Giant Catacombs


As the name would suggest, the final resting place for the earthly remains of the giants inhabiting the lands north of Avalon in the days long gone. The site itself is located few miles west of Old Castle Darnten.


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Webs of Vanity (part3) ~ 08-20-2013 Yagiuma learned of the Ergothians being quite keen on excavating the site for reasons yet to be determined, though determined they were enough to bring a whole platoon of their 'golem-suits' to perform that task in timely manner. The kitsune and her 'allies' appeared there way before, and with no imperials being spotted she quickly descended into what appeared to be a meteor crash site. The meteorite itself pierced through several feet of soil and stone… as well as levels of the ancient giant catacombs. After a bit of investigation she managed to acquire a strange gravity-altering orb from a nenngar which appeared to had have eaten the meteor's contents. No nenngars were hurt during the procedure.
2 Webs of vanity (part4) 08/28/2013 The game's setting. Yagiuma found a secret chamber inside which contained a hefty payload of treasure and other interesting bits.
3 Webs of vanity (part5) 09/06/2013 The game's setting. Yagiuma and her 'party' stumbled upon a sort of 'trap-chamber' which summoned numerous evil outsiders and revealed a hidden undead giant. All of these were disposed of in a frantic battle.
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