] -> [at Gato] [MISS]
[TURN] Krik Tik-Tik
Krik Tik-Tik tries to break free.
+3 [1d20+3 = 11]
Ichai (Thruknuk): what's your escape artist mod?
Gribel (Krik Tik-Tik): Go
[TURN] Thruknuk
Gribel (Krik Tik-Tik): +4
Thruknuk casts guidance again, and orders the dog to move to flank and attack
Ichai (Thruknuk): that'll provoke an AoO
Gribel (Krik Tik-Tik): AoO
Orc, 1st-Level Warrior 7 -> [ATTACK (M)] Falchion [CRIT 18] [1d20+4 = 6]
Guy Tar He-Roo for future reference, the dog also needs to save every round like the rest of us
Ichai (Thruknuk): AC 16
Ichai (Thruknuk): The dog counts as me for spells
Guy Tar He-Roo you are not immune to your own spell
Ichai (Thruknuk): i did not know this
Gribel (Krik Tik-Tik): Entangles every creature
Thruknuk: see, this is why i don't play druids
Guy Tar He-Roo it's okay, don't worry about it
flanking attack [1d20+7 = 21]
Guy Tar He-Roo that's what house rules are for
Gribel (Krik Tik-Tik): flanking?
Ichai (Thruknuk): with gato
Gribel (Krik Tik-Tik): You sure?
Thruknuk: if that doesn't qualify, then take off 2
I believe you aren't flanking unless you have a direct line from opposite corners.
Campaign saved.
still hits though,
Ichai (Thruknuk): ok, then it's a 19
damage [1d6+5 = 7]
Guy Tar He-Roo if you want, you can dismiss the entangle as a swift action
He's dead.
Thruknuk facepalms
Guy Tar He-Roo: "We are such a great team!"
Krik Tik-Tik proceeds to eat corpses.
Gato victory dance
The woman is still alive, but she is badly wounded.
Mekoti looks onward into the alley to determine the scene, letting a trail of ruby smoke drift up into the sky.
Gato -> [SKILL] Perform (Dance) [MOD:CHA] [1d20+5 = 10]
Guy Tar He-Roo: "There is too much undergrowth here
Guy Tar He-Roo: "can anybody heal this lady?"
Thruknuk dismisses the spell
Thruknuk nods to Guy
Thruknuk begins casting Cure Minor Wounds repeatedly
Gato: "I can only repair"
Mekoti: "I could too."
heal check [1d20+3 = 14]
Guy Tar He-Roo house rule is druid can walk through their own entangle, which is fine in e6
Soon, the woman regains consciousness.
Mekoti walks over and looks towards the kobold curiously.
Krik Tik-Tik eats bodies.
Old Woman: Who are you?
Guy Tar He-Roo: "how does that taste?"
Old Woman backs away from the thri-kreen
Gato: "I'm a performer"
Guy Tar He-Roo to krik
Krik Tik-Tik: Nom-Nom-Nom
Thruknuk flicks his tongue out to smell Mekoti's cigar
Mekoti: "… Mekoti."
Old Woman: Well, I'm thankful for your assistance.
Guy Tar He-Roo: "My name is Guy, how are you feeling"
Guy Tar He-Roo: "do you need any more help?"
Old Woman: I think I'll be fine now. My name is Madam Oswell.
Gato: "They call me Gato… I have various mettalic body parts… defeat me and earn 15 silver units"
Gato sings
Old Woman: I run a specialty shop here in Bywater.
Mekoti has a cigar which smells of scorching milk; on contact with the smoke the kobold's mind is cleared. He does not need to make concentration checks to concentrate on actions and gains +5 on will saves for 3d6 minutes after leaving contact as well.
Guy Tar He-Roo: "What do you sell??
Kajhera (Mekoti): Oh wow.
Gato -> [SKILL] Perform (Sing) [MOD:CHA] [1d20+5 = 6]
Kajhera (Mekoti): Her. xD
Gato (Gato): lol fail
Gato stops adjusts his autotuner
Krik Tik-Tik: Krik don't like it!
Gato tries again
Thruknuk subtley brushes against Gato, casting Guidance
Gato -> [SKILL] Perform (Sing) [MOD:CHA] [1d20+5 = 15]
Ichai (Thruknuk): +1 to any roll
Old Woman: I sell things that the other shops won't carry.
Guy Tar He-Roo: "Oh, you sell sex then?"
Old Woman: Curiosities mostly.
Campaign saved.
Old Woman: That's what a brothel is for.
Guy Tar He-Roo: "oh, sex is a curiosity alright."
Mekoti snorts at the human man and turns back to the woman.
Old Woman: There's one of those 3 blocks over if that's what you are looking for.
Old Woman harumphs.
Mekoti: "Other curiosities sound interesting."
Guy Tar He-Roo: "well, you were being secretive so I assumed sex."
Krik Tik-Tik is done with the corpses.
Mekoti: "You give us a discount if stop by?"
Mekoti looks hopeful.
Old Woman: I suppose I can do that.
Gato: "What's that sex thing you keep talking about ?"
Guy Tar He-Roo: "why did these orcs attack you?"
Old Woman reaches to pick up her dropped dagger.
Old Woman: They probably wanted this.
Krik Tik-Tik: Your music be inspiring, keytar man.
Guy Tar He-Roo: "thank you monster who eats corpses."
Thruknuk peers around the taller people, looking at the dagger
Krik Tik-Tik: Orcs aren't tasty, they be green like plants
Old Woman draws a quick sketch showing where her shop is in relation to your location.
Mekoti: "They be first orcs I seen here…"
Old Woman: The orcs mostly keep to the poor side of town.
Old Woman motions to the east.
Krik Tik-Tik follows.
Guy Tar He-Roo: "why are you wandering alone in such a dangerous place?"
Guy Tar He-Roo: "or is it unusual for orcs to be here?"
Old Woman: That's none of your business young man.
Krik Tik-Tik: Why orcs want dagger?
Old Woman taps Krik with the dagger
Krik Tik-Tik bites dagger.
Old Woman: subdual cold. [1d12 = 4]
Old Woman: That's why.
Guy Tar He-Roo: "wow, that's effective at stopping the monster from eating you"
Krik Tik-Tik: But that be bad
Gato (Gato): brb
Old Woman: This dagger is the only reason someone of my age has survived long enough to have a shop in this town.
Old Woman smiles grimly
Campaign saved.
Guy Tar He-Roo: "do you need an escourt back to your shop?"
Mekoti contemplates covering cold bug in whale grease, but determines this is not the proper treatment at this time.
Gribel (Krik Tik-Tik): That's 4 non-lethal damage, right?
Old Woman: No, I think I'll be fine.
GM: Yes.
Gribel (Krik Tik-Tik): Noted
Thruknuk walks his riding dog up to the woman, observing the conversation.
Old Woman walks past the party toward the main road.
Guy Tar He-Roo: "that was some powerful magic druid friend."
Old Woman: Remember, if you need anything, my shop is nearby.
Thruknuk shrugs slightly, then nods in agreement.
Old Woman limps off
Mekoti: "Ah, druid magic. Explains why all those plants decided to hug us. Wasn't quite sure at first."
Krik Tik-Tik: I be look for job to kill tasty things
Guy Tar He-Roo: "the big dog has druid written all over it."
Gato: "Can I hug him so he loses his nature powers ?"
Mekoti takes a draw on cigar and offers to Thruknuk.
Krik Tik-Tik: You know where me can find it?
Among what little remains there are of the orcs, you find: 8 sets of Studded leather armor, 8 Falchions, and 32 Javelins.
Gato: "I'm from metal afterall"
Thruknuk accepts, and takes a hit before handing it back.
Mekoti: Hmm yeah, I just joined up with a monster hunting guild the other day. Or criminal hunting guilds. Something of the sort.
Krik Tik-Tik: Criminals be tasty
Mekoti, wisdom check?
Guy Tar He-Roo: "oh, i'd love to join such a guild."
GM: AKA hint check
Gato: "They have some funy rules"
[1d20 = 8]
Gato: *funny
Krik Tik-Tik: Take me to guild
Guy Tar He-Roo: So should we go to the woman's shop or the guild?
Mekoti: (+2)
Thruknuk pokes one of the javelins before offering it to Dog to chew on.
Kajhera (Mekoti): forgot that
GM: Oh, you made it then.
Gribel (Krik Tik-Tik): Does anyone mind to detect magic here?
Mekoti detects psionics.
Guy Tar He-Roo i'll do it, pathfinder sytle
[w] -> Mekoti: You realize there might be a bounty on a large group of cutpurses.
Ichai (Thruknuk): err, i don't have DM prepared :Mekoti: They've probably got a bounty on these guys even.
Campaign saved.
Guy Tar He-Roo casts infinite cantrip detect magic
Mekoti gestures to the group of orcs.
Guy Tar He-Roo and looks around at everything
Krik Tik-Tik: So I eat expensive meal!
Mekoti: You didn't their heads … did you?
Krik Tik-Tik: Brains be best part
Nothing magical here.
Mekoti rubs her head.
Guy Tar He-Roo casts ghost sound on one of the orc bodies krik is eating
Gribel (Krik Tik-Tik): Krik can't eat them all, only ate one.
About 5 minutes too late, the town guard shows up
Guy Tar He-Roo: "I am bad for you"-the body says
Krik Tik-Tik thrashes the body.
Mekoti: Well get the rest of the heads and let's - ack!
Thruknuk continues rooting through the corpses, eventually picking up one of the broken skulls and placing it on top of his own head.
Mekoti jumps slightly and picks herself back up.
Guy Tar He-Roo observes the town guard
Guard: What the hell happened here?
Perception [1d20+3 = 5]
Guy Tar He-Roo: Hello, we were just leaving
Gato: "Amusing"
Gribel (Krik Tik-Tik): Can't hear that guard
Thruknuk looks at the guard, looks at the bodies, then shrugs innocently.
Mekoti: Orcs robbed woman, Oswell Madam.
[w] -> Mekoti: Diplomacy
Guy Tar He-Roo: She had it under control
Mekoti: [1d20-2]
[1d20-2 = 18]
Kajhera (Mekoti): lol.
Guy Tar He-Roo if you go to skills page, you can roll them there
Guard frowns
Guy Tar He-Roo -> [SKILL] Bluff [MOD:CHA] [1d20+3 = 21]
Kajhera (Mekoti): You realize the size of my window no.
Guard: Don't leave town. I'll have someone check with the MAdam.
Krik Tik-Tik goes to where the guards are.
Gato follows the rest dancing slightly in the meantime
Guy Tar He-Roo: We have nowhere else to go
Guard hands Mekoti a piece of parchment
Krik Tik-Tik: We go to monster guild now
Mekoti looks at the parchment.
Campaign saved.
Guard: If your story checks out, take this writ of entrance to the castle. They might have some work for capable adventurers.
Guy Tar He-Roo: I don't think the town guard likes us doing thier job
Guard: If your story doesn't check out, I'll be seeing you later.
Thruknuk grins toothily at the guard
Gribel (Krik Tik-Tik): brb, nature calls me. How can I scroll up when I'm back?
Kajhera (Mekoti): page up
Gato (Gato): or mouse scroll
Gribel (Krik Tik-Tik): thanks, brb
Guy Tar He-Roo: So what does the note say?
Guy Tar He-Roo: Are we under arrest?
Mekoti: No.
Mekoti: Writ of entrance to castle if story I said is true.
Mekoti looks slightly uncertain it is, in fact, her story that would cause this.
Guard catches the look
Guy Tar He-Roo: We should go to the castle then
Guy Tar He-Roo glares at the guard.
Guy Tar He-Roo: Thank you for the information.
Guard nods and walks away
GM: In case nobody else noticed, I'm REALLY out of it today.
Mekoti slips the parchment into a pocket where she won't reach for something to burn.
Kajhera (Mekoti): I… noticed that you have played similar games to me more than that you're out of it.
GM: Wait, you have played Realmz?
Guy Tar He-Roo: So, to the castle, the shop, or the guild?
Gribel (Krik Tik-Tik): I don't know what that expression means
Mekoti: Yeah, love Realmz.
Krik Tik-Tik: Everywhere!
GM: Out of it=tired and unfocused
Kajhera (Mekoti): err ooc
Campaign saved.
Mekoti: Shop first.
Guy Tar He-Roo so did you want to continue gm?
Mekoti: While story worked out. See what's there.
Thruknuk 's dog begins wandering around the alley, sniffing things.
[w] -> Mekoti: I have made it my life's work to bring the Realmz project to every platform ever.
Kajhera (Mekoti): I know Realmz is freely available now but is there a free source for Divinity? Or would I have to try and copy that over from old comptuer?
Krik Tik-Tik: To teh shop!
GM: I'm sorry everyone. I can't do anymore. My legs are giving me a lot of trouble.
Kajhera (Mekoti): Aw. Hope they get better soon.
Gribel (Krik Tik-Tik): Hey, don't worry, it was good fun ^^
Guy Tar He-Roo can I save the chat log?
[w] -> Mekoti: There is a free divinity CD, but it's only for Mac.
Ichai (Thruknuk): yeah, this was pretty cool
Gribel (Krik Tik-Tik): Hope you get better
Guard: I could have done better.
Ichai (Thruknuk): not sure i like the program better than openrpg, but it was fun
Guy Tar He-Roo I actually like it better than what bill's been doing
Guard: Hopefully I'll have everything set up by next week.
Krik Tik-Tik: don't worry guard, we saved the woman
Ichai (Thruknuk): the smaller, more controlled group was WAY better
Gato: I'm also so unfocused today
Guy Tar He-Roo when you make mistake, just houserule. no biggie
Gato (Gato): oooppss
Guy Tar He-Roo e6 is low enough to let almost anything slide
Anyway, 500xp each
Kajhera (Mekoti): hm, not sure if the one we have is on our mac that works or one of our macs that died…If it's the one that works would be redundant to get again
Gato (Gato): Gato was a really good boy today
Gribel (Krik Tik-Tik): Yeah, those huge groups tire me a lot
Who wants to volunteer for writeup duty?
Krik Tik-Tik: I should go, I've got my last Math test ever tomorrow (if I do alright)
Guy Tar He-Roo if you can save the chat log, i'll do most of it
Gribel (Krik Tik-Tik): And I still need to study
I have the chat log.
Guy Tar He-Roo I usually do most of it
I'll post it in raw format for you.
Gato (Gato): kk guys and gals gotta leave thx for gm-ing and playing cya
Guy Tar He-Roo yeah, make a seperate page and link it in the adventure
Gribel (Krik Tik-Tik): Thanks, cya ppl
'Gato' connection lost. Waiting for reconnect
'Gribel' disconnected

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