Glory Bookheart


Glory is high priestess of Melville Pewey. She leads the Knowledge Busters, the defenders and ambassadors of The Floating Library.


Glory is very beautiful and you wouldn't know she's in her early 40s. She has a dragon tattoo depicting Melville Pewey, her husband's ancestor.


Glory is a human cloistered cleric 3 / inquisitor 2 / paragnostic apostle 5 / contemplative 1 / divine oracle 4 who is highly skilled with a katana and wakizashi. She uses divine metamagic, as is fitting to an important priestess.


Glory Bookheart's family consists of scholars from all over the world. The Bookheart Clan have had designs on The Ohba Clan for a thousand years. The Bookhearts have been breeding for intelligence since the family's founding. When Hiroshi Ohba left the library to do research for a book, Glory descended on him with all the charms of a beautiful woman. She has never told him that their marriage was planned many many years ago in prior generations. Glory has a daughter Mali Ohba who would rather adventure and hang out with her friends then take on the responsibilities of a high priestess. Glory is currently trying to create a male heir with her husband, but "he's getting too old for that stuff."

# Adventure Date Actions
1 Rydia the Knowledge Buster 11-9-2011 conducted ceremony and trained Rydia and Draco
2 Brain In a Jar 11-10-2011 Helped Gin Longfoot's sister and rewarded the party for returning a bad library card.
3 Veiled Society Part 2 12-7-2011 Removed Roc and Farris Blackclaw's negative levels, and asked Farris to get a love potion from Lahar.
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