Gram Xolstehn

Gram Xolstehn
Player: jam37
Race: Giant Half-Battle Dragon Human
Class: Shielded Fighter 9
Alignment: Neutral Good

Appearance: Standing at a dominating size of 8'9 in appearance, Gram looks to be built like a body builder beyond the normancy of identifiable musculature. The Glistening red-esque hue of color on his scaled body glistening with protection while broad in shoudler and buff in the arms and thighs like tree trunks. The strange draconic beings face was quite narrow to the point but wide at the end flaring with nostrils at the tip. His back having the sportings of a broad form of winged appendages from the shoulderblades along with a notable extension of a long thick coil like tail from the posterior. His forehead adorned with a mane from the brows to the back of his neck along with the sightly image of a pair of long brown horns that look carved into an angular flat design upon his head.

The attire adorned on Gram seems much more straight forward than most. On his bulging barrel like chest was a rough looking exterior of metal plate that covered over it firmly like a tank along with over the shoulders. The wrapped cloth around the pelvis hanging with a flap at the front bearing the insignia of his guild practice.

Personality: Ever the strong and silent type, he asks no questions to answers he doesn't want to know. The duitiful dragon of the guild takes his responsibilities straight forward and honesty while keeping to the task at hand no matter if it would be within the rules of his contract. His moral obligation would be never taking up a request which would be morally improper and incorrect to undertake. A man of virtues and little restraint, the dragon is also not as easy to temper or anger from a guarded possition.

Background: At this point, nothing is known about the strange draconian that resides silently within the halls of the guild itself. Some say that he was a beast of burden brought in to fulfill a punishment. Others say he was a cursed human turned into a monster made to repent. But only he can apparently tell his side of the story when the time would be right. But given by the judgmental personality, he seems to be from a more rural background which stems from smaller housing and lack of activity to induce such a state of silence.

Membership: Crimson Steel - Mercenary, Bodyguard and Carrier

Character Log:

# Adventure Date XP Gain GP Gain Items Gained Items Lost Description
1 Character Creation 12-18-2012 0 200 Traveler’s Outfit
2 Character Creation (buying) -80 Heavy Steel Shield (large) x2
3 Crimson Steel: A New Dawn 12-18-2012 1150 2000 Gram had taken up one of the job offers on the board where the others were watching the big hulking body move on to such a position. The job detailed goblin attacks that were happening regularly before the group had came to set up attacks in motion. With Gram there, his bulwark of defense appeared to be the only thing keeping all from being pulverized with arrows.
4 Crimson Steel: Surprise Surprise 2-16-2013 600
5 downtime 3-10-2013 -1600 masterwork large chainmail +1.
6 March of the blood dame part 2 3-11-2013 3200 9728 Gram was on call over at the kingdom for handling a protection job when the urban community he was in had been ransacked by rogues of the strange kind. Without much hesitation to his call, he ended up beating back the preliminary invasion and kept himself stalwart out at the gate waiting for crimson steel reinforcements to handle the rest of the situation.
7 Inbetween (part 4) 8-19-2013 1840 1000 Gram had been hired out by the guild again on a mission for a mr rick dodger for some reason. He ended up on arrival protecting gonvirn from massive infected and a giant spider before passing ricks scroll delivery to gonvirn on describing his arrival there.
8 Downtime (Ricks Shop) 11-05-2013 -11250 Belt of Giants Might +2, +2 bonus to Armor and Shields
9 "Some Just Want..." 11-05-2013 6000 5500 Gram was hired on by Azusa in order to handle a wizardess who put all of dragonport to slumber. It had also ended with some travesty besides the success of saving few others who were in need of rescue.
10 A race of the Mind 11-14-2013 6550 4837.5 +1 mithral fullplate, +1 chain shirt, +1 studded leather, sell for coin.
11 Rick Shop 11-18-2013 -6000 +1 Ring of Protection, +1 amulet of Natural Armor, +2 Vest of Resistance
12 Rick Shop 11-19-2013 +3000-6000 +2 Ring of Protection sell +1 Ring of Protection and +1 Amulet of Natural Armor
13 Into the Dead Zone 11-23-2013 6030 Gram's mission by the city state was to infiltrate into the city to rescue a lost civilian in the city. The doll she bears is of an odd nature from the unknown forest, in which he guards his allies against hordes of zombies and undead to get to her.
14 Graveyard Pelori Purification Part 1 11-27-2013 2625 24440 Gram had taken on another patrol through the graveyards, finding sightings of a pelorian temple with others. This happened most recent after clearing the area of undead simulacrum Lill and Gloria.
15 Into the Dead Zone Part 2 11-29-2013 1000 12500 Gram had managed to help settle bringing in the lady noble daughter in waiting, only to be allowed to help clear the rest of the dead zone that he can for extra coin and credit.
16 Rick Shop 11-30-2013 -27075 +2 defending shield upgrades , throwing shield upgrades, shield spike upgrades
17 Fading Away 11-30-2013 4530 Gram was hired by Daikaji for another round of undead slamming and smashing ahead. So far he has been quite active as of late, handling many disturbances that happen around the city.
18 GM XP 12-01-2013 475
19 Ricks shop 12-01-2013 -9000 Belt of Giants Might Upgrade +4
20 Fading Away Part 2 12-05-2013 1000 Further delving into the dungeon, Grams thundering actions were not left unnoticed. Bustling through and shaking off traps were all he could handle at the time.
21 Fading Away Part 3 12-07-2013 6000 Grams might was put to the test on that night. His fury was spurred upon the mention of the great dragon purge, even after his near imminent passing by the hands of Fade. What could it be that caused such a draconic to end up enraged so easily?
22 Rick Shop 12-08-2013 -7500 gp Bashing Enchantment for Shields.
23 Into the Depths Part 2 12-19-2013 7680 Amulet of Health +4 (sell for later) Gram was brought forth to help aid in the excavating and clearing of a vault of goods. However, he was unsuspecting of golems to still be around when a crystaline one appeared. Later ones were much more dubious at best, full of sugary treats that were crunched by his heavy shielded might.
24 Rick Shop 12-20-2013 -18000 gp Belt of Physical Might +4 Sold Amulet of Health at 75% base value
25 Into the Depths Part 3 01-01-2013 3360 Gram had to keep up with the rest of the party to handle the hulking workload of moving with them. However, going in and out of fights were becoming like breathing to him.
26 Into the Depths Part 4 01-09-2013 Gram had to fasten his shields on for life to save against such over-endearing psionical monstrosities. His hardy self will have to be enough to keep such monstrosities at bay.
27 Into the Depths Part 5 01-18-2013 4050 Gram had finally managed to keep who he could alive, only to find out the previous employer had actually bamboozled them into a false directed lead in the vault. With little left to loot, he acted as the party's pack mule in carrying the spoils back for sale.
Total 56090 2710.5
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