Glowmould Items

Glow Powder
Glow powder comes in two separate containers when purchased. When a measured amount of these two powders is brought together they begin to glow, giving off illumination equal to that of a normal candle for one hour. The two bags contain enough of the mixture to supply 48 hours of continuous light. Glow powder is very common among the various underground races, as well as among races that have reason to travel for long periods of time underground. When mixed the powder gives off a pale green/white light.
Glow Powder: 10 gp; 1 lb.Glowing Harness

Glowing Harness
One of the logical extensions of the discovery of glow powder was the need for a method for holding mixed powder while working on other things. The result of this need was the glowing harness, a kind of light source attached to your shoulder. The harness crosses your chest and has a metal box with glass sides attached to either the right or left shoulder. When glow powder is poured into the box, the light illuminates the area around the bearer without him having to tie up one of his hands carrying a torch or lantern.
Glowing Harness: 20 gp; 4 lb.

Glowmould Fuel
Glowmould is a fungus that thrives underwater. It has natural phosphorescence but does not provide sufficient illumination for good visibility. However, when an alchemical catalyst is added the glow brightens dramatically, creating light equivalent to that of a torch. A fuel package consists of a supply of glowmould and a supply of catalyst. The glowmould lantern (see below) is designed to intake small amounts of catalyst at a time; each usage supplies 15 minutes of light, with a total burn time of four hours per package. Changing a fuel package takes two full rounds as both glowmould and catalyst must be carefully placed in the lantern. Glowmould is cool to the touch and cannot be used to start fires or cause damage.
Glowmould Fuel: 3 sp; ΒΌ lb.

Glowmould Lantern
These lanterns are composed of thin sheets of hardened fish leather darkened to opaqueness, with a bone framework. The bullseye lantern has only a single shutter; its other sides are coated with a special wax to reflect the light in a single direction. It illuminates a cone 60 feet long and 20 feet wide at the end and it burns for four hours on a single unit of glowmould fuel. The hooded lantern is a standard lantern with shuttered or hinged sides. It illuminates a 30-foot radius and burns for four hours on a single unit of glowmould fuel. A glowmould lantern can be carried in one hand.
Glowmould Lantern, Bullseye: 15 gp; 3 lb.
Glowmould Lantern, Hooded: 10 gp; 3 lb.

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