Goban Galeno

Race: Gnome
Class: Wizard 9(Crafter)
Alignment: Lawful Good

Description: An old, old gnome dedicated to the crafting arts. He is the leader of the Merchants guild, a role that really does define him thoroughly as he seeks to expand his surprisingly honest business. He constantly competes and allows no under-table dealings, finding it distasteful, unlike many merchants are wont to do. He brings small and sometimes even failing businesses under his protection and control, looking to make them better and more efficient with his inventions. His only known family is Zita, a very young, small gnome girl he took in after her parents passed away in an accident, though she tends to get into trouble, the old gnome finds her to be one of the few things that brightens up his day after a bitter day of contending against corruption.

[Merchant's guild]


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