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Player: TyrannoStorm
Race: Human
Class: Warblade 4
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Appearance: With his large size and cocky smirk, Gralan stands out in a crowd. He moves with confidence, or what some would call arrogance. His square jawline and blue eyes seem almost statuesque.

Personality: Gralan is always eager to settle his problems physically and prove his strength and skill. He seeks wealth, fame, and glory, but will always stop to help a soul in need.

Background: Gralan was raised by his father, the master of a fighting school. He spent his childhood learning the art of battle. However, he soon surpassed his father in skill, both due to talent and his father's increasing age. Soon after he reached adulthood, a challenger came to their school and fought his father to the death for the right to their school. Enraged by the challenger's actions, Gralan killed him and left to master his skills through practical study.

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Character Log:

# Adventure Date XP Gain GP Gain Items Gained Items Lost Description
1 Character Creation 2/12/12 0 200 Traveler’s Outfit
2 Character Creation (buying) 0 -153 Spiked chain, scale mail, sack, gold, golden necklace, waterskin
3 Good Guys 3 2/13/12 1300 1920 Breastplate Scale mail Gralan meets up with the group outside of the tavern. He joins up with them and kills a group of skeletons, replacing his scale mail with a breastplate. They head to Dragonport and he downs a few brews in a pirate bar. Orcs attack and the party kills them, Gralan demonstrating superior skill and aptitude. A grateful shopkeeper gives him a loan of 1000g at 5% interest to be repaid in 10 years.
4 Good Guys 4 3/12/12 825 +1500-3019 (448g) +1 Spiked chain of sweeping spiked chain Gralan meets Mali Ohba, rides on a super train, and fights some kobolds. He agrees to join the Lion Guard in exchange for a discount on magic items.
5 Dragonport Intro 3/17/12 750 350+loot Gralan fights some hobogoblins and then rescues the bartender from a bugbear. When Balistray shows up, he unsuccessfully hits on her and then gets drunk. When he regains consciousness he gets his reward from the keep.
6 Good Guys 5 3/19/12 2050 1166 + orc loot 3 Bombs, 3 Tindertwigs, Backpack, Rations, Bedroll Gralan continues adventuring with the group. Hector De'Sante sends them to slaughter a keep full of orcs, but Gralan lets a few of them live. When he returns to Dragonport he is shocked by all of the changes that occurred seemingly overnight.
7 Downtime -10 Sundark goggles Gralan buys a pair of shades.
8 Good Guys Octagon Challenge! 3/21/12 1700 1750 Gralan wins the Octagon preliminaries with Bloodbeard, and then pays some taxes.
9 RP 3/22/12 Gralan meets Nightmare and Kamigawa by chance in a bar, and gets Umbra good and drunk.
10 Good Guys 6 3/26/12 1500 Gralan ventures into The Keep to destroy the undead and their source.
11 Retraining 3/22/12-7/29/12 -250 Retraining like you wouldn't believe. Combat Reflexes, Combat Expertise, Improved Trip, Power Attack »»» MS Crusader's Strike, MS Burning Brand, Stand Still, Ironheart Aura
12 Trimboles Torture Trifecta Part 1 7/30/12 800 Gralan finds himself in front of a scary cave with no memory why he is there. He finds himself covered in blood, an experience more common for him than it should be. He traverses the caves pitfalls and traps, but when Kimiko alerts nearby spiders, he takes them down.
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