Race: Dwarf
Class: ???
Alignment: Neutral ???

Description: A dwarven merchant with a quite shady aura around himself. The man is always used to be accompanied by at least 2 mercenaries bearing the Worg Emblem.


# Adventure Date Actions
1 The new wave 09/13/2012 Tenko overheard his conversation with Alsirl Ner'Kre while being trapped inside an ice block. It appears that the dwarf was very keen on altering the voyage's course slightly and even resorted (successfully at that) to bribing the ship's captain. Later chatted a bit with Rick and offered him barter exchange for some goods in order "to diversify".
2 The new wave (part 2) 09/17/2012 Managed to convince Rick into the barter exchange and after longer negotiations the deal was set, his create of moonflower-based alchemical beverages for an equivalent value in his silk.
3 Pharmakon (part 1) 10-06-2012 Was spotted by the party while waiting in a long line leading to the Underport's general office. He sought to acquire the ever-elusive license for the use of gnomish submarines in business operations and almost got in a fight over the place in a line with another merchant.
4 Pharmakon (part 2) 10-20-2012 Hired 'Quickdraw' as and additional bodyguard but did not share too much of a detail about the nature of his 'trade'. Joined the party later when his deal with the 'imperial scum' did not come into fruition for reasons yet to be determined (the fate of his 'Worg Guards' remains unclear), during the district lockdown performed by the Black Lions.
5 Pharmakon (part 4) 10-26-2012 Assisted the party in their hasty exploration of the dwarven ruins.
6 Excavation (part 1) 11-19-2012 Sought to outwit the Seafaring Merchant Guild. Made a deal with Rick Dodger related to the dragonshard excavation taking place in the Gemlake Mine.
7 Retributive Past 01-22-2013 Was found in a rather shady 'tavern' of the Undercity after being tracked by Rick. Agreed to assist the party in their venture to Doomcape while refusing to visit Avalon itself due to … his ex-wife residing there.
8 Doomcape exploration (part1) 01-28-2013 Assisted the party in their venture. Had a longer talk with Rick in which it was revealed that at some point the dwarf, due to some unfortunate business connection he made, had been unknowingly working for the sake of N.F.F which only made him the target of the Holy Order all ending in his imprisonment. After leaving jail Gonvirn, having lost his wealth and good name, married himself into a rich family in order to regain his glory but once again the things didn't work out too well. Mentioned being smitten once by Mathias Blizzaia.
9 Doomcape exploration (part2) 02-07-2013 Brought bad news: the contact of his was no more… and the Luminous One could have something in common with it, at least according to the rumors. Was forced to use his alternate if shady sort of a source in order to learn more.
10 Doomcape exploration (part3) 02-10-2013 Appeared in disguise and ushered Rick and his party to immediately head to Old Castle Darnten where his contact would be arriving shortly.
11 Inbetween: Prologue 07/28/2013 Gathered a group of morally ambiguous and/or flexible treasure hunters for a trip to the abandoned Elric's Bay.
12 Inbetween: Part 1 07/30/2013 Helped his hires infiltrate the Orcish Pirate occupied city of Elric's Bay.
13 Inbetween: Part 2 08/04/2013 Did a damned good job of keeping his hirelings alive as they fought the goo-filled bodies of the former residents of Elric's Bay.
14 Inbetween: Part 3 08/13/2013 Finished up with the Guard HQ in Elric's Bay, then directed the party to the Lightning Rail office for further loot… er… "salvage reclamation".
15 Inbetween: Part 4 08/19/2013 Infected and mutants and monstrous spiders oh my, Gonvirn was able to hire a draconic being for some help with the rail office.
16 'Inbetween ' (part5, finale ?) 08-26-2013 Recognized the work of N.F.F beneath the office of Malrick's. His group ended up reinforced by Daerzok and Auron.
17 'Inbetween ' (part6) 09-09-2013 Brought a part of the team outside Elric's Bay lightning rail office in hope of finding Malrick's safe. Proved to be greedy enough to consider snatching money from a tax-collector wagon toppled right next to a veritable mob of infected.
18 'Inbetween ' (part7) 09-13-2013 While the majority of the party was busy assaulting the relatively unoccupied orc pirate ship Gonvirn navigated the gnomish sub-marine nearby only to later join the ongoing battle.
19 Colaboration. 09/21/2013 It was revealed that 'Gonvirn' was merely one of many'homonunculi/effigies' of Garvik Stonebound's. The one which chatted with Rick Dodger ended up being *poof* turned into a fox by Yume for an affront, real or imagined.
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