Glaistig Pond


Crystal clear pond on Glitter Island.Located on the far East Side of Glitter Island, the pond connects through an underground Lake to other Ponds within Glitter Island.


3 Glaistigs
Togthorn (Treant)
2 Other Treants


1 stone tower.


# Adventure Date Actions
1 The Fall of Blackheart 1-25-2012 A Group of adventurers visited the pond. The Glaistigs tried to feast on Gato and Fulker but found they were completely unappealing and the glaistigs asked the party to travel underneath to get away from them.
2 Unseelie Negotiations 02-01-2012 After their unsuccessful diplomatic mission the party members warned the ponds inhabitants about both the undead and the unseelie menace.
3 downtime 2-7-2012 Mali Ohba personally oversees the construction a tower at the site.
4 tabernacle stooge 4-13-2012 Ethial is summoned here by Togthorn
5 Fox-firefication 08-02-2012 Revisited by Nightmare in order to meet Togthorn.
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