Gravity Modulation Device Prototype

Description: A prototype device supposedly manufactured somewhere in the abandoned research complex.
Update: For one reason or another at least few adventurers were capable of recovering more of those from armories of ships named "Dark Remnant I".

Current Owner
Rick Dodger

Game Mechanics

Grants the following powers at will (all at manifester lvl 10, fully augmented to ML 10)

Telekinetic Maneuver, 10+ int mod +1 mod when resolving bull rush, trip, grapple etc
Telekinetic Force, 425 lbs weight limit, DC 19
Telekinetic Thrust, Attack mod = 10+int mod, 100ft throw, 10 objects max, total weight thrown= 425, DC 19

The user has to wait 1d2 rounds before being able to use the device again after activating it (no matter the mode).


# Adventure Date Events
1 Into the Great Unknown Part 3 01-03-2012 Found by the party in an equipment locker next to the quintessence tank containing the simulacrum of Vice-President Altharid.
2 The New Wave Part 2 9-17-2012 Found on the future version of the Dark Remnant I belonging to captain blackheart's fleet.
3 Pharmakon (part2) 9-20-2012 Used to blockade constructs and warforged titan while trying to leave lockdown in Underport.
4 Excavation (epilogue) 12-17-2012 The party found a broken device of the same type in the armory room of the Dark Remnant I. This one in particular had a functioning XDS attachment active.
5 The Dark Current 08-24-2013 It is unclear how but Saria found another device of the very same type… onboard Dark Remnant I.
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