Grivard Bloodclaw
Player: Maul
Race: Feral Human
Class: Monk of the four winds 1
Alignment: Neutral

Appearance: Giant brute of a man. Black hair. Brown eyes. Simple leathers and hides for clothing. He wears a necklace of teeth and claws. His dark tan skin is covered with many scars. His hands and bare feet end in talons instead of regular finger nails. When he speaks his canines and eye teeth are over large giving him a very predatory smile.

Personality: Calm and collected most of the time but when angered a force of nature. He has a very strong hatred for orcs, goblins and there ilk … but can almost always control his self if not directly provoked.

Background: Clan Bloodclaw was once a nomadic and some what primitive tribe that lived along the edge of The Great Greenwood and The Spine mountains .. There elders say that they have lived in the grasslands and foot hills for ages long from memory .. The elves knew of them and traded with them .. Ancient pacts bound the s\Sylvin and the Bloodclaws together .. One of protection and trust .. For in the mountains there were many clans of orcs and many subjugated goblin slaves .. Periodically they would raid down from the mountains .. attempting to steal from the forest or attack the clan … but the Bloodclaws were powerful and strong .. many of there warriors knew the ways of rage … and a smaller number had the spirit of the bear strongly within them .. Over time the orcs grew resentful of the tribes .. they sought ways to bypass and overcome the strength of the tribes .. they built armor from metals they mined from the deep caves of the mountains .. they massed under one war leader .. a scared and powerful veteran … and one evening they struck with fire and steel .. and death .. no one fore saw this .. the elves saw the fires almost immediately .. there fastest runners and scouts already on there way.. but it would be to late… such was the anger and ferocity of the orc tribes .. they were not there to raid .. they were not there for treasure or slaves .. only to kill .. The elves and the elders saw this .. the warriors of the clans .. the hunters .. the maidens and wives .. all set them selves in the path of the oncoming orc army to give the elves time to secret away a handful of children and elders ..

From this Grivard was born .. his father was one of the stronger warriors.. the spirit of the bear was strong within him as with his father .. but with the beast comes instincts and anger .. The elves sought to teach him control and peace .. Balance and the way of the woods and nature .. he took what he could of there teachings .. and learned what he could from the remaining elders of his clan .. but he could not stay in that peaceful forest with old men and woman … others of his clan adjusted to elven life .. others like him set out into the deep forest and the world beyond seeking adventure and a new life ..

Membership: Will approach the local druids ..

Character Log:

# Adventure Date XP Gain GP Gain Items Gained Items Lost Description
1 Character Creation 2-13-2014 0 200 Traveler’s Outfit
2 Character Creation (buying) 2-14-2014 -153.5g Potion Cure light wounds(1d8+1) X3, Backpack, Winter Blanket, Waterskin

Wish List

Monks Belt: 13000

Necklace of Natural Weapons: The enhancement bonuses on this necklace are applied to attack and damage
rolls involving one or more of the wearer’s natural weapons. In addition, any weapon special quality may be applied to
this necklace, and the quality then applies to those natural weapons as well. For instance, a +1 throwing returning necklace
of natural weapons would apply its enhancement bonus and the throwing and returning special abilities to one or
more of the wearer’s natural weapons.
Caster Level: 3rd; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, Craft Magic Arms and Armor; Market Price: 600 gp, plus the cost
of the enhancement bonuses, multiplied by the number of natural weapons affected. A +1 necklace of natural weapons
that affects one natural weapon costs 2,600 gp; if the same necklace affects six natural weapons, it costs 15,600 gp.

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