Guild Of Golded Gambits Medal Of Heroism


Rewarded to those adventurers who have shown true valour in the service of Haven and its interests.

Gold necklace with an embedded sapphire which has the crest of the Guild carved into it.

+4 Cha diplomacy/bluff/intimidate/perform anyone in Guild of Golded Gambits,takes throat slot or may just be shown for bonus

1000Gp worth if you wish to sell.

Alternatively you may trade necklaces for special rewards from the Guild, you must retain at least one necklace at all times to remain elligible for trading others you may receive. Necklaces cannot be swapped between players or characters and are only exchangeable with the Guild.


(to be posted, pm me if you have a request)


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Haven Plots: Glibbontrops' Unlucky Streak   07-15-2012  See game summary.  
2 Haven Plots: Haven Under Attack 8/22/12 Rewarded to the party for the valor and bravery against the orc invasion.
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